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  • Capramare
    Capramare 1 месяц назад

    Am i the only one wanting the METS-guys to be a show, like i would pay for a movie even.

  • CorrosiveBlue
    CorrosiveBlue 1 месяц назад

    where are the captions? I can't get them to work

  • justanoddone
    justanoddone 4 месяца назад

    What's the song used for the mets advert??

  • Natalie Fedor
    Natalie Fedor 6 месяцев назад

    Me: Sees Hatsune Miku. Me ; ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  • I like Tea with Suga and kookies
    I like Tea with Suga and kookies 8 месяцев назад

    0:43 Why is there a German flag?

  • Samuel Ao
    Samuel Ao 8 месяцев назад

    who came here from the chadtronic subreddit

  • Zara Winters
    Zara Winters 10 месяцев назад

    Can someone please tell me the drama at 2:12 ?

    • EW21St
      EW21St 6 месяцев назад

      ちはやふる ChiHaYaHuRu

  • Murda Urself My Man
    Murda Urself My Man 10 месяцев назад

    I died at the first commercial

  • Carmen Martinez Onieva
    Carmen Martinez Onieva 10 месяцев назад

    me encanta tus videos japoneses

  • Dizzy GGX
    Dizzy GGX 10 месяцев назад

    If America had commercials like this everyone would end up watching them

  • Cheese Burger
    Cheese Burger 11 месяцев назад


    good analogy

  • Silver Chrome
    Silver Chrome 11 месяцев назад

    4:06 Gonna Be Honest,That Looks Like Yandere-Chan

  • Xiangyu Wang
    Xiangyu Wang 1 год назад


  • castillo patrick
    castillo patrick 1 год назад

    Its Superbowl everyday in Japan

  • Deyaced Ylurt
    Deyaced Ylurt 1 год назад

    Why was an asian Gambit hanging out with an albino wookiee in the Mad Max wasteland?

  • *comatoseCristatus*
    *comatoseCristatus* 1 год назад

    Twenty seconds in an I'm already confused

  • morazul :v
    morazul :v 1 год назад

    I love Hatsume miku and SEGA sonic!!!!!!! 💜💜>﹏<

  • King Gamerz
    King Gamerz 1 год назад

    I can't BELEIVE I'm saying this Japanese Commercials are better than the USA Commercials

  • King Gamerz
    King Gamerz 1 год назад

    I came here to react WHO came here to react too

  • Light Sovereign
    Light Sovereign 1 год назад

    4:20 she has an iphone....

  • Terrie-san Roxx
    Terrie-san Roxx 1 год назад


  • Jack Hemming
    Jack Hemming 1 год назад

    Weirdest shit I've ever seen!.....

  • James Aw
    James Aw 1 год назад

    Hentai Kamen's sequel O.o

  • diosis net
    diosis net 1 год назад

    japan make comercials more cooler than america

  • aly manga112
    aly manga112 1 год назад

    6:46 This IS beautiful!!! I want it NOW.

  • longnaliu1234
    longnaliu1234 1 год назад

    5:59, the guy in the black reminded me of Matsuda Shota!<3

  • Space Catz
    Space Catz 1 год назад

    That 1 black Asian......

  • PokeDude011
    PokeDude011 1 год назад


  • Indra Bayu
    Indra Bayu 1 год назад

    what have i done to my life...watching commercial on holiday

  • MIRO
    MIRO 1 год назад

    oh yumi lambert !!!!!!!!!!

  • chill out people.
    chill out people. 1 год назад


  • Jexsu Brejhma
    Jexsu Brejhma 1 год назад

    Is the Mets one a movie or something...? I'd watch it.

    • JPCMHD ツ
      JPCMHD ツ 1 год назад

      +Jexsu Brejhma Nope, just a commecial for a soft drink (^_^)

  • HyC
    HyC 1 год назад

    yeahh haha
    Hentai Kamen is Back haha

  • TaiyouHKabra
    TaiyouHKabra 1 год назад

    To see Tommy Lee Jones and Tamori-san together in the same ad is incredibly awesome!

  • Ayanami Aya
    Ayanami Aya 1 год назад

    I always jam out to the Mets theme whenever i hear it

  • hello
    hello 1 год назад

    The second piece in the ice skating commercial is Rachmaninoff's Variations on a Theme by Paganini!!!!

  • KayCae xXx Youjin
    KayCae xXx Youjin 1 год назад

    Saved the weirdest for last...
    smh T_T

  • MrCats McKitten
    MrCats McKitten 1 год назад


  • Huyền Nguyễn
    Huyền Nguyễn 1 год назад

    2:19 notice, vietnamese

  • Tendou 『天童』
    Tendou 『天童』 1 год назад

    Why theres Hentai Kamen here... WHY!!!

  • つぉる
    つぉる 1 год назад


  • Lip Gloss
    Lip Gloss 1 год назад

    Does anyone know the name of the song they used for the Peach John commercial?

    • Lip Gloss
      Lip Gloss 1 год назад

      Never mind I found it lol it's Distance by The Paellas if anyone else wanted to know too

  • Insuk Jung
    Insuk Jung 1 год назад

    The last movie ad says "May 14th, underpants disappear from the world"

  • Aiseruchan
    Aiseruchan 1 год назад

    don't watch when stoned

  • LEo108
    LEo108 1 год назад

    What's the brand name for the ad on 2:20 ?

  • wolf guy
    wolf guy 1 год назад

    Are those white dogs famous in Japan?

  • carallo33
    carallo33 1 год назад


  • monzaku tubbs
    monzaku tubbs 1 год назад

    the egg guy reminds me of Henry from super junior

  • SperzA natsuky
    SperzA natsuky 1 год назад

    ao haru ride?..

  • Jay Petz
    Jay Petz 1 год назад

    Hentai Kamen T^T save meeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jarred Michael
    Jarred Michael 1 год назад

    What's the ad at 5:02 for?

    • JPCMHD ツ
      JPCMHD ツ 1 год назад

      +Jarred Michael (TheMacGeekPro) Mechakari, an app with which you can rent fashion items from popular brands.

  • RiRi Chingu
    RiRi Chingu 1 год назад

    2:20 there is in italian😍 #Imitalian

  • Fenris Wolf
    Fenris Wolf 1 год назад


  • PerritodelaPradera
    PerritodelaPradera 1 год назад

    what's the song at 7:24 ? it's sounds really familiar to me but i just can't remember the name...

  • AngelMttz20
    AngelMttz20 1 год назад

    6:46 Miku *w*

  • konstantinos k
    konstantinos k 1 год назад

    KAWAII=χαριτωμενος.....it is nice to see it in Greek!!!!!!!NICE!!!!!!!!!!!...........................................

  • Five Roses
    Five Roses 1 год назад

    3:15Who is that man ?
    I wonder what he's doing.
    Alright, safety inspection is completed ! Sorry I made you wait !
    They look happy.
    Thanks !
    Today is also the day of bliss.

  • BYC616
    BYC616 1 год назад

    Lol the last one is hentai kamen, Japan really have some crazy ideas, even perverts can be super heros

  • Morse Kun
    Morse Kun 1 год назад

    that was the original batman

  • DeadMaster
    DeadMaster 1 год назад

    8:24 LOL :V

  • Matthew Holmes
    Matthew Holmes 1 год назад

    Why are UK ads not like these project diva X sounds interesting

  • ExitTrance
    ExitTrance 1 год назад

    That Dragon Quest commercial though. xD

  • Muammar Gibran
    Muammar Gibran 1 год назад

    Who's the guy on the rizap commercial? Kinda funny since the previous one featured an akb member...

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 1 год назад

    what's song on 0:48

  • ULtimateGamer *
    ULtimateGamer * 1 год назад

    0:13 whaaa?

  • Dachief54
    Dachief54 1 год назад

    I miss being able to get good hot coffee out of a vending machine =(
    All we have here is starbucks crappalattefappachinos.

  • lotus arashi
    lotus arashi 1 год назад

    ARASHI <3 haha so cool

  • Primeraღ
    Primeraღ 1 год назад

    that last one thoe

  • Chi Chi Blasian 泰国女孩
    Chi Chi Blasian 泰国女孩 1 год назад


  • ViolentLee
    ViolentLee 1 год назад

    I thought when I moved to Osaka, I'd be able to watch commercials a lot. But my TV is set up to NOT get Japanese channels. XP
    Glad your videos are around to entertain me!

    • ViolentLee
      ViolentLee 1 год назад

      My apartment only got some American channels. But I bought a new TV for my PS4, and now I get none because the antenna is only analog and my TV is only digital. 

    • Mathieu Leader
      Mathieu Leader 1 год назад

      +ViolentLee what channels do you get

  • Dusty Pines
    Dusty Pines 1 год назад

    The song from the Google Play commercial is called Paradise- by Aiaya. It took me 20 minutes to find that so you don't have to.

  • Lin Yen Chin
    Lin Yen Chin 1 год назад

    @0:55, I think I saw the one "acceptable" black guy in all of Japan :P

  • Max Brandt
    Max Brandt 1 год назад

    I gotta hand it to the Japanese, they know how to make some fun, creative commercials! Here in the US, not so much.

  • Gracie Crayola
    Gracie Crayola 1 год назад

    commercial at 2:01? ._. Idk what it is they're talking about and I don't see a title.

    • Gracie Crayola
      Gracie Crayola 1 год назад

      +JPCMHD Thank you for telling me. I was really curious.

    • JPCMHD ツ
      JPCMHD ツ 1 год назад

      +LpsGracie Crayola That's a trailer for the live action movie Chihayafuru: http://asianwiki.com/Chihayafuru

  • James Landon
    James Landon 1 год назад

    Is it me, or is the Google Play commercial the only one that made sense?

  • Tim II
    Tim II 1 год назад

    7:45 I can hardly believe he is in this commercial

  • Christian Nicholas
    Christian Nicholas 1 год назад

    these shits are better than most movies on theatres right now.

    • Green Robot
      Green Robot 1 год назад

      +Luffy Mugiwara Just saw Batman V Superman... Yeah, you're right. You're absolutely right.

  • Yen Ctv
    Yen Ctv 1 год назад

    0:48 anyone know what's this song? :(

    • Yen Ctv
      Yen Ctv 1 год назад

      +Dusty Pine Thankyou! :D

    • Dusty Pines
      Dusty Pines 1 год назад

      +Yen Ctv It's called Paradise, and it's from Aiaya

  • Akkadianvolcano
    Akkadianvolcano 1 год назад

    This is one of the best ones yet. SICKIRU!!!!

  • Benz cuzz
    Benz cuzz 1 год назад

    4.22 What the movie?

  • Sunis Shining
    Sunis Shining 1 год назад

    some japanese commercials are more fun then german tv shows :D

  • Zety Aziz
    Zety Aziz 1 год назад

    01:42 is he the one that act in hana yori dango?

    • Zety Aziz
      Zety Aziz 1 год назад

      +alberto tanaami oh! thanks!

    • alberto tanaami
      alberto tanaami 1 год назад

      +Zety Aziz - Yes, Matsumoto Jun (MatsuJun), he is a member of Japanese boy band ARASHI.

  • Vanilla Atelier
    Vanilla Atelier 1 год назад

    Who is that guy in black at 5:49 ?

    • Vanilla Atelier
      Vanilla Atelier 1 год назад

      Thank you very much!

    • pglarc74
      pglarc74 1 год назад

      +Vanilla Atelier he is Shota Matsuda ,actor in Japan :)

  • Erwin Dharrel Daita II
    Erwin Dharrel Daita II 1 год назад

    5:30 White dogs like Undertale.

  • Robert Mudrinic
    Robert Mudrinic 1 год назад


  • Weed Bee
    Weed Bee 1 год назад

    wow.. hatsune miku in this too!!! <3

  • Sunny Kenny
    Sunny Kenny 1 год назад

    that metal gear solid V wannabe pose

  • Mie Tachibana
    Mie Tachibana 1 год назад


    Came for the Star Wars + Attack on Titan + Fallout + X-men style Mets CM and wasn't disappointed. Thanks for this!

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 1 год назад

    I love watching Japanese commercials. They're all so random haha

  • Ur still fat
    Ur still fat 1 год назад

    3:01 18+ yo

  • jimme bunny 2016
    jimme bunny 2016 1 год назад

    girls loves giga

  • Good Stuff
    Good Stuff 1 год назад

    juggun ianfu

  • FragileBitch
    FragileBitch 1 год назад


  • さか
    さか 1 год назад


    • Bacon Hat
      Bacon Hat 1 год назад

      うん、多分そうと思います。懐かし以外に、欧米のCMより日本のが楽しいと思うんです 笑

    • さか
      さか 1 год назад


    • Bacon Hat
      Bacon Hat 1 год назад

      +makaroni0128 日本にいるときはあんまりテレビを見なかったけど、デンマークに帰国したから、日本のCMは懐かしくてもっと面白くなった

    • Takumi H.N
      Takumi H.N 1 год назад

      +makaroni0128 それなw

  • Kiyoki Fujin
    Kiyoki Fujin 1 год назад

    What did I just watch? 😢

  • cattigereyes1
    cattigereyes1 1 год назад


  • KmiKaZ Stec
    KmiKaZ Stec 1 год назад

    OH MON DIEU !!!

  • Marian Adamita
    Marian Adamita 1 год назад

    What is the name of the song starting at 0:48 ? I like it very much !

    • Marian Adamita
      Marian Adamita 1 год назад

      +Dusty Pine Thank you so much ! I love that song ! :) <3 Thank you, once again !

    • Dusty Pines
      Dusty Pines 1 год назад

      +Marian Adamita Paradise, by Aiaya

  • Donor Soul
    Donor Soul 1 год назад