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5. https://vine.co/v/b0iZW1YKIv7
4. https://vine.co/v/bQHrXULBzUd
3. https://vine.co/v/bxriKiY5zTl
2. http://seenive.com/v/940847733797957632#.UZHNwCs9yv0
1. https://vine.co/v/bQQv3mwB0KT

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Просмотров: 736152
Длительность: 2:19
Комментарии: 411

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Автор Anushri Shukla ( назад)
Lucky u:)

Автор Sarah Kimbrough ( назад)
Good picks, Jerome. :D

Автор Jezivi Mravojed ( назад)
Number one is actually hilarius :D

Автор Mulch Diggums ( назад)
seems all vineloop episodes are top 5 un funniest

Автор Lucy Torres ( назад)
Love all of your vidios

Автор Vaidas Skanas ( назад)
his vines are best, but his favorite vines sucks. well, except number 1

Автор Ramez Abu-ltaif ( назад)
fuck asowme

Автор Ryan Stewart ( назад)
Bad choruses Jerome.

Автор You know my name. ( назад)
Keep those intros under 06 seconds! As a matter of fact dont bother with
the intros, Just show the vines!

Автор peter mills ( назад)
Yeah it's spodermen

Автор livetolearnandlove ( назад)
Are you aware of your spelling? I mean seriously even your account name is
spelled incorrect, stay in school please

Автор holly b ( назад)
i don't even care about the videos his reviewing, i don't even care what
his saying. i'm literally inlove.

Автор Diosy R. Suarez ( назад)
You guys are mean, it's HIS top 5 and he found them amusing. jeez.

Автор Eran Cris ( назад)

Автор Victor Barbier ( назад)
crap video

Автор fdhd Rahman ( назад)
I loved the last one

Автор gabriel Rivera ( назад)
1:43 I so true

Автор Philip (Nhorr) ( назад)
And now I want bacon.

Автор Roxana Socaciu ( назад)
You guys just killed a puppy that's how bad it was

Автор Noah Gamarrp ( назад)

Автор Matt Walters ( назад)
U suck

Автор Citrus God ( назад)
Get off the internet.

Автор ThecAsUalGaMeR ( назад)
Stupid thumbnails

Автор Lakeisha Ray ( назад)
I love his accent

Автор lee collins ( назад)
Jerome is much fucking funnier than them thumbs up if ya think so thumbs
down if ya don't <[loosers only thumb down dis guy ]

Автор kiara frazier ( назад)
that you can spell correctly?

Автор Jerome Jarre ( назад)

Автор Mat Petism ( назад)
I think hes trying to be funny.

Автор a.g garcia ( назад)
add me on facebook alex ag garcia

Автор DaedricRenegade ( назад)
Vines aren't funny, period.

Автор Nicole Wilson ( назад)
Didn't even smile

Автор ObaidOw A ( назад)
not funny, sorry...

Автор Matty Iliff ( назад)
Sarcasm, 'you dumb fuck!'

Автор Anna Chin ( назад)
That last one is from that movie I watch! Something like something shop?
ID! :D♡

Автор 12309pp7 ( назад)
Jerome is hot

Автор Mevlüt Yıldız ( назад)
Güldürmekten çok uzak. Bahçeli kepsi koymak isterdim buraya.

Автор Lexi Shull ( назад)
LOL. Last one~

Автор hapteron ( назад)
cry biatch

Автор Aqeel Afshari ( назад)
Well it's also not YOUR top 5 is it? It's Jerome's

Автор abraham bordas ( назад)
Not even funny what the hell

Автор travis hail ( назад)

Автор travis hail ( назад)
wel i cat user propter gramert?

Автор bob46802 ( назад)
see English IS harder.

Автор nipz4prez ( назад)
It's also easier to understand those who use proper grammar.

Автор laura roberts ( назад)
Come check out our funny channel! If you subscribe to us we will subscribe
to you back!

Автор leddiddeSWE ( назад)
"Number four!" *holds up 5 fingers*

Автор sreevz ( назад)
None of these were even remotely funny.

Автор HeyyImAdrian ( назад)
#2 will get an ear infection xD

Автор ordinael0000 ( назад)
way.. too.. gay

Автор NiftyGam3r ( назад)
Yoouuu SUCK - Stewie Griffin

Автор Camille Ricci ( назад)
I have seen vines that are 1000000 times funnier than that p.s. if you want
to see actually funny vines go to my vine page from the begining they are
halarious just search camille ricci

Автор Riley ( назад)
These aren't even funny.

Автор HKspec009 ( назад)
i was :)

Автор CreAlex320 ( назад)
You have to be dumb ass to not understand that.

Автор urideabikenow ( назад)
I hate the first one... whispering in strangers ears he loves them and
all.. what a wacko

Автор Ali Herrada ( назад)
1:52 lol laugh my fucking ass off

Автор Mark Michaels ( назад)

Автор Sean Thornton ( назад)
Can everyone check out my vines? Their so dumb that their funny. Thanks to
who ever does.

Автор Joaquin Kruel ( назад)
So... 2.19 minutes just to watch 5 vines of 6 sec. each? I pass.

Автор kelvonmsft wiggins ( назад)
lol the creepy smile

Автор Achievability ( назад)
Thanks, my penis.

Автор Spoderman ( назад)
i cri evrytim

Автор santitosucio89 ( назад)
this one is funnier than these youtube. com/watch?v=a8kAWA3UeFw

Автор Dee Scott ( назад)
Tht Was ass

Автор kikiZGS ( назад)
Top 5 vines can only be his own vines (jerome Jarre's)

Автор By aLopez ( назад)
this french guy is so laaameeeeee

Автор Mel The Magnificent! ( назад)
Dat accent. 030

Автор musclefirebird1990 ( назад)
Those were a crappy top 5, just horrible...... fail

Автор Anja Kloetz ( назад)
Rudy Mancuso and KC James!!

Автор marko Alaswadi ( назад)
hey what did u put on that tree? i mean the eyes

Автор Sulferize ( назад)

Автор selv jas ( назад)
More like these made the lame list.Then again dude is French so what do you

Автор Karmina ( назад)
He too cute.

Автор Jessica Magallanez ( назад)
He says number four but makes number five with his hand lol. 0:44

Автор dokta100 ( назад)
his top 5 is crap i mean come on not of them are funny

Автор Xarither ( назад)
....in their opinion it was funny, you don't have to laugh or enjoy it,
kinda like food.

Автор dramen ( назад)
All shit apart from the last one which was reasonably funny.

Автор ~Saiyans | ImGamerNr1 ( назад)
Only Nr5 was Funny Wuuupsi Hahaha the other almost funny !

Автор TheCrazyOne ( назад)
Bad top 5

Автор A-Kenny ( назад)
I have a few vines go check them out?

Автор missheavn99 ( назад)
This top vines suck

Автор ZewessX5 ( назад)

Автор Elise Ellefson ( назад)
where is jerome from??

Автор DutchCore ( назад)
nobody cares poopfeez <33333

Автор Xhilda myftari ( назад)
yes we want what ever that dogs name it to cry motherfucker

Автор Zana ( назад)
20,000th sub

Автор KirkJoyce Halbert ( назад)
this is to dumb

Автор TheAtomicVapor ( назад)
Yea these aren't funny

Автор ryanucr ( назад)
5 vines should take 35 seconds.... WTF this is 2 minutes bitch

Автор Xoxofashioncouturexoxo ( назад)
His accent is the best thing ive ever heard ahhhh!!!! so cute

Автор Sophie Burstein ( назад)
awkward moment when my name is sophie

Автор sfajardo71 ( назад)
why the fuck do you have my dog? -_-?

Автор glaciousarmo ( назад)
unsmilings like.

Автор HBA LAX ( назад)

Автор Shezie ( назад)
You need to be introduced to eric dunn...

Автор bassoonism ( назад)
Funny how all the guys call him a fag cause of his accent when all the
girls love it. LEARN FROM HIM! I could listen to him talk all day...

Автор Darko Tasevski ( назад)
@Frank Jameits That's alright that you are up to 24 new daily
followers.But, I am getting over 5,600 new followers on Vine per 24 hours
using ---> www.vinepimp.net

Автор 14kawa14 ( назад)
No Black guy running through a white neighborhood?

Автор Lorenzo Soliz ( назад)
For once I agree with a black guy. Your top 5 suck.

Автор TrailNationMC ( назад)
1:42 Agreed

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