Pt1/2 Dominion Arms Grizzly 8.5" Barrel shotgun

The Dominion Arms Grizzly is a line of pump action shotguns imported from China. These shotguns are clones of the Remington870. The newest to the line up is this 8.5" barreled version. This firearm is classified as non-restricted in Canada. It holds 2 shells in the magazine and one in the chamber. Watch as tthe gun is unboxed, then taken for some live fire of several types of ammunition.

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Автор Tyler Hofer (2 месяца)
Hey man! Just got my PAL, really excited but I want one if these for bear
defence. Is it legal to go hiking in let's say summer time and bring this
shotgun on your back?

Автор jplimages (3 месяца)
Hey! Awesome vids, thanks for the review. Really want to hear from you on
the reliability. In the other video there seems to be a couple of ejection
issues. Any problems?

Автор Brad Davis (2 месяца)
Well you have had almost 4 years to review this weapon. Any issues? Would
you RELY on this to save your butt form a GRIZZY for real? 

Автор Sgt. Nickel (4 месяца)
i have a hp9 14.5" but i might be getting one of these :)

Автор Sgt. Nickel (4 месяца)
hallow stalk you can put a cleaning snake.

Автор vancouverbc69 (1 год)
I just got my double sawed down, if I understand him correctty, he is right
, if his point was NO you cannot put that grip on, but , it does not make
it "non restricted" It is against the law to modify any gun to make it non
restricted, he is correct of the requirements, 26 over all, 18.5 for the
barrel (I have founf out, you can have folding firearms under 26 when
folded up, it just can't be able to shoot when folded) You cannot put that
pistol grip on, it is NOT allowed

Автор haus05 (2 года)
Fuck the long gun registry!!! piss off a liberal BUY A GUN!!!!

Автор ThomasCrown79 (3 года)
I was thinking of getting the exactly the same model, but I was a little
concerned about to the velocity that you'd get with only an 8" barrel. Have
you ever had it chronographed? Thanks.

Автор 666gunz (1 год)
to your local ffl card holder.

Автор mrrobotica (3 года)
@ScreamingReelsTV I totally support the safety courses and tests but I have
mixed feelings about the licensing system.

Автор Goatlips54 (3 года)
Thanks for this video! It sounds like these chinese guns aren't too bad
after all!

Автор MrRocque (1 год)
source: RCMP's FAQ re: Canadian Firearms Program. A firearm is deemed
NON-Restricted if it does NOT meet the Restricted/Prohibited guidelines set
in the CCC. As stated by others, 26+ in. for a shotgun is all that's
needed, barrel length ONLY applies to center fire rifles. So a shotgun with
ONLY a chamber but OAL of 26 in. is NON-Restricted. But g'luck with that
length of pull. The Kel-Tec KSG is NON-Restricted (26.1 in. OAL), there's
no limit for non center fire tube magazines, NON hunting.

Автор MrRocque (1 год)
first, I didn't go back a year...so this might answer some ??. Generally
speaking; under the 'CCC', a NON-Restricted long gun must be 660+ mm over
all length (OAL). The 'cruiser' pistol grip would drop the OAL below 660 mm
and it falls into the Restricted class. It does NOT classify it as a
pistol. Shotguns and NON center fire cal. long guns do not have an
'unmodified' minimum barrel length in Canada. Center fire rifles do,
however, at 470+ mm. Americans can do their own metric conversion.

Автор TheAlexagius (1 год)
no nothing is if you care about guns leave California its shit

Автор flamedrag18 (2 года)
the pistol grip would be illegal since your lowering the total length to
under 26", making the gun a prohibited firearm even if factory assembled.
the barrel length can be under 18", but the total length needs to be 26"+

Автор ScreamingReelsTV (3 года)
@vb6041 this firearm is only 'illegal' in the states because its made in
china. The Serbu Super Shorty is a 8" barreled 12guage shot gun based on
the remington870 which is available in the US. Depending on the local laws.

Автор rip2727 (2 года)
pistol grip only makes it restricted not a prohib.you have one month to
reclassify the firearm.They are coming out with a mag fed version of this
beast.I should be getting my 8.5 this week.Been a long week preorder this
beast months ago.I want to mount this like a masterkey under my ar or
vz.for shits and giggles.

Автор Dwayne Morton (8 месяцев)
They sell this in the USA with the H&R brand. The short barrel version has
a 18.5" barrel. I purchased my at walmart, it's a nice gun. Best for
defense, spread is a bit too wide though target practice is fun.

Автор MrRocque (1 год)
why would you bother stating that the 870 was cheaper in the USA or bother
mentioning an SBS? If you're going to tow the 'American' line, then you can
be called an 'American'. How many Dominions/870's have you owned that you
KNOW the 870 is better? And btw...converting an 870 in the US to an SBS,
means a US$200 Tax Stamp in addition to the US$320 for the 870 and its
still got >2 shot mag. how is it cheap compared to C$400 NEW and
UNmodified? Any other wild 'claims' you wanna make, PRIIIIIIIIICK!

Автор BringerOfD (1 год)
what is the finish on the aprts is it blued or park?

Автор WildAndLiving (1 год)
If you take the cap at the end of the tube you can actually fit 3 rounds
instead of 2 giving you a total of 4

Автор flamedrag18 (2 года)
@gimmethatglock here in Canada there is no tax stamp requirement, all you
need is a non-restricted PAL card and have it registered on purchase. the
law allows someone to buy a factory made(not homemade) shotgun with a
barrel less then 18.5" as long as the whole gun is 26+ inches long, if you
make a shotgun's barrel less 18.5" long outside of a gun factory, it's then
considered a prohibited shotgun and could land you in jail for 10+ years in
federal prison. in the US they're considered SBS's.....

Автор dssin (3 года)
nice shotgun! how does it shoot??

Автор MrLolerblader (2 года)
you should get a +1 or +2 tube extension it wouldent matter if your going
hiking with it if it looks funny

Автор 666gunz (1 год)
short barrel shotgun delivered to your door.man i need to get out of

Автор vampire847 (3 года)
i find it hilarious that Canada has some gun laws that are absolutely bat
shit stupid... but on stuff like putting a stock on a pistol or a front
vertical grip (from what ive been told) is completely legal which would
make sense because it does nothing but make it slightly more accurate...
where as in America (not including the communist states) if you put a fvg
on a pistol it magically becomes a super killing machine that can spray
baby skull seeking lazer grenades....

Автор ScreamingReelsTV (1 год)
Silly American. 1) We don't have SBS tax stamp whatever in Canada. Here
this is a non-restricted firearm, a perfect truck gun. 2) You can't buy a
new Chinese gun in the US due to an import ban. 3) To modify an 870 would
mean cutting the magazine down to accept two shells. 4) Go ahead and buy a
Surbu super shorty 5) I'm in Canada and couldn't care less about US Gun
laws as they have no effect on me.

Автор nick221899 (2 года)
lol cali is anything legal there? lol

Автор ScreamingReelsTV (1 год)
A spread a 15 yards? This is a last ditch OMFG the bear is charging at me
please save me jebus gun. It's useless for anything other than that. Unless
you're a mall ninja.

Автор Bront Nolsen (3 года)
Can you lug this on any hiking trail? Or do some hiking trails restrict

Автор ScreamingReelsTV (3 года)
@ThomasCrown79 I do not have access to a chronograph, but i would imagine
the gun cannot create the pressure needed to really push heavy slugs out at
high velocity. Would be interesting to know.

Автор doodthisguysawesome (1 год)
someones cranky. i thought canadians were all nice people, up till now my
experience supported this theory

Автор vampire847 (3 года)
@ScreamingReelsTV Well I do believe in background checks... and i think
they should teach proper firearms safety in jr high and up... licensing
however... i think is a bad idea... just like a national firearms
registry... now if its licenses to conceal carry and open carry thats
different.. those i like but should be left in the hands of the local
cities NOT federal government...

Автор Vespine Leech (3 года)
ScreamingReelsTV - I visited CanadaAmmo but the 8.5 isnt avail until summer
2011, did you wait long? You know if I can pre-pay for one?

Автор smahn69 (1 год)
Hmmmmm... 8.5" or 12.5". Decisions, decisions. What kind of spread do you
get at 15 yards? This may be what decides for me. Thanks

Автор ScreamingReelsTV (3 года)
@vampire847 much of cdn gun law comes from the 1989 L'ecole Polytechnique
massacre. These laws have done nothing to protect people as demonstrated in
the 2006 Dawson College shootings. Criminals simply don't care about gun
laws. That being said, a federal safety course & licensing system is one of
the best ways of ensuring responsible firearm ownership and public safety.

Автор flamedrag18 (2 года)
@gimmethatglock and thus require a tax stamp if it's legal at all to
possess them in your state/municipality. the idea behind the law is to
allow northern people the ability to carry a shot firearm for bear
protection and easier food gathering.

Автор Ignerence (3 года)
Nice bear gun, if they come out with a mag fed in this I will buy a few.

Автор MegaMonkeyChunk (3 года)
As soon as the long gun registry is done for, this will be on my doorstep

Автор Mathaius833 (1 год)
The economic collapse is no fault of Greece, the EU was set up to fail. The
whole ponzi scheme is orchestrated by bankers, we are all going to plunge
into an economic nightmare soon enough.

Автор bmx279sam (2 года)
I love my 8.5 Grizzly. I'm thinking of getting it chrome plated! As for the
pistol grip debate, I've find a clear explanation of the law. Even a
non-factory supplied pistol grip can be fitted according to the law. But
you cant cut or trim it to get shorter (prohibited) or fold or collapse it
under 26'' (restricted). But any factory or custom part that are not made
of a shortened factory part is good to go. whyfor.com/firearm/length.html

Автор redmudpei (1 год)
where else would they deliver it?

Автор tillaylomo (2 года)
just wondering are we allow to carry a non restrict firearm to hike or camp
for self defense purpose from animals? I am from vancouver, i just ordered
one 12.5" barrel from canadaammo

Автор Will Soucie (11 месяцев)
Iam putting screw in chokes in mine so it can be used for anything I plan
on goose hunting for a joke.

Автор dirtyminded604 (1 год)
Wouldn't that pistol grip on an 8.5 inch barreled shotgun make it
restricted? or is it still over 26 inches with the pistol grip?

Автор zhagray (3 года)
what type of victorianox is that knife?

Автор navysealinsane (3 года)
do you guys have all those sbs and sbr laws in canida or can you just go
out and buy a 12" shotgun barrel at your locall gun store as same as a
regular barrel. also how strict are your gun laws there. are they less or
more strict the lets say texas USA "my homestate"

Автор J. Hammac (2 года)
@ScreamingReelsTV I own a Kimber Ultra Carry II, this is a 3 inch barreled
officer sized 1911. If I was to move to Canada, would there be a
'surrender' involved if I was to bring it? Would the Canadian government
help me in keeping the pistol?

Автор ryan d (2 года)
that is really cool

Автор vb6041 (3 года)
Illegal in the states, legal in Canada. Ironic isn't it.

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