Deer Hunter 2005 - My WRs of The 2008 Season

This is a video of all WRs Mooseandelk1 has shot this year. The season have been plentful of many WRs

Use your time. this can take a while. ENJOY

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Kristoffer Clausen calling roebucks at close range. Shooting with Sauer 303 and Sauer 202 rifles.


Автор Carey Fryer (1 месяц)
what all does version 1.2 do? i currently have 1.1

Автор J Zee (4 года)
tiny WRs

Автор Mooseandelk1 (4 года)
nice :)

Автор Mooseandelk1 (4 года)
hehe :P

Автор Vodker (5 лет)
har lyst på gold grand slam pokal

Автор skateboarder170k (4 года)
Deer plural is Deer not Deers.

Автор BryceTannerCooper (4 года)
put it up here

Автор Mooseandelk1 (5 лет)
you must change the difficulty to expert. 1. go to rules on general 2.
change it to expert

Автор Sevenfoldforever1 (3 года)
i shoot a spike on 389 ibs

Автор Mooseandelk1 (5 лет)
slaughter maps, utah and georgia. the roe deer was shot in Black forest

Автор Vodker (4 года)
Eg har ikkje så mange wr's men eg har nokon vanlege bukkar. ^_^

Автор Vodker (5 лет)
det var mange eg har bare 1

Автор Mooseandelk1 (4 года)
just hunt and download new maps

Автор biggameloser12 (4 года)
nice, i caught some biggies on my video :D

Автор Kevin Wynants (3 года)
@MikeRaig97 sometimes record book bucks can be smaller than world record
bucks ;)

Автор Mooseandelk1 (4 года)
The biggest Whitetail i've got is 332 points :)

Автор Mooseandelk1 (5 лет)
hehe :P

Автор Tye Gruber (3 года)
how do you download maps

Автор Artemmis205 (5 лет)
Nice bucks! Go on! 10*

Автор RedstripeWolf (5 лет)
How do you get Prizes on the Case? sorry for my bad english.hope you
understand ..

Автор Tye Gruber (3 года)
how do you download maps and i once went to a friends house and we have
never seen a cartoon deer and it was standing right beside a whitetail that
scored 296 but we have never seen a cartoon deer so we shot that

Автор BMXrider915 (4 года)
how do you get those monster blacktails

Автор lemonheads5556 (5 лет)
i like the song, norway is cool. i actually find it interesting that people
all over tha wrld play dh05 and go on youtube

Автор Mooseandelk1 (5 лет)
just hunt and hunt. use different weapons, and shoot big bucks. WRs and RBs
the you get somthing ;)

Автор QAZ DAWN (3 года)
please put here a link where i can download this game but the full version
not a demo it`s very cool

Автор Michael Raiger (4 года)
My friend and i got a monster whitetail it was a world record and was
scored 203.941 and then i shot a 203.051 and it was a record book buck

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