How to Make a Diorama - Part2 Adding the terrain

A tutorial on how to make a great looking diorama. Part 2: Adding the color and low terrain items like the grass and dirt. More tutorials on my website at:

I also have lots of other great projects like making a catapult, trebuchet or video game.

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Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
yes, they would be very good with this.

Автор Luka Alfeldi ( назад)
Sorry if bothering, im new in this so i have lots of questions! :) Would
war-hammer figures go good with this? I mean, are they compatible in the
size to make the diorama look proportional with the figures?

Автор Luka Alfeldi ( назад)
Thank you, i've found them on their website! :)

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
those are terrain textures. Buy em in bags from woodland scenics. 

Автор Luka Alfeldi ( назад)
Question! What do you use as the "material" for making the terrain look
realistic? Thanks in advance :)

Автор mecca2879 ( назад)
hi what was that white, look like a flour u put on the base(part1)???? dd u
mix it w/ water??? ty

Автор Erica Helton ( назад)
Okay thanks! that's what I meant!

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
the base of the whole diorama? wood is perfect for that.

Автор Erica Helton (819 лет назад)
What can I use for a base? I would not like to use plaster. I was thinking
wood but I don't know. any tips? 

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
you are welcome! Have fun with the diorama making! And you can use sawdust
too if you want. Just add colored paint to it.

Автор Erica Helton ( назад)
Thanks, I did not know that. Thank you soooooooo much!

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
You can use real dirt!

Автор Erica Helton ( назад)
Hello, what can I use for DIRT? Can please help, I'm trying to make a1:35
scale diorama. please help! 

Автор spookyspookynicky ( назад)
Can i have all the supplies please.

Автор Hummingbirds2009 ( назад)
Love it!!!!

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@The96GuitarFreak Watered down white glue. Mix it about 50/50 is perfect.

Автор The96GuitarFreak ( назад)
What kind of glue did you have in that spray bottle? O.o

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@EthanDagRaven wow, they don't have it on canada amazon. Can you try the US
amazon. Its a dot com. Otherwise you can go directly to the woodland
scenics website. 

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@EthanDagRaven I like to use woodland scenics turf. But you can make turf
with sawdust and green paint. 

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@KATIUSCIAD online, amazon.

Автор Katia Dagenais ( назад)
@epicfantasy where can you buy it? i live in Ottawa Ontario.

Автор Katia Dagenais ( назад)
@epicfantasy where do i buy it? i live in ottawa ontario

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@KATIUSCIAD i use a product called turf. It is made by a company called
woodland scenics. COmes in lots of colors and textures. 

Автор Katia Dagenais ( назад)
what do you use for the grass?

Автор Julia Clark ( назад)
@rexyrexerton ya I just used it for a diorama and real dirt worked great!

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@rexyrexerton I have a vid somewhere here on how to make mud . I think its
part of my ww2 diorama series of tutorials.

Автор rexyrexerton ( назад)
@epicfantasy Thanks, turned out pretty well. Now I've got a new question;
how do i make something look like mud (not muddy water)?

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@rexyrexerton dirt would be quite good. I have used it before. Just strain
or screen it out first. 

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@chiyome21 something not quite right here. I don't have any hydrocal at the
moment so I can't check it. Maybe have another person review the process.
It always works very well for me. I know it works fast so you can't delay.
You only have about ten minutes to use it up. before it does get too thick.

Автор rexyrexerton ( назад)
So the first time I made hydrocal, the directions said 3 part hydrocal to
1 part water, but it was a thick paste that didn't really work well. So I
tried again using the same measures and it was a liquid and worked really
well. Since then i haven't been able to get a good mix. Any suggestions?
Also, would real dirt work well as dirt on a diorama?

Автор epicfantasy (1620 лет назад)
@Xythe43 I would carve a cactus out of foam.

Автор epicfantasy (1646 лет назад)
@Xythe43 use real sand! and real cork

Автор Xythe43 ( назад)
@epicfantasy Hey Will, what material could I use for sand? cork? and how do
I make a cactus?

Автор Xythe43 ( назад)
@epicfantasy Hey Will, what material could I use for sand? cork?

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@123xxx82 you could use paper mache. It's flour and water. I have a vid on
how to make a paper mache diorama.

Автор Saif Swan ( назад)
Sorry, this is a really nooby question but instead of hydrocal, could you
use something like baking soda or baking powder. And I don't really have
anything for the terrain, what else could I use for it?

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@w0wrox You are very welcome! Glad I was of some help and thanks for
watching my videos. You go ahead and make some dioramas and be sure to have

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@jo3m25 You probably can but your diorama will smell like oregano! And, I
don't think it would be good for the long term. but if it's an emergency..

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@TheFewzz the color depends on the terrain. When it is finished will there
be sand? then you should get a sand color base too. Otherwise black ,
green, brown is pretty good. I think that one bag will be enough. 

Автор GamerzRage ( назад)
I have a green, black and brown paint , do i need any other colour? Also it
sounds silly but the one i am about to start on is about double the size
you are making here. Would one of those bags of grass cover the whole
thing? hard to work out how much you need.

Автор GamerzRage ( назад)
I have a green, black and brown paint , do i need any other colour?

Автор Bluey Darei ( назад)
do you need any special color for this?

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@Flipzsd2 Every kiind of paint will work well with the hydrocal. 

Автор Saraphine S ( назад)
You're a great artist. I never did one before so I wanted to know the
basics and you were very clear in your video. Thanks much :)

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@BurtGoaler I probably won't do one, but I do have several of them on my

Автор BurtGoaler ( назад)
can you do a vietnam war dioramas?

Автор TheAustinsmiley ( назад)
@epicfantasy thanks but don't go out of your way just if u get a chance 

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@jesternario I think that would work. I have never tried it though.

Автор jesternario ( назад)
Why not use spray paint for a base coat instead of just painting?

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@TheAustinsmiley I will look it up. Can't promise but will look. Sounds
like an interesting project. 

Автор TheAustinsmiley ( назад)
ummm i play warhammer and i have a few daemons of chaos i was wandering if
u could show us how to make like a dark Gothic castle with lava and like a
long bridge so i can make a diorama my self for my chaos arm or not think
about it lol 

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@willtomason Static grass flock works well but only sparingly and for
detail work. The majority of the base should be much finer like fine turf.
The flock is almost like bushes. It is definitely good to use though, looks
great , but as additional touches.

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@willtomason My main terrain is the green woodland scenics fine turf. 

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@THERANDYORTONFAN100 Lots of ways you can improvise. Cut bristles from a
paintbrush to make tufts of grass, Break up a green kitchen sponge into
little pieces to make green terrain. Real rocks and twigs work well. Lots
of things you can do once you start looking around!

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@aeminence These paints are from a company called woodland scenics. I buy
them off amazon.

Автор aeminence ( назад)
What kind of paints did you use in this demonstration and where would did
you buy them?

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@legostarwars72 If you want fast and easy pick up some clear caulk in a
hardware store. Check out my make a waterfall tutorial. Shows how to do it.
If you have some time and want better looking water then use a product
called Realistic Water by Woodland Scenics. I have tutorials on this too.
You pour it in and let it dry. 

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@lrprais Woodland scenics make a whole range of great earth color pigments.
You should look through those and choose the colors that would be right for
your terrain. Ballast would be good for sand, or even sand! you can buy it
in small bags. 

Автор HotRodGreaser ( назад)
@XxZomBieEaTfLeShxX i use a clear base paint and spray the parts where i
want mud then i mix water with outside dirt and spread over parts where i
want the mud then spray the mud with a thick clear coat it works great.

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@XxZomBieEaTfLeShxX Ihave a series of vids on how to make a ww2 diorama. In
there is some nice tips on how to make mud. 

Автор candpvids ( назад)
were can u get grass stuff 

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@erjing1995setsuna In the spice bottle I have green texture material that I
sprinkle on the diorama to make grass. I show you more in a later
installment of this tutorial.

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
I have a whole lot more information on how to make a diorama like this on
my website.

Автор Nichzz88 ( назад)
can you tell me all the items name? can i make sands and a paint for the

Автор Neo Martins ( назад)
Very nice tutorial, i´m from Brasil, i will start a diorama whith a
Spitfire in a final disaster landing, how can a make the signis on terrain
when he stops???? Thank you so much....

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
Nice! If you take any digital pics of your diorama send them to me. Will be
glad to post them to my website!

Автор S.M.E Wylie ( назад)
cheers epicfantasy, your videos have really helped and im half way through
my own :) 5/5

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
You are very welcome, glad my tutorial helped. Have fun making dioramas. I
have some more diorama videos coming :)

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
You could simply paint the diorama muddy colors, or you could mix up some
paper mache, die it and use that. Or you could use a product called
"Realistic Water" You die it with paint then pour it right in and let it

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
Nice! If you have a digital camera, send me pics of your diorama and I will
put them on my website!

Автор Joseph Villasenor ( назад)
kool i made it already

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
Yes, definitely. Bet it comes out great. As long as everything is dried and
secure first. Don't want the airbrush to blow all the fine details away!

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
I am not positive but I bet you can. Try just a little section first to see
how it works out. Good idea, thanks.

Автор Tannersvan ( назад)

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
Yup, I am sure hobby lobby has all the textures and materials to make

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
amazon, the company that makes these textures is calle Woodland Scenics.

Автор Tannersvan ( назад)
does hobby lobby have any i have one near and im thinking of ,making one
Please reply

Автор epicfantasy (296 лет назад)
company called woodland scenics. Can buy it all online at amazon or a hobby
shop or model railroad shop. Michaels has it and other craft shops

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
A couple of hours is ok. I usually let it sit overnight to get it really

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
I have a massive diorama, the video tag is: PPFUh1vsM0c check it out!

Автор mongolob ( назад)
if i used acrylic would i have to dylute it so its as runny as urs?

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
Almost any type of hobby paint will work well, acrylics will work very
nicely. Give it a try and see how it comes out.

Автор Ard Donivia ( назад)
hey will. I've been through all of ur 300 video tutorials and applied it
already and itz works. thanks a lot man.

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
Thats a thick piece of box cardboard. you can use cardboard or wood.

Автор Matt Bown ( назад)
what did you use on the left side of the diroma as a wall that the
cardboard strips were taped to?was it wood or more cardboard?

Автор 95predator ( назад)
in germany it's noch but I think in germany is more offered. Look for
"seemoos", I actually don't know the english word for it but you'll find

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
Woodland scenics paints are the best for this. they are formulated to give
good terrain colors. But I say go with whatever you can get. I wouldn't use
clay, does it harden? Would be awfully heavy. You would have to experiment
with paints, and can always paint over if it doesnt' look good enough.

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
They sure do. All kinds. Different colors and sizes.

Автор Dylan O Brien ( назад)
do woodland scenics produce gravel???

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
I use two different types of glue in this segment. First is regular old
Elmers white glue and second I use something called Scenic Cement from
Woodland Scenics. Its pretty much white glue watered down 50/50 so you can
spray it on.

Автор antreas airsoftas ( назад)
what kind of glue is this wich you are using?????write me soon!!!!!!

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
I use a variety of paints for figures. I like paints from companies like
Reaper miniatures and Citadel. But you could use plain old Hobby Acrylics
that come in the small pots rather than the tubes.

Автор LaxChode ( назад)
what about the type of paint you use to paint figures?

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
I used Woodland Scenics Earth Colors. They are the best! They give it a
great look thats very realistic.

Автор LaxChode ( назад)
what kind of paint did you use? Woodland Scenics is the bomb.

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
I checked out your video of your d day diorama. Nice work with the plaster
of paris. It looks very realistic.

Автор thatguybentheman ( назад)
yay i used palster of paris for my cliff in a d-day diorama watch it

Автор epicfantasy (1647 лет назад)
Absolutely! Paper mache is only the cheap option. In this tutorial I use a
product called Hydrocal which is the best. you can also use plaster of
paris which works great.

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
Thanks, and thanks for the suggestions. I have a rubble tutorial. BUt I
should do rust and bullet holes. Would be fun. Its on my list now :) Here
is the rubble Tutorial: n-Us30T7t_E

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