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Автор Adolf Hitler lebt ( назад)
Nazis sind 200 Jahre voraus

Автор Adolf Hitler lebt ( назад)
amis Mondlandung wa falsch und betrug

Автор CowMoMichaeljb ( назад)
that "music" was just awful, the videp was interesting and i could hardly
finish it. Have a good night:)

Автор Ronald Kratochwil ( назад)
The song is: Death Note- Main Theme! 

Автор Joe B ( назад)
Song name?

Автор Isaisschwert ( назад)
thats not true. ;)

Автор memory sumerio ( назад)
schorberger.. teachs van brown... simple... antigravity.... 1945....

Автор razmazerz ascelon ( назад)
What do you think about this Video ? Real (Like please) or Fake (Dislike
this comment) ?

Автор Craig Goldsberry ( назад)
go to Kingdom of Brantonia and Eaglenet

Автор Craig Goldsberry ( назад)
you have intelligence on this

Автор Craig Goldsberry ( назад)
I do

Автор gan9e ( назад)
made up from start to finish

Автор SOck1ification ( назад)
I am pretty sure that germans pilot those crafts! Iron Sky is a brainwash
to make the people think that evil persons land, when they do really come.
And THEY WILL in the near future! :)

Автор SOck1ification ( назад)
I did a deep research on secret technology of the third reich, Operation
Highjump etc. I know this might sound totally insane, but I am pretty sure
that almost all the "UFO" sightings today are ships from the modern SS. The
desinfo is that those are "aliens" or "transdimensional beings". This is
the biggest secret at all!

Автор dark Orca ( назад)
@z9trajkovski no,UFO and aliens is propaganda...

Автор migdal96 ( назад)
I smell propaganda... 

Автор RebelRocker ( назад)
@wolvian93 I shall practice holding my right hand in the sky :P 

Автор Franz Nguyen ( назад)
Lang lebe Vril

Автор pierix27 ( назад)
Unmanned, incandescent vehicle to implosion. There are problems of piloting
for conduction it to long distance. Station airplane, control it.

Автор Russell Anderson ( назад)
Two words and a year: OPERATION PAPERCLIP, 1946.

Автор QuaaludeMidnight ( назад)
The NAZis were never defeated. They simply realized how primitve it was to
fight a war with guns. Why do that when people can be led to believe
anything so easily. Eventually they'll do all the fighting for you, even
against themselves.

Автор Torsten Venth ( назад)
es geht weder um Großmannssuch oder Allmachtsträumen nur um Geschichtliche
Aufarbeitung egal ob es Flugscheiben gab oder nicht. Düsenantrieb und
Horten Flugzeuge ( heute Tarnkappenbomber) sprechen für sich. Warum wurde
Deutschland von 1913 an boykottiert. Werdet Ihr mal erwachsen und glaubt
nicht alles was euch die Medien von heute einreden wollen.

Автор Haophil ( назад)
@Thorallf genau, deshalb sind diese Aufnahmen auch so beschissen
dilettantisch gefälscht. Manche lassen sich wohl gern hinters Licht führen,
weil sie immer noch ihren Allmachtsträumen hinterherhägen, werdet

Автор M1NDC0N7R0L ( назад)
Zipfreer. I think that you are full of yourself. You probably have not
travelled abroad, from the sound of your drivel. Why don't you go back to
what ever bronze age religion that you hail from, because you are not ready
for the truth.

Автор lava mati ( назад)
it is already ifo ;)

Автор Itsmeeman1 ( назад)
FUCK petrol prices! I WANT MY UFO, NOW!!! LOL Power the things by brain
power! That way women and stupid dumb-asses won't be able to get in the air
and cause accidents!

Автор Itsmeeman1 ( назад)
@lionsgate12345 England. It's got to the point that everyday-people here
are having to judge carefully how much they spend on food so they know how
much they can afford on fuel. The Gov wants us to buy electric cars they
say are cheaper, AFTER they've sold us expensive petrol cars, raised the
petrol prices, the car tax etc. Then they'll put the price of electricity
up so when we charge them up we'll end up broke. Big trouble for petrol
stations and politicians is coming soon! 2 dangerous jobs

Автор Itsmeeman1 ( назад)
@lionsgate12345 you pay $3.50 a gallon for fuel? We pay $10 for a gallon!
(ive just done an exchange rate of currency to check) So much for going to
war with iraq for cheap fuel!

Автор bcb72276 ( назад)

Автор odread1 ( назад)
Nazis vessels are a cheap reproduction of the real alien soccers they are
not made of the same materials. so don't think that every time an alien
craft caught on camera is a POOR NAZI FAKE!

Автор LukySKS ( назад)
@Uchihaclan28 thanks

Автор Uchihaclan28 ( назад)
It's the theme to death note.

Автор LukySKS ( назад)
@Uchihaclan28 me to! But nobody know...meaby nazi music from 1942?:) Hey
what song this is???

Автор Uchihaclan28 ( назад)
Anyone know what song this is? I would really like to know.

Автор Mark Ward ( назад)
using carbon victor report on trans mitiition of alpha beta particles using
the influx magneto reactor cross engeneered to day science the polar flux
has to be allined with the non fractor resonator located in the internal
part not to be confusesed with the rotor cup on crossbeam section a also
inducting coil must be in perfest alingment with north south poles to
advert wobbling effect created by indefierence in flux also the quarter
wavelent hyperconducter must be activated at a point where th

Автор faron27 ( назад)
operation paper clip, operation high jump look into it!

Автор michael hicks ( назад)
we took a lot of nazi secrets to america after ww11 i think they have had
flying sausers 

Автор helthuismartin ( назад)
@MardLestat you dam right it happen.

Автор Mark Ward ( назад)
sorry maybe the nazis do have ufo tech but you can damn sure bet the
americans have it too and better so bring your little nazi ufo attack on
and we will blast you back to ice cold antartica where you can pull
icecycles out your ass for the next 50 years plus your nazi ufo looks like
a rattle trap tin can if you can check out our awsome sleek intimidating
versions at area 51 and groom lake you will see why you havent attacked yet
so stay in your little ice cave or face retrobution from the jews

Автор MardLestat ( назад)
@Misstorys The Nazis who escaped The West front and The East front and fled
to Brazil and Argentina or like in many of these occasions with
"Nazi-U.F.Os" that some fled to a hidden base where they live still. well
this whole story seem to be a bit crazy but I don´t see why it couldn't
happened. We kind of speak of the Nazis like like they where the
Atlantians. The Nazis had a lot of good tech going on but I think sometimes
we attend to mystify them.

Автор Misstorys ( назад)
@wolvian93 Yes that new film.. spoilsport !

Автор Misstorys ( назад)
@MardLestat The only thing I mean is that according to the documentation
,the documents and the (real) pics of Vril , Haunebu and earlier types the
Germans build and flight tested those saucers. I think that the US. after
the war took some of those to maybe develop further, I dont know. what you
mean by escaped Nazi's ? Those paperclip Nazi develop probl. all kind of

Автор MardLestat ( назад)
@Misstorys Its pretty hard so say either way, the truth is twisted I
suppose.So what you mean to say about this film is that the so called
escaped Nazis flying these today? I'm not being sarcastic I'm asking you.

Автор Misstorys ( назад)
@stevenchiverton What is as hanebu truth ? those saucer are called Haunebu
1, 2 and 3

Автор Misstorys ( назад)
@MardLestat Conspiracy hm you can look up the pics.. ? They are real Vril
Haunebu types even with a tank barrel underneath.. seen in flight.. no not
hoaxes..for the dumbasses and morrons who think that.

Автор Misstorys ( назад)
@sta110ne Take a few clever scientist a allegedly downed craft some books
from India and hoppa...

Автор Misstorys ( назад)
@TheMASDrummer Yes bmw was making these saucers .

Автор Misstorys ( назад)
@hiladelphia Most of all only for testing.. but the flew there are pics of
it flying. so proof enough..

Автор Misstorys ( назад)
@ruldal Sorry Fake ? Ha LOL do your homework.. they are as real as it gets.

Автор Uchihaclan28 ( назад)
What song is this? i like it a lot.

Автор le l ( назад)
/watch?v=DeAfoiN5SDw finnish movie going to do moon nazis :P

Автор Dragonelis ( назад)
@wolvian93 I think that 2012 doesn't have anything related to Nazis...

Автор LukySKS ( назад)
Who write this amazing music?

Автор trsk ( назад)
what music is that?

Автор drewkeener ( назад)
It's not hard to make this shaped craft fly. I don't see why it's so hard
to believe? 

Автор haufe012 ( назад)
VRIL-7 it exists, I know.....the Penatgon knows.....but they don't say the
truth.....they lie.

Автор Tatoke kokipa ( назад)
@word85208 lol he did not even reply to u wahaha

Автор Tatoke kokipa ( назад)
@RaumZeitPresse toyota

Автор 1938Neuschwabenland ( назад)
@chestnui I agree! Fucking degenerate music!

Автор Björn Lindemann ( назад)
Its all unreal, ist all fake. Only the moonlanding was real ;)

Автор Björn Lindemann ( назад)
Alles Schwachsinn alles Fake, die Mondlandung war Echt ;)

Автор TheMASDrummer ( назад)

Автор Ronald Kratochwil ( назад)
Can somebody tell me the name of the song in this video? It sounds great!

Автор lordofthe7strings ( назад)

Автор Christopher Kaufman ( назад)

Автор MardLestat ( назад)
Okey Tesla made some strange things so did Schauberger, but come on
Nazi-UFO-discs?? Why would Nazis fly around to day in Hover-discs, No one
has ever talked about this claim out of witness. Its always conspiracy and
some one that heard something from Von Braun. 

Автор healinggreen ( назад)
I agree, this is cool and believable, I was trying to convince my friends
too about these...thanks!

Автор Karl S. ( назад)
hello, this foto at 1:26 is this real???? this is a fake, right???

Автор BombsAway999 ( назад)
Or 2:21 could be haunebu 3

Автор BombsAway999 ( назад)
I think 2:21 to 2:24 looks like the Haunebu 1

Автор Torsten Venth ( назад)
@ecco1347 deshalb haben die amis nach 45 so viele ufos gesehen 50000000
patente haben sie geklaut

Автор MarsImperator2 ( назад)
@tim22ism hahahahaha! sure, as if the "americans" wouldn't try to rule the

Автор CG Morgan ( назад)
we will be lead to believe that there is an alien threat and the
governement is going to call for a united earth to introduce the NWO. If
they already had technology back then to build saucers, just imagine what
they could do now...

Автор fistepot ( назад)
well, i would find that quite strange because we cant make them now. And
flying a flying disc is not particularly aerodynamic :P At least not in out
atmosphere. what would propel these thing? Our convectional way of making
motors just isn't enough. We do not possess the technology today, and as
far as i know our technological development is progressing over time, not
the other way around. :)

Автор fistepot ( назад)
because its bull shitt :P Why dose everybody think a nation back in the
50´s could make these machines? We cant make them now, how could we have
made them back then?

Автор ABCKorpi (1048 лет назад)
In "Vril 1" there is "Type" instead of "Typ" or "Modell" or just "...
Flugscheibe Vril 1" and also the hand written diameter without unit and the
title with fancy letter styling is strongly indicating a fake. In "Haunebu
II" also the thing with "Type" and the handwriting. Also it spells
"bewaffneter Flugscheibe" instead of "bewaffnete Flugscheibe" These are
mistakes no german writer whould have made and either the whole blueprint
whould be handwritten or everything done with a typewriter.

Автор Filip Poskonka ( назад)
good music :)

Автор ABCKorpi ( назад)
These "evidences" are soooooo faked! In some of the photographs shadows are
missing and in the readable blueprints there are english words... no nazi
engeneer whould have done such a spelling mistake....

Автор dragoo994 ( назад)
documents... someone have made it, someone was interested in those projects
and i think someone is still continuing it

Автор UNOnumb ( назад)
There i can find haunebu ufo plans ?

Автор frankensteinmoneymac ( назад)
Ha! I would have never noticed that....I think it is!

Автор frankensteinmoneymac ( назад)
What kind, conventional jet or what?

Автор frankensteinmoneymac ( назад)
THere are actually multiple ways in which a disc shaped aircraft can take
flight. A conventional design using regular jet tech is one way. If is
possible they were looking for a VTL craft and built a disc around a
central-large turbo fan type jet engine. This would make it a jet powered
heli without blades to damage. Unconvincenal designed might be - Ionic
"lifter" electric engine w/no moving parts, Coander effect, Field
propulsion (t.townsend brown style), or countless others ideas.

Автор Toastieboy999 ( назад)
with 2 discs, in the haunebu II one disc got 8m radius and the other one
6m, but i dont know how it exactly works.

Автор Uchihaclan28 ( назад)
i dont belive we will all die in 2012 ive seen the evidence, all its gonna
do is get hotter in the summer, then cool down if by dieing you mean
getting up to 120*F in the summer then yes

Автор Uchihaclan28 ( назад)
because all things in the bible apparently lead to the year 2012 but in
reality in science all that going to happen in 2012 is that the summer will
be at its peak tempiture( it only goes downhill from there)

Автор Nackols ( назад)
um why do some guys think we are all going to die 2012 someone please
answear! P.S buy what?

Автор Michael Hicklin ( назад)
This is just a hotch-potch of images which proves nothing - except the fact
that there's one born every minute.

Автор alepty (128 лет назад)
If they had this technology back tan they would probably use it to rule the
world as they have in mind. As they didn´t use it probably they didn´t have
it or they perhaps they didn´t want to use for the conquest purpose. But is
is really funny to see that an old truck is caring the space craft lol.

Автор Saiixx ( назад)
exactly....lmao this is bullshit...what did they forget that they had this
shit in their garage

Автор James Doh ( назад)
Is the Secret Nazi base in Antartica true and the one in Mars and the
Moon?At least they need plants to get oxygen and food.

Автор warehouselarry ( назад)
This is great...except for the music. Now I can't show it to any of the
friends I'm trying to convince, because the music makes it sound like
something some teenager threw together for a class project.

Автор Uchihaclan28 ( назад)
do you know were i can find some good images of nazi/german prototype
flying discs?

Автор CCLJunky ( назад)
great video. thanx! 5 stars!! :)

Автор kecochr ( назад)
interesting montage. keep up the good work my friend.

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