Рома Жиган feat. Слава Федоров - Мирное Небо

Roma Jigan - Mirnoe Nebo
Vokal: Slava Fedorov
Vokal: Ofir Kohen (אופיר כהן)
Prod.: Ivan Chekmachev (Gex)
Duduk: Artem Zargaryan
Violin: Sania Kroitor

Video Director: Roman Chumakov
Video Installation: Alex Molgan
Lyrics: Roman Chumakov and Slava Fedorov.

Who told you that you were better than me
We are all equal, yes, and still we differ
I don't want no war, my family is waiting for me
People should be judged for their acts, not for their skin color
Those who spill the blood get bloody tears
And I'm ready to kill for my relatives, same as you are
Yes, I'm ready, i have enough spirit to do that
But why do we need all that? Lets just live our lives
I have been to Caucasus, and i was hearty welcomed
Those kind people, i will always remember them
But there i was a guest, and i was understanding it
Please, act the same way when you come here
If you come with peace, i will set a table for you
We will be eating and drinking wine together,
I will give you my own bed and i will sleep on the floor
But I'm asking you for the only thing- don't come with war.

So let it be a peaceful sky above the Earth
We all Human, my friends
We don't need no war between each other
Because we can seal our fate only by ourselves
Let it be a peaceful sky above the Earth
We all human, my friends
We don't need no war between each other
Because we can seal our fate only by ourselves

I have not found any war inside the Quran
The Bible and the Torah contain nothing about it
So why did those kids die so early?
Can anybody give me an answer to all that?
May the Memory of those who left us be eternal,
Those who are gone because of that stupid war
And let these words fly all around the globe
To the each part of our great Country
I love my homeland, i am a patriot
And even if all the other countries could be so fine
I would never leave it or betray it
You must love your land like you love your own mother
I doesn't matter if you are from Moscow or from Caucasus
Each nation has bastards, understand me, brother
It doesn't matter how much strength your arms have
It is important for all us to stay Human

So let it be a peaceful sky above the Earth
We all Human, my friends
We don't need no war between each other
Because we can seal our fate only by ourselves
Let it be a peaceful sky above the Earth
We all Human, my friends
We don't need no war between each other
Because we can seal our fate only by ourselves

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Просмотров: 7,877
Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 3:42
Комментарии: 13

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Автор cerber13stalker (1 год)
толстый троль толсто толсто!

Автор Roman Schmidt (2 года)
Жиган красава ништяк музончик

Автор чингисхан исраилов (1 год)
жиган спасибо за отрывки из Грозного

Автор Natasha (1 год)
Бля эта песня чуть ли гимном должна быть!!!!!он красава ...песни....

Автор Михаил Зуев (2 года)
Очень красивая песня

Автор Майя Ким (1 год)
люблю эту песню,актуальная в наше время.Да и вообще на все времена

Автор Karina Dulko (2 года)
Ja abazhaju etu pesnju!

Автор TheTatka1998 (1 год)
Жиган не нацист!!!он бы песню не записал тупой мудак!

Автор василий пупкин (1 год)
Сосок, слушай слова, малолетка....................

Автор Tatyana563 (2 года)
Хорошая песня, красивый клип.

Автор MsKOLOBOK007 (1 год)
Жиган нацист ебаный и путинская шлюха

Автор Andrey Domanov (3 месяца)
Мирное Небо Рома Жиган

Автор Liudmila Kolga (5 месяцев)
Давайте жить дружно!!!

Автор Дойна Каменчан (1 год)

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