Triple Fold Contortion

My first triple fold!

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Автор Angela Moore ( назад)
this looks SO risky to much pressure on the neck and not chest im glad she
had a spotter I need one. over happy but be safe.

Автор Ella Koljonen ( назад)

Автор jupiter34 ( назад)
What a bewitching curvy Metamorphosis !

Автор Tiki Washington T ( назад)
Flexible ass

Автор cflame14 ( назад)

Автор Anna Love ( назад)
Fancontortion comments on everyones contortion videos asking for pictures
of yall with your feet behind your heads. Ew

Автор foto1272 ( назад)
great work Thanks

Автор Jane and Peter Campbell ( назад)
Coolsome!!!! That was AWESOME

Автор cassius969 ( назад)
Looks like a submission hold XD

Автор RespectThePunch ( назад)
How long have u been doing this?

Автор Carl Smith ( назад)
Excellent triple fold, your amazing, at the point your knees touch the
floor can you still breath + what's is feel like to sit on your head ?

Автор RespectThePunch ( назад)
how log have you been doing this? and what are some good stretches to help
me do this?

Автор bugfinder ( назад)
Congrats, a Triple Fold is a major achievement! How long had you been
training for this?

Автор Jacinta Rohan ( назад)
Thank you :)

Автор Franky ( назад)
wooooooooooooooooooooooooow 8)))))

Автор rolandsc ( назад)
Fantastic and very impressive!

Автор samancontortion ( назад)
omg! you are amazing!

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