Guitar Backing Track Heavy Blues In E

Guitar Backing Track Heavy Blues In E. Play guitar with this backing track Heavy Blues In E. Play your own blues guitar solo with this blues backing track.


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Автор The Deliberate Musician ( назад)
good video, check out my channel!
great stuff
good explanation
nice approach
I like it
very helpful
Sounds good!
You have talent!
Very inspiring.
Keep up the great work.
I like your sound.
Nice job.
Very cool

Автор Patrick Roche ( назад)
This is a great backing track for the simple 12 bar blues progression

Автор Pex2139 ( назад)
Sick this backing track is sick...

Автор Cora Visser ( назад)
Everybody out of my way hhhhhhh wonderfull the neighbours are gone
soooooooooooooo very loud.

Автор nick muska ( назад)
sick track yo!

Автор Alex Vieira ( назад)
Em not E

Автор Alfie Sleet ( назад)
Absolutely Fantastic Backing Track! Love Jamming With This! 

Автор MrRadko75 ( назад)
mmmmmmmmmmmm. goooooooooood! Zdravim SLOVENSKO!!!

Автор Lesley Allen ( назад)
yes yes yes this is so good

Автор PhiI93 ( назад)
Great bass at 3:28. Good effort

Автор old mate ( назад)
complete cracker, man!!

Автор Tiago “Daedalux” Paulo ( назад)
Damn, this is just what I love to groove with.

Автор hyjyljyj ( назад)
Why can't I pause or enlarge the screen or X out the banner?

Автор Philippe Salmon music ( назад)
fantastic job , thank you !

Автор MrShroomes ( назад)

Автор 00xanawolf00 ( назад)
Great track!

Автор bloodbrother2204 ( назад)
not so funny that you killed the 12 bars blues - only one time its a real
12 bars - then other times are 8 bars e, 2 bars a, 2 bars and so on...
mmm... but great playing...

Автор jfirebird1 ( назад)
hey great track i put some lyrics to it im a 63 yr old rock and roller..ty

Автор Hugh MacDonald ( назад)
This was a great track for improvising to, thanks!

Автор Cem Neftci ( назад)
I actually my made best jam ever with this track it is so pumpy and
2:50-3:00 Garry Moore - Walkin By Myself lick awesome!

Автор licksnkicks ( назад)
OMG this is a killer backing track! I am having so much fun jamming! Wow!!

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
Cool Thanks

Автор Matt Thompson ( назад)
Damn good! My favorite backing so far Thank you!

Автор bza069 ( назад)
rocky mountain way ??

Автор MrHistorymakers ( назад)

Автор Vinny Tucci ( назад)
Awesome track to jam with Good times

Автор Тимур Аскеров ( назад)
I heard some of Ramblin' on my Mind

Автор Osmigo1 ( назад)
Good stuff. Sounds very Jimmie Vaughan-ish.

Автор Brian Allan ( назад)
You done made my wife a blues guitar widow. :-)

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
that's awesome. glad you like jamming to it

Автор hotmailbiker ( назад)
The best I've heard in a long time. You know its good when you get so into
it that you forget all the shit that is going on in your life and its just
you, your guitar, and the jam commin out of them speakers. Yeah.

Автор mohd ghani ( назад)
hoochie koocie man awesome my FAV

Автор Alice Labant ( назад)

Автор wojtekmetal ( назад)
F7 => E7

Автор Franklin Cevallos ( назад)
please tell me the last two chords, please, please please.!

Автор larkyleroy ( назад)
shes got the jack!

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)

Автор BluesBird165 ( назад)
Very fun backing truck! see my channel to view my improvisation on it! :D

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
glad you like it.

Автор kelejodanalsistema ( назад)
thank you so much dude!!!!!!!!!!! ,I..I

Автор Jonas Bylund ( назад)
Not my style but great playing!!

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
me too

Автор Entrepreneurr ( назад)
Love the picture of Robin Trower!

Автор Sherry Jeffords ( назад)

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)

Автор robonez ( назад)
I love it! Wonderful track to throw down some pentatonic mayhem to! \m/

Автор 41doc ( назад)
This is Fun To Jam TOO!!! THANKS!!!

Автор Thomas Graben ( назад)
love it - makes such a change from the usual BT`s ( as good as they

Автор Allan Soares ( назад)
Pretty usefull

Автор Laurence Boag ( назад)
Perfect for blues harp...

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
ya bro

Автор Siney da Silva Ferreira ( назад)
Blues forever!!!!!!

Автор cameron nealey ( назад)
But yeah I love that one probably the best I jamed out on that one for awile

Автор cameron nealey ( назад)
Ummmmm yeah but if you use death metal to that backtrack then it wouldent
sound to good but if I were you I would just play blues for that one! Hehe

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
what exactly are you asking? you can use it to jam to but you can't use it
as part of your own recording as I own it.

Автор Basicblues Jones ( назад)
hi can thisw track be used for anything

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
thanks man

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
wow thanks man

Автор 1BalBal1 ( назад)
probably the best i've heard so far. fucking A dude!

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
glad you like it. apparently many others have too. 2000 views in the past
few days. I'm working on another one that should be posted soon. stay tuned!

Автор WonderBlunder00 ( назад)
nice track! i've had a lot of fun playing to this one!

Автор andres cesan ( назад)
Nicee! // Que bueno que está!

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)

Автор James Steele ( назад)
Wow, is is a Killer Track. Thanks for posting!!

Автор Glenn Michael Thompson ( назад)
Thanks, much appreciated! (i can still count! LOL)

Автор HomeTracks ( назад)
yup.. just something to jam to

Автор Glenn Michael Thompson ( назад)
A 16 bar blues with a couple of choruses of 12 bar blues thrown in?
Wrapping it up with a final 12 bars and a 4 bar tag ending? Just want to be
clear on this. Thanks.

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