PETULA CLARK - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

From 'V45 Britain At War: A Nation Remembers', broadcast live on 10th July 2005. Petula, a child star during World War II, sings this song made popular during the war by Vera Lynn. On the right of Pet there's a photo of her at the time.

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Автор SuperCarver2011 ( назад)
Why can't people enjoy the interpreted version of this beautiful wartime
ballad and not compare one performer against another?
This song is a timeless classic that takes you back to those years and
places when the world was a different place.
Petula does a good job on this song.

Автор Sérgio Abib ( назад)
Immortal PETULA!

Автор Dennis Riedijk ( назад)
Jacornwell was right 2 years ago: This song was made famous by the
legendary Anne Shelton (1923-1994) , whose version was (by far) the best of
the many hundreds that exist. Anne had a most powerful and clear voice ,
with vocal qualities that can only be compared with classical singers. Also
Vera Lyn did a good job, but although Vera was Always rated nr 1, vocal
experts knew very well that Anne could not be beaten. Petula Clark was
younger and more a pop singer , where vocal perfection was not essential.
The audience was happy with the song, no doubt, but very few can deliver a
vocally perfect song at the age of 73 and this example was no exception. It
starts already very out of tune between 0.55-1.05 .Another example of not
stopping at the right moment, as time takes your breath and your voice
looses height, hence false tunes. Sorry, but those who commented like this
before, were absolutely right. Don't mix up your love for a singer with
what she/he produces.The notes were checked with instruments and they don't
lie. No problem if you like her, but don't say she sings well now.

Автор Andrew Lang ( назад)
If Dame Vera could not do it, we had only 1 Lady who could, & that is the
understated Miss Petula! Our country really has its head up its rectum at
times not giving this Lady her deserved OBE. 

Автор jacornwell11 ( назад)
Facts are wrong the original was sung by Ann Sheldon. Her version is
haunting, this Petula Clark version has no comparison to that version.

Автор guitargirlUK ( назад)
Like you know anything...she performed it in 30s/40s style, so, authentic.

Автор guitargirlUK ( назад)
Stunning performance. Pet, you're a legend!

Автор sixstrings2 ( назад)
Damn, that was awesome, that woman can sing......

Автор michael mcquarrie ( назад)

Автор Puronicth ( назад)
Do you hear the heart? Do you not hear the heart of those desperate times?
This is a victorious heart that war couldn't silence! And child...nothing
ever will. That is what I want my children to know is real music!

Автор Hilary Hawkins ( назад)
Beautiful! and Petula has a great voice!

Автор Hammers Hamilton ( назад)

Автор Donald Murrell ( назад)
It's Petula Clark. That's all I need to know. I appreciate her so.

Автор Michael Cutler ( назад)
This is superb, reminds of a south african man I worked with 40 years ago,
he was forever singing this beautiful song.

Автор Darby Kern ( назад)
Vera was wonderful. Petula was very good. I saw her in SUNSET BLVD. and she
was great there too. She's fine live, she just has too much to live up to.
I'm teaching my 2 and 4 year old to love her music too. It's an easy job.

Автор stevegale1948 ( назад)
The people listening who remember were happy and the message is a great one
love can overcome all adversities

Автор Froggy19510 ( назад)
This is bad. Very bad. Ms Clark is a studio singer. Never been good on
stage. Hurts my ears.

Автор Ken Rewcastle ( назад)
Kenrew, Not a patch on the Vera Lynn version. Petula Clark murders this
great song.

Автор whispperson ( назад)
Petula Clarke should have a Damehood by now. What a Enduring Talent. Thanks
for this Posting.

Автор kzm25697 ( назад)

Автор Wayne Brasler ( назад)
Petula, forever wonderful.

Автор petclark1 ( назад)
Why hasn't Petula been given her "damehood"? I always thought that when she
really was truly an international star, after "Downtown" and throught the
rest of the 60's, she was much more popular in Europe, the US, Canada, S.
Africa, Australia and places in between, but not nearly as popular in the
UK. At the time,I think Dusty Springfield was and still is who the Brits
think of when the subject is THE lady singer of the 60's. Anyway, it's just
a theory.

Автор gf1001 ( назад)
Petula sang this very well, how cruel the last post was, she is 75 and has
been singing for over 60 years. her last note is wonderful,Bravo Pet long
may you continue,her voice is almost as good as it was all those years ago.

Автор Paul Madden ( назад)
hey has she still not got it yet?

Автор Pinkie Eldred ( назад)
Ah...nice story clearly. He must have been proud when Pet Clark was making
it big in the seventy's.

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