How to Download Warcraft 3 custom maps

How to download warcraft 3 custom maps without battle.net

i really did this video as a test so there is a few spelling mistake as it was first attempt.

so please leave comment rate and subscribe please send

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Автор J20 Swags ( назад)
song pls?

Автор RonaldPaulsons son ( назад)
ppl who use hypercam and no voice over when trying to do a tutorial should:
A. learn to type with speed
B. learn how to use hypercam/type
and C. not be a retard

Автор EnderGamingDK ( назад)

Автор AoNoExcorcist ( назад)
Runescape was a really good game when it came out and some years after that
as well, unless you played it in 2004 you got no rights to make fun of that
game in my opinion that is of course :) and yeah i noticed it's a year
since you wrote it but i give everything/one the praise it/they deserves
always :)

Автор 3icepwn ( назад)
What program do I open the file with?

Автор xin0o9 ( назад)
yeah this song is pervert

Автор chubacasnextlunch ( назад)
#1 on he directions : open up internet browser.... you don't say

Автор BH BII ( назад)
thanks dude finally i have a map

Автор gary mamaril ( назад)
thank you for this video it really work. now i could play other maps thank
you for your video

Автор SetasenaRR ( назад)
what is the song ?

Автор Kerel Man ( назад)
this song is raping my ears

Автор Gilmar Piodos ( назад)
ano title ng song plzzzzzzzz

Автор Gilmar Piodos ( назад)
ako niluluko nyo eh headache song bayan

Автор Chicago ( назад)
Fuck This Dumb Song

Автор Gilmar Piodos ( назад)
what the name of song like it

Автор Steve Nunyerbuisness (1235 лет назад)
If you are going to make a video at least use some fucking decent music

Автор hamtetutu ( назад)
Wtf are you typing?

Автор Sam ( назад)
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha loooooooooooooooool! he has runescape as
the open site. loooooooooooooooool!

Автор Sebastian Serrano ( назад)
i wonder is there more campaings mode to download? can someone tell me,

Автор alexzd100 ( назад)
what's the name of the ,song I love it

Автор Ollie Wright ( назад)
@1GameataTime me too :/

Автор edisGW ( назад)
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH freak runescape on homw page whats your cb ?

Автор Joffrey Baratheon ( назад)
ok i pasted in the exact spot but it doesn't work... the image for the file
is a little white piece of paper instead of a warcraft map editor image so
any idea what to do?

Автор winjgo12 ( назад)
thx dude

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