Cat + Snow = FAIL

This is my cat Doughnut trying to get up the roof of the conservatory and into my son's bedroom window as he does every day. The poor thing hadn't banked on the snow we had last night though lol!!

P.S. We let him in the front door after about 2 mins so don't worry he didn't get too cold, and he's in the warm now, purring away like a motor lol!!

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Автор Jace Avery ( назад)
Hi Regan my name is Jace and I work at Collab LLC, you can find more info
about us on our website, www.collabcreators.com.
We’re interested in using your video on our fails channel.
Shoot me an email at jace@collabcreators.com and please include your
channel name.
Thanks and have a good day!

Автор Jeremy allison ( назад)
Cocain, so much cocain

Автор drivernjax ( назад)
Of course, it rings a bell, but do you think that Ringo Starr sounds like
Paul McCartney? They are both English, but they are from different
counties. As an actor that does accents, I notice minute differences in
similar sounding accents. That's why I say the woman is English but not
from London.

Автор RodneyisGodney ( назад)
Wha??? London'ers are English...No? London, England? Ring a bell?

Автор drivernjax ( назад)
She's English, my friend, and I doubt very seriously that she's from

Автор drivernjax ( назад)
Some people will bitch about anything. They must have been deprived of love
and humor as children.

Автор drivernjax ( назад)
I bet that guy wonders why Europeans hate Americans.

Автор rjwaters3 ( назад)
Watch it to the end, learn to type legibly, and notice that while he cant
get up, he can go down.

Автор Engelbert Twinkleton ( назад)

Автор x x ( назад)
People are so fukin dumb its not animal abuse! 

Автор merlinandjulius ( назад)
Poor baby

Автор hasprey ( назад)
The woman commentating sounds retarded.

Автор CSC Digital Graphics ( назад)
the cat tried.... cute video. 

Автор iTzNikkitty ( назад)
Wow, people are so stupid. This isn't animal abuse you dumbasses.

Автор Jim Donahue ( назад)
poor kitty while its struggles to get up u film and laugh ur head off! at
least it got up and Q how is this funny??!!

Автор Hackymc ( назад)
Why does this have so many dislikes? :\

Автор YouthfulElf ( назад)
Cat says, "That's a no go!"

Автор Daichiki ( назад)
I see what you did there.. HEHEH 

Автор master best ( назад)

Автор electronicexposure ( назад)
how is this cruel? the cat decided to try this shit... they didn't put a
rope around his neck and pull him or something stupid... its just a cat
learning cat things... fuck.

Автор MrJoshstubbs ( назад)
Its driving me nuts does anyone know what iphone app game that " yay-ing "
came from in the last few secs. I played the game ages ago and it got me
thinking ??????

Автор VolcanicRS ( назад)
poor kitte );

Автор Streamz ( назад)
poor cat! its not funny D:<

Автор asoundlikesilence ( назад)
maybe Snow-Fail=Cat?

Автор thugOgre ( назад)
HAhaaa, 4x4 traction, BIG POWER, BURNOUT BABY !!! >:))) Awesome cat you got

Автор Abby Gerlits ( назад)
hes jusst like...."fuck this shit!...ill just take the hard way....thru the
freaking cat door....god!" lawl

Автор xugua ( назад)
its not that funny, plus its kinda cruel... srry but you get a No Me Gusta
from me 

Автор J Brown ( назад)
aww lil doughnut

Автор Jake Allyn ( назад)
Wait if Cat+Snow=Fail Then... Fail-Snow=Cat ?

Автор Haley C ( назад)
lol at first i was like "ha, funny, but kinda sad too. awww he's/she's
meowing, :( how the hell is he gonna get down-? oh! ok he jumped down it's
all good!" xD

Автор JUFFAIR101 ( назад)
poor cat

Автор Kyle Akasaka ( назад)
Cat says quit filming and help me!

Автор SkickPank ( назад)

Автор skypers3 ( назад)
@xmagneticx Hmm reading your comments sure makes you sound like a total
dick? Amirite?

Автор raichushocksu ( назад)
@xmagneticx okay im curious, are you a troll?

Автор raichushocksu ( назад)
@xmagneticx im not into bestiality the way you might be in, but im fine

Автор llamalover02 ( назад)
lol...the name Doughnut. I love it!!!

Автор raichushocksu ( назад)
@xmagneticx the cat cant get frostbite any quicker than humans. feral cats
live outside in the cold and they make it out there good. grow a pair.

Автор FardarKun ( назад)
That cat was probably quite scaried when it was falling ;p

Автор mariamakeupartist ( назад)
not funny.

Автор failchawi ( назад)
@MrXxtomasxx f*&^ yeah!!

Автор alex ( назад)
he's like,"wtf you bitches laughing at?" hahah

Автор Tomas Vaitkevičius ( назад)
Subaru Impreza :D

Автор Qynchou ( назад)
@pinkglitzy epic

Автор Pinkglitzy ( назад)
@asssface2000 Their*

Автор Pinkglitzy ( назад)
@summerskies22 Yes, he is snuggled up on my bed with my little dog just now

Автор hk15 ( назад)
4x4 and ESP FAIL

Автор asssface2000 (600 лет назад)
eurotrash...........even thier pets are stupid.

Автор Eric Sion (1732 года назад)
I guess there is 160 pretty stupid people

Автор TownsendV228 (914 года назад)
@wolhayomg I wouldn't say I was defending Britain. I was only correcting
his mistake. However, correcting a troll would probably make me the victim
I guess. I don't know. But either way, I couldn't care less about this guys
arrogance. If he wants to argue about the economy in Europe, then so be it.
However, he should of used his common sense to at least not make such a
foolish mistake. All it did was fuck up his argument. Lol. Anyway, your tip
would probably be useful in the future. Thanks.

Автор Pinkglitzy (1410 лет назад)
@otac112 Because if they're gonna pick holes in each other, they better do
it literately! If not, they are leaving themselves open as an easy target. 

Автор Pinkglitzy (1643 года назад)
@4DHDFilms I know right! Maybe my cat should run for world president. Seems
he has a lot of push! LOLOLOL!!

Автор Pinkglitzy (1805 лет назад)
@wolhayomg HAHAHA!! Rather be a toll than a racist! 

Автор Pinkglitzy ( назад)
@0stmackaA Right back at ya for being ignorant

Автор Pinkglitzy ( назад)
@XxBlAcKxWooLFxX Yeah. I MADE him jump up there with my amazing skills of
feline persuasion. Laughs like a witch, plays like a witch He ALWAYS jumps
up there. It's his spot (as much as it is a pain because we have to open
the window to let him in.) And he CAN get down very easily when there is no
snow. Unfortunately, I have no power to stop snow falling, and also no
control over very stubborn cat who wants to come in via his usual route. 

Автор Pinkglitzy ( назад)
@D4n13lus I am a witch so don't make me mad

Автор Danielus Times ( назад)
Why women video laughs like a witch? Horrifying...

Автор BlackieTheWolf ( назад)
Why would you let that cat sit up there and almost fall off the roof! I
mean who does that it could fall off the side and btw Anappa11 it could
jump down because of the fence on the side! It could have fallen off the
side and hurt its self

Автор 0stmackaA (1520 лет назад)
fuckyou for not helping that cute cat!

Автор Steamy Wonder ( назад)
@TownsendV228 i personally would not end the discussion with "we are
britians bitch and you had the balls to fight them" but just ask ac dc not
me. protip:correcting a trolls incorrect message makes you a victim of said
troll. jst lettin u kno bro. lol.

Автор TownsendV228 ( назад)
@wolhayomg Where's the relevance in your comment? I clearly corrected him
by stating Europe is in fact a continent, not a country. So how the fuck
does that relate to spotting trolls? Besides, I'm not British. I'm
Australian and I'd just like to end this discussion with a fuck you and
have a nice day :)

Автор Steamy Wonder ( назад)
@TownsendV228 british people seems to have problems with spotting trolls.
the whole continent of britian should just sink into the ocean . . .

Автор TownsendV228 ( назад)
@Johnstamoshavemercy Europe is a continent, not a country. Stupid Americans

Автор brickley2000 ( назад)
This is a good reason for SPCA outlawing roofs with snow

Автор MrSTELIOS123456 ( назад)
need better tires or chains

Автор maxibus141 ( назад)
@timlamiamify Not that often, once or twice a year and it is usually not
very deep except for the mountainous areas.

Автор Jack Bolton ( назад)
@Johnstamoshavemercy you truly have no idea what is going on in the

Автор HappyGillian ( назад)
Awww! Ha ha. Poor little cat. Can't help laughing as it's cute though. And
@Johnstamoshavemercy, just....no. Get a clue please.

Автор randomusernamemygod ( назад)
@Johnstamoshavemercy Arkansas lol!? A: Europe is not a country and B:
Europe or EU is not yet broke some of the COUNTRIES in Europe like Greece
are broke, but they dont have a 15 trillion debt like the USA has. Yes by
that example they should emulate the US system.

Автор SEALsAntaresFPS ( назад)
@drbackjack continent?

Автор drbeekjeek ( назад)
Of course Europe is not a country, it's a state.

Автор Grant Lockwood ( назад)
dont u love how the top comments r from the uploader? and just love thm cuz
they r both replies? cuz then u hav to fine the main comment

Автор Anappa11 ( назад)
I think it's hilarious that animal cruelty could be mentioned here. The cat
jumps on the roof, the people film the cat - OH YOU ANIMAL ABUSERS! Rofl,
if you watch this and have any "animal cruelty" thoughts after, you're a
derelict. That's it. :P

Автор Justin Briggs ( назад)
@ParadigmPenguin Probably the most ignorant thing I've ever seen someone
say is "a state is 50% child molesters." Really? Lulz... I love stupid
people. Just sayin.

Автор Justin Briggs ( назад)
@AnimeGirl5445 I moved from Wisconsin to Arkansas, and I'll tell you, there
are probably more blacks/hispanics/etc than there are whites. Try to get
your facts right if you plan on throwing out garbage statistics. And just
FYI Arkansas is full of beautiful mountains, and plenty of great spots to
sight see. You talk about people going back to elementary school? I've seen
3rd graders with better grammar than you. Please, go google "run on
sentences". You Sir, are an idiot. 

Автор rminitials ( назад)
What is this sorcery?! 

Автор TheLuchez ( назад)
Hahah poor thing

Автор Andy Maners (1118 лет назад)
@therunescapepimp Saying*

Автор The Truth (1806 лет назад)
@Johnstamoshavemercy Nah, you morons aren't worth being capitalized. LOL

Автор otac112 ( назад)
Lol. why is people discussing grammar and stuff here? Is it like a new
trend to bullshit eachother on cat vids? 

Автор xXSlaughteredXx (908 лет назад)
@Johnstamoshavemercy whatever dude your still a racist dick

Автор ChefSquid ( назад)
Wait why exactly is the getting disliked?

Автор Pinkglitzy ( назад)
@therunescapepimp At least*

Автор 6ftShelby ( назад)
"Fuck this shit." *ragequit*

Автор Andy Maners ( назад)
@pinkglitzy Atleast*

Автор xXSlaughteredXx ( назад)
@Johnstamoshavemercy Arkansas is ugly as fuck dude and yea there are only
white people in Arkansas cus half of the ppl there are so racist they cant
even think right like YOU oh and btw go back to elementary school NOW

Автор AppleProGamer ( назад)
Change to Bridgestone...

Автор Pinkglitzy ( назад)
@wtg2989 Course not..... We have some prize winning idiots here in England
too..... It's an epidemic! ;) Anyways, my Dad and his family all live in
Arizona. No hate here :)

Автор Pinkglitzy ( назад)
@Locauna Of course..... My son was calling him in through the front door
and gave him a cuddle to warm him up 

Автор wtg2989 ( назад)
@pinkglitzy Don't let morons from Arkansas make you think all Americans are

Автор Tempa T VEVO ( назад)
@Johnstamoshavemercy haha you little retard

Автор OddSocksQueen ( назад)
I must admit at first I was like WTF it's on the roof! Then I laughed :/ 

Автор Emelia B ( назад)
@lmjbre Thank you!! Jeez, honestly people who think such things are "animal
abuse" either are married to their cat or don't know what REAL animal abuse
looks like.

Автор The Truth ( назад)
@Johnstamoshavemercy Lol americans are such morons.

Автор rinsedpie ( назад)
owhh poor him.. 

Автор blakeliger0831 ( назад)
Did he tried it again, with the snow?

Автор Darksassy ( назад)
@sheka216 did u not hear her say "call her now -" and the YAY!!! at the end
>.> obviously the cat went inside >.>

Автор xChrizo ( назад)
Fuck people chill the fuck up! You are overreacting. The cat is fine!

Автор sheka216 ( назад)
poor kitty i hope he gets inside where it is nice and warm 

Автор Diana P (Sashasmom) ( назад)
@sistersallystar I am thinking the same thing, poor cold kitty was trying
so hard! I hope they let the cat in as soon as the video was done at least.

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