Guitar Backing Track Heavy Blues In E

Guitar Backing Track Heavy Blues In E. Play guitar with this backing track Heavy Blues In E. Play your own blues guitar solo with this blues backing track.


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Автор Blue Jay ( назад)
I love this track! Defiantly one of my favs! It's one of those tracks that
really makes you dig down. I normally don't do this, but I did an improv to
this piece. I credit you guys of course in my comments.
Keep it up guys! You rock!

Автор The Deliberate Musician ( назад)
good video, check out my channel!
great stuff
good explanation
nice approach
I like it
very helpful
Sounds good!
You have talent!
Very inspiring.
Keep up the great work.
I like your sound.
Nice job.
Very cool

Автор Patrick Roche ( назад)
This is a great backing track for the simple 12 bar blues progression

Автор Pex2139 ( назад)
Sick this backing track is sick...

Автор Cora Visser ( назад)
Everybody out of my way hhhhhhh wonderfull the neighbours are gone
soooooooooooooo very loud.

Автор nick muska ( назад)
sick track yo!

Автор Alex Vieira ( назад)
Em not E

Автор Alfie Sleet ( назад)
Absolutely Fantastic Backing Track! Love Jamming With This! 

Автор MrRadko75 ( назад)
mmmmmmmmmmmm. goooooooooood! Zdravim SLOVENSKO!!!

Автор Lesley Allen ( назад)
yes yes yes this is so good

Автор PhiI93 ( назад)
Great bass at 3:28. Good effort

Автор old mate ( назад)
complete cracker, man!!

Автор Tiago “Daedalux” Paulo ( назад)
Damn, this is just what I love to groove with.

Автор hyjyljyj ( назад)
Why can't I pause or enlarge the screen or X out the banner?

Автор Philippe Salmon music ( назад)
fantastic job , thank you !

Автор MrShroomes ( назад)

Автор 00xanawolf00 ( назад)
Great track!

Автор bloodbrother2204 ( назад)
not so funny that you killed the 12 bars blues - only one time its a real
12 bars - then other times are 8 bars e, 2 bars a, 2 bars and so on...
mmm... but great playing...

Автор jfirebird1 ( назад)
hey great track i put some lyrics to it im a 63 yr old rock and roller..ty

Автор Hugh MacDonald ( назад)
This was a great track for improvising to, thanks!

Автор Cem Neftci ( назад)
I actually my made best jam ever with this track it is so pumpy and
2:50-3:00 Garry Moore - Walkin By Myself lick awesome!

Автор licksnkicks ( назад)
OMG this is a killer backing track! I am having so much fun jamming! Wow!!

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
Cool Thanks

Автор Matt Thompson ( назад)
Damn good! My favorite backing so far Thank you!

Автор bza069 ( назад)
rocky mountain way ?? 

Автор MrHistorymakers ( назад)

Автор Vinny Tucci ( назад)
Awesome track to jam with Good times

Автор Ноунейм «sp00ky» Ноунеймов ( назад)
I heard some of Ramblin' on my Mind 

Автор Osmigo1 ( назад)
Good stuff. Sounds very Jimmie Vaughan-ish.

Автор Brian Allan ( назад)
You done made my wife a blues guitar widow. :-)

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
that's awesome. glad you like jamming to it

Автор mohd ghani ( назад)
hoochie koocie man awesome my FAV

Автор Alice Labant ( назад)

Автор wojtekmetal ( назад)
F7 => E7

Автор Corazón Delator ( назад)
please tell me the last two chords, please, please please.!

Автор larkyleroy ( назад)
shes got the jack!

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
glad you like it.

Автор kelejodanalsistema ( назад)
thank you so much dude!!!!!!!!!!! ,I..I 

Автор Jonas Bylund ( назад)
Not my style but great playing!!

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
me too

Автор Entrepreneurr ( назад)
Love the picture of Robin Trower! 

Автор Sherry Jeffords ( назад)
LOVE IT!!!! 

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)

Автор robonez ( назад)
I love it! Wonderful track to throw down some pentatonic mayhem to! \m/

Автор 41doc ( назад)
This is Fun To Jam TOO!!! THANKS!!! 

Автор Thomas Graben ( назад)
love it - makes such a change from the usual BT`s ( as good as they

Автор Allan Soares ( назад)
Pretty usefull

Автор Laurence Boag ( назад)
Perfect for blues harp... 

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
ya bro

Автор Siney da Silva Ferreira ( назад)
Blues forever!!!!!!

Автор cameron nealey ( назад)
But yeah I love that one probably the best I jamed out on that one for

Автор cameron nealey ( назад)
Ummmmm yeah but if you use death metal to that backtrack then it wouldent
sound to good but if I were you I would just play blues for that one! Hehe

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
what exactly are you asking? you can use it to jam to but you can't use it
as part of your own recording as I own it.

Автор Basicblues Jones ( назад)
hi can thisw track be used for anything 

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
thanks man

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
wow thanks man

Автор 1BalBal1 ( назад)
probably the best i've heard so far. fucking A dude!

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
glad you like it. apparently many others have too. 2000 views in the past
few days. I'm working on another one that should be posted soon. stay

Автор andres cesan ( назад)
Nicee! // Que bueno que está!

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)

Автор James Steele ( назад)
Wow, is is a Killer Track. Thanks for posting!!

Автор Glenn Michael Thompson ( назад)
Thanks, much appreciated! (i can still count! LOL) 

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
yup.. just something to jam to

Автор Glenn Michael Thompson ( назад)
A 16 bar blues with a couple of choruses of 12 bar blues thrown in?
Wrapping it up with a final 12 bars and a 4 bar tag ending? Just want to be
clear on this. Thanks.

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