Robin sings old Teen Titans theme song

Robin sings old Teen Titans theme song in Teen Titans GO!

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Автор patpat petstore ( назад)
Get out

Автор kk2chainz Hill ( назад)
that's just wrong

Автор Jacob Horn ( назад)
*gasp* they are aware!

Автор Jerald Kennt ( назад)

Автор Jerald Kennt ( назад)

Автор Sven “Dr. Nero” Nero ( назад)
What episode is this?

Автор Raven “Ravenrobin” Robin ( назад)
lol missed a spot

Автор Cameron Bolton ( назад)
that's gay

Автор MrDevincool100 ( назад)
look even teen titans go love the old them

Автор Jennifer Santos ( назад)
chust ciding

Автор tim Crouch ( назад)

Автор rowen bednarik ( назад)
I hate it how people put blurry stuff on YouTube

Автор kittycat kit ( назад)
only good thing from this show

Автор Jester Kids ( назад)
omg original teen titans theme song

Автор xXWither DestroyerXx ( назад)

Автор Daphne Pradella ( назад)
This video is dumd

Автор Arletha Garcia ( назад)

Автор Mary McKeon ( назад)
What episode

Автор princess luna moon ( назад)
Realy cybot

Автор Danil Wong ( назад)
Saw robin penis 0:27

Автор Rexy Roo ( назад)
Reason- he look at robins wanger

Автор Georgia Bartholomew ( назад)
No! You need to sing with a Japanese accent if you wanna sing it right! 

Автор YuniDarkrose ( назад)
I don't get why people post hate comments on something they actually had to
search on YouTube. Isn't the purpose to watch popular things that you
enjoy? I love both the original and the new version. Well, except for the
fact that they paired Raven up with Beastboy. P.S. Cyborg is a perv XD

Автор Raenesha Clifton (1664 года назад)

Автор CrazyKiwi ( назад)
Truthfully, I like this version better because there is more humor and less
drama, but I will admit, there are some amazing episodes in the originally
series. My favorite is and always will be "The Beast Within" and that's
really the only dramatic episode I liked

Автор Lillylove101 ( назад)
I love your YouTube pic 

Автор Amanda Wignall ( назад)
This is old version the other one looks old but it's new

Автор jeremiahgunn74 ( назад)
Why did Robin still have on his neck in the shower second person saying

Автор Ismael Perez (King Caonabo of Maguana) ( назад)
Ohhh, that's perverted!

Автор Trina Adger ( назад)
I love you tube

Автор Alexa Paz ( назад)
what episode?

Автор Sean Sutton ( назад)
Haha lol cyborg said missed a spot the was his crotch

Автор Sunil Nevla ( назад)

Автор shadowdanxiv ( назад)
Robin got owned.

Автор trolll trolll ( назад)
don't you mean the good teen titans

Автор colleenarielsandoval ( назад)
Robin is naked ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

Автор Shiena Webster ( назад)
This movie is funny

movie is so funny I can barely left

Автор James Wrenfrow ( назад)
This is funny but not to funny.

Автор Qirin Ezra ( назад)
And If anybody is weird why he blocked his chest instead of his cotch it's
because the Bubble has already Blocked it from him

Автор Qirin Ezra ( назад)
The Old one was better but this one is hillarious but only for ten minutes
and How about like after Teen Titans finished they can make the Teen Titans
Go! as a Teen Titans Short so It will make the show more longer

Автор Crafty Light ( назад)
no your not the only one with the question.

maby he cant see without his mask o.o
but he can sing realy good exally

Автор Malu Lui ( назад)
I like both series' but was it really necessary to call it "old teen
titans"? I mean they have two different names. Btw loved the video XD

Автор Fyre Flaii ( назад)
The Old one*

Автор Fyre Flaii ( назад)
I like both the new one is creative and thrill one was dramatic

Автор Darth Venar ( назад)
Robin is a douche in teen titans go

Автор Mr. Cool Guy ( назад)
Robin: AAAAHHHHH! cyborg! What are you doing in here? Cyborg: Just trying
to make things a little more awesome. Missed a spot. Robin: GET OUT!
Cyborg: You know how you're always complaining about the water pressure.
Robin: Don't care, get out. Cyborg: Yeah you care. Check it out! *sprayer
aims at robin's back* *fires water* Robin: AAH!

Автор Mr. Cool Guy ( назад)

Автор Web-Slinger ( назад)
I wish the old show would return.The old show was for both teenagers and
kids but this new show is just for little kids.

Автор Kairi Yajuu ( назад)
lol xD Honestly it's probably just because his chest was on screen and his
crotch wasn't, so the visual gag worked better x3

Автор Kairi Yajuu ( назад)
omg why you people hatin' so bad. D'= I like GO. The original Teen Titans
was an original and will always be one of my favorite shows from when I was
younger but that doesn't mean that this new series isn't hilarious. I love
watching it all the time and they do throw /a lot/ of gags from the old
series in. I wanted a better closure to the original series, too, but I'm
not going to condemn this new one because of it. Teen Titans is gone and
it's not coming back, so lets just remember it.

Автор Nick Fury ( назад)
Why is Robin covering his chest? Is there something he's not telling us?

Автор Green Kokiri45 ( назад)
It wouldn't kill them to make another season of Teen Titans. -.-

Автор Green Kokiri45 ( назад)
This is why we had Teen Titans, because it isn't this stupid.

Автор cristhian castro ( назад)
Boo your right Icindytv they should called go suck !!!!!

Автор Nature Light ( назад)

Автор Icindytv ( назад)
Go Sucks

Автор AsiLayFlyying ( назад)
You aren't mistaken, but you forget that the show was cancelled. It never
had a proper ending. Definitely not a tough ending to beat. lol.

Автор carmelo torres ( назад)
I like the old teen titans series more better who agrees with me??

Автор illiniguy34 ( назад)
Fuck this pile of dog shit.

Автор Yofigful ( назад)
Seriously. If you were a teen titans fan, wouldnt you want more teen
titans? Just saying

Автор Masked Guy ( назад)
According to whom? I could easily say that a true Teen Titans fan would
hate this show for the disgrace that it is, but I won't because, unlike
you, I understand that people have different opinions.

Автор Yofigful ( назад)
If youre a true TT fan, you wouldnt complain about Teen Titans go and try
to ejoy is as much as possible.

Автор Masked Guy ( назад)
No we wouldn't. The show would still suck.

Автор Griffin Davis ( назад)
You people are no better than those who refuse to acknowledge more than 150
Pokemon. Seriously, learn to let go of things. Maybe if you would watch the
show without the mindset "I WANT THE OLD TEEN TITANS BACK QQ CRY BITCH
MOAN" You would actually enjoy it.

Автор Taylor Roncevich ( назад)
If I'm not mistaken, they ended it on Terra refusing to be a hero anymore.
That has to be an ending that's gonna be tough to beat. I'm glad it could
end on such a great episode.

Автор Diane Matyas ( назад)
yeah but the references r like mockery of the old show to me

Автор AMY1213141 ( назад)
Now I see why he wears his mask in the shower

Автор Toon Hype ( назад)
And anyone else realize that when he said missed a spot he was looking at
his crotch? Normally I wouldn't mind that but for a show intended for
little kids seems kind of odd to put that in there ;P

Автор Masked Guy ( назад)
I'm glad that you like it, but I don't find the humor to be funny. Yes, I
have caught plenty of the references, but that just comes off as
desperation to me on the creators' behalf by trying to convince viewers
that they respect the original when TTG really points towards the contrary.

Автор ricitizen ( назад)
The humor is silly, not stupid. Much of the Teen Titans humor in the
original series was silly slapstick. This series just focuses more on the
horseplay and problems of having roommates. Many adults of today can relate
to it.

Автор ricitizen ( назад)
Maybe it's the little kid in me, but the humor is hysterical and very grown
up. And believe me, there are a lot of references to fans of the original
TT, along with references to adult themes.

Автор Caitlin P. ( назад)
This song brings back so many memories....

Автор ChilluaKillua ( назад)
"From there tower they can see it all" And they're gonna need the tower cuz
they're short as Hell.

Автор Masked Guy ( назад)
But there lies the issue: why aim this at little kids? The creators knew
darn well that adults loved the original show, so why not make Teen Titans
Go entertaining for all ages as well? Plus, the humor doesn't have to be
stupid just because it's for kids.

Автор StrangeAngel03 ( назад)
I don't think people understand that this is no longer aimed at the same
audience as Teen Titans... this is for little kids. Of course the humor is

Автор Jimmyforthewin ( назад)
I don't know where all the hate comes from. Only because they put more
emphasis on humor, doesn't mean it's worse than the original teen titan
series. I enjoy both of them.

Автор Masked Guy ( назад)
We can let go of the past, we just think Teen Titans Go is a bad show.

Автор 21kHzBANK21kHZ ( назад)
it has new fans now. they don't need the pessimistic ones that can't let go
of the past.

Автор Scootaloo Hooves ( назад)
Teen Titans GO is enjoyable. However, I still prefer another season of teen
titans or even young justice

Автор Masked Guy ( назад)
Believe me, all of the fans of the original will know exactly what's going
on. As for newcomers, if season 6 were to capture their interest, they
might feel encouraged to track down the previous 5 seasons and watch them.
If not, than CN should at least make a proper Teen Titans reboot, instead
of this show, which many fans still view as a massive disappointment.

Автор Marina Cadence ( назад)
what episode is this

Автор 21kHzBANK21kHZ ( назад)
can someone tell me what the point of making a 6th season to a show that
ended 7 years ago is? how much of the audience will even know wth is going

Автор AsiLayFlyying ( назад)
Sad days.

Автор Shahrukhluver ( назад)
I still ask myself...WHY didn't they do that?

Автор crazylifeofrebornmom 2015 ( назад)
when theres trouble you know who to call teen titans

Автор Turbellope ( назад)
I luv this episode so much. :D

Автор elliott320 ( назад)
listen im not saying original teen titans isn't better than GO cause anyone
whos seen the original knows its better but let go of the past this is
suppose to be a comedy for KIDS and those of you who love the original so
much go watch it if teen titans go sucks so much why are you here!

Автор Ambipie ( назад)
You came on like a physics professor. You're a total BUTTMUNCH MCGEE

Автор Unfunny Dilbert 1876 ( назад)
Well I'm not saying that how the situation seems silly detracts from the
scene itself, I'm just poking a bit of fun at it for my own enjoyment.

Автор Ambipie ( назад)
you are baka as Cirno...

Автор EveyFeeLinGs ( назад)
:'O They ruined the tower too? This nightmare won't end!

Автор EveyFeeLinGs ( назад)
I was 5 when I WATCHED THE ORIGINAL! Everyone in my whole school watched
it! When even pretend to be them. SO NO! Shut up.

Автор SirApathetic ( назад)
All of those features are on the back of the display screen.

Автор Unfunny Dilbert 1876 ( назад)
Yeah, but these are comments.

Автор Ambipie ( назад)
sorry i cant har you, you need to REALIZE THIS IS A

Автор codebracker ( назад)
Of course not, it was off screen. It's because they have medium awareness
like Deadpool or Ultimate spiderman.

Автор 155narutofan ( назад)
Look no one should be a hater, the orginal was good but not a lot of kids r
allowed to watch violence so Teen Titans Go is a caetoon for kids and face
it then there is going to be more fans so no need to hate

Автор maskedtime64 ( назад)
if only people wouldn't be so biased about this kinda of stuff. i, who
loved to original show to death, also love this show because of it humor.

Автор ghofspa1 ( назад)
"You know who to caaaaaall..." GHOSTBUSTERS!!

Автор Trey ( назад)
he takes a shower with his mask on?

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