Top 10 Hockey Goalies Of All-Time

Here are the top 10 greatest hockey goalies of all-time as chosen by an educated hockey mind. It is just my opinion, so if you agree or disagree please feel free to leave a comment & state who you think should be on the list.

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Автор Connor Davis (551 год назад)
Broudour 1st and Roy 2nd

Автор Brian Schaeffer ( назад)
Marty is #1

Автор Arainion ( назад)
Every list where Hasek is not number 1 is rubbish automatically

Автор Faith Asselin ( назад)
What about price

Автор The MineBlox Team “Extra” (504 года назад)
where's stefan liv,tretjak

Автор Thebig Z ( назад)
this list is missing alot of amazing golies like what the heak

Автор Joe NotKearney ( назад)
Wtf Marty Broduer is the greatest goalie of all time

Автор Matthew Walls ( назад)
Roy #1

Автор { Funkyclown} ( назад)
Mark Andre Fleury

Автор Mark Mirzoyan ( назад)
Carey price

Автор Untamed Leader ( назад)
Marty Brouder 1 Dominique Hasek 2

Автор Dreem Walker ( назад)
Where's Pelle Lindbergh?

Автор Paul Johnson ( назад)
I would've thought that ken Dryden would've been in at least the top 3

Автор benr41 ( назад)
I think Hextall should at least be a notable, at least.

Автор Ann Maher ( назад)
where is carry price

Автор Russel Willey ( назад)
where is ron hextoll

Автор Ondra Uhnavy ( назад)
Where is Dominik Hašek?!!

Автор Kalan Natomagan ( назад)
Whooooooo gooooo ffllaaammmesss😝👑

Автор GPz84 ( назад)
The first goalie to wear a mask was NOT Plante, but Clint Benidict, who
wore it for a short time to protect a broken nose.

Автор Doc Solammen ( назад)
Excellent posting. Despite the fact people differ in their opinions
pertaining to any "All-Time Best" list; I believe you've presented a very
comprehensive, well thought out roster of outstanding goaltenders. 

Автор TMB Inc. ( назад)
Broduer is the best

Автор Phelim Heming ( назад)
No Tretiak and Parent? And since when was Fuhr better than Randord?

Автор (:GoalieCRAFT:) ( назад)
WHAT!Brodeur is definitly first. Its a no brainer

Автор Brendan Cey (1883 года назад)
Lundvquist, Quick, Price and so on aren't on here because they do a lot
more training then back then. Back then, it was basically just pure skill 

Автор NewYorkNYKer ( назад)
For me it is no brainer Dominik Hasek.. Brodeur, Roy were also great BUT
Hasek was in different planet playing for not so talented team like Sabres
and had SOG 35+ each game and still had highest Save% and other stats.
Devils played trap Def, Roy stats are not as impressive as Hasek when he
was on prime, won 6 Vezina and 2 Hart Trophy in a row!! He finally won 2
stanley cup with Redwings and that completes his legacy!!

Автор ko4entiy ( назад)
Tretiak is the best

Автор deann lucas ( назад)
jonathan Quick my gosh

Автор Gram Hemphill ( назад)

Автор braden macdonald ( назад)
Where the hell is Cheevers

Автор braden macdonald ( назад)
Hasek higher

Автор Poke Plays ( назад)

Автор Demetri Athanasiou ( назад)
What Patrick Roy is the best goaltender

Автор Alex Wagner ( назад)

Автор Supbro876 ( назад)
Where is Henrik Lundqvist 

Автор Ben Lyon ( назад)
Easily the worst list like this I have ever seen, Roy #1 without question.
Also where is Vladislav Tretiak ?

Автор Ken Hamada ( назад)
I am just glad there is at least one "full-right" goalie on the top 10

Автор dancing chicken ( назад)
I mean Rask

Автор dancing chicken ( назад)
No Tuukka Raska?! O.O

Автор dancing chicken ( назад)
No Tuukka Raska?! O.O

Автор Grace Tan ( назад)
NO CORY SCHNEIDER?! i am actually a man

Автор devilspice99 ( назад)
You had number 2 and number 1 backwards. All of the stats you threw up
there show how much better Brodeurs numbers are. More wins, shutouts, lower

Автор Emil Bodsäter ( назад)
Lundqvist should be there -.-

Автор Steven Leung ( назад)
if lundquist should be on here in so should price and luongo, because
lundquist is just a fan favorite, otherwise, hes shit

Автор TK KING ( назад)
henrik lundqvist is the best goalie in the all time

Автор Sebastian Resar ( назад)
ken dryden is the best

Автор vaasah ( назад)
Brodeur actually has 3 goals

Автор Y Richer ( назад)
Patrick Roy is the only NHL player to have won the Conn Smythe Trophy 3
times (Playoff MVP). Even the Great One, Gretzky, didn't achieved that.
Just for that, he is truly the best goaltender this game ever had.

Автор QuakeSpears ( назад)
Skill wise most goaltenders today are better but stat wise you cant compete
to legends like Dryden! 

Автор luke andruzzi ( назад)
Totally agree with Jacques Plante, but Georges Vezina should be in there.
After all, the trophy for the best goalie is named after him.

Автор Karolína Hvězdová ( назад)

Автор LeafsFlamesAndOilers ( назад)
Numbers mean a lot, but not everything. And it's not like I'm not giving
him any credit, #2 aint bad at all!

Автор Davis Fleming ( назад)
I don't know how you can not put Brodeur #1 he has the numbers to prove it

Автор tommi salonen ( назад)
georges vezina And ed belfour??

Автор garp ( назад)
Dryden definitely wasnt overrated. Consider the following: 6/8 = 75% Ken
Dryden Won the Stanley Cup 75% of the time 5/8 = 63% Ken Dryden Won the
Vezina award 63% of the time 258/315 = 82% Ken Dryden Won 82% of All
Regular Season games that did not end in a tie. 80/112 = 72% Ken Dryden Won
72% of All Playoff Games. While Dryden may have only played 8 seasons,
during those 8 seasons he accomplished more than any other goalie has in
their career. Him Sawchuk, and Plante are the best ever

Автор Peace Walker ( назад)
G.o.a.t doesn't mean who is the tougher goalie its about the most skilled
goalie and odds say for all the goalies that played along time ago that
they are just good goalies considering they weren`t competing against
millions of others like today and probably just hundreds because of how
hard the job was the equipment was a lot different back then so there is no
way of really telling how good they were.

Автор Peace Walker ( назад)
Top 3 in my opinion #1 Marty, #2 Saint Patrick, #3 The Dominator. Marty has
been on a rebuilding team pretty much from 2003 due to guys that retired
03,04,05 and others just leaving Gionta, Rafalski and Gomez most recent
Clarkson, Kovy, Praise. No doubt in my mind that if Marty left in 2003 to
Detroit he would have another cup or 2. Even at 40years of age when he
finally got a team together that had chemistry because of no one leaving he
lead his team to the finals. Greatest of all time.

Автор Darin Roy ( назад)
Nice! Except I'd have to move Tretiak up (I don't know where, but up).

Автор Darin Roy ( назад)
LMAO! Awesome....I needed that laugh. Thanks so much, you made my day.

Автор Darin Roy ( назад)
Uh....no! Roy was the only star on two Habs teams and how are his numbers
so good if he had so many bad games? In Colorado he had great teams, but
Brodeur had even better defence, Plante had teams of all-stars, etc. Hasek,
on the other hand, WAS the Buffalo Sabres!

Автор Niko Skiljo ( назад)
Luongo is not good, he is were he is cause he plays for the canucks, he's a
choker, just like fleury (I'm a pens fan) he had his nice cup runs and
can't compose himself under the pressure again, luongo choked in the '11
final and hasent gotten past round 1 since.

Автор Niko Skiljo ( назад)
I know he never played in the nhl but vladislav tretiak should have been in
here even as a narrow misser. Other than that I agree with most of this
list roy should have been up a little higher though, imo.

Автор mikal manskow ( назад)

Автор orville van sickle ( назад)
Marty is #1 and Roy shouldn't have even made the list. Belfour should have.

Автор neeta kalsi ( назад)
domink hasek #1

Автор Sorand0mPlays ( назад)
terry sawchuk is first

Автор Tyler Daize ( назад)
great job completely agree

Автор 789maddjac ( назад)
Judging on the list it seems you mainly picked the goalies for their stats.
Not for actual skill. Most of the best goalies play for bad teams so they
dont get recognition. All these goalies won many awards and cups because
they had superior teams.

Автор JimAnchower ( назад)
#1 Sawchuk - Roy - Plante - Hall - Parent - Esposito - Fuhr - Brodeur -
Hasek - Tretiak Dryden was over-rated. Modern goalies use over size
equipment and can use their heads to stop the puck. Easier to play without
fear. That's why Brodeur(although he's great) holds all the records.
Tougher for the old guys.

Автор JimAnchower ( назад)
Including goalies from before the 1940's means statistical comparison only,
which doesn't mean much to compare them to guys like Plante, never mind Roy
or Brodeur. Nobody alive seen Hainsworth or Thompson play either. There
isn't much film either. I would say only goalies who played in 1967 or
later - then you could have Plante, Sawchuk, Hall and Bower.

Автор JimAnchower ( назад)
Goalie stats before the early 40's don't mean much because the rules of the
game were always changing to deal with excessive scoring or lack of
scoring. The game wasn't really stable until the 1940's. The elimination of
the forward passing rules, allowing smothering the puck,icing rules, etc.
happened in the 30's - the center red line in 1943 was the last rule change
that made the game essentially stable and close to what it is now. That
would be a starting point.

Автор Tommy Wu ( назад)
I think luongo is the best

Автор orville van sickle ( назад)
Brodeur is #1!!!

Автор cowboyUSMC1371 ( назад)
To anyone who sas Plante should not be number one I have one question for
you. Are you insane?

Автор PatriotsNation87 ( назад)
I agree with you

Автор Sommer Schacher ( назад)
I think roy should of been number 1

Автор Steven Adams ( назад)
Why isn't Brodeur at #1 and Casey this was uploaded in 2010

Автор Casey Fury ( назад)
nice try but he has 3 goals

Автор Matt Hurley ( назад)
Why isn't George's vezina in the top ten?!

Автор seldomlyrare21 ( назад)
Brodeur belongs at #1

Автор Beau Fedorowicz ( назад)
glenn hall came to my house

Автор nebitchulon ( назад)
why brodeur at 2 hes the GREATEST goalie of ALL TIME

Автор Grant Belter ( назад)
Brodeur is the best second to none

Автор Aryam Mehari ( назад)
why would u put patrick roy 5 out of 10

Автор Ken Connolly ( назад)
Battlin billy smith u jack as!!!

Автор nick johnson ( назад)
Hextall and Parent?

Автор Hippo Bossian ( назад)
Were is Cheevers!

Автор Hakeem Olaogun ( назад)
no Belfour???

Автор Marc de Soyres ( назад)
and Lundkvist

Автор Nick McCurdy ( назад)
no vladislav tretiak? you did say "hockey" goalie

Автор TheCreeperLeeper ( назад)
Where is tukka rask

Автор ImMequhhJR ( назад)
Henrik Lundqvist will soon be here

Автор flyinthebug35 ( назад)
Esposito was better than 10th overall.

Автор Dylan Ryan ( назад)
what about tretiak?

Автор brenden gallagher ( назад)
dryden should have been #1

Автор Super PJ9 ( назад)
It's impossible for Ron Hextall to be even on the top 100000 because he's
on Philly

Автор Super PJ9 ( назад)
Lies Marty is the best

Автор George Amundsen ( назад)
Hasek was the best in my opinion

Автор JCErdman ( назад)
3 goals to brodeur and the best part was that i was there for his 3rd :D

Автор Hockey HQ ( назад)
Where is Ron Hextall??!!??!!??!! Best Philly goalie ever!!!

Автор LeafsFlamesAndOilers ( назад)
Because he wasn't consistent on a night to night basis, he's probably had
more bad games in his career than all the other top 10 goalies combined.
Plus his playoff stats are a little inflated due to the fact he played on
good teams his whole career.

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