♥ How To Make Squishy Clay! ♥

All credit goes to StrawberryKiwii1011 :)
Bad tutorial, I know. I made it at 1 in the morning. Sorry. :P

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Автор aisyah edwan ( назад)
is not squishy is like i sand

Автор Sanjana Das ( назад)
Are u an Indian cuz u have mechanic in ur hands?? 

Автор Kayleena Jahr ( назад)
Whats on your hands??

Автор Jimmy de jesus ( назад)
Looks like sand

Автор Sauercrafter XD ( назад)
And then?

Автор Amber Low ( назад)
It is not even squishy

Автор Jill Chan ( назад)
it cracked for case...

Автор Sophie Schmidt ( назад)
1:47 is this Kanon Wakeshima the song suna no oshiro

Автор Hasan sakaji ( назад)
I'm Arab

Автор Unicorn ( назад)
Hey u, its wrong! It turned out hard dumbass waste my ingredients! And ur
amt that u put is incorrect=.= yet u want to make a tutorial... be better
be4 u make one

Автор Kiki McHenry ( назад)

Автор Kiki McHenry ( назад)
You form the shape you want it to be then bake it then pain and stuff.

Автор More CY ( назад)
Just asking if what do we do next after kneading?

Автор Tatum Manning ( назад)
wont it just turn to biscuit mix or dough

Автор BadAsh 3 ( назад)
Indian... Me too love the henna ( I'm Fijian)

Автор Krizel Jesamya ( назад)
Your henna is cool

Автор Pia Abou Antoun ( назад)
Can I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil ?

Автор Hwawii Chan ( назад)
r u arabic cuz i saw u puting hna ? btw like me

Автор Hwawii Chan ( назад)
the music is awesome <3 and cute

Автор actual music trash ( назад)
Thank ^ . ^

Автор nancy tellez ( назад)
your hands are pretty ^.^ lol

Автор EmmiKin ( назад)
me too

Автор EmiemaiahWW ( назад)
What a wonderful world!

Автор RainbowSuds16 ( назад)
Beautiful henna r u Indian (I'm Indian)

Автор Cookingmaniamama ( назад)
Wont this mold?

Автор Kendall Bearid ( назад)
Its a henna tattoo

Автор simran 101 ( назад)
but i like the idea thank.sorry for saying about your hand.

Автор simran 101 ( назад)
what is that on your hands.

Автор Britea Foreva ( назад)
Is that it ?? I need more then that I am lost O_O

Автор 차 류민 ( назад)
do i need to bake it or something??

Автор XxLilPinkyxX ( назад)
Okay, I tried it and turned out to be a lava type of thing.. Mabey I put
too much water. Im going to try again :D

Автор nourfh1 ( назад)
nice song

Автор The Sean Show ( назад)

Автор yuki13197 ( назад)
Wahh...do I hear Kanon Wakashima's Still Doll? :D

Автор Isabelle Devers ( назад)
How long do u bake it 4

Автор Annabelle Horse ( назад)
Great way I'm in the uk and it's hard to find squishies now I know how to
make them<3!!!

Автор matty raps ( назад)
stop with the water thats whats crumbling it!! :) im not trying to be rude
try less water

Автор Gina :) ( назад)
My mum went to Fiji and got Hennas love it!

Автор colorfulmustache1 ( назад)
I love ur henna on your hands :))

Автор Molly Anne ( назад)
I love your hennas!

Автор lynx ( назад)
-.- not right. Listen, I actually like the music. I know its your opinion
but I find it very calming. Also this IS the right amount of ingredients.
There is no right or wrong. There are many ways to make squishy clay. So
basically nobody agrees with you.

Автор sabbieegirl ( назад)
should we put it in the oven? :)

Автор rainbowblog123 ( назад)
wat program did u use to do the first part

Автор peanutbuttercourt ( назад)
does it harden by itself?

Автор Alyssa Kidrauhl_ ( назад)
"What a wonderful world" <3 aha taste of music

Автор Alyssa Kidrauhl_ ( назад)
I didn't put oil in mine it worked out so good !

Автор Michelle L ( назад)
I actuallly liked the music...it reminded me of an anime i watched.. LOL :D

Автор Daniela cornejo ( назад)
1.Stop judging people 2.you can put what ever measurment of ingridents and
3. You can cook the squishy in the microwave or in a oven To:Amelia Skinner

Автор GracefulTacos ( назад)
Do you have a Henna??

Автор wan saiyidatina aisyah ( назад)
suna no oshiro!

Автор Dude Fhfjf ( назад)
you kept on mixing diffrent stuff and i coudnt keep trck

Автор Aminity Gaming ( назад)
Creepy vid with the music

Автор Amelia Skinner ( назад)

Автор Amelia Skinner ( назад)
1-horrible music 2-didnt have right amounts of ingredients and.. 3-your
s'post to put it in in the microwave

Автор Pll Obsessed15 ( назад)
That sounds like doll music

Автор Holly Walsh ( назад)
Is the first song like a jewellery box version of wonderful world?

Автор Shayne Domingo ( назад)
how does it turn into a squishy?

Автор viktorija bunny ( назад)
its not scary v.v its sad pwp

Автор HamsterMania ( назад)
what really creep me out was before the music,the winding noise scared but
love yous vid

Автор Spaghetti Papyrus ( назад)
um i have a question how old are u?"?????

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
Isn't all clay just clay?

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
Super creepy.

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
HAHAHAHA I saw that too. xP

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
You're right, which is why I don't really force anyone to watch my videos.
They're just there, people can watch them if they like and not watch them
if they don't. And thanks. :)

Автор Annie Craftie ( назад)
Going through comments and just found a username similar to mine...I
honestly got creeped out

Автор Camille Chan ( назад)
isn't squishy clay just clay?

Автор Danielle Villacorta ( назад)

Автор Tuscany Westerink ( назад)
Ok this is a scary video with the music

Автор Anne Tan ( назад)
I'm sorry, but based on the number of comments asking about things I don't
think this is a very good tutorial but nice Hennas though. :)

Автор Kayla Dy ( назад)
Cool hennas :)

Автор DevilCake GT ( назад)
does it smells horrible ?

Автор Eunike Budhisatrijo ( назад)
how to dry it??

Автор aerobubblesxoxx ( назад)
thats how you make pastry :/

Автор Shona Goodman ( назад)
What a wonderful word

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
Haha no, getting a temporary tattoo won't change your nationality. xP

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
I know, right?

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
Teehee not really, but thanks. xP

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
It all depends on how much water YOUR clay requires, there's no exact

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
LOLOLOL sure. xD

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
Thanks, *blush*

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
Haha it's just one on each hand, it's an Indian thing. It's temporary. Goes
away in a week or so.

Автор LimeGreen1803 ( назад)
Yes. :)

Автор kathalchapa ( назад)
Is she wearing henna tattoo?

Автор Elizabeth Tercy ( назад)
many tatoos did u try to beat the world record

Автор Minji Babe ( назад)
I love your henna.

Автор Jennifer Peng ( назад)
Plz try to be exact you're added more water and flour during your kneading
thus making it not really accurate

Автор talyakitty ( назад)
dude your and OMD (oh my dog)

Автор Annia Matthews ( назад)
I like your tattoos

Автор billyforever100 ( назад)
im sure that pie crust doesn't have a cup of salt in it

Автор TAMMY LIMBU ( назад)
Clay jazz42 it's a women and it hendi

Автор huifang huang ( назад)
You can't bake it you should microwave it.....

Автор yasmin hussain ( назад)
She hasnt got tattoos she has got mendi on

Автор lol. ( назад)
if you bake it it realy turns in to bread you only bake it if you make

Автор Caitys Charms ( назад)
this is home made play dough... exept it hardens if you leave it out

Автор Heidyjackson14 ( назад)
People this is salt dough and salt dough hardens a lot

Автор Sonal Riva ( назад)
u should not bake it

Автор TheHamsterSociety ( назад)
Doesn't work

Автор thetaciya ( назад)
I love vampire night really good anime show and when I hear the music I
thought of it :)

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