Learn how to get free stuff from ps3 store the easy way [2013]

how to get free ps3 games for FREFixed Tut

Get PSN Plus.

Get the trial of the game you want. Make sure you can find it in the games section. So this does not work with ME2.

Do the trial in backround the exit the store and cancel the trial. Then go back into the store and go into the GAMES section this time and download it from there.

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Автор Buster™ ( назад)
thx m8

Автор Chicken Little ( назад)
wonder if you can download add-ons for free with this

Автор Kobe Frank ( назад)
never mind it lied it just made my game trail

Автор Kobe Frank ( назад)
thanks a lot I got a free game :-)

Автор Mr.Logan121 ( назад)
Thanks hey check my channel out plz

Автор TheMissFortune Lalicic ( назад)
do i need ps plus

Автор Mahir Ahmed ( назад)
I want a site where u dont need to do a survey, download or anything can
someone make a site like dat plzz i will appreciate it

Автор TheSilverSunRising ( назад)
2011 moron

Автор mineslayer566 ( назад)
do you need playstation plus???

Автор Donavan Brooks ( назад)
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Автор john marston ( назад)
the new ps store sucks

Автор Christian Hall ( назад)
It worked thank you

Автор joana ina ( назад)
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I get $50 PSN codes here

Автор Ashley Abreu ( назад)
You should see a doctor

Автор xaceflowerx ( назад)
Not good free trial

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Автор harrybolton ( назад)
oh my you legend this actually works :O

Автор Charles Buckland ( назад)
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Автор Nathanial ??? ( назад)
Dude you have to play for psplus so you do have to play

Автор MinerMCBros4life ( назад)
lol jk he lied

Автор MinerMCBros4life ( назад)
omfg thank you dude = subscribed

Автор Estevan Lopez ( назад)
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Автор Amos Short ( назад)
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Автор Sookie Soly ( назад)
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Автор Eneo ( назад)
how the fuck do I get free ps plus????????

Автор tyga17teen ( назад)
Will the game work after ur pulse member ship is up

Автор Jackson1117 ( назад)
Can u get banned for doing this?

Автор Taquan Armstead ( назад)
it works

Автор miguelallout ( назад)
Nice Vid!!

Автор Elwyn Chetram ( назад)
ht tp://mg jmp.co m/in v/nj2 rd71 1hv52 iy 4u

Автор pedro sansches ( назад)
h ttp://ww w. divinedeals .n et/ ref / B6FY

Автор PeanutTiger ( назад)
that was around 2 years ago I am trying it now but i dont think it still

Автор jace hall ( назад)
u need to be regerstad to the playstaystion+ pay yearly membership thing to
be able to do it its worth paying 15 pound on your phone and buying the
cheap playstaystion+ 90 day membership for 11.99 then download all the
games u want

Автор jake smith ( назад)
Everyone go to my bro he is legit no playstation stuff no shit he got all
games. His channel: DatPs3Guy

Автор Asher Sofia ( назад)
Fucking gay

Автор Tomer Assaf ( назад)
Still Works ?

Автор choppingapple apple ( назад)
WAIT PLS I HAVE A difirent loadout and it doesnt work what am i doing wrong
pls pls pls pls pls respond

Автор paulp2517 ( назад)

Автор nick visser ( назад)
It worked thanks!!

Автор Cristian Torres ( назад)
guys calm down ill slap u rigth now but is animal abuse

Автор Cristian Torres ( назад)
guys calm down ill slap u rigth now but is animal abuse

Автор mariano saavedra ( назад)
no, you must to pay the virus :(

Автор Laval Commett ( назад)
it doesn't work stupid faggot if it says you already downloaded it that
means nothing

Автор Laval Commett ( назад)
does the virus come free to?

Автор whodoesntlikelol ( назад)
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Автор Sp33daBoy HD ( назад)
Did he say that "You can repeat this if you have playstation plus"? Because
if he did, I don't have PLAYSTATION PLUS!

Автор Kobe Dziuba ( назад)
I did it

Автор Dr. Tyler Bossman ( назад)
With money, not points.

Автор jafly789 ( назад)
dont do it youll get banned

Автор Mr2MuchGold ( назад)
that weak bro -_-

Автор Lydia Phillips ( назад)
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Автор alfredo rodriguez ( назад)
fuck your mom

Автор Xavier nieves ( назад)

Автор Joni30Stm ( назад)
this was an old trick, where you could bypass the trials and play the game
forever with no restrictions. It's patched now though

Автор I like turtles ( назад)

Автор Frost MetalZero ( назад)
What if you want a DLC

Автор man in a cave ( назад)
Thanks it worked

Автор E CHAVEZ ( назад)
It worked

Автор Hoax Emptii ( назад)

Автор knight23bat ( назад)
it pached

Автор Erick Euceda ( назад)
Hey Paul Roberts is it a survey

Автор Alejandro Cruz ( назад)
Bs i try it dont work...

Автор Stelios Panagidis ( назад)
How do you buy games on psp? Please answer...

Автор sourceRECON ( назад)
psplus is a monthly/yearly subscription and you need to be subscribed to
play the games :(

Автор BanditEDM ( назад)
That was a 9 year old insult, fucking retard.

Автор mac johnson ( назад)
And then hit x

Автор mac johnson ( назад)
Go to view downloads

Автор Timmy Khammanyvong ( назад)
You know I did this crap like 3 times n the trial thing is still there

Автор Malik Bash ( назад)
dont call me a noob cause ur gf doesent think im one

Автор Mish GH ( назад)
yo the glitch works you just need to get playstation plus which i got whith
code generator:)

Автор Abel Carmello ( назад)
Fuck off.

Автор MCGamingWeekly ( назад)
Woah haters gonna hate(and swear)

Автор Harsh Patel ( назад)
does this work in 2013

Автор B ukanator ( назад)
Does this still work now

Автор oscar claros ( назад)
You don't say

Автор Dodo™ ( назад)
oh im a hater now becuz i hate a dumass that wants only easy wiews and
likes for this shit -_- of course i would stop this right away but you cant
be serius to defend this vid and this vid says: that Learn how to get FREE
stuff from ps3 store the easy way and hes telling us to BUY playstation
pluss and hes somekind of retard to espect to us just not say about it im
suggesting that he can just delete this video and all be forgotten...

Автор Dodo™ ( назад)
then my idiot you must be retarded

Автор NaughtyBoy1994 ( назад)
this is for free by ps plus twat..

Автор Malik Bash ( назад)
you must be on some drugs

Автор dabeastifier ( назад)
Omg thanks it works! I love you! Just got saints row the third for free!

Автор HANG.THA.DEVIL ( назад)
The free games come with playstationplus you fucking retard!

Автор carter alford ( назад)
i love this u are amazing my psn id is take26262 please make more awsome
videos like this you are really awsome and i can tell you pay attention now
exuse me while i go troll on my new copy of mw3

Автор alex castro ( назад)
do we need that playstation plus ?

Автор Jacob Carratt ( назад)
I got a free game and it wasent a trial!!!!! Hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaasaaaa

Автор Mahamed Osama ( назад)
This track me :/

Автор Idedications ( назад)
does this still work

Автор PyroFierceDeity ( назад)
Nope its bullshit. It makes you think its fill game but when you use up the
trial, you have to buy it.

Автор Mature XVIII ( назад)
Why are many of you angry?Playstation plus is only $17 and all free games
is like worth over $1K!!!

Автор James Lloyd ( назад)
If you want to earn ps plus join apptrailer and use staceyjames as a
refferal this gives you a playstation plus year trial and extras

Автор shadowblade204 ( назад)
Also it many only works with update latest

Автор shadowblade204 ( назад)
Thx it works I'm subscribing :)

Автор walied619 ( назад)
which store you are ? Plz Answer :(

Автор toby moz ( назад)
Haha! Terrored!! ;)

Автор Malik Edwards ( назад)
Oh damn. Thanks anyway. I'll try it when I get PS+ again.

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