BSR SUPER SLIDE - The Royal Flush in 4K

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Filmed and edited by AJ Aguirre and Ben Hamner

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BSR Cable Park park is located in Waco, TX and was voted the #1 wake park of 2013.

Thanks to TopNotchTommy for providing GoPro shots: @topnotchtommy

Song: Memories That You Call
Artist: ODESZA

All business inquiries: roundiiimedia@gmail.com

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Длительность: 3:8
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Автор abhishek kokje ( назад)
1:49 leonardo dicaprio

Автор 151Gattlin ( назад)
Abercrombie meets waterslide, has baby, names it slippery when wet.

Автор git gut ( назад)
my philips killed this video !! amazing 4k

Автор The Guy ( назад)
125,000th subscriber 🎉🎉🎉

Автор Fabian Lizana ( назад)
Why is the water green??

Автор fbsiubvsitdhdhjuk ( назад)
Came for the tits. Stayed for the tits.

Автор Galactro ( назад)
00:42 she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen. 😍

Автор Simone eli ( назад)
40 million views yay you deserve 40 mill subs

Автор p0_0q4v _ كتاب الحياة ( назад)
Subscribe blz 😭

Автор Antony Gurrola ( назад)
Wow u guys are so lucky cuz I'm in fucken Vegas

Автор stiven Reyes (Recklezz4) ( назад)
Where is this?

Автор cezar offical channel ( назад)

Автор Sergii Barabash ( назад)
Very touching video as for me. Respect to creators of this awesome video
and, of coarse, especially creators of this Royal place of great
entertainment. It seem to me, this is not the biggest place of
entertainment of such kind in the world. But nevertheless it is worth to
visit. Wow.

Автор Os ocupados ( назад)

Автор Scott Allen ( назад)
Where is this at?

Автор Jason Harden ( назад)

Автор Arlene Prescot ( назад)

Автор Emma Elizabeth ( назад)
Is it scary or dangerous

Автор Sofian Bay ( назад)
hot girls

Автор Alex Arrowood ( назад)
1:25 The guy forced his dog to go down the slide smh

Автор Mc Caithness films ( назад)
I saw this video in a music video

Автор Johnreyslife ( назад)
I watched this just to check if there really was a shark in the video 😳

Автор Kyle Mundy ( назад)
Devin someone had taken your video and just changed the music it's called
life or something like that copyright his ass bro

Автор Remji ( назад)
Remady & Manu-L - L.I.F.E. took this video ??!

Автор smokinvalves ( назад)
From BSR's website - "*All riders must wear a U.S. Coast Guard Approved
life jacket. Bring your own or wear one of ours."

Автор Akra Sthenics ( назад)
Which country ?

Автор texasbmx246 ( назад)
lol damn that looks like whore central

Автор Visauty ( назад)
wow! Looks like so much fun

Автор Paola Vega ( назад)
no hay uno de estos en México?

Автор meo lax ( назад)
hope those bros got to tap that ass after it was all over otherwise what
was the point?

Автор ohZigZagz ( назад)
My life needs this where can I find it?

Автор taylormade060600 ( назад)
fake shark video

Автор Normale Sachen ( назад)
Hey ROUND III, wonderful, awesome video !! Thank you ! Am i allowed to use
it for my first musicvideo on youtube with monetizing ? Would be great <3
best wishes ! <3

Автор Makarizo Sanchez ( назад)
I hope my mom says I can go there. I'm an independent man of 32 so she
better say yes. I really could care less what she says but I do need a ride
and some money (oh yeah and a basement to go home to. if she gives me
enough money maybe I can buy a slice of pizza while I'm there.)

Автор Silentransparent ( назад)
Reserved for beautifull people only ...

Автор Joga Comigo ( назад)
Amazing Video, the color correction looks amazing!!!! Please, what LUTs do
you use? Can you send me it, please? Thank You!!!

Автор Fuzion180 ( назад)
1:37 wow and wow 1:46 damn that looks so fun there! awesomely made vid,
nicely shot great choice of music

Автор The Tim ( назад)
name music plz??

Автор OLD MAN VICTOR ( назад)
1:46 - 1:49 boner alert!

Автор Justin Hughes ( назад)
where is this at?????

Автор Hector Castellanos ( назад)
It's in Waco, Texas. http://www.bsrcablepark.com/royal-flush-slide/

Автор julian urbiola ( назад)
this lake is artificial?

Автор Shehroon Khan ( назад)

Автор Niels Lauridsen ( назад)
1:46 - 1:49 *WOW!*

Автор 113look ( назад)
waaaa amazing wanna try <3 damn !!!

Автор Robert Firenze ( назад)
What kind of camera is this filmed on? The image is so clear and the color
grading looks so good!

Автор Snicker AJ ( назад)
the song is memories by odesza

Автор Hani Z ( назад)
ياجعلني اضرب به

Автор Lepre ( назад)
RED Mysterium x?

Автор Елена Бандукова ( назад)
Хочу туда) Где это?)

Автор infinite monkeys ( назад)
:43 Those dimples... :3

Автор Breaking good ( назад)
I watched it in 2160 hd the babes

Автор Ohh me ohh my ( назад)
Honest question....what country has more fun than America ?? We rule the
world baby !!! 📢🇺🇸🎉🎊🇺🇸

Автор Sandie Young ( назад)
it's exec lent

Автор J Mess ( назад)
song title plz..bruh

Автор FunTime Arena ( назад)
awesome video

Автор Pinhead ( назад)
invite us next time @nick villajae

Автор UserNamedNone ( назад)
Why is there such a white hue on the video? Is there something wrong with
the brightness? Great video otherwise...

Автор i NIGHTFURY ( назад)
I wanna be there 👆

Автор Joe Martinez ( назад)
So whats up with the water? Looks like port a potty water.

Автор miche Jerome ( назад)
Très bien filmé !

Автор A Se ( назад)
不错 看了很多次

Автор NNN NNN ( назад)

Автор calle1756 ( назад)
1:23 hahaha ouch

Автор Josh Moon ( назад)
Sooooo Where do you get all of these beautiful people? Lmao

Автор Dean Lee ( назад)
White people fun

Автор jun 8969 ( назад)

Автор FreeStyle ( назад)
некоторые больно падают(

Автор Mikey Lewis ( назад)

Автор Lisa S ( назад)
i always love Round III videos. Always has an epic soundtrack to go with
them too!

Автор Stanley - ( назад)
Love watching videos about good looking rich white people.

Автор Scinon Art ( назад)
I need to do thiiis

Автор LimitEDitionz ( назад)
wow. that was really nice in terms of quality and sound effects.

Автор Bombinio Bombinio ( назад)
amazing!!!! great !!!!:-))))))))))

Автор Zachary Williams ( назад)
Life jackets too unsightly for your video?

Автор JARRETT JOHNSON ( назад)
damn dont put this on youtube. the libtards in washington will tell us its
not safe and try to regulate it

Автор Zayz_ Trip ( назад)
Wow the summer vibes

Автор 蔡添柱 ( назад)
= =,我就想知道这样玩会受伤不。。。

Автор WeskerRezo ( назад)

Автор Amer Shehzad ( назад)
Where is this amazing slides? City /

Автор Becon Studio ( назад)
WOW!!! Beautifuul footage, and nice girls!! :)

Автор Alex Cardona ( назад)
i don`t see any of color people! "Racist"

Автор liftedelement04 ( назад)

Автор Robi “Sbobozzo” Dee ( назад)
Mmmhh, Texas? Nobody ever shot at flying swimmers?

Автор The 1 That made it ( назад)
anyone knows the girl the thumbnail

Автор shabbir Ali Hunachyal ( назад)
what a life man.

Автор Gabby Garcia ( назад)
what camera did you guys used for this video ?

Автор Sefki Mehmedoglu ( назад)
music ?

Автор Aiden Love ( назад)
That kicks ass
Now I know where my next family vacation is😉

Автор HOLLAHfoDOLLAH ( назад)
looks more like 720p

Автор Philip Overvåg ( назад)
1:47 10/10

Автор Tiago Macedo ( назад)
Great game for android:

Автор xCoreGaming ( назад)
my dreams is to go on an awesome place and have a nice fun

Автор Deep House & Tech House ( назад)

Автор ziv shalev ( назад)
Amazing video 👍👍👍💪

Автор Sefki Mehmedoglu ( назад)
music ?

Автор Go Revive Yourself ( назад)
More slowmo girls, less slowmo guys. thanks :)

Автор Puf Puf ( назад)
where is

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