Best of the Week - January 1, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience - Best of the Week of January 1, 2017

JRE #893 - Fight Recap - https://youtu.be/l5rwIv41ACM
JRE #894 - #WhoIsFat Day 1 - https://youtu.be/gw_jzesLHVw
JRE #895 - #WhoIsFat Day 2 - https://youtu.be/5r-vP3N2uAg

edited by Mischief Makers Productions - (http://www.youtube.com/user/MischiefMaker37)
intro by Marius Hjerpseth - (http://www.youtube.com/user/Hjerpseth)


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Длительность: 7:38
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Автор Jmisc Stuff ( назад)
Epic week, can't believe I'm just watching the best of now.

Автор Tom Edwards ( назад)
The prince beard is saxophone

Автор psychedelable ( назад)
joe is a closeted booger eater

Автор Mast3r Race ( назад)
That's the Joey that should have showed up to the special. Felt like he held back because it was a special he tried to tone it down a bit.

Автор Tod Kopf ( назад)
aha. riff raff at the end...

Автор Foo Rankoo ( назад)
Why is Joey so belligerent these days? It's funny as hell but he's like raging against everythihng

Автор Albon de B ( назад)
where can I see more joey Diaz?

Автор Kevin Rachman ( назад)
Tom Segura lost hella weight good for you man

Автор Ralph Zimmermann ( назад)
khalabib -priceless!

Автор frank font ( назад)
bert kreischer I know for a fact that your laugh is fake

Автор Gretchen Hugo ( назад)
Bert looked great !

Автор Garett90210 ( назад)
i fucking love joey hahah

Автор Rino Kim ( назад)

Автор OvO freeZtyler giese ( назад)
Alex Jones + Joey Diaz or bust, you fucker!!! quit making us wait!!! 😂🌊🌊🌊

Автор muddy ( назад)
why the fuck joe keep inviting the fat turd...he's disgusting

Автор Ty Mc ( назад)

Автор ooniqueguy ( назад)
"Boogers" have weakened bacteria/viruses and can strengthen your immune system by ingesting them. The only negatives of eating them is that the process of getting them digitally can weaken the membrane in your nostril. Also it's a mucus membrane much like the vagina.

Автор LibertyMike1 ( назад)
Shit, Joe should get The Rock on the podcast. The Rock is a big MMA fan and fitness freak. Would be a good guest for the show.

Автор Ractor Jones ( назад)
Steopic !

Автор honorguard88 ( назад)

Joey Diaz is something special.

Автор Jeff Sharp ( назад)
Wow. Much poweful Very experience .....zzzZzzzZZzzzzzZZzzz

Автор Floating Goose ( назад)
Joey Diaz really knows so little about MMA

Автор inksish ( назад)
Hahahaha dat rant

Автор Camo B ( назад)
Lol knew joeys clip was gonna b the first one before i even clicked. Funny ass fucker

Автор Swaidin ( назад)
joey diaz the the don

Автор k9feces ( назад)
These guys weren't funny

Автор Elgar Botha ( назад)
Mr. Diaz is a living legend

Автор Jonny5 ( назад)
Jesus Joey...

Автор Alex .Mercer ( назад)
joey diaz is fucking hilarious 😂😂

Автор Nicholas Jay ( назад)
love this shit

Автор Jordan Bolduc ( назад)
" He's taking shit that makes your fuckin head grow "

Автор B A ( назад)
""For 4 million dollars they'll eat a scab off an Iranians head right now !" Lmao 😂

Автор Adam Davis ( назад)
I'm eating here!!! Booogers. Balaw!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Humor in Politics ( назад)
Joe. I'm in the middle of watching your show on Netflix, Joe Rogan questions everything. it's turned into an all night binge watching experience. cool shit man.

Автор ryan martins ( назад)
Google black guy being black

Автор Ryan Rix ( назад)
Khalabeeb Time!

Автор Ivan Hidalgo ( назад)
Bryan is funny but a cuck
Brenden can kick everyones ass but tries to be a cuck
Joe is the fence walking likeable alpha wise man
Tom is a hardworking cukhold
Bert is a insecure kindhearted alcoholic
Ari is a broken empty vessel with literally 0 fucks

Автор Javier Condit ( назад)
Like a coke booger from the 80s lmfao

Автор Vote.for_Pedro ( назад)
Another awesome week. I was watching that Puerto Rican beard segment live and it was hilarious. Definitely one of your top 5 podcasts! You should have Thomas Woods as a guest. Funny guy with a different perspective on government.

Автор patrick crawford ( назад)
Joe you should have Sage Northcutt on the podcast! Could be funny / educational

Автор Brian Lane ( назад)
Thanks jeans

Автор John Keating ( назад)
you should have Alex Jones on your show and handle him with shuab but make sure Eddie is there!!!!

Автор Mike Wiles ( назад)
bangkok ready!

Автор Juan Perez ( назад)

Автор MikeRoePhonicsMusic ( назад)
Jesus Christ, Joey, I'm eating!

Автор The Bosnian ( назад)
fucking legend

Автор DewkChronic ( назад)
Joe farted during this show with Shaub and Joey and it made Brendan sick to his stomach lol

Автор Jonathan Morales ( назад)
Get simon sinek on your podcast!!!!

Автор Gamera Sanders ( назад)
Have stipe on with joey

Автор Brandonian3030 ( назад)

Автор Dee ( назад)
That was one epic week in the JREverse

Автор Jimmy Page ( назад)
Rag doll poulmer pull ah p poor Mark Hunt, poor guy.

Автор Seneca Burke ( назад)
ive already seen all these... a great week for JRE :D

Автор teophile deleglise ( назад)
Leopard = predator
guy who spend 3 hours a day on his beard = cunt :)

Автор GreenGearMood ( назад)
Bert Kreischer tells the worst fucking stories.

Автор Hone Heke ( назад)
Joey so rite mark hunt should sue UFC

Автор Michael Vasui ( назад)
jody 3 moons

Автор Lee Andress ( назад)
dude wtf bert even SOUNDS different without the weight on his neck. wow

Автор Achote671 ( назад)
No need to criticize Joey. He's fucked up in every way there is. Can you imagine. It was worst. He was scum before. He and Rogan think he owes everything to Rogan that saved his life. Not the case. Diaz just threw a lot of white lies with his stand-up and Joey just straightened up a lot. Joey was thankful he didn't kill himself with drugs and realized it. He's a alright guy who was weak. But became strong out of appreciation that he's alive. And got lucky. Rogan didn't really do jack. He likes Joey bragging that he saved joeys life though. Rogan kinda sucks in the first place. Kinda.

Автор Neurotic ( назад)
joey running his mouth as usual when he has no clue pretending he has jumped up hater

Автор Itachi Uchiha ( назад)
"Skeptic Jew podcast check it out!" - Stiopic

Автор Carlito Bumaye ( назад)
When will Nick and/or Nate diaz be on the #jre?

Автор Steven Hudson ( назад)
you guys should have added Bert debunking malaria medication.

Автор Oscar Hipp ( назад)
Best week of JRE ever

Автор Jubb ( назад)
So close to 1 million lets go

Автор Son ofaglitch ( назад)
joey gives me so much bad energy, I must stop here. he should calm the fuck down dude

Автор Christian Josef ( назад)
woah Joey Diaz is so disgusting, i couldnt fucking eat if this guy was around

Автор Monkey Boy ( назад)
Joey fucking diaz

Автор Freeskier475 ( назад)
Put him in there against spiopic hahaha

Автор TallahassZ Remington ( назад)
the booger story made me puke in my mouth a bit... just sayin'

Автор RetiefGoosen ( назад)
I hope Joey always chews gum on these

Автор Hezbollah1991 ( назад)
CIA wants you to join ISIS

Автор Jon Pantorno ( назад)

Автор Eric ( назад)
Bert is still fat.
Ari is a jew.

Автор Joshua C ( назад)
Google Dusk Dynasty

Автор Joshua C ( назад)
Not all Puerto Ricans have beards like that u reds

Автор Žarić ( назад)
that booger bit had me dying, I love how he's so casual about it

Автор jay thompz ( назад)
'Its like going to the dentist for free'

Автор VQuestHolsters ( назад)
Do a podcast with Simon Sinek!!

Автор An Tran ( назад)
Khalabib vs your guy. What's his name?? Tony Hendersen.

Stipocic has that immigrant mentality 😂😂😂

Автор Spooky mansion Fan ( назад)
Unrelated : WEIDMAN VS SILVA 3
Make it happen Dana

Автор Colin Ross Creative ( назад)
I almost deleted the internet when Shwarpa said "Get emmmm Joeyyy"

Автор MR D ( назад)
Bert is fat

Автор Fate Brought me subs ( назад)
hello freak bitches

Автор G. Elliott Nielsen ( назад)
I just threw up inside of my mouth.

Автор Aidan Grimason ( назад)
Joey is genuinely so funny. He drags the arse out of everything.

Автор Greg Dawson ( назад)
just asked the universe where mista joe rogan was

Автор Tanner Duncan ( назад)
Bert is fat

Автор Dar Foggy ( назад)
Joeys right!

Автор CARLOS mendoza ( назад)
Hell yea

Автор iKazekage ( назад)

Автор deathwatch962 ( назад)
Lol, Bert is never going to keep that wait off. Powerful Joe Rogan.

Edit. Guess you special cunts can't scream first. ;)

Автор TheSope ( назад)

Автор chardy111 ( назад)

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