JBL's 'CristalProfi' Internal Filter

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This video clearly demonstrates how effective these filters are and how they help make any type of fish keeping both an easy and enjoyable hobby. The JBL 'CristalProfi' Internal Filter is in stock now at Maidenhead Aquatics - please call your local store today for prices and availability.

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Автор Adam Becker ( назад)
Will it work for my 55 gallon turtles tank I have 2 turtles

Автор Eduardo Padilla Ochoa ( назад)
well adapters are easy to find european-american outlet

Автор David Tao ( назад)

Автор headfangs ( назад)
Wish they made one for US outlets, my internal is so loud and bulky... The magnetic attachment is a GREAT idea!

Автор phosphate ( назад)
i want one but dont have the space in my tank and i cant get these

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