PowerSpout - History of the Smart Drive

This section is a brief history of the Smart Drive permanent magnet motor used by leading whiteware brands such a Fisher and Paykel, Whirlpool, Maytag and similar product clones used by LG.

We show how a light can be power from such a unit and then outline the changes in the design over the last 20 years. We cover the 100, 80, 60, versions. Presented by Michael Lawley EcoInnovation Director and Design Engineer.

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Автор RayBs ( назад)
Would you use the Aluminium one with a wind turbine? Or is there other
reasons, other than water, that you use the copper one? Cheers.

Автор beforebefore ( назад)
Do the older 42 pole units generate more power at lower RPM's? It just
seems logical, since more transitions happen per rotation.

Автор morteza mohammadi ( назад)
hi dear power spout
how can i drive this motor like as a sensorless motor?

Автор BoostinR31 ( назад)
Do you have the part number for the 60DC stator? Thanks

Автор aaadogman ( назад)
never herd of woo poo? is that a kiwi brand?

Автор PowerSpout ( назад)
Sorry, we get many variations of this question - Please visit PowerSpout
and check out FAQ's (the "Dumb Questions" area - yes we know there are no
dumb questions, just a bit of fun :) Basically, unless you have a naturally
falling water source, micro hydro generation is not applicable. You can
try, but you will always use more energy turning the turbine than you get

Автор William Terrell ( назад)
Hi In one of your video's you said that you would charge a nominal fee to
tell someone how to wire a Fisher Paykel motor for there application? I
have a swimming pool, I'm going to use the pool pump to drive the smart
drive motor using a centrifugal pump off the return side of the pool pump
and coupling shaft to the smart drive. My question is, I have 120 Vac in my
home can you tell me the best way to configure the smart drive for my
application. Or ware can I find the necessary info ?.

Автор PowerSpout ( назад)
Hi Gamerpaddy, you can visit ecoinnovation.co.nz to purchase smart drive
motors. We are just about to launch the new website, so if you can't get in
when you try, try again soon.

Автор gamerpaddy ( назад)
hi, where can i get smart drive motors? i live in germany.. but there is
nothing on ebay

Автор Scrapper Ben ( назад)
great info'.. thanks!

Автор 762gunr ( назад)
I just took apart 4 Fisher Paykels 1 Maytag and one very large horizontal
washer for the genis. The large horizontal washer has a quite large stator
and the rotor has sheet metal on it's outside surface. Do you have any info
on these large diameter rotors? Hello from the United States.

Автор charkee1 ( назад)
Excellent informative video. Well done. BTW, New Zealand makes the best
livestock equipment and holds the world record for wheat yields per

Автор steelmesh ( назад)
Isn't the light bulb ac anyway? 2:10

Автор sailingsolar ( назад)
great info thanks

Автор PowerSpout ( назад)
Sorry, we are experts on Smart Drives as generators, not on all the models
they are fitted to as motors.

Автор Narnitz ( назад)
Hi, can you plz tell me which motor is in a Fisher & Paykel GW712

Автор Carnarvon Boy ( назад)
Yes a high quality demo vid for a change! New Zealand is a beautiful place
with a good history of environmental protection stewardship. Keep up the
good work!

Автор TheBlairHouseProject ( назад)
Excellent video... Cheers Michael!

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