Procol Harum "Ledreborg 2006" (Live Video)

Procol Harum live in concert with The Danish National Concert Orchestra & Choir at Ledreborg Castle in Denmark in 2006.... ENJOY

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Длительность: 1:32:21
Комментарии: 105

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Автор Ken Burgess ( назад)
This is simply an amazing piece of work.

Автор Kharis Junandharu ( назад)
After one majestic concert like this, any musician can die peacefully.

Автор charles hoag ( назад)
I am glad I found this. Pure musical magic.

Автор amoscarmel ( назад)
These old rockers become much younger when they perform... No lip syncs

Автор joan buch ferre ( назад)
the very vest band whit orchestra of rock.

Автор TopMotion1 ( назад)
Yeah Herold - I'm 65 now and I watched them 1976 in Circus Krone in Munich.
It was great, but this is definetly the best ever seen.

Автор Darcio Centoducato ( назад)
The real meaning of "procol harum" i.g, "beyond these things".

Автор МАКСИМ ИСАЕВ ( назад)
Господи, все может быть проще! Классная группа играет класно! А ПОМПЕЗНОСТЬ

Автор David Dahlgren ( назад)

Автор moonbreeze ( назад)
Jeff Whitehorn on guitar... Woah! What more could one want.

Автор moonbreeze ( назад)

Автор Anibal Miranda ( назад)
songs, players, setting...PERFECT . Gary Brooker - an underrated genius

Автор flower power ( назад)
Look here who's on the Guitar, the great and only Jeff Whitehorn......

Автор Daniel Hayley ( назад)
the last song would make a kick ass boss fight song in a game

Автор harold chernofsky ( назад)
i wish I was 19 again(in 63 now)This concert is my mantra.Thanks for
sharing it with me and us

Автор David Kirk ( назад)
the first violinist is pretty cute too

Автор David Kirk ( назад)

Автор eloypath ( назад)
Thank you for this great Concert Post

Автор len mecca ( назад)
I wish I hadn't yet discovered Procol Harum and could experience them anew!

Автор Greene's Beans Café ( назад)
Fantastic, fun, moving; thank you!

Автор David Dahlgren ( назад)
agreed..the best..I wish I was able to have been there. Sure glad it is
available...what a great performance by everyone...esp. the one and only
Gary Brooker

Автор Eric Fan ( назад)
Perfect concert, set a standard for history !

Автор Irena Zalalyte ( назад)

Автор urankjj ( назад)
Many mahalos, That was just "Incrediblay"

Автор Andy Mangele ( назад)
One couldn't agree more - not too many singers of the 60ies have kept their
voices in shape as Brooker did. Apart from that the collaboration between
band and orchestra can only be described as superb. So yes - AMAZING

Автор gahoodou ( назад)

Автор Américo Ramos Samissomar ( назад)
No Need For Any Protocol...It´s A Live Rock Symphony !...

Автор Pierre Lalancette ( назад)
HO. un beau concert bien orchestré. Cela paraît que nous sommes les bébés
de L'EUROPE, les concerts en plein air dans un décor romantique aide à
apprécier les belles performances, les belles choses et surtout le talent
qui a derrière tout cette performance, l'organisation et le jugement qui en
découle pour en arriver à un tel résultat. Dans la vie cela est la même
chose............ Céline & Pierre Lalancette

Автор Carlos Guerrero ( назад)
Un concierto extraordinario

Автор Alejandro Gutiérrez Salazar ( назад)
An extraordinary concert of this historic band, I am happy to can see them.

Автор derfzus ( назад)
A most amazing concert!! Brooker's voice as perfect as it ever was!! The
orchestra and choir totally in sync!! I wish I had been there, as well!!
Thanks for uploading the entire concert!!

Автор ed ved ( назад)
yes I WISH I WAS THERE, thx for the upload!!!!!

Автор ed ved ( назад)

Автор Rolland Hureau ( назад)
Je n'ai jamais mis simplement A whiter shade of pale ( a 1h07mn ) le
concert en entier ou . . . . .rien !

Автор MRmargaso ( назад)
The classic of the new century. Superlative. Best concert ever

Автор Louis Balmori ( назад)
nostalgique, bucolique, détente, cela fait du bien

Автор Gerard van den Broek ( назад)
Altijd al bewonderd ! Beste live concert ooit gezien, werkelijk van begin
tot eind kippiger gehad.

Автор Femmy Kramer ( назад)
bijzondere klasse die zich gedurende het gehele concert nimmer verloochend
fantastische harmonie tussen alle muzikanten en vocalisten enorme bezieling
en inzet prachtig publiek kippevel en tranen!

Автор David Kirk ( назад)
Some things are just worth waiting for - this is musical marriage to rouse
all the gods in the firmament and make them smile

Автор Homero Diniz ( назад)
Amazing concert!!! Amazing Procol Harum!!! Amazing Gary Brooker!!!! God
bless you great musician, great soul!!!

Автор ven1st ( назад)
one of the best live concerts!!! never thought in so many years they keep
so amasing voice!

Автор L B ( назад)
Thanks for sharing this amazing concert! Good energy. Love it.

Автор Linda Ive ( назад)
Thank you so much for this. Truly a classic. Love it.

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