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Автор Benny Moreno (1 год)
Great job there my jack demcpy mate with a green terror the fry most were

Автор Harry Jackson (1 год)
I'd love to experiment with breeding flowerhorn cichlids and Jack

Автор NLBStrike Bright Light Studio (1 год)
Can mbunas from Petco assorted tanks interbreed and make hybrids

Автор Franko Robert (11 месяцев)
How is it possible to cross breed all these different fish?

Автор neha das (1 год)

Автор Franko Robert (1 год)
How is it possible to cross breed all these genetically distinct fish?
Imagine if that kot got out into the wild/native habit, that would really
mess things up for nature wouldn't it!

Автор Matthew Debarr (2 года)
hiya, yeah its the opening theme to stargate universe

Автор Anthony B (2 года)
yea cuz they love to mate. horny bastards

Автор wan2shuffle (2 года)
The Formula for EBJD is not a hybrid. They are the result of a genetic
mutation. Hybridizing doesn't produce recessive genes.

Автор Alexander Shorey (2 года)
some fish should just stay pure.

Автор TimothyBumfluff (2 года)
The Syn x Parrot picture is mine. Actually that was the only one that had a
parrot mouth from the whole brood. I still have one of its siblings which
is now solid orange, round like a parrot but with a perfectly normal mouth.
It's a real beaut. I've also bred Short body Pink convict(sometimes called
Jellybean parrot) x Blood parrot and Pink convict x Sajica (T-Bar cichlid).

Автор Matthew Debarr (2 года)
thats brill, do a vid and post it as a reply :-) did you want me to credit
u in the comments?

Автор House Of Fish (2 года)
the firemouth X blood parrot at 3:30 looks like something from the
geophagus family. Also, the managuense x synspillum at 5:21, BEAUTIFUL! My
redhead tried to mate with my jag a few years back but the jag was more
interested in eating the eggs haha

Автор fishfreak95 (3 года)
@Cdino88 Its a JD x texas.

Автор 12o1 (2 года)
Convicts get down with everyone ! GD !

Автор gusfish1 (3 года)
How Manu hybrids do you have?

Автор tyboyN17 (3 года)
wtf some of these man

Автор drakninja42 (3 года)
convicts tend to be really easy to hybrid.

Автор Kimberly Finch (1 год)

Автор Christopher Landsee (2 года)
Are they hybrids sterile or will they reproduce identical offspring? Did
you breed selectively or just to see what happens? I'm very interested to

Автор 88FishK1ng88 (2 года)
6 people no have hybrid cichlids fish :)

Автор Anthony B (2 года)
lol, i agree

Автор Darryl Dawson (1 год)
Can someone give me some advice on breeding fish?

Автор Anthony B (2 года)
that was cool to see different types, but some of those were put in twice

Автор catfishcichlid (3 года)
Red Devil x Convict=Death

Автор Joosh Knights (3 года)
I take it Texas is easiest to cross breed?... How do you get them to mate

Автор Azeduori (3 года)
Wow some of these are amazing. How did you get so many to crossbreed? Any
special requirements or did you just chuck a male and female together and
hope for the best?

Автор karl wood (2 года)
some of them are incorrect ,

Автор FreeTheSticks (2 года)
If the breeder keeps it in their personal collection or only gives it to
those close to them, then it's fine. When they start openly marketing
hybrids is when it gets bad. Hybrid fish usually have problems like
infertility and internal deformations. Would you want a sickly fish that'll
die early? Look at blood parrots. Fertile males are super rare, they may
have trouble eating and can't really stand up to tougher cichlids despite
their somewhat aggressive nature.

Автор 24languran (2 года)
it is from monsterfishkeepers website hehehe

Автор moeazy9111 (2 года)
Check out my red devil x jag she beautiful she just had fry with my
flowerhorn cant wait to c how they come out and my texus cichlids x jack
dempcey he beautful im thinkn of putting them together next I love hybrids

Автор ciclidos arroyave (1 год)
mi unik pregunt es : estos animales son manipulados geneticamente en
laboratorios o simplemente el dueno tuvo suerte y se reprodujeron dos
especies distintas en su acuario.. agradezo sus respuestas

Автор BGtheeAwesome (2 года)
fire con looks ugly

Автор jaiko1975 (3 года)
i have firemouth + convicts and texas + convicts in my 75g and i learn so
far this fosh are hardier that there pure blood parents

Автор lumpy1space2princess (1 год)
Breed an arrowana with a flowerhorn= millionare

Автор gregoir (2 года)
I have 1 jack dempsey about 4 inches long and one jd about 2 inches long in
a 35 gallon tank(getting a 55 asap) would it be ok to put a convict around
there size in with them or should I just leave the 2 alone?- Greg

Автор Mean Green Stompa (2 года)
Got to say, not a single fish in these photos actually beats the original
parent species for color or markings. Just like the mbuna 'mixed african
cichlids', guess you can't improve on nature... I'll stick with pure
species I think.

Автор aquadog11 (3 года)
Fantastic. I love Hybrids, and have several my self :D

Автор GARIVIA (2 года)
green terror x Convict no es mezcla de ninguno, yo tengo unos de esos que
me criaron y estoy seguro que no son mezcla, pero si lo confunden mucho con
green terror pero no lo es.

Автор Dustin Switzer (3 года)
even tho these are hybrids there are VERY nice

Автор Naïm Septimus (1 год)
lol ! That was my first impression too lol !

Автор karl wood (2 года)
not some of them are incorrect ,

Автор moeazy9111 (2 года)
Love hybrids I got a jd x texus cichlids hes beautful and I red devil x jag
she beautful I just crossed her with a flowerhorn cant wait see how they
turn out im put her with the jd x texus cichlids hybrid cant wait to c how
they turn out

Автор TheShadowfakx (2 года)
At one point I felt that there was something inherently wrong about
crossbreeding. After some time, I realized wtf? why not. It makes for some
striking results; crossbreeding leads to a healthier fish; and humans do it
all the time with, also, striking, healthy results....if everyone was a
half breed, it's likely there'd be less wars based on tribalism. Hey, I
forgot about dogs.

Автор xxHUNGREExx (2 года)
what about oscar x convict

Автор Wayne Ramel (2 года)

Автор Anthony B (2 года)

Автор wan2shuffle (2 года)
Why Exactly? Because it "pollutes the genepool"? It doesn't really.

Автор strata g (2 года)
jesus man what ugly fish, why are you promoting hybrids? its one thing is
going to fuck up our hobby its that, just look at Australia, the markets
fucked nobody knows what there buying and true bloods cost a fortune. all
your doing is fucking it up.

Автор fishfreak95 (3 года)
The Jaguar texas was a jack dempsey X jaguar...

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