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Автор SORRY YOU (1 год)
how much money did you spend for this motor.please contact tot me my gace
book:oai jacky

Автор masimiliano biaggi (1 год)
how much benzin for 1 hours??!???!????

Автор dtdan65 (3 года)
Give the camera to an adult. That kid is way to jittery.

Автор Bud Uglee (2 года)
Who makes the trike? What kind of engine?

Автор bmjake (3 года)
Why did he take the "Nose cone" part off of the wing at 0:55?

Автор AerosItalia (3 года)
for the camera: ok, next time !!!

Автор AerosItalia (3 года)
The frame is in titanium, the weight is 26 kg comprensive of engine with
eletric starting. Aeros Target is the original model M.

Автор AerosItalia (3 года)
The trike, which you see, is an italian manufacture. For the cost write to

Автор AerosItalia (3 года)
for the "nose cone": we just try an experiment, tha is possible only whith
this hang glider. don't try this at home !!!

Автор Tom Sheldon (3 года)
How much does the trike weigh with the engine please?

Автор Tom Sheldon (3 года)
Hi, did you make any alterations to the Aeros Target before fitting the
trike? Did you strengthen the keel tube? Regards.

Автор Doug Montgomery (3 года)
How Much Money for a motor like that, is it custom for this application?

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