my girl

my crazy cousin

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My brother homeboi playing with my cam
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Автор samaria135790 (6 лет)
wat tha fuck.(lol)

Автор Ken Man (4 года)
she sexy

Автор perfectday10 (4 года)
shes very nice & sexy

Автор TheLordofShell (3 года)
Whale song

Автор MrFatwomenlover (3 года)
she's sooooo beautiful!!!

Автор paulsproduction (4 года)
Hi how are you?

Автор aoa jeddah (4 года)
hehehehe nice girl

Автор Jbb6782 (3 года)
Think of all the soap we could get from that blubber!

Автор kuzka84 (3 года)
i like you bb

Автор Kule Luft (4 года)
shes sexy :]

Автор Maya c (4 года)
LOL! I love it

Автор smashu221 (3 года)
id love to give it to her

Автор victor reznov (3 года)
sounds like ur huffen and puffen ther lardy ...

Автор smashu221 (3 года)
i like a big girl with a sense of humor and i bet she can fuck too!

Автор steve ole (3 года)
Yea girl damn ur sexy u just gotta belive it tho, because you dont

Автор Jabari Butler (6 лет)
"what can make me feel this way.....cupcakes" lmao.

Автор bg89green (3 года)
her fatass getting tired

Автор Dovis Gadzijev (3 года)
dont please!!!

Автор Tjockis mullig (3 года)

Автор matt9603 (4 года)
set your ass down

Автор Daquan Chisholm (1 год)
Fatass cant breath

Автор 3wy0612 (1 год)

Автор Nerden2009 (3 года)
First I turned my screen (Yes I have a flipable screen) :D Then I laughed a
bit, not because she is fat (I'm big myself), but the movements and singing
was hilerious and weird. :D Oh, this video is 3 years ago, maybe she got
better? :P :D

Автор Big Ass Luva (3 года)
Whats her name? I think shes sexy with a sence of humor

Автор kc773 (3 года)
I couldn't see the video, she didn't fit on my cpu screen...

Автор tuga1999 (3 года)
wtf???? she got balls....thats cool tho,she look fun.

Автор alghayb (3 года)
The biggest loser is calling for you

Автор Samigraff (3 года)
Be my girl!

Автор Milan Rozsíval (3 года)
Sexy body, singing is worse.

Автор steve burris (6 лет)
ok A. leslie shouldn't be dancing and B. she damn sure shouldn't be
singing. but i must say i got a damn good laugh

Автор SFREEMUSIC1 (3 года)
nice tits

Автор Snarff 700 (3 года)
Give me a piece!

Автор smashu221 (3 года)
she ca't dance worth the shit. but she's so cute

Автор Eduardo Piston (3 года)
Fucking fun....

Автор FiGht4YoURPriDe (6 лет)
what aaaaaa fuckkkkkkkkk...

Автор qatarqtel (6 лет)
wana big dick in ur ass without any oil , lol

Автор bbwluvr3000 (3 года)
Looking great!

Автор babydollgirl37 (4 года)
know this is so funny thums up

Автор Mario Tutti (3 года)

Автор WutsUpBitchez (6 лет)

Автор samonni9 (5 лет)
ha ha this shit funnnnyyyy

Автор dew285 (3 года)
@luciencubano lol...............

Автор Josemanuelverde (3 года)
maldia gorda estupida!!!!

Автор cimism610 (3 года)
no vaseline

Автор romario fortunato (4 года)
very nice girl im like you talk to me

Автор Longman Brittle (3 года)
lucky man

Автор luciencubano (3 года)
I hear that singing with your titties out makes you sound better, why don't
you try it.

Автор pdikaiou (6 лет)
vedouza vedouza!!!!xaxaxa!!!lol!!!

Автор clemsonfor (3 года)
put a thong on and a bikini top and show ooff!

Автор dagansix (3 года)
please!!!!!! SHOOT HER

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