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Автор chiquinquira181164 ( назад)
Te felicito que maravilla de trabajo, esta alucinante!!

Автор Rosa Mori ( назад)

Автор Nini Pb ( назад)
Sublime ! j'adore

Автор Lisa Cowles ( назад)
What pens you use to draw your sampler? Love it!

Автор Isabella Dinsmore ( назад)
That is beautiful!

Автор Mici Mat ( назад)
Please check out video :)

Автор Dalton Gata ( назад)
big shit.

Автор Desdemona Gladiola ( назад)
Holy Moly!

Автор Jane Whittlesey ( назад)
Great work, Milliande. I'm assigning these videos as homework for my
drawing students.

Автор Sonia Rumzi ( назад)
That was lovely. Thank you so much.

Автор marco barone ( назад)
it doesn't even matter cuz she is sloppy as hell

Автор Visnja Murgic ( назад)
What is the name of the music please? It's perfect Zentangle music! Love
your zentangles!

Автор india1784 ( назад)
No. just you Eddy ;D

Автор india1784 ( назад)
I used to do this at university, working on my markmaking and sorting
ideas. It was very Zen, Do you do Zoga too? :D

Автор Apple Genesis ( назад)
it's like a FAIRY TALE o_o

Автор Apple Genesis ( назад)
i'm kinda addicted n your videos ^_____^ all of them are VERY COOL as much
as you are >.<

Автор usillinder ( назад)
Are you a certified Zentangle Instructor?

Автор Edward Wesley ( назад)
So... did anyone else wonder if she only used one pen?

Автор May Mufeez ( назад)
i found zentangling very therapeutic..in fact iv always zentangled wthout
knowing its name plus i felt it is some sort of a meditation as it relaxes
me especially when im at a stressful environment..now i knw why its
considered to be a meditative art..im glad u mentioned the pen types cuz i
usually use the writing pens and pencils and then found out there actually
are pens specifically made for zentangles...lovely work :)

Автор Gaviotita ( назад)
I like the music! Can you please tell me what is? Thanks... beautiful
doodling :)

Автор Tutto Hobby ( назад)
beautiful!!! compliments!!!

Автор Sniggins ( назад)
It looks like what someone would draw when avoiding work, not art. Seems
shitty art videos are the new craze on youtube. And this is called
doodling, not Zentangles.

Автор palacsintakat ( назад)
I just watched all four of these. If I hear this song again I'll shoot my
ears xD I like your patterns though

Автор Lisz_D_Crafter ( назад)
wats the name of ur tune u use in ur vids? i love ur vid v much...thanks

Автор Flamo353 ( назад)
@Beeguiling Sounds like a store that should be selling condoms =D

Автор Flamo353 ( назад)
I can tell you got bored one day..

Автор clscrock ( назад)
@Beeguiling thanks for the help! :)

Автор AeroDoe ( назад)
@clscrock I buy all my stuff at dickblick. They have everything, and at
uber-low prices. I got a 6-pen Sakura Micron kit in black for ~ $8. (Some
people use Sharpies, but I don't like the way permanent markers seem to
dull the paper's finish.) I also like the Pilot V-7, it's a nice shiny
black. As for paper, I use Bristol smooth finish. I think I paid ~$5 for a
pad of 20 (11"x14" 100lb.) (I cut it in half)

Автор elafranco ( назад)
Are you using regular paper? Also, what type of pen are you using? This is

Автор Yara Paredes Eustaquio ( назад)
amig@ tus dibujos estan padres no te ofendas pero me dio sueño el video

Автор DJDrDerek ( назад)
@clscrock dollar store. They actually have some pretty good quality pens
and paper.

Автор ttbiggers5268 ( назад)
absolutly amazing i am very impressed :) learnings bunches! do u paint? if
so i could used a few pointers :) i would love to get tips from someone as
talented as you!

Автор Alex G. ( назад)
what kind of pen do u suggest using?

Автор Hinalllll ( назад)
i like to zentangle even though i don't have the proper materials. but i do
have a pointy pen. :-/ maybe i can go to the dollar store and get something

Автор Nikki M ( назад)
i can see this now, as every box little box pictures on the wall placed
nearly touching on a wall.. It would look great

Автор 1958boomergirl ( назад)
@Milliande Have you sold any of these doodles? I'll bet you'd get a pretty
good price for a lot of them. This is so beautiful! By the way, thanks for
showing us this art. :D

Автор Karen Hill ( назад)
It amuses me that some body can relabel doodling so they can charge to
teach it. Its not like anybody is going to pay for doodling classes but
with a new fancy name like zentangle you might have some people who will
pay. Like I heard said before zentangle is doodling with purpose. This is
patterns for creating puprose doodling if you cannot come up with your own
or want new ideas.

Автор lucybuzzacott ( назад)
I dont understand what this is?

Автор lucybuzzacott ( назад)
I dont understand what this is?

Автор clscrock ( назад)
where do u buy the pen, paper, etc? and is it reletively cheap?

Автор LusciousApril ( назад)
how is this a tutorial......?

Автор space pirate ( назад)
@MsPhi618 whats the difference?

Автор Margaret Bremner ( назад)
It's always fun to watch someone else work! Important to remember, though,
that Zentangle and doodling are quite different activities. (I've been a
Certified Zentangle teacher for almost a year now.)

Автор crosspecans ( назад)
gosh, i wish you designed fabrics..yep it would rock !!

Автор TutorialHouse ( назад)
I've done mine! \o/

Автор Milliande Art Studio ( назад)
@moolahexpress . Thank you :-) ..I like a variety of drawing pens and work
with an array of different sizes . .. .I like Pitt Artist Pens, UNI Pin
Pens, Pentel rollerbol liquid ink, Zig Artist sketching pens, Cyperpen
color ... ... many are found in the stationary section or the Pen and Ink
Drawing section of an art supply store ..hope this helps... milliande

Автор artbyajanderson ( назад)
I haven't even done a zentangle yet but I think I'm already addicted. I
love how they have patterns but are totally random.

Автор Kim Q ( назад)
i luv ur zendalas.... u should do urs in color though and i luv the
cheerful music u put in ur videos.

Автор angela bouet ( назад)
hi girl how are you why dont you sell your doodles to fashion paris. for
fabric design

Автор angela bouet ( назад)
hi girl how are you why dont you sell your doodles to fashion paris. for
fabric design.

Автор suezn5 ( назад)
great video. Thanks for posting!

Автор leftatmars ( назад)
Wonderful! What pens do you use? I usually use micron but I end up
smooshing the tips down way before they run out of ink. I probably have
enough leftover ink to do a mural the size of my living room but the tips
are all flat. Thanks for shaing what you do and who you are with your lucky
fans. Me included.

Автор Booklvr777 ( назад)
how do you come up with SO many tiny patterns????????? <3.

Автор dodododomino ( назад)
I love your work, you inspired me to create my one zentangles. Thank u
verry much.

Автор artoftranscription ( назад)
Milliande, you should totally write a book! You have really rocked this

Автор GayDessert ( назад)
That's insane :O I love doing these kinda drawings xD

Автор Milliande Art Studio ( назад)
there are 2 links in the description box ( top right hand corner of this
page) one leads to my video series plus the printout .. one leads to
Zentangle Samplers members of my art community have uploaded ...scroll down
to see the links and follow them to see the patterns they have submitted :-)

Автор Monica Buys ( назад)
I love your doodles! I can spend hours on creating doodles myself and you
inspired me to do it! Thank you! :) Love your channel!

Автор Evangeline1974 ( назад)
Great vids (as always)! I am inspired to do some doodlin'!

Автор MercuryRizing777 ( назад)
I,m so happy to see you making videos again, these were so beautiful as
always, I love to make those.

Автор artsycalgal ( назад)
I don't know what the reaction of a boss might be but some tests were
conducted that showed that people who doodle during a meeting or lecture
actually retain more information than those who do not doodle!

Автор btrfleye Gomez ( назад)
thanks for sharing....i swear doodling is the most difficult for me =)

Автор Jessi Campbell ( назад)
It reminds me of the doodling I used to do during class in jr high and high
school =)

Автор Neferkit ( назад)
I have really enjoyed watching this series and have found it enormously
inspiring! Today is going to be a zendoodle day! Thanks, Milliande, for a
fabulous, inspirational series! Hugs :-)

Автор missjenibee ( назад)
So cool! So relaxing to watch, and yet so inspiring at the same time! I'll
be doodling all day!

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