Top 10 Hockey Goalies Of All-Time

Here are the top 10 greatest hockey goalies of all-time as chosen by an educated hockey mind. It is just my opinion, so if you agree or disagree please feel free to leave a comment & state who you think should be on the list.

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Автор Gramtics Retro ( назад)
Nabakov was better than Roy.

Автор Gaming With Kai ( назад)
why did you not put carey price

Автор Gaming With Kai ( назад)
why did you not put carey price

Автор Elise Altman ( назад)
9. Parent
8. L. Poopy
7. Chabot
6. Plante
5c Hasek
4. Sawchuk
3. Broduer
2. Smith
1. Roy

Автор Elise Altman ( назад)

Автор howie9751 ( назад)
Vladislav Tretyak has to be considered among the best! Brodeur best in the

Автор Alex Rodgers ( назад)
Forgot about Ron Hextall, Tom Barrasso, and Les Binkley!

Автор Elise Altman ( назад)
Brodies retired

Автор Sheyder Like999 ( назад)
Vladislav Tretyak !

Автор Simon Henhoeffer ( назад)
Reimer #1 brodeur #2 hasek#3 ftw!

Автор FAZEFobbA ( назад)
wtf why is Roy #5 and brodeur #2

Автор Brandon Masse ( назад)

Автор Sheyder Like999 ( назад)
Ilya Bryzgalov!!!!!!!!

Автор PJD 13 ( назад)

Автор PJD 13 ( назад)
How can you FORGET about Pelle Lindberg, you Idiot!

Автор Mason Dell (605 лет назад)
Bull why is Roy not #1

Автор jody pla ( назад)

Автор Celisity Thomas ( назад)
My goalie hero is Cary price

Автор Sports games King ( назад)
Dude put in hasek

Автор LetsplayZ ( назад)
my top 10


Автор I like hockey ( назад)
why wasn't Roy first 😡

Автор TwentyOneFallOutChemicalPilotBoysAtTheDisco (1379 лет назад)
Marty is easily #1 of all time.

Автор cooljammer 3000 ( назад)
why no tretiak rusians are good

Автор Jeremy Shue ( назад)
where's carey price

Автор The Good, Bad, and AWESOME!!! ( назад)
I legitimately beat Hainsworth's single season shutout record by one
shutout, although I was in Bantam.

Автор GoldenFx Gaming/Vfx ( назад)
ROY 5 ????????

Автор Kimberly Sorrentino ( назад)
hello mike ritcher

Автор Marchewbacca ( назад)
Martin Brodeur is the best goalie ever so he should be number one

Автор Negevs are for pros ( назад)
I think grant fuhr should be higher

Автор hockeycommentarynj ( назад)
How is Ed not on the list like wtf

Автор CrazyCreepersTube ( назад)
the habs have had a lot of good goalies. Plante, Dryden,Price

Автор G-Dog 9000 ( назад)
My top 10 (only including retired goalies)
10. Fuhr
9. Parent
8. Osgood
7. Nabokov
6. Sawchuck
5. Belfour
4. Brodeur
3. Dryden
2. Roy
1. Hasek
Tretiak(would put him in, but he didn't play in the NHL)
J.S Giguere

Автор Nolan Britt (740 лет назад)
Patrick Waa/Roy should be number 1

Автор Marie Ricotta ( назад)
hasek should be #1

Автор iPisces 37 ( назад)
I appreciate you looking back into time, but older players should be put in
as honorable mentions (such as vezina, bower, glenn hall, etc.) since they
are not really the best ever. This is not a knock on them its just that
players later on were able to expand upon/master what those guys pioneered.
There were some real key names that were missing in this list that deserved
to be on here and also some names that I feel were placed wrongly.

Автор Diamond Shark ( назад)
this sucks #hasek1

Автор Muffin HD ( назад)
your fuckin stupid if you think this is in the right order

Автор Anderson Dias Junior ( назад)
After all , the post says top 10 hockey goalies of all time, not
necessarily in NHL.

Автор Anderson Dias Junior ( назад)
And what about Vladislav Tretiak????

Автор w harr ( назад)
No Mention of Vernon

Автор Akseli Sara ( назад)
Where is tretjak

Автор industrial-sized MaKo ( назад)
I can appreciate your opinion, but Brodeur is unquestionably the greatest
of all time. Plante started it, but Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur
perfected it... hence all the records they hold.

Автор Piks Gamer (809 лет назад)
Boston SUCKS Montreal wins 24 stanley cup all beacaus of maurice richard
and jean beliveau

Автор Xhockeyfan11X ( назад)
Honestly Roy and Brodeur are considered the two greatest goalies of all
time but Brodeur has the edge cause he has all the records so technically
he's the best

Автор Chris A (1336 лет назад)
Nicely done!
Jacques plante..yes
Glad to see parent and cheevers got honorable mention...Gump worsley?

Автор Brad Marchand ( назад)
Patrick Roy is the best goalie of all time dipshit

Автор Ilia Petroff ( назад)
So what about Tretyak? And what about european goaltenders?

Автор Rono4fun Nudzik ( назад)
Patrick Roy is Number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Boobs ( назад)
Patty Roy should be higher and where's Tretiak

Автор Boobs ( назад)
Patty Roy should be higher and where's Tretiak

Автор William Colley ( назад)
Grant Fuhr? Are you effing nuts? With all the greats from the 40s and 50s
and you give us that? Edmonton goaltenders were sieves. Oh, and Rogie
Vachon stood on his head in the 70s with an awful LA club.

Автор Tanner Moore ( назад)
Patrick Roy had to be #1

Автор Kevin Robbins ( назад)
everyone is entitled to their own opinion and mine on dom hasek he was a
pretty descent goaltender but the luckiest one ever to hit the ice all he
did was close his eyes and flop his body around and hope the puck hit him

Автор Kevin Robbins ( назад)
should be a list by decades you can't make a list for all time because
every aspect of the game is different then it used to be especially
goaltending and I believe you should make a list for the old school stand
up goalie and then another one of more modern goalies just without broduer

Автор Kevin Robbins ( назад)
martin broduer is a little bitch who his carrer and his record handed to
him you put him in the net for a weeker team in those years I bet he would
have been the worst goaltender in the league

Автор Kevin Robbins ( назад)
you guys are idiots I don't even think hasek would make the top 100 and
broduer are you serious learn the game of hockey and youd know that martin
broduer wouldn't even make the top thousand his team in his glory years was
why he had any records at all hes a horrible goaltender to put him next to
Patrick roy is a huge insult to Patrick roy what a joke

Автор Harry Wilson ( назад)
Hasek is 6? You candians think you are not idiots, but you are.

Автор hockey beast 61 ( назад)

Автор hockey beast 61 ( назад)
We're still Billy smith and Mike RICHTER

Автор Brandon Carr ( назад)
Obviously the person who made this plays soccer and searched up hockey
goalies throughout history and wrote down the ones he thought might be
good. And Jaques Plante was good but just because he was the first person
to wear a mask doesn't make him the best of all time. It just makes him the
smartest of all time. And Patrick Roy being numbers 5 is completely wrong.
Also, you forgot Carey Price. Very horrible list.

Автор Connor Davis Shots (552 года назад)
Broudour 1st and Roy 2nd

Автор Brian Schaeffer ( назад)
Marty is #1

Автор Arainion ( назад)
Every list where Hasek is not number 1 is rubbish automatically

Автор Faith Asselin ( назад)
What about price

Автор CriticalSprayDown (505 лет назад)
where's stefan liv,tretjak

Автор Thebig Z ( назад)
this list is missing alot of amazing golies like what the heak

Автор Joe NotKearney ( назад)
Wtf Marty Broduer is the greatest goalie of all time

Автор Matthew Walls ( назад)
Roy #1

Автор Tom'sFruitStand ( назад)
Mark Andre Fleury

Автор official Badman ( назад)
Carey price

Автор Untamed Juggernaut ( назад)
Marty Brouder 1 Dominique Hasek 2

Автор Dreem Walker ( назад)
Where's Pelle Lindbergh?

Автор Paul Johnson ( назад)
I would've thought that ken Dryden would've been in at least the top 3

Автор Brobskie ( назад)
I think Hextall should at least be a notable, at least.

Автор Ann Maher ( назад)
where is carry price

Автор Russel Willey ( назад)
where is ron hextoll

Автор Kalan Natomagan ( назад)
Whooooooo gooooo ffllaaammmesss😝👑

Автор GPz84 ( назад)
The first goalie to wear a mask was NOT Plante, but Clint Benidict, who
wore it for a short time to protect a broken nose.

Автор Doc Solammen ( назад)
Excellent posting. Despite the fact people differ in their opinions
pertaining to any "All-Time Best" list; I believe you've presented a very
comprehensive, well thought out roster of outstanding goaltenders. 

Автор TMB Inc. ( назад)
Broduer is the best

Автор Phelim Heming ( назад)
No Tretiak and Parent? And since when was Fuhr better than Randord?

Автор (:GoalieCRAFT:) ( назад)
WHAT!Brodeur is definitly first. Its a no brainer

Автор Brendan Cey (1884 года назад)
Lundvquist, Quick, Price and so on aren't on here because they do a lot
more training then back then. Back then, it was basically just pure skill 

Автор NewYorkNYKer ( назад)
For me it is no brainer Dominik Hasek.. Brodeur, Roy were also great BUT
Hasek was in different planet playing for not so talented team like Sabres
and had SOG 35+ each game and still had highest Save% and other stats.
Devils played trap Def, Roy stats are not as impressive as Hasek when he
was on prime, won 6 Vezina and 2 Hart Trophy in a row!! He finally won 2
stanley cup with Redwings and that completes his legacy!!

Автор ko4entiy ( назад)
Tretiak is the best

Автор Tevi Lucas ( назад)
jonathan Quick my gosh

Автор Gram Hemphill ( назад)

Автор braden macdonald ( назад)
Where the hell is Cheevers

Автор braden macdonald ( назад)
Hasek higher

Автор Veil ( назад)

Автор Demetri Athanasiou ( назад)
What Patrick Roy is the best goaltender

Автор Xaos - Gaming & More! ( назад)

Автор Supbro876 ( назад)
Where is Henrik Lundqvist 

Автор Ben Lyon ( назад)
Easily the worst list like this I have ever seen, Roy #1 without question.
Also where is Vladislav Tretiak ?

Автор MrJuha82 ( назад)
6.Belfour(winner type, lion heart)
8.Pelle Lindbergh(most talented though)
9.Fuhr(at his best when the game goes bigger)
10.Osgood(great numbers)

Автор Ken Hamada ( назад)
I am just glad there is at least one "full-right" goalie on the top 10

Автор Rare Pepe ( назад)
I mean Rask

Автор Rare Pepe ( назад)
No Tuukka Raska?! O.O

Автор Rare Pepe ( назад)
No Tuukka Raska?! O.O

Автор Grace Tan ( назад)
NO CORY SCHNEIDER?! i am actually a man

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