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Автор rert16 (7 лет)
ta cool el remix jeje ta bien bailable...

Автор Mansoor Ahmed (3 года)
why can't i move my eyes from her?

Автор TylerAndroid (6 лет)
I LOOOOOVE this remix.

Автор cliffordstar (7 лет)
I want you to need me. That line is so wonderful. I love Celine Dion

Автор louna lora (4 года)
love it

Автор poprocks808 (5 лет)
@Hollywoodsteve they somehow come out the best like that!

Автор Catherine Maclean (6 лет)
Love this remix...original, blows.

Автор dolce fiorella (4 года)
i want you to need me...sunt si voi fi mereu langa tine

Автор DJQTUBE (4 года)
@2Bgrego32 I guess because he wasn't needing her in the first place? ;)~

Автор italboy5c (5 лет)
why is the volume so low??

Автор Andrzej Delikat (5 лет)

Автор CelineVision (5 лет)
yeah its true though. sorry for people giving u the thumbs down. probably
fake fans...

Автор Terence Williams (4 года)
Best Singer in The World !!

Автор Emotional2000 (4 года)

Автор sazzlepop123 (7 лет)

Автор Peggy Alifia (5 лет)
great mix... : )

Автор sprevil (4 года)
Love it, nice remix!

Автор SonicForBrawl101 (5 лет)
Celine is a singing GODDESS !!!!! It must be very lonely at the top!! You
are so.....blessed ....... Hope you keep singing for years and years
yet.........UNTOUCHABLE TALENT !!!!!!!!!

Автор reignsupremacy (6 лет)
thunderpussy? lol

Автор MrBeautifulstranger1 (3 года)
Good Remix......

Автор gilettemage (7 лет)
This is actually better then the real song.. Love this so much.. Thx!! :)

Автор 02Mistress (4 года)
Тащюсь от этой песни!!

Автор brodyntay (7 лет)

Автор Remy Q. (4 года)
@hockeyham3 May I ask why you hate remixes so much?

Автор Celine Dion Fanatic (5 лет)
I love this mix. This is one of my favorite Celine songs!

Автор Live (7 лет)

Автор trungcz1 (4 года)

Автор leegay4eva (7 лет)
I love this sing ... it remind me of all my unrequited loves .... :( ... i
nomrally trell them this is from me to them it never works mind

Автор Madelineduggan11fan (7 лет)
Celine Dion is the best singer in the world!! I love her lots && lots!! As
a fan && a family member! :L I LOVE this song! Its my fav!! Queen Celine

Автор HermannLouw (6 лет)
I like!!!!

Автор Zoe Archer (7 лет)
No matter what she does Celine is always brilliant. Queen Celine rules the

Автор SmokeyMountainBlues1 (4 года)
I'm debating on getting this verson or the regular one. Any suggestions?

Автор doeydoea (7 лет)
Where can I download the remixes of her songs :(? They are hard to find!

Автор faaaduma (4 года)
actually it's a good version of the song. the remix didn't ruind the songs.

Автор commodiousenonp (5 лет)
She's talented singer with angelic voice

Автор PinkTeardropos (5 лет)
The dam places she is at look fake even that house she in.

Автор georgeluis89 (4 года)

Автор Cesar Medeiros (3 года)
linda maravilhosa. cesar artpoesia

Автор Barttimaus (2 года)
i would pay 1000.01 to see her in vegas

Автор BabyGay99 (6 лет)
The more I hear this remix the more I like it.

Автор bluegemini1976 (6 лет)
I didnt even like this song until i heard the remix

Автор bluecollarguymtl (7 лет)

Автор Adolfo78207 (5 лет)
I think this is one of the best remixes ever made...it's kinda old but it's
still one of my favorites

Автор Mari Ruusu (3 года)

Автор George Oanna (3 года)
I need..M.A.

Автор amigoperu76 (7 лет)
In ares....there you can find the thunderpuss radio edit and the club mix,
That's the way it is (metro radio edit) and (metro club mix)..good mixes..
I have all them...greetings from Peru!!!

Автор JoseMN (7 лет)
Wow. I love this mix. Amazing VDO-mix.

Автор Stewart Castro (6 лет)
Jajajaja...haciendo publicidad gratuita no??? jajaja xD

Автор waynesupaz (3 года)
EXCELLENT REMIX!!! One of my favorite songs but it is usually to slow to
dance to but this is great!!!

Автор lzdelfuego (7 лет)
One of the best remixes I have ever heard... I like the Amber "Yes!" remix
very much too!!

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