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Автор Kayleena Jahr (2 месяца)
Whats on your hands??

Автор Jimmy de jesus (1 год)
Looks like sand

Автор Sauercrafter XD (1 год)
And then?

Автор Daniela cornejo (2 года)
1.Stop judging people 2.you can put what ever measurment of ingridents and
3. You can cook the squishy in the microwave or in a oven To:Amelia Skinner

Автор HamsterMania (2 года)
what really creep me out was before the music,the winding noise scared but
love yous vid

Автор Holly Walsh (2 года)
Is the first song like a jewellery box version of wonderful world?

Автор Kiki McHenry (1 год)
You form the shape you want it to be then bake it then pain and stuff.

Автор ruby unser (2 года)
love the music wonderful world and the theam song to vampire night thank
you for the vid ^_^

Автор Orange .Soda (1 год)
Thank ^ . ^

Автор Shona Goodman (2 года)
What a wonderful word

Автор DevilCake GT (2 года)
does it smells horrible ?

Автор Ninjacat (2 года)
Indian and malay should know the thing on her hand like me :D

Автор silver2000lol (2 года)
I after u make the squishie how long do u have to microwave it?

Автор sarahalheart2352 (2 года)
Its hina not ini !

Автор aerobubblesxoxx (2 года)
thats how you make pastry :/

Автор viola hasanah (2 года)
Can i used to make charms?

Автор LimeGreen1803 (2 года)
Yes. :)

Автор Sonal Riva (2 года)
u should not bake it

Автор Mikae Mendoza (2 года)
Can i eat it?

Автор Annabelle Horse (1 год)
Great way I'm in the uk and it's hard to find squishies now I know how to
make them<3!!!

Автор caroline travacci (2 года)
it isnt the theme song its the song used to portray yuuki

Автор Ninjacat (2 года)
She didnt draw on her hands..she puts on inai :D

Автор Viper Reedman (2 года)
Whats the name of the Second song?

Автор Alyssa Kidrauhl_ (1 год)
I didn't put oil in mine it worked out so good !

Автор Anne Tan (2 года)
I'm sorry, but based on the number of comments asking about things I don't
think this is a very good tutorial but nice Hennas though. :)

Автор talyakitty (2 года)
dude your and OMD (oh my dog)

Автор Amy Huynh (2 года)
I made it before and it's not Evan squishy

Автор Shayne Domingo (2 года)
how does it turn into a squishy?

Автор LimeGreen1803 (2 года)
Super creepy.

Автор MarjoleinCreations (1 год)
I turned down the music because I think it will give me nightmares... lol (:

Автор Emily Peterman (2 года)
i made it and it was rock hard.

Автор thetaciya (2 года)
I love vampire night really good anime show and when I hear the music I
thought of it :)

Автор Danielle Villacorta (2 года)

Автор Sophie Schmidt (1 год)
1:47 is this Kanon Wakeshima the song suna no oshiro

Автор Mo Loves fishies (2 года)
I actuallly liked the music...it reminded me of an anime i watched.. LOL :D

Автор Kylee Poledor (2 года)
That sounds like doll music

Автор LimeGreen1803 (2 года)
You're right, which is why I don't really force anyone to watch my videos.
They're just there, people can watch them if they like and not watch them
if they don't. And thanks. :)

Автор LimeGreen1803 (2 года)

Автор bowan fish (2 года)
um i have a question how old are u?"?????

Автор Sherry Koury (2 года)
You're too hard on myself, I learned everything I needed to.

Автор yuki13197 (1 год)
Wahh...do I hear Kanon Wakashima's Still Doll? :D

Автор Sissou (2 года)
I guess this music is so sweet... I could sleep in the minute ! :D But what
about your hands ? ... Did you draw on them ? Ok. And how many time have we
got to bake ? How to put a flavour inside ? How to colour it ? Thanks :)

Автор Kendall Bearid (1 год)
Its a henna tattoo

Автор BadAsh 3 (1 год)
Indian... Me too love the henna ( I'm Fijian)

Автор CameliaFio (2 года)
how, where and for how much time do you coock this?? after coocking hoow
you can color this?

Автор nancy tellez (1 год)
your hands are pretty ^.^ lol

Автор EmiemaiahWW (1 год)
What a wonderful world!

Автор anime kawaii (1 год)
r u arabic cuz i saw u puting hna ? btw like me

Автор Gina :) (1 год)
My mum went to Fiji and got Hennas love it!

Автор Sydnie Torres (2 года)
IS THAT HENA!? Its so cool

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