Celine Dion - I Want You To Need Me [Thunderpuss Remix]

Celine Dion - I Want You To Need Me [Thunderpuss Remix]

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Длительность: 5:42
Комментарии: 59

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Автор Barttimaus ( назад)
i would pay 1000.01 to see her in vegas

Автор asilhzliz dee (hzleyes) ( назад)
I would pay 1000.00 to see her in Vegas...Dying to go...Love her... 

Автор apec74 ( назад)
Пастарела заметно

Автор Mansoor Ahmed ( назад)
why can't i move my eyes from her?

Автор Mari Ruusu ( назад)

Автор Jakub Jochec ( назад)
this version is just plain horrible

Автор shon li ( назад)
WOWIE... l really love this... great job. *big smile *

Автор kimiki1633 ( назад)
Biju !!!!

Автор Cesar Medeiros ( назад)
linda maravilhosa. cesar artpoesia

Автор George Oanna ( назад)
I need..M.A.

Автор Michael Jean-Louis (363 года назад)

Автор Georgette B. (Αρμονία) ( назад)

Автор faaaduma ( назад)
actually it's a good version of the song. the remix didn't ruind the songs.

Автор DJQTUBE ( назад)
@2Bgrego32 I guess because he wasn't needing her in the first place? ;)~

Автор 02Mistress ( назад)
Тащюсь от этой песни!!

Автор Emotional2000 ( назад)

Автор sprevil ( назад)
Love it, nice remix!

Автор ringo rodriguez ( назад)
CELINE...why the long face?

Автор Terence Williams ( назад)
Best Singer in The World !!

Автор Rom Aroonvisoot ( назад)
@Hollywoodsteve to be honest some of good dance songs rely on strong voice.
see 90s dance trash, it's all about strong diva voice. Celine happens to
have just that. Ballad is defined as sentimental, slow, and affectionate.
If you remove all of those, it's basically other kind of music. 

Автор louna lora ( назад)
love it

Автор Glyn Jones ( назад)
don`t like the remix

Автор Koke_Life ( назад)

Автор dolce fiorella ( назад)
i want you to need me...sunt si voi fi mereu langa tine

Автор Remy Q. ( назад)
@hockeyham3 May I ask why you hate remixes so much?

Автор jose luis amador ( назад)
fantastic song and good mix

Автор Adolfo78207 ( назад)
I think this is one of the best remixes ever made...it's kinda old but it's
still one of my favorites

Автор Rob Bert ( назад)
This is meant to be a ballad, adding faster music is cool, but I prefer the
regular/album version. No offense!

Автор tina aron ( назад)
celine dion - i want you to need me

Автор disco4daze ( назад)
I love it! Gay anthem for days! Talk off your shirt, put your hands up in
the air like you just don't care! You go! Cuz I already went!

Автор Andrzej Delikat ( назад)

Автор SonicForBrawl101 ( назад)
Celine is a singing GODDESS !!!!! It must be very lonely at the top!! You
are so.....blessed ....... Hope you keep singing for years and years
yet.........UNTOUCHABLE TALENT !!!!!!!!!

Автор ‫טל שנברג‬‎ ( назад)

Автор Starr Jackson ( назад)
This is the best remix i heard in a long time.I am a huge fan and this is
best by far that is a remix.

Автор Donna Galligan ( назад)
I reallly hate remixes.....just stumbled on this today. Love Celine....the
"remix" thing ....dont care who does it...hate it. to each his own.

Автор CelineVision ( назад)
yeah its true though. sorry for people giving u the thumbs down. probably
fake fans...

Автор Celine Dion Fanatic ( назад)
I love this mix. This is one of my favorite Celine songs!

Автор Peggy Alifia ( назад)
great mix... : )

Автор PinkTeardropos ( назад)
The dam places she is at look fake even that house she in.

Автор Nene P. (1068 лет назад)
great...very nice..keep it up!!

Автор nerd herd chick ( назад)
THunderpuss is awesome!! they did an awesome remix with stranger in my
house by tamia if u like this song u shuld check that one out too

Автор Hollywoodsteve ( назад)
This is proof that you CAN make a good dance mix from a slow ballad.

Автор Daniel Crapri ( назад)
you go fr Deni fr windsor ont

Автор cather333 ( назад)
Very good Remix 5***** & +++++ Catherine ♥

Автор Catherine Maclean ( назад)
Love this remix...original, blows.

Автор bluegemini1976 ( назад)
I didnt even like this song until i heard the remix

Автор StrongEnoughDiva ( назад)
Great! Love it :)

Автор Stewart Castro ( назад)
Hahahaha...you made something better???

Автор Stewart Castro ( назад)
Jajajaja...haciendo publicidad gratuita no??? jajaja xD

Автор TylerAndroid ( назад)
I LOOOOOVE this remix.

Автор kranktank ( назад)
this is actually one of Thunderpuss' better vocal remixes...despite the
fact that it's Celine (hehe)...the vocals seem to drive the music, and vice
versa, instead of doing the Whitney Houston remix copout which consists of
having long periods of NO music and just vocals, which kind of misses the
point of it being a DANCE MIX, you know? Anyway I always liked this one.

Автор corale zimmer ( назад)
I dont usually like remixes buuut this is pretty gooood.

Автор Semhar Abraha ( назад)
wat a song l love it lwant u to need me , l want u to feel me , l love u

Автор Zoe Archer ( назад)
No matter what she does Celine is always brilliant. Queen Celine rules the

Автор Ramon Hilario ( назад)
iTunes should have this mix.

Автор Live ( назад)

Автор Zeljana T ( назад)

Автор leegay4eva ( назад)
I love this sing ... it remind me of all my unrequited loves .... :( ... i
nomrally trell them this is from me to them it never works mind

Автор JoseMN ( назад)
Wow. I love this mix. Amazing VDO-mix.

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