HUGE MUD TRUCK Chevy Silverado on 54" Boggers STUCK DEEP MUDDIN

Ultra deep hole that Brian (TheMudBogger79) took with his Silverado at River Run near Jacksonville Texas.
Silverado has 505 chevy stroker big block , solid lift cam , forged crank rods and pistons , cast iron heads with port work , roller rockers , 10.3 -1 compression.

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Автор huskyhunk31 ( назад)
Great video.... But don't you think you could have made it out yourself if
you tried a bit longer?

Автор DirtBikeGirl2 ( назад)
Gotta love them Chevys

that better not be my chevy

Автор GRATZx176 ( назад)
@FRISHES15 and every vid i watch is a ford bein pulled out by a dodge.
haha, but yes i do like ford better than chevy

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@aldoesntdodrugs Haha!! Intuitive indeed! ;)

Автор aldoesntdodrugs ( назад)
make money off of it, 50 bucks to ride through you make it out you get your
money back hahah

Автор IBMX131 ( назад)
@creedux wtf?

Автор Chris Creedux (918 лет назад)
@IBMX131 Your a fag !

Автор FRISHES15 ( назад)
Every vid i watch its a chevy bein pulled out by a Ford. Haha

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@dayo169 Yeah, it's a 3500

Автор MrCountryredneckboy ( назад)
@rekjavicxxx i bought a old beat up ram 1500 2wd i love the truck im fixin
it up though new bumpers body work paint job and prob new motor and a body
lift with some boggers

Автор 10SECDURAMAX ( назад)
@rekjavicxxx givem a shot.. then pull him out with 40 feet of slack...

Автор IBMX131 ( назад)
@rekjavicxxx im deffinatly down to give it a few tries!lol

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@IBMX131 Suuuuure! The hole is still there.....bring it and we'll sink it ;)

Автор IBMX131 ( назад)
my 89ford bronco could get through that hole :)

Автор repoman83 ( назад)
How are we getting spammed for Lexus when im clearly checking out chevy

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@bud385 Exactly ;)

Автор bud385 ( назад)
chevy, ford, dodge who cares if the mud's that deep bury anything & you're
havin a blast!!!!!!!!!

Автор andy scheurer ( назад)
@slpdth23 its a new chevy color called mud

Автор Dustin Reel ( назад)
needs front lockerrs!!!

Автор budgirl30us ( назад)
yu need a duramax

Автор MyTutorialsAreForYou (1909 лет назад)
no suscribo nada

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@Guzman8011 Haha....thanks bro! Try and get the good stuff for you guys :)

Автор Guzman8011 ( назад)
All the trucks rekjavicxxx records are fucking awesome I wouldn't mind
having any of em

Автор TheTripleTail ( назад)
@playstationevolution Says the guy driving a Prius..

Автор bluechevy211 ( назад)
that is one sexy truck.

Автор Dustin Van Schoyck ( назад)
@vanschoyckme look at the comments all that weird stuff

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@vanschoyckme Huh? Whatcha talkin about?

Автор Dustin Van Schoyck ( назад)
whats up with all the upside down ? marks and stuff?

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@slpdth23 That natural camo color ;)

Автор Arturo Castillo ( назад)
damn!! what color is the truck??ha

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@playstationevolution Dude, Imma tell ya this guys knows how to drive. One
of the best in the south. Ya don't second guess him ;)

Автор playstationevolution ( назад)

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@bradman1012 That's right! Never gets old :)

Автор bradman1012 ( назад)
i dont care if this truck gets stuck are not !! i still grin ear to ear
watchin it lol

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@bowdocsride That's awesome bro! PM me an let me know how much ya want for
the set....

Автор bowdocsride ( назад)
good vids , I have a set of barely used 54" boggers for sale just give me a
holler if you know someone that might want them 731-377-9150 thanks ,,,JOE

Автор SheyenneStanley ( назад)
you soulnt evern be drivein the the pits

Автор jentrizle ( назад)
25 year of drinking and gettinng stuck to the nuts experience

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@jentrizle This dude has been muddin for over 25 years. I don't second
guess his judgement ;)

Автор jentrizle ( назад)
that guy hit the hole wrong

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@MrCountryboy49 I think you're onto something there ;)

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@trucker767 Oh yeah?!? Guess that proves there is still an intelligence
deficiency in the world today! LOL

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@SuperFLyTYEr I feel like there are 6 billion others sharing equally in the

Автор pbmaniac51 ( назад)
@louisianadipper im in benton..louisiana boys know how to mud. too bad for
me i have a 2wd tacoma or else i would come out there with yall

Автор SuperFLyTYEr ( назад)
how do you feel now that you are detroying the ozone

Автор TassinUSN ( назад)
@rekjavicxxx you aint shittin. lol

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@TassinUSN Bad boy Silverado ;)

Автор TassinUSN ( назад)
wat the fuck is in that thing?? watever it is it sounds mean.

Автор Fightfan89 ( назад)
@rekjavicxxx no doubt, that guy is driving a head turner =)

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@MrStevoovets It's that WOW factor man. Rollin through knowin you're the
BAMF of the day makes it all worth it ;)

Автор Shifting Steve-o ( назад)
I have a lifted truck and i love mudding dont get me wrong but what the
hell is point of that to spend at least 5 grand on suspension alone , thats
not even worth it just to say i can get stuck in a lake ? I can get my
chevy just as covered with 35s and save 10 grand

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@louisianadipper Hey, come roll with us! We prolly get over to La soon :)

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@terdburgler99 Haha....evbody says that. I think it's kinda all different
once ya get out there and try to make it happen ;)

Автор terdburgler99 ( назад)
buy a jeep . and u wont get this problem!!

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@dtaft01 Haha....true, but who wants to look like a nerd ridin around in
one of those things?!? I'd much rather be stuck in one of these BAMF
trucks! :D

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@dtaft01 When there's no bottom, what do YOU think is gonna get through
there?!??! LOL

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@Ronniecrf450 Well, kinda skeptical if it's the same S-10. Chris has the
white S-10 and he lives in La, south of Shreveport. However, the Whiteheads
to own some property up near Texarkana like you described. They do a lot of
mud racing. Prolly the same folks that were in lotta my Red River vids....

Автор 123Muddigger ( назад)
@jlopez2483 I know what you mean.... i live in eastern kansas and ive never
seen any place like that..... we might get a puddle and a little bit of
mud..... but only when it rains ha

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@jlopez2483 Hey, glad you're liking the vids! We're in East Texas. Mostly
TX, LA and Arkansas footage....

Автор james lopez ( назад)
Where r all your videos shot at. i live in kansas and we aint got nothin
round here like that. your vids r AWESOME i love them. The jacked up S10 is
the best!!!!!

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@elmexicandehoustone It's crazy fun!! At least watchin the vids, ya stay
clean :)

Автор elmexicandehoustone ( назад)
dam mudding looks like super fun!!!!

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@08whitesierra4x4 Yeah man, every weekend. It's pretty dry right now cuz of
the lack of rain, but there was regular trucks on the main roads. You can
weave around the deep holes : )

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@steveandant Ford tough with Chevy stuff ;)

Автор 10SECDURAMAX ( назад)
@rekjavicxxx check out my buddys chevy bronco in my videos.. lol yeah chevy

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@steveandant Sometimes ya can't, sometimes ya can......seen it go both

Автор 10SECDURAMAX ( назад)
lol when u make ur ruts they fill back in with clay... so therefor u cant
back up... gotta love it

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@kayakfishingmaniac Haha.....always a good Toyota around somewhere :)

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@tmarts1969 DITTO!!! Ya weren't there, so don't talk like ya know it all LOL

Автор Travis Martinez ( назад)
I find it funny that all the dumbasses that say you just don't know how to
drive don't know shit!

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@callahanconner Haha....yeah man. There was a super cool Taco there that
day doin the deal in the mud. Search it up in my vids :)

Автор Conner Callahan ( назад)
toyota all the way

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@Thunderchicken1997 Hmmm....think so huh?!? That hole was outta site deep!
Nobody made it through there that day...

Автор 4x4martin ( назад)
@rekjavicxxx ur welcome for the sub.

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@4x4martin Right!! That's how ya roll ;)

Автор 4x4martin ( назад)
lmao,keep the truck dirty and keep urself clean!lmao.nice truck

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@ej1kid10 At least the Chev had the guts to take that hole.....no other
Ford would even attempt it LOL

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@ej1kid10 Bottomless hole ;)

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@kd4ysi May be, but pretty sure it was bottomed out :(

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@immakinbacon Yeah, I LOVE that thing too! It's crazy powerful!

Автор immakinbacon ( назад)
Love the truck!

Автор kd4ysi ( назад)
dam bro thats a deep hole execellent viedo i think if he wouldve kept
working at it he might have gotten out

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@dustnesko Haha....that's how ya gotta hit it bro! LOL

Автор dustnesko ( назад)
lmao@balls to the walls

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@spartanlax19 Thanks man! Glad ya liked it :)

Автор Connor Webb ( назад)
Baddd asss bud !GOT MUD!

Автор Connor Webb ( назад)
badddd asss bud !GOT MUDD!

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@lskw1 More like some serious FROWNS! How would you like it if you rolled
up to the carwash in your Lexus after one of these trucks?!?! LOLOL

Автор lskw1 ( назад)
i'll bet your local car wash loves you guys

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@robertGuerra3 That's awesome bro!! Build that baby!! Keep watchin this
stuff and it'll getcha motivated fo sho!! ;)

Автор Bobby Guerra ( назад)
damn i love this shit. i have a suburban that ive been wanting to get into
a mud truck, but thats it so far haha. ive taking it out a couple times
just to fuck around and it gets through amauter shit haha but if only i can
get it like this it would be AWESOME! dig some more holes!

Автор 2032508958jon ( назад)
nice but u got stuk

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@AmberFarley1 Oh yeah?!? Paper roses, ribbons and bows seem pretty gay to me

Автор Amber Farley ( назад)

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@spcbobert Thanks for checkin it out!! :)

Автор spcbobert ( назад)
bad ass truck bro i got a 94 silverado with a 5.7 nuttin like urs though...
lol keep on diggin!!!!!

Автор rekjavicxxx ( назад)
@demonsage51 It's green. Thanks for checkin it out :)

Автор demonsage51 ( назад)
Sweet video. What color is the Chevy origionally?

Автор brodycline1 ( назад)
love ur truck

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