Kothi Raju - Chitradurga Fort

This Video is about a Gentle man called Kothi Raju, who is based out of the the Chitradurga Fort the name Kothi( which means Monkey in the local language of Kannada, is given to him not as a racist term but to appreciate his special talent in climbing steep walls.) Look at this video and decide for yourselves. I hope you have fun appraciating this gentlemans rare talent. If you ever get to Visit the fort of Chitradurga, look out for this guy.

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Jyoti Raju has an unusual set of skills to entertain visitors at the Chitradurga Fort in India's southern state of Karnataka. His ability to jump...
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Video taken in Chitradurga Fort.. Check it out for urself !!! Enjoy !!!
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We saw this guy race up and down the walls of Chitradurga Fort (Karnataka, India) like a lizard. He said he trained himself by watching mokeys!!...
Free Climbing 'Spiderman' Strikes Again

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Frenchman Alain Robert scales a building in central London using just his hands and feet.


Автор Jason D'Souza (4 года)
hey.... do u have contact details... want to contact him and promote

Автор LoelDittFisk (4 года)
you should see the other videos of this guy, hes sick

Автор rajuspatel29 (3 года)
if anyone want to contach this man call to this no- 919980420995, its his
mob no

Автор triplexxxsatyr (3 года)
Damn. He could make millions winning every rock-climbing competition out
there. My "Rock God."

Автор Shivram Bhardwaj (4 года)
Sorry jason... i do not have his contact details.

Автор TheHackermix (3 года)
did anyone heard someone saying fuck???? 0.08

Автор afifla (5 лет)
is he just can climb a lower stage..???try to climb a tower like Alain
Robert Philippe.

Автор akzorz (3 года)
i think this guys is most amazing cause he does all of his climbs with no
climbing shoes.

Автор bngguy (6 лет)
Are you from chitradurga???, i was born there but haven't been there for
more than 20 years.

Автор RHAYdharr vlad (1 год)

Автор TheLukaszek69 (4 года)
Co za małpka zwinna :D

Автор sailsSK8 (3 года)
black princ of persia.. :) he is beautiful

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