10 Banned Video Games That You Can’t Play!

Top 10 Video Games You’re Not Allowed to Play! SUBSCRIBE Here: http://bit.ly/2aScxnD From a gory video game being banned in New Zealand for adult content to grand theft Auto 4 being banned in Thailand because a killing was influenced by the game! We check out 10 Banned video games That You can’t play!

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Автор Rexx Vulgrim ( назад)
I understand why Rapelay is banned.

Автор Mr. Shadow ( назад)
Wtf is wrong with Pokemon kill your selfs Jews

Автор Jake Jones ( назад)
pls end it

Автор Souldier 1122 ( назад)
I live in thailand. WTF

Автор Mr Bear ( назад)
rapelay take the raping part away and thats it

Автор jonah Clarke ( назад)
on the first one she talked about I live in Ireland I'm glad it's banned it has bad graphics

Автор Blinkwave Reviews ( назад)
Why does this video feel so hard to watch

Автор Raphaël ( назад)
Zionism, another religion.. You never fact-check these things do you?

Автор The Predictable Gamer ( назад)
"Laptop gun"... Swear it was called Dubstep Gun.

Also, I've played violent games since I was 6... And I've not gone and stabbed or done anything violent. Such utter bull shit. We have violent movies, comics and all that shit. Such a pathetic excuse.

Автор B᷈ͤ̿l͓̜͛o̶᷁̔o̢᷊̺d͔͌͂Ṭͫ͛i̞g̳͊̕ḙ̥͜r͇̯͑ ( назад)
step one: look at twitch banned games
step two: download and play those games
step3: ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Автор XxTacodogxX Two ( назад)

Автор Bailey Gill ( назад)
weed isn't legal in the US get your shit right

Автор chrisspray666 ( назад)
lol people are such pussys

Автор Filip Makaroni ( назад)
k ill play it all when i move to all the countries

Автор Mark paguay ( назад)
why no more videos

Автор UKRob85 ( назад)
It's saints row, not Saint row.

Japanese and western people are terrorist and sexist more than isis

Автор Benedictus Nathaniel ( назад)
jir ada indo

Rapeplay shouldnt just have a ban the sick fuck creators should be shot and whoever want to play this as its clear they have bad intentions that may become reality so as i said put them down before they actually go out and try to rape people

Автор MrDolph 14 ( назад)
cmon, we live in finland, here it's not illegal to have sex with animals, SO WHY THE FUCK WE WOULD BAN SOME GAMES?!?!? + i will suicide if gta would be banned

Why is most things banned in my country?

Автор carlos sanchez ( назад)
im a simple man. i see boobs. i give like

Автор Dead Zone ( назад)
I have call of duty back ops

Автор jacob munoz ( назад)
none of these games were banned

Автор Vincent Nguyen ( назад)

Автор Joey Vastano ( назад)
half the pictures for black ops 1 were from bo2 and bo3

Автор Satanperkele ( назад)

Автор Evita_ Evita ( назад)
i live in Lituhania

Автор Deadpool The panda ( назад)
Did you say Pokémon

Автор attilane geczi ( назад)
FUCK i did not want gat 5 to get banned

Автор Charlotte Elwyn Yeager ( назад)
I want more game such as Rapeplay. Rapelay is getting boring after all the rape and Pregnancies of the loli. :))))

Автор Crkza ( назад)
thailand didnt fully ban gta lol. they only banned physical copies and the company that redustribute the gta series decided to not sell them anymore
so you can still buy gta games on steam. you can only get the digital versions

Автор Crkza ( назад)
Laptop gun? wtf its dubstep

Автор Sebestyén Nagy ( назад)
The Call of duty Black Ops lll can you play little bitch

Автор patel anuj ( назад)
another game channel--------4j spot

Автор CrazyPurplePanda ( назад)
Why don't they post anymore?

Автор KinkyKinga1 ( назад)
but saint's row 4 is just so much fun!

Автор Carter's Clone ( назад)
one word...
how can pokemon promote gambling?

Автор Vallriah ( назад)
This bitch sounds like the worlds biggest prude

Автор Kickert ( назад)

Автор Aegis Arclight ( назад)
Pokemon... is banned for Zionism and gambling...

That guy has to be the stupidest one to ban a game for such a reason.

Автор Setrag Habeshian ( назад)
I have manhunt game

Автор James Byrne ( назад)

Автор Very normal guy ( назад)
you know, you can play GTA in Thailand.

Автор The Satanic Gamer From Hell ( назад)
sorry darling i am a pirate i don't have rules nor Morales

Автор Aditya Kumar ( назад)

Автор PokeMarSon ( назад)
Is this channel dead? If so, it seems like nobody cares, despite having over a million subscribers.

Автор MR. EPIC ( назад)
Yes , GTA was banned in Thailand. I knew this because I'm Thai.

Автор TreloGamerGR ( назад)
i have all games banned in my pc

Автор TreloGamerGR ( назад)
call of duty blackops 3 is not banned i play in playstasion

Автор sethy1 ( назад)
I bet you were imagining what a Giant dildo can do and it totally gave you shivers. You guys are fucking low quality garbage.

Автор Game-boy27 ( назад)
Roses are red
That part is true
Violets are purple
Not freakin blue

Автор The Redstone Tools ( назад)
I am from Egypt and it's totally fine to play Pokemon

Автор weird world ! ( назад)
lol.........nothing is banned / encrypted or not allowed anymore.

Автор Jason Ee ( назад)
Singapore. Oh I live in Singapore. The ban has been lifted.

Автор KTZA CH ( назад)
I'm in Thailand and I don't fucking know what's wrong with Thailand people they banned GTA SAN Andreas but they didn't even ban manhunt and postol

Автор redsnow73 ( назад)
lol it wasnt black ops 3 it was he original blackops

Автор OiOlli83 ( назад)
Nope, i can play Manhunt 2 in Germany. Banned in germany means, i am allowed to own it, but i am not allowed to share it, or to sell it.

Автор Oscar Bushell ( назад)
gta isnt banned in thailand, sure we play it all the time lolz

Автор omgits omar ( назад)
pokemon series wasnt banned in egypt at all

Автор Luke Slagenweit ( назад)
3:32 Laptop gun!!! It's the dubstep gun dumbass

Автор Dawn Morrow ( назад)
Well guess what fuck you I'm 13 and I have saints row 4 because I did saints row the third in one week and one day so I started it

Автор Lukáš WontTellYa ( назад)
ok, so, here I am, I clicked on your goddamn video, now LEAVE my FUCKING recomended.

Автор ShadowPlayz69 ! ( назад)
I am a American and i visited Saudi Arabia in Mall of Dharan virgin mega store has pokemon x and y and super mystery dungeon so does that mean youre wrong or did they remove it cause a simple act like that could cause Saudi Arabians to lose theyre head so no Saudian people would try to defy the government right

Автор Mattius Proteus ( назад)
I picked up manhunt 2 in the UK for my psp.

Автор LanderL9 ( назад)
if people wanna play a game bad enough nothing will stop them

Автор Miah Jera ( назад)
4:17 what g ame is that?

Автор puteri ariffah huda ( назад)
yeah i'm banned to game sexual and violence i'm from malaysia
is not GTA

Автор Xxx KATRINA ( назад)
Good video

Автор jayden profetto ( назад)
in BO1 though that Fidel Castro is fake

Автор geonaz resma ( назад)
can i get likes

Автор Creepyundertaker2005 ( назад)
Sensitive people, liberals, religious peeps listen up. If you hate video games and feel you should control people who are different and are not offended like you are, don't force a ban over a game they like, because it will make them "violent". There are some games that should be banned that include torturing women in very horrible ways, but don't ban a game, just because it is violent, or so like Manhunt 1 and 2. I watched videos on it and yeah the executions are violent, but Mortal Kombat is even more gory than these games. If a person plays a game and takes ideas to really hurt somebody, it's not the video game, it's them and it's your fault for buying the game, so don't force your anger on other peeps who enjoy the game. That's what's killing these countries. It's called "Your Stupidity".

Автор Axium ( назад)
You can play manhunt 2 in the Uk lmao?

Автор 13.1.4 ( назад)
XD The usa let's say game be legal

Автор Brage ( назад)
I have mass effect, gta 2 3 4 5, and bo 3 LOL

Автор Ionut Dascalu ( назад)
Wtf who ban gta?Lol

Автор Genlogic ( назад)
Actully Singapore has overturned the ban on mass effect, so everyone can now play it, except Saudia Arabia, but they sorta ban everything.

Автор Mirai Nikki ( назад)
the title needs to be ' 10 Banned Video Games That You Can’t Play in some Countries ' :) cuz i can play all of them.

Автор shaheryar binamjad ( назад)
black opps 2 is also banned in pakistan due to bad image of pakistan showed in game

Автор Micah Kimer ( назад)
you guys suck make it better plzzz

Автор Gael Griffith ( назад)

Автор Doctor Derp ( назад)
Saint row..... saint fucking row.... are you fucking stupid!! ITS IN THE FUCKING TITLE CAN YOU READ ITS SAINTS SAINTS WITH A FUCKING S YOU FUCKING RETARD

Автор Aussie vlogs ( назад)
Wait saints row 4 is banned in Australia I have it on my Xbox haha

Автор Schwartz Channel Entertainment ( назад)
I don't think anyone would wanna play #6. The game shouldn't exist in the first place.

Автор Big Slice ( назад)
A computer gun? It's called the Dubstep gun idiot

Автор James Wood ( назад)
man hunt game can be played in the uk.

Автор Jacob McCabe ( назад)
"Laptop gun" maybe do like maybe 5 seconds of research on saints row 4's DUBSTEP GUN

Автор Eli Kovacs ( назад)

Автор Mizuhashi Kazuma ( назад)
Mass Effect isn't really banned in singapore

Автор Kyle Shumate ( назад)
How about top 15 cheeses?

Автор NiNjAaA ( назад)
Can i get a like for Luka Modrić at 3:10 !!!!

Автор CrispaTV CRISP'S ( назад)

Автор Almark Donato ( назад)
wait ypu should add devil may cry its gross at the start

Автор dumb df ( назад)

Автор Tim Tian ( назад)
You said China "thinks" he owns Taiwan? MLAO! Name one big figure claims he doesn't think so!

Автор vida stanciauskaite ( назад)
we will see about that in my region I can

Автор Capt.Goat01 ( назад)
im thai but Gta V i play 700+ hour on steam

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