JBL's 'CristalProfi' Internal Filter

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This video clearly demonstrates how effective these filters are and how they help make any type of fish keeping both an easy and enjoyable hobby. The JBL 'CristalProfi' Internal Filter is in stock now at Maidenhead Aquatics - please call your local store today for prices and availability.

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Автор Twentiethcenturybaby (1 месяц)
Might get one of these, looks good.

Автор Twentiethcenturybaby (1 месяц)
Might get one of these, looks good.

Автор jon obrien (3 месяца)
looks decent

Автор Nor Azman Mohamad (3 месяца)
Looking good 

Автор Eduardo Padilla Ochoa (1 год)
well adapters are easy to find european-american outlet

Автор vwv6wagon (4 года)
Does anyone know where I can get these in Toronto, Canada?

Автор David Tao (1 год)

Автор headfangs (1 год)
Wish they made one for US outlets, my internal is so loud and bulky... The
magnetic attachment is a GREAT idea!

Автор RedEaredYBSPainted (4 года)
wow i think im ganna get one of these!

Автор kickman (1 год)
i want one but dont have the space in my tank and i cant get these

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