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O Kairos Gar Eggys O Kairos Gar Eggys
Liakopoulos dimosthenis was born in thessaloniki GREECE.liakopoulos dimosthenis studied physics O liakopoulos ereyna ta mysthria apo mikros.O liakopoulos htan sto NATO opou ton fonazan liako gia syntomia epeidh to liakopoulos den xorouse sta natoika entypa. to liako kathierothike kai etsi proekypse to liako .gr
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the web page that promotes GREECE is liako.gr
O Kairos Gar Eggys O Kairos Gar Eggys
www.liako.gr & www.liakotv.gr
Liakopoulos - Enimerosi - paparologia mandoles
Demosthenis Liakopoulos (Greek:Δημοσθένης Λιακόπουλος) is a controversial TV personality in Greece who can best be described as a national mysticist. Dimosthenis Liakopoulos has studied Physics in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and claims to have made extended studies — albeit, apparently, on a personal and not academic level — in Astrophysics, World and Greek history, the paternal texts of the Orthodox faith and the evolution of military technology throughout the centuries. He has worked for 20 years as a High School physics teacher. He claims to have worked for NATO for several years [citation needed] ; subsequently he quit and dedicated himself to TV-shows and book publishing. His first television show was "Dimosthenous Dialogoi" ("Demosthenes' Dialogues") which included interviews of scientists, historians and politicians. His latest TV-show is called "Dynata kai Ellinika" ("Loud and Greek") in which he promotes his personal beliefs about history, technology, and politics while advertising the books he publishes. These books are written either by himself or by some of his associates.
His claims

His fame is due to an eccentric mixture of what he claims to be apocryphal knowledge, history, and religious texts, which he regularly evangelizes in the books he authors as well as his TV infomercial, broadcast on various hours of the day by a multitude of small Greek TV stations.

In his infomercials Liakopoulos promotes, at times aggressively, at times using rather naive arguments and at times with a substantial dose of humour, the sales of a series of books containing supposedly astounding revelations, which he claims to have been presented to him through father Iosif Vatopedinos and father Paisios of Mount Athos, as well as Saint John Trahonitis from Lemesos of Cyprus; he frequently invokes their authority to substantiate his claims, insisting that "the wise sage has said so!", Greek: "το είπε και ο σοφός ο γέροντας!", which has evolved into something of a catch phrase.

The books cover a multitude of conspiracy theories most of which have to do with the Apocalypse, "New World Order", "Global Zionism", "Extraterrestrials", "The Theory of the Hollow Earth" and other obscure topics. He combines elements from a multitude of conspiracy theories, blending them with pseudoreligious and pseudohistorical facts in order to present an explanation of world developments that is characteristic to conspiracy-themed publications. One example is his claim that according to religious texts of the Christian Church, Alexander the Great was instructed by the Christian God to seal the exits of the interior of the earth by building Pyramids. In this way the so called "putrid nations"—apparently something like the Morlocks in H. G. Wells' "The Time Machine"—have been trapped inside the hollow interior of the earth waiting for a chance to come out.

Liakopoulos has stated that he doesn't always agree with all the theories mentioned in his infomercials, although it's not always clear which of them he promotes and which he only mentions; this makes it much easier to distance himself from theories that appear in his shows and books, when they are proven to be obvious frauds.

The most popular book he promotes is probably the two-volume series "O Kairos gar Eggys" ("Ο Καιρός Γαρ Εγγύς"—The Time is Nigh) which contains what Liakopoulos calls prophecies pertaining to the future of Greece and the world until the year 2024. In this book it is stated that Russian technology will be superior to the arms of NATO and will bring back Russia (referred in the prophetica texts as 'the blond race') as a superpower during the upcoming World War III. Thence, the Byzantine Empire will become the most powerful nation in the world bringing a Golden Age with peace and justice to the entire planet.

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GREECE - TURKEY 1000 - 0

Автор DecaGoth ( назад)
Egw paidia lew na sikwthoume apo ta ntivania(kai de thelw gelia,giati se
ntivania eimaste) kai na pame na kanoume auto pou prepei. Sto katw katw tis
grafeis kai na pethanoume.... me sikwmeno to kefali tha to kanoume kai
auto.Arketa o politismos twn allwn.Prepei kapoia stigmi na thumithoume to
diko mas politismo pou gennise tous upolipous.

na kanoune klirosi, de psifizo, psifizo arage ?

Автор CL21579 ( назад)
Αυτα να τα βλεπουνε και καποιοι άλλοι, ακροαριστεροί, άθεοι, αδιάφοροι κλπ.
διότι δυστυχώς δεν αρκεί να τα βλέπουμε μόνο εμείς που τα ασπαζόμαστε.

Автор Alexandros Katechis ( назад)
"Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight
like Greeks." Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
8a leme pos oi Ellhnes den polemoun san hrwes, alla oi hrwes polemoun san
tous Ellhnes.

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κοντα ειναι η ωρα αδερφια!!!! η αγια σοφια να ξαναλητουργησει

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Автор neph57 ( назад)
Ξύπνα Αποστόλη να πάρουμε την Πόληηηηη!!!! ΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑ!!!!

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Και όποιο Τούρκο βρήκανε..

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Με ηθικό ατσάλι...

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