Triple Fold Contortion

My first triple fold!

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Автор Angela Moore (9 дней)
this looks SO risky to much pressure on the neck and not chest im glad she
had a spotter I need one. over happy but be safe.

Автор Alaysia Faulkner (6 месяцев)
Awesome I am working on mine

Автор mary martha Calhoun (6 месяцев)

Автор cassius969 (3 года)
Looks like a submission hold XD

Автор samancontortion (3 года)
omg! you are amazing!

Автор RespectThePunch (3 года)
how log have you been doing this? and what are some good stretches to help
me do this?

Автор RespectThePunch (3 года)
How long have u been doing this?

Автор Jane and Peter Campbell (3 года)
Coolsome!!!! That was AWESOME

Автор jupiter34 (2 года)
What a bewitching curvy Metamorphosis !

Автор jacintarohan86 (3 года)
Thank you :)

Автор cflame14 (2 года)

Автор foto1272 (3 года)
great work Thanks

Автор Tiki Washington T (2 года)
Flexible ass

Автор Carl Smith (3 года)
Excellent triple fold, your amazing, at the point your knees touch the
floor can you still breath + what's is feel like to sit on your head ?

Автор Franky (3 года)
wooooooooooooooooooooooooow 8)))))

Автор Ella Koljonen (1 год)

Автор Anna Love (2 года)
Fancontortion comments on everyones contortion videos asking for pictures
of yall with your feet behind your heads. Ew

Автор bugfinder (3 года)
Congrats, a Triple Fold is a major achievement! How long had you been
training for this?

Автор rolandsc (3 года)
Fantastic and very impressive!

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