Week with AirPods!

Here's a little update about my AirPods!
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Автор Luis rivera ( назад)
wasn't this video about airpods? YOU TALK WAY TO MUCH AND FAST.

Автор King Noctis ( назад)
Here you go, that solves your falling out problem


Автор Coryxlover _ ( назад)

Автор Coryxlover _ ( назад)
To me airpods suck because they are so easy to lose and fall out of your

Автор Sidra Naqvi ( назад)
i hate how some idiots here commenting on her face. she looks just fineee.
justtt fineee. in fact i want more people to look like her. not heavy make
upped losers.shes natural and yall firgot what being natural and happy
looks like????

Автор imraan khan ( назад)
Is she Stupid??

Автор Kevin McCue ( назад)
the earrings look great on girls but stupid on guys. Maybe a move by apple
to make us androgynous.

Автор Jarrod Poirot ( назад)
I wouldn't use them for editing as that is what the near field headphones
are for.

Автор Thomas D ( назад)
Greasy face

Автор Thomas D ( назад)
Greasy face

Автор En Zilla ( назад)
You should try an Airpods strap like from Spigen

Автор Lolly Dormido ( назад)
I love having bluetooth headphones, but I def agree that if you're working
with audio there's always a latency problem and you have to plug in

Автор RAAAYOS ( назад)
who edit with bluetooth headphones ? .... come on girl

Автор Jourdan Lyle Castañeda ( назад)
She is annoying, one more channel to never watch again.

Автор Steve Mougeotte ( назад)
The AirPods need tips like the Bose you showed. I would buy in a heartbeat.
I don't get it - the Air/Earpods are horribly designed as they don't fit
the ears of the people I know. Like no one...but yet they are "magical". I
can't might as well do the Beats version. But I want these but I know I
will be disappointed... 😔

Автор Edwin Reyes ( назад)
you can't skip songs without talking to siri, smh. That's the only thing i

Автор Omar Sanchez ( назад)
androidJustine 2017

Автор Thomas Anderson ( назад)
You're not going to throw a fit if Apple doesn't include USB C. You're an
irrational Apple fangirl; you do as Apple tells you. Stop kidding yourself.

Автор HERO Flame ( назад)
How do u have more subs than Nadeshot

Автор OMAIS DAWSON ( назад)
how you on youtube for 10 years and still only at 3 million subs

Автор mugalu idris ( назад)
U look bravo

Автор goe gk8511 ( назад)
Without makeup dam women need it

Автор JoshBoss ( назад)
the reason why thos headphones sound worst is because you have experienced
better sounding headphones sinced the first time. when u used them 3 years
ago they could have sounded good compared to other headphones at the time.
now they sound bad because u are comparing them to the headphones out right
now which r better sound quality. (im 13)

Автор syed Moiz ul Hassan ( назад)
ma'am i first time watced your vlog, and your look exquisite .......

Автор Joanne ( назад)
Omg remember when you were relevant

Автор Mylowable ( назад)
The airpods can also connect as easily on an iPhone 6? I mean just by
opening the little case

Автор PerfectlyFrank ( назад)
Justine, I always appreciate your energy, but I am sorry, I can almost
GUARANTEE you that the next iPhone will NOT be USB-C and that kind of seems
like a silly (to put it nicely) thing to think. It will be lightning. Apple
uses lightning for everything, that's their whole thing. They're simply not
going to put USB-C as the main connector for your iPhone. What you need to
buy is the Lightning-to-USB-C cable and then this foolish desire for USB-C
on your iPhone won't matter anymore. You can charge and sync you iPhone and
AirPods with your new MacBook Pro with this USB-C-to-Lightning cable.
👍🏽You're welcome.

Автор nikeeweston ( назад)
Why is this trending ?? Just because of who she is. Sucks for the smaller

Автор 9freelandk ( назад)
I know the whole concept is to lose the wires, but I still think they
should have a thin "round the neck" fail safe. It reminds me of surf ears
when they revised the 2.0 model with the optional thin neck saver. I'd be
worried about for example DH mountain biking while wearing these...

Автор JohnIsGlutenFree ( назад)
1) its most likely to be the iphone 8 and 2) there is more chance me
uni-cycling to the moon on top of an albino elephant than apple switching
their phones to usb c, especially as they are making more and more of their
devices use lightening as their primary connector

Автор Lucas THE Lucas HD ( назад)
Omg i love you me and my family are going to washington tomorrow, and i was
wondering if you could make one of my dreams come true by just meeting me
or taking a selfie! PS I sent you a snap my code Lucas_vlogs123!!! Like
this if you are a true IFan

Автор Marko Smit ( назад)
Please test app

Finder for Airpods - find your lost Airpods by Deucks Pty Ltd


Автор Miranda Leigh ( назад)
Do the AirPods affect iPhone battery life any more than regular earphones?

Автор Lossy Lossnitzer ( назад)
you are not alone with the new earphone things from apple, but I do not
like any 'i' things from apple(an I have alot of i* stuff) I especially
hate itunes and it's inability to do what I perceive should be easy things
. I also do not like the new samsung S7 edge earphones, because they fit in
my ears exactly the way the iphone ones don't. Again like you, it maybe
just my ears and I was not part of the test group that apple tested them

Автор Mae Sagum ( назад)
Make a Giveaway!

Автор mantiscity ( назад)
They sell a boot that fits over the EarPods and it will keep them in your

Автор Stéphan Bartstra ( назад)
yeah.. compare it with Bose

Автор Garrett Peter ( назад)
I like how the title of the video is "Week with AirPods" and then half of
the video is about Bose headphones 🎧🤣

Автор Physics Only ( назад)
"this video will only be about the airpods, i promise"...."so these bose
headphones here...." really tho?

Автор Phexism ( назад)
135 comments 10k likes?! That's suspicious...

Автор John Juxi ( назад)
Blogger live in a stupid word

Автор Fumyea ( назад)
With my turtle beach stealth 400 headset I get no connection lag or

Автор ImNotCool ( назад)
666,273 views, NOOOOO

Автор LyricsYT ( назад)

Автор Abcdef G ( назад)

Автор Blake Brace ( назад)
Can I get 15 likes for my 15th birthday

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)

Автор Sebastian Ibarra ( назад)
oily face

Автор jdwallace23 ( назад)
What are the best headphones 🎧 out curently?

Автор The Erotic Movie Review ( назад)
I might stick it out until a better product comes out, nice video

Автор STEM Girls ( назад)
Interesting Video!

Автор Reema Nawani ( назад)
Do some skincare videos please

Автор Reema Nawani ( назад)
Hey what's that glow on your face? What have u been using? Please reply

Автор James Sharp ( назад)
0 to 1:32 (AirPods) / 3:25 to End (AirPods)

In short they do not stay in her ears and the have delay like all Bluetooth
headphones. (Same issue repeated over and over).

Your welcome.

Автор Hannah White ( назад)
so stupid

Автор Lokesh Ahlawat ( назад)
She's talking so much I forgot what this video is about.

Автор nicopeet911 ( назад)
So you are gone through a fit if the next iphone gen has no USB-C? They are
not gone change the phone side, so if they follow through with you wishes,
we get? Lightning to USB-C cables, please no, and think of the E-waist if
every one needs a USB-C type charger. Apple must add USB-A to their new
macbook and get done with it.

Автор nicopeet911 ( назад)
So you are gone through a fit if the next iphone gen has no USB-C? The are
not gone change the phone side, so if they follow through with you wishes,
we get? Lightning to USB-C cables, please no, and think of the E-waist if
every one needs a USB-C type charger. Apple must add USB-A to their new
macbook and get done with it.

Автор Edgar Perez ( назад)
What do they do if you are listening from you mac and you get a call or
start playing something on the phone? How does it decide which one gets
priority and does it pause the other?

Автор Andrew Pao ( назад)
I love shure headphones.They're great.I hate headphones bass too loud.I
love to hear the voice of singers

Автор King of HuaQiangBei ( назад)
yes, they are great! just not affordable.

Автор PlayStation Fanboy ( назад)
I totally bit your style, Justine. I got me a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus in jet
black with the white Apple silicone case. 'Tis quite sexy!

Автор justin vigil ( назад)
Bose is one of my favorite brands!

Автор AlsusGaming ( назад)

Автор WTFridays HD ( назад)
I've never watched you before but I like your content and your sense of
humour😊 I wish I could afford a nice set of headphones😂

Автор ITzHazza ( назад)
she looks like she just got jizzed on

Автор wjatevrr ( назад)
Gosh she's not aging well

Автор FASTTAZ101 ( назад)
hahaha appple usb c it aint gone happen

Автор Jeff J ( назад)
I really enjoy the Airpods instant on BTLE connectivity and they have
decent sound. My Bragi Dash earphones make a better seal with my ear canal
and have a richer soundstage. The Dash range is shorter and you can't use a
single earphone in the way you can with the Airpods.

Автор Mahmoud Harajli ( назад)
Heyy!! Happy new year😍❤️! You need to change your ears ... seriously 😂 no
hate though 😍love you! In Lebanon the Airpods costs 360$ because there's
no Apple Store here😭

Автор donald trump guy ( назад)
those look cool

Автор Judy Lee ( назад)
love it!!! you are hilarious f the people who hate on u speaking the truth!

Автор Terry2A ( назад)
Looks like an opportunity for any 3rd party to make something that will
help these stay in the ears.

Автор qu peter ( назад)
the reason for the sound change is it become old, for the most good
headphone it become better if they become old because this is what they
should sound when it is new, they still trying to work together perfectly
after a long time they will wear to a perfect point and will keep the sound
so i think your old earbuds and headphone is sound like what bose want it
sound like which is a good thing

Автор The Speech Improvement Company Inc. ( назад)
If you liked those BOSE, you might really like the QC25. I used to use the
ones your talking about, and am really happy with the upgrade.

Автор Ivo Teixeira ( назад)
I like the way you get "Imlike them, but these are better..." lol
And how do you clean them?... If that is at all possible.

Автор SamJ ( назад)
The AirPods should fit like the regular EarPods, so if those don't fit you
normally then don't expect the AirPods to fit. ❤

Автор Chris Bergier ( назад)
why so many dislikes ?

Автор iJustin ( назад)
+iJustine let me get this straight, you don't like the Apple AirPods
because they can't stay in your ears and you don't like the big Earphones
cause the Big Round Ear speaker (within the headset) gives you headache...
wow you are extremely picky aren't you! The AirPods are only made for
people who doesn't do extreme things... I have a bluetooth Headset myself,
they are completely different to the AirPods and they are perfect for what
i need. - and of course the Apple AirPods lag when you use them on your
MacBook i mean, this is Apple were talking about here, name me one Product
they've actually made that actually DOES work!! - the Bluetooth Headset i
was talking about, try these and see if they work for you. -

Автор Taq b ( назад)
iJustine's logic : if it's easy to make fun of make fun of it

Автор Alejandro Rodriguez ( назад)
Haha I'm listening using my air pods.

Автор moira chalmers ( назад)
Just curious - Why would you want them to be USB c? Your iPhone is a
lightning cable so what's the issue? Am I missing something

Автор Smileyy Face ( назад)
Title 'week with airpods' video starts and she only has two things to say
about it🙄

Автор Acegodfather12 ( назад)
Looks so much better without all that make-up shit on.

Автор SeBab Studios ( назад)
So honest about clickbate

Автор nanceicecream sunnyday ( назад)
In this video she looks like a normal girl, I mean like a amateur with
little average money. I relate to this.

Автор Brian Anderson ( назад)
I love how salty Apple dumbshits get when someone dares speak the truth
about their precious corporation. lol pathetic morons

Автор Snake Bight ( назад)
U just have big ears an a liar.

Автор JaunMoney ( назад)
The one on the left of your ear looks weird compared to the right one.

Автор Lauren Watts ( назад)
Protective plus hand mud frozen roll insect.

Автор Bardhok Ndoji ( назад)
I don't think there will be iPhine 7s
USB C on the iPhone is very very unlikely. Apple love lighting to much.

Автор Liam O alive ( назад)
Your awsome love youx

Автор Maidenlord 666 ( назад)
I can't stand those Apple is just showing they can sell anything to the
public I mean come on they take away from the product and dumb people still
buy it

Автор Jebus Christ ( назад)
i don't get Bluetooth lag with my wireless earphones. No dropping nothing.
Works seamlessly.

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