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Автор Conner Callahan (4 года)
toyota all the way

Автор Connor Webb (4 года)
badddd asss bud !GOT MUDD!

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@steveandant Ford tough with Chevy stuff ;)

Автор heavyhitter063 (5 лет)
Man, those are some big trucks!

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@08whitesierra4x4 Yeah man, every weekend. It's pretty dry right now cuz of
the lack of rain, but there was regular trucks on the main roads. You can
weave around the deep holes : )

Автор 05silvy (5 лет)

Автор beluga420 (5 лет)
HELL YEAH sick mudding now thats some real mudding want more :D

Автор Travis Martinez (4 года)
I find it funny that all the dumbasses that say you just don't know how to
drive don't know shit!

Автор rekjavicxxx (5 лет)
@M3SRT I say we do it in YOUR truck next time ;)

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@steveandant Sometimes ya can't, sometimes ya can......seen it go both

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@elmexicandehoustone It's crazy fun!! At least watchin the vids, ya stay
clean :)

Автор rekjavicxxx (5 лет)
@wannamud2 Man, you know it!! LOVE that motor!

Автор baberam (5 лет)
aw chevy refreshing haha

Автор pbmaniac51 (4 года)
@louisianadipper im in benton..louisiana boys know how to mud. too bad for
me i have a 2wd tacoma or else i would come out there with yall

Автор rekjavicxxx (5 лет)
@demonsage51 It's green. Thanks for checkin it out :)

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@dtaft01 Haha....true, but who wants to look like a nerd ridin around in
one of those things?!? I'd much rather be stuck in one of these BAMF
trucks! :D

Автор 3ashqGMC (5 лет)
sweet truck but why didnt he turen the wheels lift and right..im sure he
would done better

Автор repoman83 (4 года)
How are we getting spammed for Lexus when im clearly checking out chevy

Автор boggers44 (5 лет)
@rekjavicxxx do all you guys wheel on 54s down there?

Автор ethosgallery (5 лет)
That Chevy Is Weak!!!! Come To Ga And We'll Show You How A Big Truck Is
Supposed To Perform In The Mud. The Average Everyday Driving Truck Is On
38's Or Bigger.We Also Have Red Clay Which Is 100 Times Worse Than That
Brown Sand Mud. I Drive An F-350 Powerstroke Crew Cab Long Bed With 21"
Atlas Springs And 44" Boggers And 5.32 Gears And I Cant Get It Stuck

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@robertGuerra3 That's awesome bro!! Build that baby!! Keep watchin this
stuff and it'll getcha motivated fo sho!! ;)

Автор SuperFLyTYEr (4 года)
how do you feel now that you are detroying the ozone

Автор aldoesntdodrugs . (3 года)
make money off of it, 50 bucks to ride through you make it out you get your
money back hahah

Автор rekjavicxxx (5 лет)
@3ashqGMC Yeah, probably....

Автор Eric Hall (5 лет)
sweet chevy sweet sound of hp with side order of giant tires

Автор 4986hunterofsouth (5 лет)
nice mud. that truck gave it its best. 5*****

Автор 10SECDURAMAX (4 года)
@rekjavicxxx givem a shot.. then pull him out with 40 feet of slack...

Автор spcbobert (5 лет)
bad ass truck bro i got a 94 silverado with a 5.7 nuttin like urs though...
lol keep on diggin!!!!!

Автор 4x4martin (4 года)
lmao,keep the truck dirty and keep urself clean!lmao.nice truck

Автор andy scheurer (4 года)
@slpdth23 its a new chevy color called mud

Автор TassinUSN (4 года)
@rekjavicxxx you aint shittin. lol

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@trucker767 Oh yeah?!? Guess that proves there is still an intelligence
deficiency in the world today! LOL

Автор MudRFunR (5 лет)
Dang, that's deep!!!

Автор Dustin Reel (4 года)
needs front lockerrs!!!

Автор Connor Webb (4 года)
Baddd asss bud !GOT MUD!

Автор Smiddyrebel1985 (5 лет)
damn that pipeline always eats some trucks Lmao

Автор T Mitchell (5 лет)
awesome chevys

Автор rekjavicxxx (5 лет)
@toothpock They put on a heluva show that man!!!

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@Thunderchicken1997 Hmmm....think so huh?!? That hole was outta site deep!
Nobody made it through there that day...

Автор boggers44 (5 лет)
that must be a deep god dam hole

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@SuperFLyTYEr I feel like there are 6 billion others sharing equally in the

Автор 08whitesierra4x4 (4 года)
is river run open all the time? and are there trails that i could take my
daily driver chevy with 37's and a solid front axle without having water
over the roof?

Автор huskyhunk31 (2 года)
Great video.... But don't you think you could have made it out yourself if
you tried a bit longer?

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@4x4martin Right!! That's how ya roll ;)

Автор rekjavicxxx (3 года)
@aldoesntdodrugs Haha!! Intuitive indeed! ;)

Автор elmexicandehoustone (4 года)
dam mudding looks like super fun!!!!

Автор rekjavicxxx (4 года)
@MrStevoovets It's that WOW factor man. Rollin through knowin you're the
BAMF of the day makes it all worth it ;)

Автор biglinc1 (5 лет)
haha niceeeeeeeee

Автор Chris Creedux (3 года)
@IBMX131 Your a fag !

Автор rekjavicxxx (5 лет)
@SouthernKrissy13 That's how we do it in Texas, right baby?!?! Heck yeah!!!

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