Forever thankful for amazing trips like this. I really hope you enjoyed experiencing it with us! Where should we go next?!
Also! HUGE thank you to Alex and Dan for letting us incorporate some of the drone footage! Watch their travel vlog here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8NpSTpIVuM

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Where I Wanna Be- ARIZONA James Carter & Levi Remix
This Is What You Came For -Remix EZY Lima

*Last two songs provided by musicbed.com

Where we stayed: http://www.bidadaricliffsideestate.com/
Blue Swimsuit- SwimLikeAMermaid

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Temple Outfit
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Автор Valentine Guignard ( назад)
How do use à famous music on YouTube ?? Btw I Love Your video 😍😍😍

Автор tourist attractions indonesia ( назад)
beautiful hidden natural attractions in Bali

Автор Fernweh ( назад)
Can't wait to be there! One more week and we are heading over! Your video
inspired us! Really awesome video, thank you for sharing!

Автор Chronicles of a Goal Digger ( назад)

Автор Suhi Ahmed Susan ( назад)
It's just soooo beautiful!! Visit Cox's bazaar sometime. it's gorgeous

Автор George Eks ( назад)
Good video! A quality camera and aerial shots make it look fantastic.
But... Americans' poor verbal skills cliché is just ridiculous. I mean
there must be hundreds of words synonymous to "beautiful" and "great" in
English language, but all they keep on saying is "awesome" or

Автор donutsowut ( назад)
Omg, you've been here in philippines?!!!

Автор Djordje Djermanovic ( назад)
is it possible?

Автор GriffinGwyneth Cai ( назад)
wow nice video !so cool

Автор Suwanda Darusman ( назад)
Amazing .....

Автор ana oliveira ( назад)
wich camera did you use? thanks!

Автор Hygge Life ( назад)
our world is so beautiful and its just waiting to be explored.

Автор serena coady ( назад)
awesome work! you give me so many ideas for my travel videos :)

Автор Mview Top ( назад)
It a beautiful place, but I still love California with great nature! The
drone footage is great! Thank you! I love make video by my drone so much!

Автор Sophie Carstens ( назад)
Dcgg d

Автор danny ascencio ( назад)
Watch my latest solo backpacking trip to Europe! And give it a thumbs up !

Автор Indonesian Tourism ( назад)
very good picture like naturaly

Автор Travis Mitchell ( назад)
Visit the Philippines. . it will be the time of ur life #happyhousefarm

Автор Tian 0902 ( назад)
on 7 february i'm going to bali. hope fun... 😊😊

Автор Travel Club ( назад)
amazing video... I miss Bali

Автор ReallyOrganic ( назад)
Wow! Thanks for sharing your vlog. It was so well edited and so pretty. I
have to ask if those monkeys had painful nails when they were climbing on
you or not? lol

Автор Brooke Harrison ( назад)
Love this so much

Автор Phoebe Hardiwijaya ( назад)
I always go to Bali cause I live in Indonesia in Jakarta the capital of

Автор Travel World ( назад)
Cool, Video Subscribed To your channel.Happy new year!

Автор Amirul Hakim ( назад)
seems like paradise.. :)

Btw, what song at 2:56 - 3:40 ?

Автор aurora felicity ( назад)
THIS is how you film a vlog. Yass amazing

Автор Yvonney 168 ( назад)
Amazing editing!!

Автор Rich Hirsch ( назад)

Автор Ricky Chandra ( назад)
What is the name of the resort you stayed? Seems really cool with that pool
and that kind of elevator

Автор fabendry ndrettand ( назад)
What beautifull videooo
You two are amazing and beautiful and gorgeous together!! Stay together

Автор Shanoira Lewis ( назад)
Wow such an epic post! love it --- I'm a new travel vlogger and those
reading the comments should check out the vlog - I totally would appreciate
it :)

Автор Love Of Travel ( назад)
So much fun!

Автор Lex Crisiya ( назад)
belom tau lombok dia... apalagi raja ampat...

Автор Coco xo ( назад)
I really want to go to Bali but my mum says that it is a smelly place and
people who live over there sell drugs :/

Автор Thalia Edelwaise ( назад)
indonesia indah bukan ??? ntar kamu harus nyobain wisata ke batam, ga kalah
indah lo

Автор Dustin Taylor ( назад)
How do you get the aerial shots?

Автор Ichsan Fauzi (Ichsanno) ( назад)

Автор Julia Evans ( назад)
i'll go to bali this christmas cant waitt

Автор Franciska Elbers ( назад)
I've been travelling there since I was 2 and now I'm 15. I went there
probably more than 6 times, I can't count.

Автор Visauty ( назад)
What a fun video. Great work

Автор Sarei Mosquera ( назад)
Patrick really looks like a mixture of Harry Styles and Hayes Grier

Автор Jason and Brittany ( назад)
Amazing video! What software do you use to edit your videos?

Автор travel CP-TV ( назад)
those monkeys where funny ! :D

Автор Ashley Lorentzen ( назад)
Hi Tess this is Ashley Lorentzen I just wanted to tell you that your mom is
my 6th grade social studies teacher and my reading teacher. Your mom is
amazing Are you going to come and visit the school some day when your mom
is there. MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎁🎄

Автор genie 77 ( назад)
I also live in Indonesia

Автор Hung Nguyen Viet ( назад)
Welcome to Viet Nam.
I love your videos...so great!

Автор gilang andreas ( назад)
beach naked

Автор The Married Wanderers ( назад)
Very cool video!! Cant wait to end our 8 months South East Asia trip in
Bali next year August 2017!!

Автор Kasey Chau ( назад)
What camera do you use to shoot these?

Автор saly X ( назад)
what the song name pls ?

Автор JAT TRAVELLERS ( назад)
watch my videos on best indian towns

Автор cals_ bloor.x ( назад)
Its my dream to travel the world and it looks incredible!

Автор Veronica AS ( назад)
you going to the right place. but i think you must go to dreamland
beach,lovina beach & melasti beach. in dreamland the wave so very good for
surfing, if at melasti you can see amazing view, if at lovina beach you can
go around the beach. FYI

Автор Faith Cheri ( назад)
I gotta admit, this video makes me want to rethink of my priorities, be
successful & financially stable to do the things I really want in life.

Автор Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose ( назад)
Pretty awesome. We've just spend a month here. Love it.

Автор Jud Lucas ( назад)
What are the drone laws like there?

Автор MEDIA AY ( назад)
I have a house and family in Indonesia
lombok - gili trawangan is amazing beach

Автор Romang Emmanuel ( назад)
I'm French and i live in bali i'm super happy to see her there

Автор Marina Kio ( назад)
what do you use specifically to take the drone shots??

Автор VIETNAM TRAVEL ( назад)
Wonderful place, wow, so nice

Автор chii ( назад)
Where did you guys stay?

Автор INflowmotion Travel ( назад)
nice :-)

Автор Jayati Chandra ( назад)
Hi everybody, if you are a travel lover, then follow our Instagram page
@PaintingBagpacks for exotic updates every single day! ❤️✈️

Автор Anonymous SG ( назад)
Cheap Deals - http://www.jetradar.com/?marker=118555

Автор cantika chan ( назад)
my home sweet home!

Автор New Tuber ( назад)
Did you get your butthole eaten while you were there? That would've really
cemented your memory of such a beautiful place.

Автор Regina Geovania ( назад)
Hope you will come to jogja for your next holiday 😆

Автор merrell twinies_ ( назад)
what editing software do u use?? i hope you can reply to me soon . I'm in a
big hurry :)

Автор Clara-Grace Arctander ( назад)
Ahh you and Patrick are so cuute! 😍

Автор Inga Elisa ( назад)
"money can't buy you happiness" .. haha

Автор Food Ravel ( назад)
wow just wow !!!

Автор Mick Angelhere ( назад)
Great video haven't been to Bali yet might one day

Автор Della Aniswara ( назад)
thank you for comed to my country Bali,Indonesia

Автор putra rasta ( назад)
bali indonesia💖

Автор hanisleong ( назад)
awesome. i am about to upload a travel video to my channel soon too after
doing some editing. mind subscribing?

Автор dwi putrinaura16 ( назад)
Indonesia 😍

Автор Lily Highlands ( назад)
It's like the hills lol😂

Автор Slick Vick Life ( назад)
Damn, Bali looks fresh AF with all that lush greenery.. anyone know about
the English-teaching market there?

Автор Lita Munfaridah ( назад)
i love bali ,,, u can see my pic... also from bali :)

Автор Daniel Razo ( назад)
Next place I'm going forsho! 2017 goals!

Автор wukoje 89 ( назад)
like...:) sub

Автор Pinky Siregar ( назад)
i just back from bali. and watch your video make me miss that place😭😭😭

Автор Jordan Stubblefield ( назад)
How often do you guys travel?

Автор 夕夕試試看 XSKbeauty ( назад)
monkeys get crazy when getting food

Автор Lydia Oley ( назад)
welcome indonesia tess :) enjoy bali xoxo

Автор Neil Douglas ( назад)
where are they staying in this picture?

Автор Mr J ( назад)
Since i live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Bali it just a dust of thousands of
other beautiful islands. Bali now has been become more populated. It's
overcrowded. But still, i love Bali so much. It just peaceful and quite

Автор karle kathleen nacasi ( назад)
hi what video editor using

Автор TheHowTube ( назад)
Love Bali, been there 3 times already. But it is getting more and more
touristy. Which is ok,...but I remember the people didn't know where
Indonesia is. Anyways Sumatra is also a great place to travel to if you
want to experience the more rough Indonesian life style.

Автор Onetooth 15 ( назад)
Bali is my favvvvvv >.<

Автор Alexa Aguirre ( назад)
Try visiting Palawan, Philippines <3

Автор Irwan Florensal ( назад)
Nice video guys

Автор Mirza Apsari ( назад)
I live in Indonesia, thanks for your coming .. see you next to explore my
country .. I think Flores is recommended💟

Автор The Wandering Wife ( назад)
Gorgeous video! I've just started my own vlogging and hope to get this

Автор King69966 ( назад)
hi, it awesome, can you please give the place u stayed in??

Автор tarkineWild ( назад)
Bali is nice enough as it goes but its ruined by all those bogan

Автор valstix smith ( назад)
Looooove the background musics! Can you please give me the titles? I'm
planning to make a travel vid myself :*

Автор alifah era ( назад)
i'm indonesian

Автор Husnina Thurayya ( назад)
how do you edit this video? this looks great!

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