Pokemon HG/SS: Shiny Leaf *EASY* Way to Find It!

This tutorial will show you the easy way to find the unique and rare shiny leaf in minutes! No Cheats, Hacks, etc. completely legit.

To find a shiny leaf, you first need to know a specific route your Pokemon will find a shiny leaf in according to it's nature. For example, my Typhlosion has a Naughty nature, so route 5 is an essential place to find an easy shiny leaf. (Get all information from http://serebii.net/heartgoldsoulsilver/shiningleaf.shtml)

In the video, it shows that all you have to do is stand in a random patch of grass without moving around and just keep talking to your pokemon. It depends on luck and patience, eventually you'll get the shiny leaf.

When your pokemon obtains the unique shiny leaf, an exclamation mark will appear over its head-it'll dance around, a music note will appear above its head, and you'll immediately attach the shiny leaf on your pokemon.

Using this method, you should be able to obtain 5 shiny leaves in just one day! (Results may vary.) Happy Hunting! :D

Music: HGSS Frontier Brain Music

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Автор Katie Dawn ( назад)
Can you get the leaves more than once in the same area?

Автор David Zamora ( назад)

Автор mariah schoening ( назад)
i was looking for one with my charmander at route 3 (naughty nature) and it
got mad at me! why? infact it turned the other way and and it was horrable!

Автор TheUnknownGang21 ( назад)
what does shiny leaf do

Автор NinSparTato ( назад)
can you do this before going to kanto?

Автор Suki Tan ( назад)
have to have a strong relationship with me? will my togepi just hatched and
i immediately found a shiny leaf by talking to it so i guess its pretty

Автор Jaedynn Emery ( назад)
What is a Shiny Leaf?

Автор Ghost Bulb ( назад)
Nothing actually, just some kind of decorative thing for your pokemon in
their profile, showing the highest level of friendship between trainer and

Автор Villager101 ( назад)
give you a star on your trainer card.

Автор vaporeon1511 ( назад)
how can you get shiny leaves?

Автор LOLEGACYnumah1 ( назад)
It shows up on your pokemon... and that's basically it.

Автор Sirlukas ( назад)
im guessing it might make shiny pokemons easly to find or appear.

Автор ultragreenyellow56 ( назад)
What colors are there for the cards

Автор bennitori4 ( назад)
To clarify you need to do this five times to get the extra star

Автор bennitori4 ( назад)
If you get one it adds a star to your gamer card. So if you want the black
gamer card you need to do this.

Автор ultragreenyellow56 ( назад)
Why do you need shiny leafs can anyone reply me why?

Автор xBlurx Snipezx ( назад)
Shiny leaf with my lugia first try thnx :)

Автор PagwtoXonaki ( назад)
and what shiny leaf crown does?

Автор Jaqes AJ ( назад)
Can anyone trade me plz?????

Автор Jaqes AJ ( назад)
I need a shiny pokemon on my heartgold versoin besides a garados

Автор GG Merx | Cmyers oG ( назад)

Автор Daven Thompson-Blake ( назад)
It makes you closer to you pokemon your bond will never break

Автор lil ( назад)
Wt holly shufoo I thought it was fake but no

Автор Dariel Gomez ( назад)
what does the Shiny Leaf Crown do?

Автор TheGamingKid202 ( назад)
And what does the shiny leaf crown do?

Автор Secret Steve ( назад)
why is this useful?

Автор ProxyElement ( назад)
*what does a shiny leaf do

Автор sonnersald dasrafan ( назад)
i cant figure out where u are why didnt u write that in the descripition?

Автор thedeepblu3 ( назад)
OMG! I followed the method on seribi.net and I got a shiny leaf in just
THREE clicks of a button! ( a ) It really works!

Автор Brice Holland ( назад)
What does the shiny crown do?

Автор saltypepper ( назад)
Awesome!Just got one,thanks a bunch! :)

Автор George Marques ( назад)
Thanks a lot! I found 5 in less than 10 minutes.

Автор Pengyu Typographies ( назад)
I got 5 in around an hour i got pretty lucky

Автор Criminalxbanana ( назад)
Thank You For Making The Video

Автор lanea bayless ( назад)
lol got one on the first time i talk to my pokemon

Автор _JustSomebody ( назад)
Thank you I found 5 Shiny Leafs in 15 minutes. ;D

Автор ProfessorJeffSnyder ( назад)
First try

Автор mag2194 (1469 лет назад)

Автор Soulvin ( назад)
can you tell me which nature it was?

Автор james moreno ( назад)
i found one by accident with my vileplume

Автор MisaUzumaki23 ( назад)
Gets you a star on your trainer card and changes the color

Автор Oskar Bustamante ( назад)
Can you do it in the same patch or have to leave and go to another one

Автор toby liren ( назад)
what can you do whit a shiny leaf crown?

Автор kaitlyn bradford ( назад)
Right now i just got mine in like 3 tries

Автор Kor of the Son ( назад)
The shiny leaves don't do anything alone, but when you get five, you can go
talk to Lyra/Ethan in New Bark Town and he/she will make a leaf crown out
of them and give it to you, along with giving you a star on your trainer
card. It's essentially just something for completionists.

Автор brenromo1604 ( назад)
yeah i just found one like 8 secs ago

Автор MrPurpleBricks ( назад)
What does the shiny leaf do exactly, make it more happy r somethin

Автор MsMistyfrost ( назад)
@freohr789 sadly, i lost my milotic, i searched all my pokemon games and
she isnt there, too bad, she was lvl 100... Maybe ill use dragonite instead

Автор freohr789 ( назад)
Okay so found one on Raikou the second time I talked to him XD I must have
great luck or something.

Автор freohr789 ( назад)
Yup the exact same thing happened to me with my Entei XDDD So yes, time to
go back to the route~

Автор MsMistyfrost ( назад)
Lol I found a shiny leaf on my milotic without even knowing what a shiny
leaf was, then I searched and found this.... LEAF HUNTING HERE I COMEEEE

Автор pokecommander64 ( назад)
What do they do?

Автор mcmuffinerson ( назад)
@arthurhs2 Actually, your English seems to be great :)

Автор El Pipeño ( назад)
Are you fuckin' kidding me? In 2010, in nearly 1 week I found 4 shiny
leaves with my Typhlosion...today's 6/3/12 and I can't found the 5th leaf
yet. :(

Автор Nina Bunny ( назад)
@sacumblousi No only one leaf per route

Автор Mikkiz666 ( назад)
@101rokoify read the description there is a link and it will tell you which
areas to go

Автор ObnoxiousMeerkat (842 года назад)
not even kidding i went to route 25 with my timid shiny butterfree and
first talk to it and i got it. thanks mate

Автор Kevin Siegel ( назад)
@N3M0F15H whats a shiny leaf crown do?

Автор Mogron ( назад)
i just got a shiny leaf for my adamant scizor in route 15. is it possible
for my scizor to continue finding more in that same route or grass by
talking to him repeatedly?

Автор Tucablooie ( назад)
hey if you want to get shiny leaf you need to know the nature of your
pokemon. go to serebii.net go to games->heartgold soulsilver->shiny leaf
here is the site where you can find the route that a certain kind o nature
can find the shiny leaf Sorry, my english is not so good...

Автор MIZZKIE ( назад)
I tried this method after watching this vid. I was prepared to take forever
to get a shiny leaf, but my Shiny Persian got one at the FIRST try. LOL Now
I'm currently trying to get my second leaf, and it's taking forever. XD

Автор burnedshoelace ( назад)
:( myn whont work

Автор xIce .Wolf ( назад)
Well, I had just gotten an Ekans from the GTS and after a few battles to
train it up I turned around to see if it had anything to give me and almost
right away it got it's shiny leaf.

Автор darkguy376 ( назад)
@xXCVprinceXx shiny leaves prove you made a close bond with your pokemon
which means the pokemon trusts you more and helps you win more battles.

Автор João Costa ( назад)
LOL i got the leaf at the first click xD I don't even knew that they exist!!

Автор IWhammyLikeCrazy ( назад)
I got my first shiny pokemon (Pigeotto) hunting for shiny leafs... any

Автор joel grebin ( назад)
And as long as u get shiny leaf it becomes hardest... please like so more
people can see this ^.^

Автор Pokemonfeverforever (1530 лет назад)
@xXCVprinceXx If you go see Lyra/Ethan in New Bark Town, she will tell you
about the Shiny Leaves and state that she'd like to see you obtain 5 of
them. Come back with 5 on one Pokémon, and she will reward you with a Star
for your Trainer Card and convert the 5 leaves into a leaf crown for your

Автор MickeysNinjazx ( назад)
Thanks a lot just after i got the shiny leaf i got a shiny pontya your the

Автор zayne hassan (777 лет назад)
how many can u obtain, per pokemon?

Автор N3M0F15H ( назад)
@xXCVprinceXx Once you have gotten "5 Shiny Leafs", go back to New Bark
Town and talk to Lyra. She will then make a Shiny Leaf Crown for your
pokemon but you must have 5 Shiny Leafs for this to work. Please like so
more people can see this :)

Автор parkourkid671 (1990 лет назад)
dosnt work

Автор CharMaldo ( назад)
0:15 typhlosion having a rave ;o

Автор xXCVprinceXx ( назад)
what do shiny leaf do'

Автор Jack Williams ( назад)
why do u need ir

Автор thefartydoctor ( назад)
I suddenly recognised the music!!

Автор Donn ( назад)
Typhlosion is dancing to the music.

Автор Cole Smart ( назад)
YES thank you so much! i already got two crowns in one day!

Автор MoonclanProductions3 ( назад)
what r the leaves 4???

Автор Explo ( назад)
i found a shiny leaf and i had no clue wtf it even was i found it at the
route before the safari zone forget wat its called my scyther found it. i
just let him have it

Автор MusicxCherry ( назад)
omg i found it like on my third try

Автор rjjoner1 (1010 лет назад)
what do shiny leafs do

Автор rjjoner1 (1307 лет назад)
what do the shiny leaf do

Автор Dreginy Let's Plays ( назад)
What is a shiny leaf though.?

Автор MusicxCherry ( назад)
wheres route 5

Автор MusicxCherry ( назад)
@Trickdogs12 tht happened to my togepi

Автор Ladybatlover1 ( назад)
what if the pokemon has a naive naturee where would i find it

Автор punjabiblood17 ( назад)
@jouniify u can get one pokemon of ur choice

Автор jason waddy (920 лет назад)
what is a shiny leaf?

Автор Buraun ( назад)
What happens if you get all shiny leafs?

Автор lozbubmisty ( назад)
what the what da shiny leaves do i got 3 xd

Автор titanic98810 ( назад)
@Northwind000 must be!

Автор titanic98810 ( назад)
@Trickdogs12 lol

Автор Hakkuren ( назад)
Hey, if u were giong finding some Shiny Leaf for Groudon, what would you
expecting when it's JUMPING around you? LOL =]]

Автор TheDarkraiGuy ( назад)
good choice of music

Автор DStevie911 ( назад)
whats a shiny leaf?

Автор Brian Hartnett ( назад)
i got 4 and i cant get 5 ughhh

Автор MrJojo3810 ( назад)
@Trickdogs12 that sometimes happens...

Автор Brian Hartnett ( назад)
Can u use the same route twice

Автор Devan Mroz ( назад)
usually shiny leaves go on shiny pokemon but i might try this for my absol
and do you need to be on that route near Cerulean city, or is it any route?

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