Deer Hunter 2005 - My WRs of The 2008 Season

This is a video of all WRs Mooseandelk1 has shot this year. The season have been plentful of many WRs

Use your time. this can take a while. ENJOY

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Автор Carey Fryer ( назад)
what all does version 1.2 do? i currently have 1.1

Автор QAZ DAWN ( назад)
please put here a link where i can download this game but the full version
not a demo it`s very cool

Автор Kevin Wynants ( назад)
@MikeRaig97 sometimes record book bucks can be smaller than world record
bucks ;)

Автор Tye Gruber ( назад)
how do you download maps and i once went to a friends house and we have
never seen a cartoon deer and it was standing right beside a whitetail that
scored 296 but we have never seen a cartoon deer so we shot that

Автор Tye Gruber ( назад)
how do you download maps

Автор BryceTannerCooper ( назад)
put it up here

Автор Mooseandelk1 ( назад)
The biggest Whitetail i've got is 332 points :)

Автор Michael Raiger ( назад)
My friend and i got a monster whitetail it was a world record and was
scored 203.941 and then i shot a 203.051 and it was a record book buck

Автор skateboarder170k ( назад)
Deer plural is Deer not Deers.

Автор Mooseandelk1 ( назад)
just hunt and download new maps

Автор BMXrider915 ( назад)
how do you get those monster blacktails

Автор Mooseandelk1 ( назад)
hehe :P

Автор Vodker ( назад)
Eg har ikkje så mange wr's men eg har nokon vanlege bukkar. ^_^

Автор J Zee ( назад)
tiny WRs

Автор Mooseandelk1 ( назад)
nice :)

Автор biggameloser12 ( назад)
nice, i caught some biggies on my video :D

Автор Mooseandelk1 ( назад)
you must change the difficulty to expert. 1. go to rules on general 2.
change it to expert

Автор Mooseandelk1 ( назад)
just hunt and hunt. use different weapons, and shoot big bucks. WRs and RBs
the you get somthing ;)

Автор RedstripeWolf ( назад)
How do you get Prizes on the Case? sorry for my bad english.hope you
understand ..

Автор Vodker (1600 лет назад)
har lyst på gold grand slam pokal

Автор Mooseandelk1 ( назад)
slaughter maps, utah and georgia. the roe deer was shot in Black forest

Автор lemonheads5556 ( назад)
i like the song, norway is cool. i actually find it interesting that people
all over tha wrld play dh05 and go on youtube

Автор Artemmis205 ( назад)
Nice bucks! Go on! 10*

Автор Mooseandelk1 ( назад)
hehe :P

Автор Vodker ( назад)
det var mange eg har bare 1

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