Tesla - Love Song

Tesla - Love Song.flv

(Keith, Hannon)

Alright! Now this next song, I'm gonna leave the stage, I'm gonna leave
you people with the man on the acoustic guitar, mr. Frankie Hannon


So you think that it's over, say your love has finally reached the end
Any time you call, night or day, I'll be right there for you
If you need a friend

It's gonna take a little time, I know, time is sure to mend your broken heart
But don't you even worry, pretty darlin, 'cos I know you'll find love again

Love is all around you, love is knockin' outside your door
Waitin' for you is this love made just for two
Keep an open heart and you'll find love again, I know

Love is all around you, yeah yeah, love is knockin' outside your door
Waitin' for you is this love made just for two
Keep an open heart and you'll find love again, I know


It's all around
It's all around

Love will find a way - darlin', love is gonna find a way
Find its way back to you
Love will find a way - so look around, open your eyes
Love is gonna find a way - love is gonna, love is gonna
Love is gonna, love is gonna find a way, yeah
Love will find a way - love is gonna find a way back to you, yeah yeah yeah


Love will find a way - darlin', love is gonna find a way
Find its way back to you
Love will find a way - oh just look around, look around
Open up your eyes now, honey
Love is gonna find a way - love is gonna, love is gonna
Love is gonna, love is gonna find a way, yeah
Love will find a way - love is gonna find a way back to you, yeah, I know

You know what Philadelphia?

I know, I know, I know, I know

Whoo! Thank you very much, Philadelphia!

I know~. I know~. I know~.

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Автор Denis Kotnik ( назад)
What guitar is Frank using? Is it a Guild?

Автор Lynda Jones ( назад)
I love the opening with Heart's Crazy On You!

Автор Phùng Hoàng Khánh ( назад)

Автор rozzie101 ( назад)
Aaaaaa, why is the singer using a glove???

Автор stefano facchin ( назад)
incredible, half the band is smoking like crazy and they still perform so

Автор Todd Webb ( назад)
Love everything about it. Who wouldnt? But WHAT IS WITH THE GLOVE?

Автор beone011 ( назад)
effnn epic!!!!!!!!!!

Автор maskelibalon ( назад)
After two and a half decades it still makes me cry...

Автор Ryan Rouse ( назад)
Fuck times have CHANGED..............

Автор Su nguyen q ( назад)
muoi may nam nghe lai thay cuoc doi vui len

Автор Richmond Llem (1975 лет назад)
90's is the best.........

Автор Marly Duran ( назад)
The opening with Heart's "Crazy on You" was a pleasant surprise. But "Love
Song" brings back a lot of good memories for me.

Автор Josefa García Amigo ( назад)

Автор Michael Jeffress (826 лет назад)
My favorite live performance. Period.

Автор Dawn Langer ( назад)
Back to what i love, love Tesla!!! very powerful song

Автор Chris Pell ( назад)
I've always wondered if 'crowd participation' was just a cloak for resting
the lead singer's voice because they can't be expected to give studio
quality in studio time.

Not that I'm singling out Tesla, mind.....this is a phenomenal performance,
and I love this song.

This just happened to be last in line in live videos before I figured I'd
just post it so I can move on with my life.

Love will find a way to help me get over it.

Автор Fairuz Urai ( назад)
The first respectable acoustic song in my stable of songs i learnt how to
play. I was proud to be able to play it then...& still am till thiz very

Автор Dermot McGuire ( назад)
i like the intro to this song

Автор Melanie Walker ( назад)
thanks for posting this <3

Автор johnny olvera ( назад)
This is my first time hearing this. I heard a little bit if Rabdy Rhoads
masterpiece Dee in there....

Автор Quang Sỹ ( назад)
any tab for the intro fill solo T.T (from Vietnam)

Автор Tucker Slaughter ( назад)
What a freakin #jam

Автор michelle hill ( назад)

Автор michelle hill ( назад)
magic fingers

Автор Tonya Bautista (1169 лет назад)
that is ann from 

Автор Olivia Strittmatter ( назад)
TESLA Rocks the Whole Planet, and these Guys are All Down to Earth and the
Nicest You Could Ever Meet in Your Life!! I Know, for Jeff is My Nephew and
I Love Them All Bunches too!! Love Will Find a Way!! Take care and Keep on
Rockin!! <3 Auntie "0" <3

Автор Guiding Mike ( назад)
I'll add that in the '80's when I saw them, Tesla was still trying to
figure out who they were as a stage presence. In addition to completely
ripping off Gun's and Rose's look and antics, lead singer Jeff Keith was
trying to look tough, but he came off as a skinny little pussssy trying to
look tough and it just didn't fit. I think they found their own way later.

Автор Guiding Mike ( назад)
Ya, Neil, the the beginning, the lead guitarist even had the top hat and
super long curly hair and sunglasses just like Guns & Roses Slash. I don't
know if it was Tommy Skeoch or frank Hannon. The guitarist at the time had
his face completely covered by hair. I got the impression that he had
terrible stage fright and was trying to hide his face Tesla's Jeff Keith
copied GnR's Axl Rose's style to the nut. In those days, it was painfully
obvious that Tesla emulated GnR and copied their style

Автор Neil Lingle ( назад)
Really?!? I didn't see any top hats, or bandanas... Comparing this band to
GnR is like comparing Michelangelo to DeVinci... Two simiar styles but
completely different content... While GnR was off makin "The Spaghetti
Incident"... Tesla was doing what they always did... Putting out quality
southern rock influenced music... And as GnR was going through bandmates
like Kardashians go through husbands... Tesla just kept makin music the
best they knew how...

Автор Daniel Pacheco ( назад)
Yeah it was up there with Ballad of Jane....

Автор Deano Zazo ( назад)
Saw these guys live in the late 80s, fucking AWESOME!

Автор GlassLegend40 ( назад)
Who's playing that guitar lead? his awesome..

Автор MFR6919 ( назад)
Sorry for your heartbreak,

Автор Justin Pate ( назад)

Автор Guiding Mike ( назад)
I saw Tesla in their very early big venue concert years. They sucked bad.
At that time, they were a complete Guns and Roses rip-off band. Even their
look was complete Guns and Roses. Personally, Tesla didn't start out that
great and I don't think Tesla improved much after that

Автор Maggie Whittemore ( назад)

Автор Akash Das ( назад)
One of the best ballads ever written!! \m/

Автор mousepolice55 ( назад)
Welding glove? sweet look!

Автор Miguel Ángel Egido Pablos ( назад)
Vaya peazo cantamañanas . ¿Es que nadie sabe ya distinguir lo bueno de lo

Автор MrPOPSZILLA ( назад)

Автор MrPOPSZILLA ( назад)

Автор Lauren Ladabouche ( назад)
<3 this :)

Автор Judas Iscariot ( назад)
Wonder why he decided to break into a "Heart" song? Crazy on you is Epic,
so I guess it's ok.

Автор TORMENTEDandSTAIND ( назад)
had an eargasm for the first 3 minutes....

Автор THE KRACKER SHOW ( назад)
This song makes me feel good

Автор ramiroisthebest ( назад)
damn fucking badass....

Автор sucialito ( назад)
I had no idea how good this guitarrist was....

Автор jay yazzie ( назад)
wow! so powerful and emotional. love it love it love it!

Автор ari firdaus ( назад)
best vocalist and best band

Автор timothy vosk ( назад)
marriage destroyed my career as a drummer im with ya bro

Автор rickeyuscg ( назад)
the gods of acoustic shows..

Автор onur rr ( назад)
6:21 gtfo of the way

Автор VeritasSuperarachnid ( назад)
^5 on that my friend.

Автор VeritasSuperarachnid ( назад)
lmfao. bro hugs to you my friend.

Автор Juan Diego Moreno ( назад)
Ya son 9 los wachiturros

Автор leaderWGW TC ( назад)
its kinda the singer cant sing like he use to the band song sound the same
but the singer just lost it his voice god thats what smoking does

Автор Felipe Hurtado ( назад)
this is not a song, is a great guitar solo with some lyrics

Автор Rocco Mac ( назад)
5 man acoustical jam is 1 of the greatest albums of all time, imo. That is

Автор Jona Birink ( назад)
always 85 - 95 the

Автор iwan pranata ( назад)

Автор BloodTar ( назад)
Back before the onslaught of the internet and cell phones. Ya gotta love it.

Автор BloodTar ( назад)
Wow, there's actually 8 dislikes. Those people need to have their asses

Автор Doc Flatline ( назад)
hahah the most mainstream comment when it's written in that sexy language!

Автор William Gibbons ( назад)
Frank's soul must be made of fire. And been born with a guitar in his
hands. Better than a rollercoaster.

Автор Mark Hosack (101 год назад)
You're the only one who has the power to destroy you... Look no further
than the mirror. I do agree with the "Now THAT'S a fucking guitarist!"
though! Pick it up again my friend!!! Passion should never die!

Автор coolbreez666 ( назад)
that an't the only thing that destroys you

Автор William Austrian ( назад)
Bills, debt, kids, cars, and a house. Yep.

Автор roofking ( назад)
This song is actually about his Falcon that flew away, he still wears the
glove hoping it will come back some day.

Автор Barietta Moss ( назад)
I was in high school when this song came out and the memories during this
time was good. partying . rock music and cute guys with rocker hair. good

Автор C. L. Harris ( назад)
This song reminds me of my High school sweetheart, ex wife and life long
friend and soulmate. Lori if you see this Love is gonna find a way back too
you . . . . i know. . . .doooot dodododo.

Автор liberaddy ( назад)

Автор justaguitarist333 ( назад)
i like how he was playing an acoustic version of the solo and then got that
electric out and played it.

Автор Алекс Норс ( назад)
starting chords is from ''house of rising sun''

Автор ComputerTrainer101 ( назад)
Love that dude's voice! Very medal but good tones unlike today.

Автор miztermustard ( назад)
This here sir is what we call a beg for attention

Автор Xin Zhao ( назад)
Are you serious??? The singer is a man!!! He is not a girl!!!

Автор Travis Pittman ( назад)
^^Divorce=problem solved. Don't stay unhappy.

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