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The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor Remix)


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Автор Rory ( назад)
Wow bro, obvious skill is obvious.. Pro Gamer right there bro. Your the reason games like this exist. I hope you fucking die in a car fire you nigger.

Автор David Gates ( назад)
gj j1gsaw

Автор StephenPPP ( назад)
Anyone that condones this catfishery should be shot. Completely removed from the gene pool.

Автор TheDirtDragon ( назад)
Where are the challange by playing with cheats? A real gamer try to play as good as he can...People pay money for games to have fun but playing against a cheater is annoying and boring. They destroy a great multiplayer just because they don't want to lose and to deceive oneself...This is not was a man with balls a would do!

Автор Zoltan Radnoti ( назад)
im here for the music with bfbc2 theme I FUCK all cheaters but I rescpet MUSIC mixers

Автор Marius ( назад)
Hackers are noobs who can't play...

Автор Anth Tony ( назад)
i SUpport hacking and ill hack you F noobs you can cry hacker aimbotter I dont fucking care die noobs muhahahaha ahahahahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор masterdragunov ( назад)
get a life and go play lego or dora please fuck of and get a life its for noobs and poor people to have hacks and you are a french faggot

Автор Grave Digger ( назад)
why what is the point other than to piss a few people off

Автор 32Echo23 ( назад)
Props to the video editor, Hacks look amazing, Video looks Sick. Great Editing.

Автор Martin Cimbálek ( назад)
Really heroes ppl who use it. Just poor noobs. If you cant play normaly, so go train playing lego idiots..

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