Cholo Adventures 14 "Revenge of the Guero"

The Guero Gets his Revenge on
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eGO and Sleepy Brown for leaving him in the Barrio(the HOOD)!

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Q: What something you want to see in CA15 "A Cholo Christmas"??
leave a comment with your idea.

Intro Song- Coast to Coast by DjEQ (http://www.youtube.com/user/djeq2006)
Killer like me- Chino Grande


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video from supereeego ****not my vid just uploaded it cause it was funny***


Автор Arthur Quezada (20 дней)
My funny part is when sleep brown tries to play dead

Автор Noemy Maldonado (29 дней)
2014 and I still find "ayy pinche perro " funny

Автор Jesus Juarez (2 месяца)
I liked it when he put it on his ass then at the end he says my ass hurts

Автор Mike Alvarado (3 месяца)
Haha plant your feet (falls to the ground) eeeee

Автор Mike Alvarado (3 месяца)
How??? Like tas tas

Автор Ricardo Hernadez (4 месяца)
no more little ego lol

Автор TheSwagMiner (4 месяца)
Lol I'll lick your nalga! xD I WAS LMAO!

Автор Austin Solis (5 месяцев)
They live in the valley 

Автор Brayanbeast (5 месяцев)
Actually i was just looking for some vergataso
Eww u nasty
ME TOO! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор quuen pink (6 месяцев)
That dance atc4:01-4:03 was hilarious

Автор Zee mcclenton (6 месяцев)
lol ill lick your nalga

Автор Diana Lopez (7 месяцев)
When sleepy brown does the cholo possum 😂😂😂

Автор Marco Rivera (7 месяцев)

Автор Juan villalobos (7 месяцев)
That some funy ass shit lol

Автор Emilio Reyes (8 месяцев)
Knives them bitches out cold

Автор brisa vallejo (8 месяцев)
I liked the part when he showed alex underware:-]

Автор Jorge rodriguez (8 месяцев)
pinche huero

Автор oscar narvaez (8 месяцев)

Автор Josie Ojeda (9 месяцев)
LMAO!!!!! :-D Put on your booty....Put it on your booty. Ok I put it on my
booty! That right you put it in your booty faggot :-) lol.........Aaggggg I
wanted babies. No more little Egos :-) LOL!!!!!!

Автор Sal Sanchez (9 месяцев)
My parte favorita is when ego runs and hides in trash

Автор LilDevil154 (1 год)

Автор d f (1 год)
me too I love this video

Автор Not Your Typical Mermaid (2 года)
3:58 lol wow no more little egos

Автор edwardmacias13 (1 год)
Love ur videos there funny

Автор cha8r13l (1 год)
What's up vatos? You just get down crazy'

Автор andrea hernandez (2 года)
lol rotf funny

Автор Diana Soroa (1 год)

Автор Jorda1682 (1 год)
please some one tell me the name of the song at the nd of the video please

Автор beremelgoza (10 месяцев)
Love you ego. You're soo dam cute. I love when you say' ese' or pendejo' To
be specific I like when you speak Spanish' ! /.\

Автор Eric Sigala (1 год)
My favorite part was when slepping bitch and ega came

Автор onebob00 (2 года)
Best part is when he is crying on the floor

Автор jorge Jimenez (2 года)
hell yeah vatos

Автор Taide Baeza (1 год)

Автор luis alanis (1 год)
ego ohhhh theres elotes in here!!!!! XD

Автор chris marquez (1 год)

Автор kire setnavrec (1 год)
The cholas hhahaha

Автор Bridget De Anda (1 год)

Автор lupitacarriedo (1 год)
You know you're fucked when the slipper fails.

Автор MrBaboso100 (1 год)
I have Gueros chain! lmao

Автор alyssalucio13 (2 года)
Fucking skanks lol

Автор juan escobedo (1 год)
k onda pendejos remember (both cholos run) pinchi guero

Автор Matthew Lopez (2 года)
cholo possum

Автор Karen Vazquez (1 год)
when the gringo gets revenge

Автор Daniel Perez (1 год)
how ego switches trash cans

Автор sexybeastman1000 (2 года)
"i want babies, No more little eGO's"

Автор estrella moreno (1 год)
love this video

Автор giselle landa (2 года)
guero is cute !!

Автор awesomekid1315 (1 год)
I know ull put in ur butty lil faggot

Автор Guy Garcia (2 года)
Man, Ego can fit into any kinda of trashcan. xD

Автор ADRIANA CAMPOS (2 года)
Pit it on your body

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