Peter O'Toole on Letterman - The Late Show in London (Pt.1)

Peter O'Toole visits Dave in London. The year is 1995 I think.

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Автор Peter Plasticon porron taste ( назад)
Peter O'Toole is a legend

Автор Brian L ( назад)
RIP Peter O'Toole... and Joan Fontaine. She died one day after him; it was
not a pleasant weekend for me. Terrific interview.

Автор Lara C ( назад)
How to embrace your legend properly: Peter O'Toole enters The Letterman
Show 1995

Автор John Klise ( назад)

Автор Karen Krizanovich ( назад)
How to embrace your legend properly: Peter O'Toole enters The Letterman
Show 1995

Автор Marko Petkov ( назад)
Until I saw Letterman next to a camel I didn't realize how much he looked
like one.

Автор Freeman Human ( назад)
A great actor and a great man there can never be another like him, RIP.

Автор Jana Angelov ( назад)
This is in my top ten letterman entrances.....

Автор lasher500 ( назад)
What an entrance

Автор Raul Luevano ( назад)
Get that stupid ladder out of Peter´s way He don´t need it, you don´t need
physical strenght if you got the guts, Pete´s the man.

Автор Prakash Viswanathan ( назад)
That's Peter

Автор john lewis ( назад)
he is a letterman not a ladderman. I thought it was funny when i started to
write this now i am not so sure

Автор James Robert Coburn ( назад)
Letterman is an annoying idiot.. But love peter o'toole....

Автор Talal Ahmed ( назад)
Oh Peter....RIP you rare human

Автор Giradox ( назад)
Who the fuck can stand that Letterman and his incredibly annoying,
obviously fake laughter? Jesus.

Автор Nick Craig ( назад)
Peter and that camel! Like a boss! RIP

Автор zflynn2 ( назад)
My God, is David insanely young. 

Автор zflynn2 ( назад)
"The 14 most boring years of my life."
Well said, Sir. And I mean your title in the highest possible sense.
Cheers, may the bottom of me glass be yours as well, My Good Knight. 

Автор Fellini ( назад)
Freeze at 1:33. The legendary Peter O'Toole, impeccably dressed, smoking a
cigarette with a holder, watching a camel chug a Heineken. Brilliant. 

Автор Eli Archer ( назад)
*That's How You Make An Entrance #2*: Peter O'Toole setting a new, much
higher standard for coolness.

Автор Kessler1996 ( назад)
The audience is only so ecstatic because it's in London - if this were
filmed in New York like Letterman's shows usually are, nobody would really
have much of a clue who the fuck Peter O'Toole is...

Автор ERNIE S. ( назад)
Let me guess, this originally aired on a Wednesday. 

Автор KnightsTemplar15 ( назад)
Classic Otoole Camels beer and a cig R.I.P.

Автор Jesper Møller ( назад)
Talk about coolness.

Автор Thorsen Vreeland ( назад)
From the 90s, Peter O'Toole makes an awesome entrance on The Late Show.

That could so easily have gone so wrong! Class and cool.

http://is.gd/w7NaOh #youtube 

Автор TheSololobo ( назад)
There he is at 62-63 years old looking magnificent.

Автор michael angus ( назад)
I had too see the camel ride before I go too sleep.


Автор Marv Hughes ( назад)
WoW. Masterful story. Entertainment at it's peak.

Автор bethy rogers ( назад)
Arguably one of the greatest movies ever made, with one of the finest
performances by such a great actor. 

Автор hadithi ( назад)
"Excuse me, but my noble transport is a little thirsty."
Man, this guy was cool.

Автор Ash White ( назад)
I met Peter a long time ago when he was "drinking" in a club (gentlemans
club not "disco") and I've never been more entertained. He was one of the
greats, actor, talker, artiste...RIP old dog!

Автор Jared Wignall ( назад)
Best Actor that never won an Academy Award! And that in itself is a
travesty. Lawrence of Arabia should've won him an Oscar.
RIP Mr. O'Toole. This man is the definition of Class. It's true, I looked
up the word in the Dictionary and there was just a picture of O'Toole, and
that was it.

Автор Tom Bruce ( назад)
So boss.

Автор Chester Kitty ( назад)
Peter O'Toole = epic, meow.

Автор crofalco ( назад)
There are so few people with a voice you recognize before seeing them and
Peter was one of those few.RIP Peter will miss your voice and your class

Автор Tim Penfield ( назад)

Автор Dr. Fritz Fassbender ( назад)
Peter O'Toole. Richard Burton. Richard Harris. Oliver Reed. And Peter
Finch. Five of the greatest actors that were also five of the greatest
hellraisers of all time. Only The Rat Pack came close. But nobody was
wilder that those guys: They partied like rock stars before rock stars
partied like rock stars!

So here's to The Man: Peter James O'Toole. 2 August 1932 – 14 December
2013. Woe How He Has Departed The Stage But His Performances Shall Live On.

In Peace May He Party-Onward, Dude!

Автор Annie Holmes-Butterick ( назад)
Peter O'Toole... Purely a class act~

Автор Kingsley Pedlar ( назад)
Maybe the Greatest. My favorite, anyway. Great voice and sense of humor

Автор soylent for you ( назад)
Simply the best!

Автор lovethingsandsuch ( назад)
back in the day, when you could still smoke on camels

Автор Dilithium Crystals ( назад)
what an entrance

Автор jaybee66 ( назад)
What an entrance!

Автор DarkeningSkies1 ( назад)
Roberto Benigni has a best actor Academy Award, but despite being nominated
SEVEN TIMES, Peter O' Toole never received one for performance. Let THAT
shit sink in...

Автор Hamster Rage ( назад)
Peter O'Toole on Letterman "I believe that's what they call a 'stupid pet
trick'" The Late Show in London: http://buff.ly/JEahym

Автор dhog41 ( назад)
Stupid pet tricks, indeed. :::grins::: Tsk tsk.....and a "messianic drunk",
at that....:::laughs:::....but what an amazing actor, all the same.

Автор blazinchalice ( назад)
One of the greatest of the greats making quite an entrance!

Автор Majoofi ( назад)
the winner of stupid pet tricks

Автор David Ahern ( назад)

Автор utop ia ( назад)
He is such a boss

Автор kweenqueen ( назад)
Drunk as a lord! :) Who cares, what a man! RIP. 

Автор Bev Cummins ( назад)
Somehow I don't picture him resting in peace. I don't think he would even
want to. I imagine him with all his drinking buddies raising Hell.


Автор Anja Matt ( назад)
Rest in peace, Peter

Автор joerexlily ( назад)
which would make him about 63 -- Too bad T.E. himself couldn't have
followed this act

Автор ka pow ( назад)
Cool people have existed for many years

Автор Penny Howard ( назад)
Fabulous - let's raise a glass to our last Hell Raiser - I doubt whether he
wants to rest in peace x

Автор CW1690 ( назад)

Автор In Pit Lane ( назад)
Now that's an entrance.

Автор Mir Cat ( назад)

Автор Emma Quigley ( назад)

Автор Srinivas Shastri ( назад)
*RIP, Peter O'Toole*

And thanks much for *Lawrence of Arabia* and *The Night of the Generals*.

In this mid-1990s interview, O'Toole makes a dramatic entrance and gives
the lowdown on that "look of messianic determination" while shooting the
charge at Aqaba!


Автор Chris Coleman ( назад)

Автор Catherine Wood ( назад)
A wonderful way to remember a great actor who knows how to make an entrance

Автор david c ( назад)
A great actor forever !!

Автор sillyone52062 ( назад)
Hmm...if you ride a drunk camel, is that a DUI? Thank you, Peter!

Автор Bushido Devil Dog ( назад)
"I'm Laurence of mu-fuckin' Arabia, biiii-aatch! So get that ladder out of
here and wait while my camel drinks a beer!"

R.I.P. Pete...!

Автор paul ellis ( назад)
What a man, one of a kind. He always made me smile and that's a great
quality for anyone to have.

Автор Lynx Werter ( назад)
RIP Peter O'Toole
Best Intro David Letterman Show

Автор Agnes Polański ( назад)
Peter O'Toole Was a God Amongst Men
Peter O'Tooleon Letterman

Peter O'Toole on Letterman - The Late Show in London (Pt.1)

Автор ChestRockwell667 ( назад)
couldn't watch this cos Letterman's bullshit laugh made me want to stab
myself in the ears.

Автор Barbara Butler ( назад)
Awesome...class...respect...love... ♥ Rest in peace, Sir...

Автор ParArdua ( назад)
Goodbye Mr Chipps. Wonderful thespian and cricket lover.

Автор Vince Binet (Profil Perso) ( назад)

Автор Calvin Blankinship ( назад)

Автор electrojones ( назад)
Did you know that Peter O'Toole was once married to Pussy Galore? Facts are

Автор Leni Cavaletto ( назад)
Absolutely priceless ... Classic O'Toole ... He will be missed

Автор John Burton ( назад)
Love Peter O'Toole. Knows how to make an entrance, and tell a story

Автор Michael Goasdoue ( назад)
*Best Entrance ever!*
Pt.2 here http://youtu.be/7Fl3bOeXvyI

Автор sammygirl6910 ( назад)
RIP, Sir.

Автор beeroosterm ( назад)

Автор ellecue ( назад)
RIP Peter O'Toole, one of acting's greatest.

Автор molarmama32 ( назад)
Love your work in everything; admired you immensely. You are an
inspiration as I have read all of T.E. Lawrence's works. May you RIP, dear

Автор Karen Kondazian, Author ( назад)
A truly fabulous, very funny' entrance' of the late great Peter O'Toole
(1995) http://ow.ly/rMX4b

Автор JCMELKOR ( назад)
straight up baller

Автор Jill Kern ( назад)

Автор MrGregorychant ( назад)
Rest in peace, Peter O'Toole.

Автор Zack Gomez ( назад)
Rest In Peace

Автор Kulumuli ( назад)
RIP Peter. Love this Clip.

Автор Dee Meek ( назад)
He always had the best anecdotes.

Автор Chandramouli Mettapalli ( назад)
The great Peter O' Toole....

Автор JazzKeyboardist1 ( назад)
No Prisoners!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор SafetySpoon ( назад)
Will ANYONE EVER top this? I'm thinking NOT. RIP, Mr. O'Toole; the world is
definitely the poorer for your passing.

Автор Curtis ( назад)
RIP, sir.

Автор Ian Doroteo ( назад)
RIP Peter O'Toole 

Автор DVDfeverGames ( назад)
RIP Peter O'Toole, and there's 29 people who like to fuck camels.

Автор Frank “Furankisan” Ball ( назад)
Now This is An Entrance!!! A Lawrence tale with a Brandy Joke. Classic!!!

Автор Rickofenfield ( назад)
The real Hellraisers have all gone now.
Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Oliver Reed. All replaced by plastic
corporate actors.

Автор Unknown Clown ( назад)
RIP fucking legend

Автор Richard K ( назад)
RIP Peter O'Toole. This was back when Letterman was funny.

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