Cholo Adventures 14 "Revenge of the Guero"

The Guero Gets his Revenge on
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eGO and Sleepy Brown for leaving him in the Barrio(the HOOD)!

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Q: What something you want to see in CA15 "A Cholo Christmas"??
leave a comment with your idea.

Intro Song- Coast to Coast by DjEQ (http://www.youtube.com/user/djeq2006)
Killer like me- Chino Grande


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Автор Jesus Guzman ( назад)
Did ego really touch the gueros dick ? Like ewww bro

Автор Martin Capone ( назад)
I remember when I used to think this was funny

Автор Anthony Martinez ( назад)
Who's still watching in 2016?

Автор Luis Coronado ( назад)
ja bootyless

Автор SiRCookIE ( назад)
When he said I'm bootyless

Автор Iair Barrios ( назад)
I need to be doing homework

Автор Macenzie Hutcheson ( назад)
fav part was when sleppy Brown and ego. got split and sleppy Brown got not
the flip out

Автор Marcus Jordan ( назад)
Dat plot twist tho

Автор Kevin Vasquez ( назад)
ha my favorite was when they were crying at the end when they could escape
the whole time

Автор Tony Rubio ( назад)
fav part was when they kick ego in the bAlLs

Автор Yelman Oviedo ( назад)

Автор Jose antonio Lucio ( назад)

Автор Raquel Munoz ( назад)
Fave part was when Sleepy Brown Said "slipper" lol 😂

Автор 4 dumbasses we will do anything you say ( назад)
My favorite part is when ego says I'll put it up my but

Автор Cesar Fuentes ( назад)

Автор Alexis Alvarez ( назад)
Sleppy bitch and ego😘😍😇😻👄💏💑👭👬❤💚💜💞💌💋💓

Автор Bobby Torres ( назад)
The last part didnt make since

Автор Laura Macias ( назад)
I hate u bicth

Автор CVGSMG ( назад)
Who is that laughing . He reunited it 

Автор kazuto kirigaya ( назад)
My favorite was when sleepy brown said I will like your nilga

Автор Daniela Orrala ( назад)
2015 tpday slepy it was funny when you tried to play dead

Автор Michael Maldonado ( назад)
1:55 --- You know you're Mexican if you have a yard sale ready on deck.
Also if you have a random ass fan in your yard while you shoot a video.
Lol. Love love uber love jour bideos. Holmeskbee.

Автор Raheem Greene ( назад)
Up your butty

Автор Beasty Gamer ( назад)
What's a cholo to do

Автор Alex Oseguera ( назад)

Автор Nikki the Killjoy ( назад)
When sleepy brown does the cholo possum xD 

Автор Arthur Quezada ( назад)
My funny part is when sleep brown tries to play dead

Автор Noemy Maldonado ( назад)
2014 and I still find "ayy pinche perro " funny

Автор JJ Gaming ( назад)
I liked it when he put it on his ass then at the end he says my ass hurts

Автор Mike Alvarado ( назад)
Haha plant your feet (falls to the ground) eeeee

Автор Mike Alvarado ( назад)
How??? Like tas tas

Автор Ricardo Hernadez ( назад)
no more little ego lol

Автор TheSwagMiner ( назад)
Lol I'll lick your nalga! xD I WAS LMAO!

Автор Austin Solis ( назад)
They live in the valley 

Автор Brayanbeast ( назад)
Actually i was just looking for some vergataso
Eww u nasty
ME TOO! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Jada Queen ( назад)
That dance atc4:01-4:03 was hilarious

Автор Zeek Mckick ( назад)
lol ill lick your nalga

Автор Diana Lopez ( назад)
When sleepy brown does the cholo possum 😂😂😂

Автор Marco Rivera ( назад)

Автор Juan villalobos ( назад)
That some funy ass shit lol

Автор brisa vallejo ( назад)
I liked the part when he showed alex underware:-]

Автор Jorge rodriguez ( назад)
pinche huero

Автор oscar narvaez ( назад)

Автор Josie Ojeda ( назад)
LMAO!!!!! :-D Put on your booty....Put it on your booty. Ok I put it on my
booty! That right you put it in your booty faggot :-) lol.........Aaggggg I
wanted babies. No more little Egos :-) LOL!!!!!!

Автор Sal Sanchez ( назад)
My parte favorita is when ego runs and hides in trash

Автор pλrk ( назад)
ill lick your nalga lol XD

Автор Dahlia M ( назад)
"I want babies!! No more little ego..."

Автор beremelgoza ( назад)
Love you ego. You're soo dam cute. I love when you say' ese' or pendejo' To
be specific I like when you speak Spanish' ! /.\

Автор Roberto Alvarado ( назад)
Fucking awaem

Автор Joshua Hall (BigJosh323) ( назад)
Put it on your booty!

Автор Shari Sottosanti ( назад)
HAHAHAHAHAHA "I want babies" lol 4:06

Автор octavio lozano ( назад)
Awesome :,)

Автор Aliya De Belser ( назад)

Автор jose thervatill ( назад)

Автор elaine tcholakov ( назад)
i love them ego is fuc**** sexy!!!!

Автор Juliana Chavez ( назад)
They get out of the ropes like nothing but they were crying like babies

Автор Isamara Cortés Cruz ( назад)
"Heyyyy Motherfuckerzz" lol my fav part

Автор Santana0306 ( назад)
The last part when they just start talking like nothing happened back to
"put it on your booty" lmfao

Автор juan landin ( назад)
Did I pass the test

Автор kire setnavrec ( назад)
The cholas hhahaha

Автор MrTreyvision ( назад)
Putas estar loco 

Автор Daniel Perez ( назад)
how ego switches trash cans

Автор Cristal Romero ( назад)
Sleepy brown always calls eGO a fucking faggot, lmfaooo

Автор Roxy Granados ( назад)
i just love alex

Автор Marcus Beltran ( назад)
Callate perro.

Автор Ricardo Hernandez ( назад)
Sleepy Brown yur mom is hot esay

Автор Ricardo Hernandez ( назад)
Ive seen almost all dis fools videos and they r my favorite. Ego me and u
would be great friends esay

Автор Abel Elizondo ( назад)
Survive the hood lol

Автор Abel Elizondo ( назад)

Автор Cieskel Young ( назад)
check it out !SLEEPER!

Автор teenagergirl35 ( назад)
this was posted in my bday ^.^ lol ;P

Автор maria ramirez ( назад)
7hank u 3go

Автор maria ramirez ( назад)
Add me u guys my name is get-down_crazy95 on ps3

Автор Venomous meatart ( назад)
4:00 baby seal having a orgasm? 

Автор Venomous meatart ( назад)
0:50 fuck yo mom! OKAY! FUCK IT FUCK IT

Автор juan escobedo ( назад)
k onda pendejos remember (both cholos run) pinchi guero 

Автор LilDevil154 ( назад)

Автор Taide Baeza ( назад)

Автор Bridget De Anda ( назад)

Автор steward padron ( назад)
Ta bien chido

Автор Teahean ( назад)
Damn h0es

Автор Falon Watson ( назад)
Was the Guero Julian Smith?

Автор alexis ramos ( назад)

Автор Kemani Williams ( назад)
When he come back and say did i pass the test lol

Автор Kristin Nielsen ( назад)
cool Eric nice episode 

Автор alisha schuler ( назад)
sexy cholos 

Автор Tylynn “JBfan121” Leonard ( назад)
3:47 to 4:04 :04

Автор nojuice juice ( назад)

Автор Rodrigo Torres ( назад)
Its "I know u put it in ur booty"

Автор d f ( назад)
me too I love this video

Автор Australia ( назад)
love this video

Автор Jorda1682 ( назад)
please some one tell me the name of the song at the nd of the video please 

Автор Jorda1682 ( назад)
What's the name of the song at 2:36 ????

Автор Eric Sigala ( назад)
My favorite part was when slepping bitch and ega came

Автор oscar becerra ( назад)
haha did i pass the test 

Автор marc popoca ( назад)
notice that he has a belt 

Автор Vanessa White ( назад)
Hey .. Nice haircut . LOL !!! xD i get it .. x'D

Автор stacey .rojas ( назад)
You know you're fucked when the slipper fails.

Автор MrBaboso100 ( назад)
I have Gueros chain! lmao

Автор Daniel Solis ( назад)
" Alright.. Okay fucker. Stick with your bitch ass sinto. Check it out..
Sleeper ! " Ahahahaha!!

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