GTA 4 Special Edition Unboxing

Unboxing GTA4 Special Edition for Xbox360

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Автор Tommy Richman ( назад)
good job replying to a comment 10 months old, you dumb prick.

Автор ECUADOR eventually ( назад)
he just said its overated and he aint bitching around so better calm down

Автор toasterbread75 ( назад)
240p eh?

Автор Scott Rose ( назад)
How much did this cost?

Автор Tom2893 ( назад)
Definitely getting the LE for GTA 5 :D

Автор jackyverheij ( назад)
1:07 free unboxing button

Автор David Alvarez ( назад)
How much did it cost when it came out?

Автор Openeconomy ( назад)
Whats the Name of the Song?

Автор magemarshy ( назад)
No not really. I came to watch the unboxing then replied to a comment

Автор Tommy Richman ( назад)
You came to a video just to bitch about the game, when it's just an

Автор magemarshy ( назад)
How am I crying I said they are overrated which they are.

Автор Tommy Richman ( назад)
you came to cry all over this video yourself. Now please tell me i'm the
crying one when you looked up a video just to bitch.

Автор magemarshy ( назад)
Cry some more

Автор Tommy Richman ( назад)
get the fuck out.

Автор magemarshy ( назад)
They are all over rated

Автор matthew Lopez ( назад)
watch my vids

Автор Black mist ( назад)
@anthony ortiz story and interaction wise yes,but in terms of a fun sandbox
gaming experience I'll have to differ since it was mostly a downgrade from
the stuff u get standardly from sanandreas without even having to play it
on pc with mods,it's sad u only get a good sandbox experience from gta4 off
pc lol just my opinion man no offense

Автор anthony ortiz ( назад)
no it isn't unfortunatly it is the best one!

Автор Jono Hinz (1708 лет назад)
Glad to see ur being careful with it

Автор Triston Tawney ( назад)
does it inclue the video at teh beggining

Автор Michelos Belmont (119 лет назад)
@andivarini i find this very difficult to masturbate to(unboxing)

Автор westbohan ( назад)
nice chest

Автор BullyScholarshipWii ( назад)
@ILiickNiinjas That makes no sense.

Автор PooPoo WeeWee Lil' Dung Shit ( назад)
@Legendshootout My mom...

Автор ILiickNiinjas ( назад)
@Ominous66521 thats what she said...

Автор XtrHalo ( назад)
i thought it was drugs in the small plastic bag

Автор Alexandre Moura ( назад)
i think inside of that iron box have a xbox

Автор Black mist ( назад)
Worst gta ever

Автор Dafty23 ( назад)
The pointless intro took up nearly half the video lol

Автор Scorpions824 ( назад)
Much have been better if they included a Niko Bellic T-Shirt, Jacket and
Jogging Pants.

Автор warwick2155 ( назад)
@saytown2 san andreas is much better, its a shame they dont port that to PS3

Автор BasedEMPtaticz ( назад)
@Legendshootout me

Автор saytown2 ( назад)
i dident like gta 4 im still playin san andreas

Автор DOCTOR HOUSE ( назад)
would have been better if he had brought a brass knuckles

Автор Matt Barber ( назад)
@bazookaman13 because he is from england ( we all sound weird)

Автор J Mo ( назад)
@pandaloverkay11 your opinion bro.

Автор gta99silverado ( назад)
2:23 i thought that was niko's jacket....

Автор Ghostwarrior 928 ( назад)
your a goblin

Автор Dave Richi ( назад)
i can't belive this game is 3 years old already man time goes by.

Автор TonyHawk1337RBLX ( назад)
@Legendshootout nerds who don't like graphic violence thats who

Автор connorbnelson (1420 лет назад)
I don't think there are any CE's that don't have an artbook.

Автор josue bowers ( назад)
this dude sounds weird

Автор Down With The Clown ( назад)
@darthmaul446 oh ok

Автор darthmaul446 ( назад)
@banditkiller97 oh sry he uses my acount some times

Автор Down With The Clown ( назад)
@darthmaul446 i guess so

Автор darthmaul446 ( назад)
@banditkiller97 did my frend coment to you

Автор laurenb5050 ( назад)

Автор Down With The Clown (489 лет назад)
@darthmaul446 lol geez, id rather have ps3, but i had xbox first with all
my saved data on it. ps3 is better i know

Автор darthmaul446 ( назад)
@banditkiller97 you are an xbox fan with no life

Автор Down With The Clown ( назад)
@darthmaul446 ur a troll

Автор Benito Garcia ( назад)
U hav a ps3 right

Автор Austin L. ( назад)
I didn't get the special edition but I got the complete edition at target
for 40 bucks.

Автор darthmaul446 ( назад)
x box sucks

Автор liamx102 ( назад)
hey Scottyboy292 i added you and checked your games........fucking hell you
got tons of games

Автор GTAArmy James ( назад)
@15kane1 go to game stop or game world.com but colecters adition is xbox
360 and windows live (pc)

Автор molowGTA ( назад)
@15kane1 U can find it in every gameshop in the whole fuckin world

Автор 1800- Choke-that-hoe ( назад)
how much was that

Автор danial amin ( назад)
Niko looks like my father

Автор HDZuLa ( назад)
LoL You Did this Unboxing 3 years ago on my Bday

Автор 4Ddreamz ( назад)
I wish I knew this game would've been as good as it was. I would kill for a
special edition.

Автор gameboy12341 ( назад)

Автор Nich Rigga ( назад)

Автор andivarini ( назад)
i really haate when u people start unboxing and start throwing the stuff
like if they were pieces of sh1t... lol, its way easier to put things down
slowly xD

Автор secretboyx5 ( назад)
Niko Bellic looks like my father

Автор JoakimSuper ( назад)
I masturbated to this video =>

Автор brinzanandrei ( назад)
i love the music of GTA IV..its more cool this music than San Andreas's
intro music

Автор g-man ( назад)
@Legendshootout PARENTS

Автор Iv0rY362 ( назад)
@batista1930 amen to that bro!

Автор massivepk1 ( назад)
errm i got the same one as you but i got a bb gun with mine its cool

Автор Gangstamiic ( назад)
Remember the day that i got my Gta IV. Same day i got my ps3. 2 days after
the release of gta iv. Changed my life since that day. :)

Автор ThePackageClan ( назад)
@Chicolopez437 wat

@Chicolopez437 kool story bro

Автор gamenerd55 ( назад)

Автор 2287geek ( назад)
the intro was a bit long

Автор ADOLFO SOPRANO ( назад)
@gamenerd55 i´m so sorry men, my english Is not perfect. Grettings from
México. By the way, all GTA´s are GREAT!!!

Автор gamenerd55 ( назад)
@ADOLFOSOPRANO Valious? English please.

Автор ADOLFO SOPRANO ( назад)
Idiot, why you opened the special edition of GTA IV??? It´s very valious...

Автор rasty qader ( назад)
fuck you

Автор Legobricks009 ( назад)
@coolboy132465 me too

Автор Daniel Dominiak ( назад)
1:06 the unboxing finally starts :|

Автор coolboy132465 ( назад)
I was gonna get gta 4 in special edition, but ive got gta 4 , tlad and
tbogt all in one two disc special edition.

Автор MokuSennin213 ( назад)
GTA 4 is WACK!

Автор ozzymuzzy246 ( назад)
@batista1930 you are wrong, it is the BEST FOR SURE!!!

Автор marcus974ever ( назад)
Key to what?

Автор 2009izemay ( назад)
whats so special about this in special edition?i have the regular but if
anyone know why its so special reply

Автор MrJoselol1000 ( назад)
Im REALLY GOOd AT GTA !! on Ps3 Joselol1000 If Your Reading THis ADD me

Автор ThatGamingGUY rYaN ( назад)
oh and by da way my gamer tag is not gator thats my online multiplayer acc
my real account is Ryan20021

Автор ThatGamingGUY rYaN ( назад)
hey my gamer tag is gator1582 play me in free mode

Автор GraniteCityCarguy ( назад)
ive got gta.... its really sexy

Автор zombielandable ( назад)
please if someone make the unboxing of the new gta complete edition post it

Автор 234sniper ( назад)
I love on how people make videos for unboxing games! hell with it i would
too. opening the box up it feels so great then after a few months later
when i get bored of the game i say to myself wow hundred dollars spent well!

Автор luka9412 ( назад)
@Legendshootout idiots?

Автор Legendshootout ( назад)
Seriously who doesn't like GTA :D

Автор Pedro ( назад)
Gta iv ftw. Ive got a cousin in rockstar atm

Автор Ariel3938 ( назад)

Автор StevePisani ( назад)
whats the name of the song pls?

Автор darkshadowkiller117 ( назад)
is nikos hair modded

Автор Myaccountbastards ( назад)
@keshavv12 $60 or so

Автор Myaccountbastards ( назад)
@TheMe571 Ya

Автор Keshav_IN ( назад)
how the cost this product

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