Keyboard Review: Hammond XK3

Keyboard Technical Editor Stephen Fortner checks out the brand new Hammond XK3! See more at http://www.keyboardmag.tv

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Длительность: 9:33
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Автор TOM50518 ( назад)

Автор TOM50518 ( назад)

Автор StratsRgreat ( назад)
Good review if 5 years old...and the ad hominem attacks on the guy aren't
very nice.

Автор garysdeskcom ( назад)
Very nice tone. Very vintage Hammond sound. The keys are very loud, almost
unpleasantly loud.

Автор Kev Stier ( назад)
Hahaha so true!! I thought the very same thing.

Автор Tyler Thompson ( назад)
I was listening to this video play from the other room, and a could swear
it was Will Arnett speaking. 

Автор puppiesinspace ( назад)
He's got a booger on his left cheek.

Автор Juan Retes ( назад)
aggression and instability is not a true b3

Автор Crescendo ( назад)
It's hard to imagine how that man could have made more unattractive styling
decisions. I don't know if it's the bald head, the grotty looking earring
or the intentional child-molester voice. If he didn't bother trying to
style himself he'd actually look a lot better.

Автор ysuzuki1773 ( назад)
thank you ! your sound. please show me i n japan. my name is SUZUKI. 

Автор AdiQ0502 ( назад)
Oh Hagrid what happened to you?!?!?!?! 

Автор Denver Morgan ( назад)
Actuall he is checking out the new hammond xk3c not the xk3.

Автор Biggz LR ( назад)
Lool you've got a googily voice. nice video though

Автор Denver Morgan ( назад)
@Royalorgans bull the xk3c is better than 

Автор TheMadMusicMan ( назад)
Because, it's not a toneweheel, it's a clonewheel. I would play it though,
I like any Organs, be it Hammond or Pipe Organs. I have played many and
enjoy them a lot.

Автор Royalorgans ( назад)
How do you know that the Xh-272 cant beat the Hammond B-3 sound. By itself,
i cant really do anything but with the 971 Leslie or 750 leslie it will do
wonders. Have you ever heard the Hammond XH-272 organ being played and
would you yourself play the organ.

Автор TheMadMusicMan ( назад)
Stop spamming all of the YouTube videos with the 272. The sampling in that
is old, cam out in the late 90's. People like you are annoying and trash
the comment sections.

Автор Royalorgans ( назад)
if you like this organ, you would love the Hammond Xh-272. It sound better
than the New B-3MK2, and XK3

Автор TheMadMusicMan (1604 года назад)
Nice review, but please don't pound those keys, it's almost as loud as the
playing itself. Great review though!

Автор Curtis Schneider ( назад)
beatlejuice beatlejuice beatlejuice

Автор cristian cornejo ( назад)
the guy is annoying...

Автор northstar1950 ( назад)
As a Leslie speaker used "doppler effect" that is only really possible
using a moving element, I thought it sounded quite authentic,

Автор TheMadMusicMan ( назад)
Nice job. But, you were pounding them keys way too loud Lol.

Автор hadrienboye ( назад)
what kind of super hero energy drink have you had to get such a voice ?!?!
hammond organ sounds ridiculous comparing to your big fatty deep throaty
loud voice !

Автор FreeInquisition ( назад)
Can't stop thinking of it now

Автор FreeInquisition ( назад)
lol so true

Автор Christian Schonberger ( назад)
Great choice! You might want, once you have it, to replace the vacuum tubes
for high quality ones to get an even better sound. Check the Yahoo groups
dedicated to Hammond clones or the XK-3(c) in particular.

Автор itszak ( назад)
thanks for the information!!!! i am thinking about getting one and you have
made me make my mind up!

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