Top 10 Hockey Goalies Of All-Time

Here are the top 10 greatest hockey goalies of all-time as chosen by an educated hockey mind. It is just my opinion, so if you agree or disagree please feel free to leave a comment & state who you think should be on the list.

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Автор Poke Plays (1 месяц)

Автор Emil Bodsäter (6 месяцев)
Lundqvist should be there -.-

Автор NewYorkNYKer (2 дня)
For me it is no brainer Dominik Hasek.. Brodeur, Roy were also great BUT
Hasek was in different planet playing for not so talented team like Sabres
and had SOG 35+ each game and still had highest Save% and other stats.
Devils played trap Def, Roy stats are not as impressive as Hasek when he
was on prime, won 6 Vezina and 2 Hart Trophy in a row!! He finally won 2
stanley cup with Redwings and that completes his legacy!!

Автор Risto Sirkiä (4 месяца)
No Tuukka Raska?! O.O

Автор TK KING (6 месяцев)
henrik lundqvist is the best goalie in the all time

Автор deann lucas (11 дней)
jonathan Quick my gosh

Автор Hockey Boy3385 (2 месяца)

Автор vaasah (7 месяцев)
Brodeur actually has 3 goals

Автор Ken Hamada (3 месяца)
I am just glad there is at least one "full-right" goalie on the top 10

Автор Gram Hemphill (22 дня)

Автор devilspice99 (5 месяцев)
You had number 2 and number 1 backwards. All of the stats you threw up
there show how much better Brodeurs numbers are. More wins, shutouts, lower

Автор QuakeSpears (8 месяцев)
Skill wise most goaltenders today are better but stat wise you cant compete
to legends like Dryden! 

Автор braden macdonald (1 месяц)
Where the hell is Cheevers

Автор luke andruzzi (8 месяцев)
Totally agree with Jacques Plante, but Georges Vezina should be in there.
After all, the trophy for the best goalie is named after him.

Автор Demetri Athanasiou (2 месяца)
What Patrick Roy is the best goaltender

Автор Supbro876 (2 месяца)
Where is Henrik Lundqvist 

Автор Sebastian Resar (7 месяцев)
ken dryden is the best

Автор Risto Sirkiä (4 месяца)
I mean Rask

Автор braden macdonald (1 месяц)
Hasek higher

Автор Risto Sirkiä (4 месяца)
No Tuukka Raska?! O.O

Автор ko4entiy (10 дней)
Tretiak is the best

Автор Grace Tan (5 месяцев)
NO CORY SCHNEIDER?! i am actually a man

Автор Ben Lyon (3 месяца)
Easily the worst list like this I have ever seen, Roy #1 without question.
Also where is Vladislav Tretiak ?

Автор Y Richer (7 месяцев)
Patrick Roy is the only NHL player to have won the Conn Smythe Trophy 3
times (Playoff MVP). Even the Great One, Gretzky, didn't achieved that.
Just for that, he is truly the best goaltender this game ever had.

Автор Steven Leung (6 месяцев)
if lundquist should be on here in so should price and luongo, because
lundquist is just a fan favorite, otherwise, hes shit

Автор LeafsFlamesAndOilers (1 год)
I Paul Henderson your Vladislav Tretiak.

Автор Adino1 (2 года)
What is with the music, my gf asked me if I was watching a porno in there.

Автор Leiah MacPhee (11 месяцев)
terry sawchuk is first

Автор orville van sickle (11 месяцев)
Brodeur is #1!!!

Автор Why So Serious (2 года)
vladislav tretiak.... shouldve been on this list

Автор djmz98 (1 год)
I think that hasek should of been first.

Автор bloodstar539 (1 год)
3:01, marty brodeur has scored 1 goal not 2

Автор tommi salonen (9 месяцев)
georges vezina And ed belfour??

Автор neeta kalsi (10 месяцев)
domink hasek #1

Автор Parker Doran (1 год)
It's impossible for Ron Hextall to be even on the top 100000 because he's
on Philly

Автор qtipsmith10 (1 год)
No Richter or Lundqvist u got to change this

Автор cowboyUSMC1371 (11 месяцев)
To anyone who sas Plante should not be number one I have one question for
you. Are you insane?

Автор LeafsFlamesAndOilers (9 месяцев)
Numbers mean a lot, but not everything. And it's not like I'm not giving
him any credit, #2 aint bad at all!

Автор Dylan Ryan (1 год)
what about tretiak?

Автор ImeshNHLMNTC (2 года)
georges vezina should be the first because hes named after the goalie of
the year award:vezina trophy!

Автор flyinthebug35 (1 год)
Esposito was better than 10th overall.

Автор Tommy Wu (11 месяцев)
I think luongo is the best

Автор orrfan51 (2 года)
I like the list but ken dryden should be 2 and marti brodeur 3

Автор Tyler Daize (11 месяцев)
great job completely agree

Автор Shawn Gibbons (1 год)
Bad order. Underrated several. Plante #1? no. My top 5: Sawchuck, Fuhr,
Roy, Broduer, and Dryden at #1.

Автор lamar2620 (1 год)
Really nice video :-) but I don't like that text... I can't see it.

Автор oilerskid4 (1 год)
10 Dryden 9 Esposito 8 Plante 7 Belfour 6 Fuhr 5 Hall 4 Hasek 3 Roy 2
Sawchuk 1 Brodeur

Автор rapadmirer (1 год)
glen hall is not #4 at all

Автор MW2Hiders (1 год)
I think Richter should've been 10

Автор tjcurrie (2 года)
Fuhr lets face it won mostly because of the team in front of him. I know he
was a part of that team and had some big moments, but he's not the 9th best
goalie. Hainsworth is just from a totally different era so I think its
impossible to rank him next to guys like Hasek and Brodeur. I would at
least take off Hainsworth and then put Belfour in the top 5-8. Fuhr can be
10th if you really want to have him on here just because of his
achievements. Parent was probably better though.

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