10 Banned Video Games That You Can’t Play!

Top 10 Video Games You’re Not Allowed to Play! SUBSCRIBE Here: http://bit.ly/2aScxnD From a gory video game being banned in New Zealand for adult content to grand theft Auto 4 being banned in Thailand because a killing was influenced by the game! We check out 10 Banned video games That You can’t play!

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Автор ayo williams ( назад)
Saint. Row 4
Saint.... singular. good job

Автор Hotdog 97 ( назад)
Why didn't the scene in codbo3 when a robot takes your arm and brake it off

Автор LKVideos ( назад)
ARMA 3 banned in Iran because of CSAT

Автор samantha archer ( назад)
Saints row 4 is no band in Australia

Автор Yo BoyBHD ( назад)
Saints Row IV wasn't banned in Australia, only some DLC'S were.

Автор N “N13259687” L ( назад)
Saints row 4 is fucking awesome

Автор Manish Jain ( назад)
I play manhunt 2 it was not banned

Автор Asuna GAMER ROCK ( назад)
wtf in thailand can play gta 5 lol?

Автор Schnake Eyes ( назад)
I'm in Ireland, I bought manhunt 1 and 2 here....I also bought rapelay...
it's not wrong, as it's fictional , it's escapism. It's a bunch of
polygons. I also love the way pong is on in the background, anti violence

Автор ItzJadeGaming ( назад)
I live in Australia and I have saints row 4

Автор Kevin Cole ( назад)

Автор Kevin Cole ( назад)

Автор Bob Bobbington ( назад)
Stop saying Australia weird

Автор jt3000o ( назад)
weed is not legal in America

Автор HARD CORE GAMER!!!! and tea ( назад)

Автор Python 154 ( назад)
First its "Saints Row 4" not "Saint Row 4". Also You showed a Saints Row
The Third picture retards.

Автор June Jannson Gomez ( назад)
also I herd that the fallout series is banned on some countries because of
the fat man

Автор June Jannson Gomez ( назад)
it's dubstep gun not laptop gun

Автор The Pity of G ( назад)
"Saint Row 4"? Seems legit.

Автор Yairis Frazier ( назад)
ccaasatttf civil unlock flipaclip

Автор david baird ( назад)
so i can play it if i don't live in those countries????????????????????

Автор Venular Spider ( назад)
Why was the pokemon anime shown?

Автор Steven Sauter ( назад)
all of these games are not banned!!!

Автор Dexter Riley ( назад)
So in Thailand, you *cannot* play GTA, but you *can* pay to have sex with a
child? Great morals, Thailand.

Автор Jason Michel ( назад)
I have black ops three and a new game infinite warfare and I am in USA 🇺🇸

Автор Takao Meo ( назад)
saints row is great this bitch is an whole

Автор kmaniac gaming ( назад)
wait wait wait Pokemon is banned in Egypt but I can still play Pokemon go

Автор Bert Davis ( назад)
Damn girls will do anything to get past the age of consent and then lie
about it

Автор ProSplinterSpyHD ( назад)
i cant play first

Автор Toby Fox ( назад)
Banned in new Zealand? Good thing im in australia!

Автор RapaxTheGooner ( назад)
Manhunt 2 is banned in the Uk?
Funnily enough I actually own it AND I live in the UK...You can get it on
Amazon UK ffs

Автор Mr. Gurdy ( назад)
*laptop gun*, *shows a different weapon for the alien probe* please do your
research guys this is stupid af

Автор Jaçk Wyss ( назад)

Автор Kolby Brian2412 ( назад)
Really saint row 4 band because of giant dildo come on you got to be
minding me it's just a dick all men have one

Автор Mctavish Alexander ( назад)
:D finally a mention of Kuwait

Автор Baillie2715 ( назад)
Well its not banned one of my friends has manhunt 2 and we live in the UK
so explain

Автор T Army 53532 ( назад)
you are wong

Автор T Army 53532 ( назад)
call of duty black ops is not banned domb head

Автор Siraj Hammami ( назад)
this video is soooo fake a lot of saudies have pokemon and i saw one here

Автор MOK X SAVAGE ( назад)
Thank god I live in United States because not that much games are banned

Автор Ender Zombie ( назад)
I'm from Ireland fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk

Автор Alpha Juliet Mike ( назад)
You can play Manhunt 2 in the UK as Rockstar Games took out some of the

Автор Jack the Gestapo (SS-Sturmbannfuhrer) ( назад)
New Zealand what in the fuck?

Автор shahin ghasemi ( назад)
she must say about battlefeild in iran one of the battlefeilds are banned

Автор qX Doombringer Xp ( назад)
Manhunt 2 banned in the uk, you can't play it... unless you go and buy one
of the hundreds of thousands of pre owned copies that are in circulation on
multiple systems... it's a rather common game to bump into...

Автор DiLiu ( назад)

Автор Rock gods Belle ( назад)
What my brother plays call of duty black ops

Автор ILikeQTips ( назад)
whoever made this video needs to do fucking research, saint row 4? laptop
gun? master sword on a skyrim mod? fuck off.

Автор Antimanele104 ( назад)
Pokemon and zionism ?
What the absolute fuck ?
I don't see the connection here.What do japanese people and jews have in
common that the idiots from Saudi Arabia banned it ?

Автор TheDivineInferno ( назад)
The title is misleading as hell.

Автор z1mt0n1x ( назад)
"Laptop Gun"... You've got to be kidding me!?
It's called a Dubstep Gun ,'
And sure you can play them all --> TPB

Автор Stoned Batman ( назад)
The only thing that makes me violent, is pc cunts moaning about pathetic

Автор Bleak Future ( назад)
fuck you and fuck your shitty channel. dislike for you.

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
OMG DID THEY REALLY BAN CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 3?????? *jumps off a cliff*

Автор EyedAirplane841 Unnamed ( назад)

Автор Karin Blum ( назад)
Wait a second, I'm Israeli, and never heard of that thing "zionism", I
don't get what it is, it's something that encouraging social evils and
judging by the photo, it says it's Israel doing?
...........................I have nothing to say. The world will never
change....I'm Israeli and doing no evil I'm only living life, struggle with
every day struggle, study, go out with friends, playing video
games........... I'll just continue enjoy Games, Youtube and videos.
Peace :)

Also Saints Row is not banned in Israel and I had the chance to enjoy it,
it does have the dildo weapon but not the second one, it doesn't exist in
the game I played

Автор xX_n00b5l4y3r_Xx ( назад)
we can play all these games at turkey lucky me :D

Автор Kitty XD ( назад)
Pokemon isn't banned in Qatar , I would know cause I freakin love there.

Автор Johny40Se7en ( назад)
Good list but the title should add 'Shouldn't play' to it aswell, most of
these especially that rape thing are just complete ridiculous and awful.
Some games are really controversial and brutal like the original Manhunt or
that Hatred game but at least they're art, they're very expressive and they
have depth, either music adding to the atmosphere or a certain feel to them
that's great, hard to see sometimes but still very good.

Автор David Georgiev ( назад)
Hahh and Outlast isn't banned anywhere

Автор MinnieGamer ( назад)
In one COF game, you go on an airport and kill everyone there. a man who
played the game once came into a supermarket and did the same thing. :/

Автор Evil Bastard ( назад)
You can tell that this narrator has never played a video game in her life.

Автор Kayasit Pipatpolkul ( назад)
I still play GTA V and Online in Thailand

Автор Inferious_07 ( назад)
Why is there Bias. You are a list person. You aren't allowed to have bias.

Автор rainbowexplo ( назад)
1:00 " this is something you will never see on your favourite adult site "
. these guys are clearly dumbasses

Автор First User ( назад)
If Rapelay deserves the ban, then we need to ban all Hollywood movies that
contain rape scenes.

Автор Markus Ruiz ( назад)
fuck Australia

Автор iMortal Thoughtz ( назад)
the person who banned that football game is an actual pussy

Автор iMortal Thoughtz ( назад)
"Sait Row" 3 has the dildo wepond not Saints Row 4

Автор Radon ( назад)
Any game banned from Romania?

Автор Flippy Flop The Whale ( назад)
"Saint Row" It's Saints Row.
Maybe do a little research first? Also a lot of these aren't true, ManHunt
2 isn't illegal in the UK, and most of the others are also wrong. :3

Автор Jiwik A ( назад)
You can... All you need is to live in free country.

Автор Donald J Trump ( назад)
Move to the U.S if you faggots keep whining about your favorite video games
getting banned.

Автор Awron Zizao ( назад)
The hell are you talking about? I live in the UK and I've played Manhunt 2
when I was like 7.

Автор St3althBombEr ( назад)
4:56 I don't remember Aieden Pearce being in GTA V

Автор Laza ( назад)
If theyre banned of course you cant play them

Автор Dan Duncker ( назад)
well i say if the person was influenced so badly by a video game that he
replicated it in the real world he was insane the begin with.

Автор Jason Macdonald ( назад)
who the fuck makes a game about rape?

Автор Shaun Mortimer ( назад)
new vid ?

Автор Ashley (Ash) ( назад)
Nice pronounciation

Автор TheLivestreamingDude69 ( назад)
Saint row
Laptop gun
What the fuck is wrong with u?

Автор Thomas C. Winters ( назад)
Damn, I thought I would see some games which are really banned... like they
weren't allowed to be published... Not like some crappy countries where the
fanatic politicians decided to ban it cuz it *hurts* their feeling... gg
wp, clickbait again...

Автор Vault OneZeroOne ( назад)
I am subscribed, but then I hear you talking about how some games are okay
to ban? Uh, no. Fuck off.

Автор Ice Cold ( назад)
saints row 4 what lol at least it's not banned in nz

Автор Ice Cold ( назад)
mass effect is all good nothing wrong with it and black ops

Автор master 14 ( назад)
after this video, I played most of those games

Автор Deleted ( назад)
What.....I am Thai and now I am playing GTA V.

Автор noh1312 ( назад)
Mass effect isn't banned in Singapore anymore

Автор Connor Ridgway ( назад)

Автор XxmovablecapybaraxX 237 ( назад)
Fuck you Saudi Arabia

Автор the llluminati boy ( назад)
wacky wenseday i subscribed

Автор Nex _ ( назад)

Автор Abdullrahman janahi ( назад)
The 2nd about Pokémon is Not true

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