Chiefs vs. Steelers | NFL Week 4 Game Highlights

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 43-14, in Week 4 of the 2016 NFL season!

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Просмотров: 694750
Длительность: 4:36
Комментарии: 873

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Автор Jay Field ( назад)
I don't care

Автор Dallyboy4287 ( назад)
Antonio brown - im just here so I get fined

Автор Crixzly Commentates ( назад)
Samme Coates is actually really good

Автор Ramana Da King ( назад)
Talk about redemption

Автор Lavontae H ( назад)

Автор Fun Chiefs ( назад)
Man the Steelers won 43-14 okay but I wish the Chiefs will dominate them 98-3 that will be awesome but sad to the Steelers fans (I'm a chiefs fan)

Автор Emiliano Muñoz ( назад)
I love you to pitshburgh😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор thomas alderman ( назад)
Who will pics Burgh Steelers play next

Автор Stephanie Chen ( назад)
Great entertainment

Автор Ball is Life ( назад)
they beat them again

Автор Jacorey Peterson ( назад)
we beat that ass

Автор Jack Someness ( назад)
I just want to say to steelrs fans that two out of your big three are from OH-IO. Ohio be giving out some of the best athletes in football ever

Автор Adrianna Atilano ( назад)
now just do this again tonight lol

Автор Greg Chandler ( назад)
all the empty seats?

Автор Marquese Griffin ( назад)
winning tonight

Автор Mustapha Muhammad ( назад)
Chiefs are going to win a close game

Автор Freddy Lopez ( назад)

Автор 3am Breeze ( назад)
Dear God we destroyed them

Автор John Santiago ( назад)
and everyone thinks kc can beat Pittsburgh where's the proof somebody tell me why everyone thinks Pittsburgh is gonna lose

Автор floatpool ( назад)
The difference of Tomlin and Big Ben vs Alex and Andy. If the Chiefs go up 29-0, they quit trying to score. The Steelers and the Pats try to make it 78-0, because they know how to finish a game. Andy hasn't learned that yet

Автор Pittsburgh 101 ( назад)

Автор taylin schemm ( назад)
the chiefs get a rematch this Sunday n Ben got hurt

Автор Travis Lightner ( назад)
Had to come back and watch. Gonna happen this weekend too.

Автор President SlickDick ( назад)
Had to come rewatch this because of this weeks game

Автор Drama026 ( назад)
hope the next one goes as well

Автор Bigbeef412 _ ( назад)
Really hoping this is what I can expect this Sunday!

Автор Drako Julio816 ( назад)
big Ben leg is injured chiefs gonna bring that W home FOH 💪 #KC

Автор UNDERSTAND THAT! ( назад)
Moron Mountian here we come!

Автор Moooppp333 Moooppp333 ( назад)

Автор ESCHL AZ ( назад)
lets hope this is the same outcome of the next game

Автор yoBoyAlex ( назад)
im just here to see how good we are for the divisional round #steelerNATION

Автор Official Beam ( назад)
now it's revenge time...

Автор Joey Caromano ( назад)
I'm just here because of next weeks playoff game

Автор lemmy4life ( назад)
payback time this sundäy!! go chiefs!!!

Автор mac4u2k6 ( назад)
we bout to do this again next week

Автор Edward Papendick ( назад)
who is watching this in 2017🙋

Автор Andrae Coleman ( назад)

Автор Amilleon Harris ( назад)
The Steelers should of won the patrios game

Автор NuDe Vision ( назад)
Now, here we are. In the Wild Card. A rematch if we beat the dolphins.

Автор robert shelton ( назад)
they will rampage chiefs again because they arent an explosive offense i think raiders will sneak past texans with jobber qb vs jobber qbbecause they have playmakers to outweigh there bad defense and the pats will roll the raiders just 3 weeks after potentially being a 2nd seed playing in afc title gamw high profile to getting squashed your afc championship is steelers pats go steelers... nfc title game is seahawks or falcons againstcowboys although i wouldnt be suprised if the choked to the packers or giants ... the superbowl is 2 of these 4 teams new england, atlanta, pittsburg, seattle giants are just smoke and mirrors the best 2 packers players are white lol *(in playoffs where speed 1 needs to be black ... the qb better be 50% or more black or you aint winning a title in pro

Автор robert shelton ( назад)
this will be the matchup after pittsburg beats dolphins 27-13

Автор Jessy Garner ( назад)
This was the Chiefs worst game all year but if the play in the playoffs I bet Chiefs have a revenge win

Автор ZUZAINFINITY ( назад)
Why can't the Steelers play like this every time?

Автор Jacob Williamson ( назад)
were good onof to the khiefs

Автор Derrick Kemp ( назад)
Let's go steelers 9 and 5or6

Автор Hunter Wegley ( назад)
i am a stelers fan but kanis had a kick return that should have been in the highlights

Автор Becky Linn ( назад)

Автор you're right ( назад)
3:37 oo killem, oo killem, oooooo

Автор Fun Chiefs ( назад)
I hate the Steelers. I hate hate hate the steelers

Автор HTGaming 12 ( назад)
I can't believe the chiefs are doing so good when the Steelers beat them easily.

Автор dickwa ( назад)
what a blowout and look where these teams are at now lol!

Автор Rylie Allen-Grant ( назад)
pure gameplay from pittsburgh

Автор DaeShaun Jones ( назад)
Go steels

Автор Jerri Zungia ( назад)
Hell naw Dallas will win Dallas 28 steelers 10 our d is better than that

Автор Ty Chainz ( назад)
Where is this Steelers team?!😩

Автор sherri bartz ( назад)
where my charger you had them steel my phone and didn't give the charger back whats the point in giving me my phone if your not gonna give me my charger???? when u steel something give everything back not half of it u take stuff n give half of it back . my charger that comes with it doesn't work well they took my charger and I suppose u want me to ask someone else to pay for it. like usual its supposdedly our faults u stole it no its not.ur always causing me nothing but problems.everyday  u cause something to go wrong. and hell no u think im gonna go to the stahl at cottage corner n then stand ouside you did that on purpose im not gonna work in the library bathroom so u can send women in here 24/7 that's y you did that revenge that's all u think about

Автор thehoosierfortheUK ( назад)
I want to hug a steelers player I'm so lonely and I feel him next to me!!!

Автор Tom Sawyer ( назад)
the wolves are in town and they are hungry, week 7 coming up, 🐺🐺🐺🐺, #⃣7⃣.

Автор Kennedy Hawkins ( назад)
my mom loves you guys😘😍😇

Автор Kennedy Hawkins ( назад)

Автор win toto ( назад)
Seeing number 95 catch that interception really brought back memories of Troy it really looks like something he would be doing

Автор Julio Rey ( назад)
steelers, broncos are coming for you.

Автор JAYJAY GANSTA21 ( назад)

Автор MrRick1303 ( назад)
wtf was that it was a blow out

Автор BradVan316 ( назад)
Roethlisberger all you do is go for 2 point conversion all the time after you score a damn touchdown earlier on the game! Why would the Steelers gotta be so greedy to score Touchdowns & a 2 point conversion instead of a PAT Attempt?

Автор Chanel Dembo ( назад)
Kansas City Chiefs 14 Pittsburgh Steelers 43

Автор Spurs TiliDie ( назад)
Kansas City Chumps!!!they just flat out showed no effort & gave up smh

Автор Looneyboyo ( назад)
I'm not generally a Steelers fan but you have to give them credit, they did everything right this week

Автор SeargentForge14 ( назад)
Im a Chiefs fan they got killed out there!

Автор Ed Barr ( назад)

Автор The gibberish Monster ( назад)
sucks that were not playing them this season _from la rams fan

Автор Gman ( назад)
Don't put the results of the game in the description. It's very annoying.

Автор pusher man/mr H ( назад)
2 bad my eagles kicked the steelers ass they only got 3points against us we blew they ass out with a rookie quarter back

Автор Jan Nelle ( назад)
Best RB in the league is back

Автор Dominic Conrad ( назад)
something most people also don't understand yes the chiefs picked off ryan from the jets but they r bad complete garbage and that says alot about the chiefs u beat a team with a QB that is bad no surprise the steelers won this and the steelers have played no teams this year and still lost to a pick up eagles team this nfl year is embarrassing for these teams

Автор Biscuit Ramirez ( назад)
Steelers will win some and lose some but ultimately they will push for the Superbowl..people get too caught up over a game or two!! the Philly Game was just a bad game in all aspects!! we didn't have The best Running back in the league active that Game either...we will go at least 12-4 and make another AFC Championship appearance or Superbowl

Автор Cem Deniz ( назад)
is there any yt channel that uploads nfl highlights?

Автор Nate Millar ( назад)
for all the over hyped eagle fans even if the eagles make the playoffs they wont get farther then the steelers.

Автор Brandon Cherry ( назад)
Enlighten Panda ur funny lol side hoes

Автор THE GTA RANTER ( назад)
"oh yeah but it doesn't matter. Marcus peters leads the league in interceptions. hes top 5."- idiot

Автор willie broadnex ( назад)
I wish Martavius Bryant was not suspended.

Автор Akira Thomas ( назад)
my only problem is they kept Big Ben in too long after we already had the game won...

Автор JTReviewsPlus ( назад)
4:18 respect. Need more players like that. Humble in defeat as well as victory.

Автор MegaJyms ( назад)
It´s a privilege to watch Big Ben playing.

Автор jnd99 ( назад)
Le'Veon Bell showing y'all why hes the best RB in the NFL, put some respect on his name

Автор Stephen Flores ( назад)
what a domination my steelers blasted the Chiefs and when the day comes when Steelers play the Cowboys, my team is gonna blast the cowboys

Автор pc Juggalo ( назад)
the steelers are acting like they scored a touchdown during the eagles game.

Автор mohamed abdullah ( назад)
chiefs lives matter ! :D:D:D:D

Автор TheFinesse Kid ( назад)
Is this even legal???

Автор Epic Travels ( назад)
Weak ass chiefs

Автор Tyler Depew ( назад)
my Steelers dominated the game

Автор Martin Galaviz ( назад)
If Jordan Dangerfield would've turned around and blocked Alex Smith on that pick, Jarvis Jones would've scored 😪

Автор Frank Castle ( назад)
Ok fellas lets end the debate rite now Brown or Beckham???

Автор C.J. Saputo ( назад)
Man, the Jets couldn't even score a touchdown against the Chiefs. As a Jets fan I'm definitely not looking forward to versing the Steelers.

Автор terry shaw ( назад)
why risk hurting your starters in a rout?

Автор Wax Doe ( назад)

Автор bob polo ( назад)
sooo if a receiver celebrates after a touchdown, he gets a flag, but if a defensive end celebrates after a sack, he gets... nothing?

Автор Highlights tyme ( назад)
Check out my football highlight

Автор steelerfan77777 ( назад)
If we would of played like that against the Eagle's last week.

Автор Kacy's Kastle ( назад)
The Chiefs handed the Steelers 28 points...pure gifts. Then couldn't even score a damn touchdown until the 4th quarter. This was painful to watch.

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