Steven's Love Of Superheroes - The Return of Doctor Mysterio - Doctor Who

Steven Moffat explains why he decided to create a superhero for Doctor Who.

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Автор Caramel Dance ( назад)
I'm glad moff is leaving but Peter Capaldi should stayed. At least for one more season. I would love to watch 12 without moffat and his companion centered plot.

Автор Cassiano Souza ( назад)
mais se um dia eu for ja tenho uma temporada toda escrita

Автор Cassiano Souza ( назад)
queria ser showrunner

Автор JulieG Vlogs ( назад)
we hate love u mostly dislike u Moffat

Автор Kaylin Worthington ( назад)
It is surprisingly good! He explained the superhero thing in an alien like way and it's hilarious!

Автор whoam42a1 ( назад)
Having now seen this Christmas episode, I feel its just like the spin off Class . The BBC are just catering to the American taste. DR.WHO is British and should be kept that way, instead of this drivel.

Автор Crunchy Oysters ( назад)
If you look at reviews of Hell Bent on YouTube, you will find that most people enjoyed the episode, even critics thought it was great. It just seems like the Moffat haters are far more vocal than normal Doctor Who fans. Just because the story is not what you expected does not mean it's bad! Also, the Christmas specials are supposed to be more humorous that the rest of the show. Look at the Husbands of River Song, people though it would suck but in the end people really enjoyed it!

Автор Ruthy Corbisier ( назад)
En français SVPL

Автор MormonDude Starfaith ( назад)
Everybody's all hating on Moffat. I meme hated the man. I advocated that he was trying to bring the world to its knees. But I honestly loved the man. His episodes are amazing. "Poorly executed"? "Can't follow them"? Then why have you people been eagerly following DW and watching the series since season 5? If you hated them, or couldn't understand them, then why watch them? Why still hate on them now, on his last season? For crying out loud people, either stop complaining or stop watching it and bothering the rest of us. Stick to the episodes you did enjoy. You've got a little under 50 years worth of Moffat-less episodes for you people.

Автор Tuesday Again? ( назад)
that explains why this show is on such a downhill. super heroes suck. pick up a book, a real one, without pictures.

Автор Daniel Brongers ( назад)
But isn't Doctor Who already a 'superhero' in a sense? He did save the planet (and our future) a great number of times...

Автор Conner Gaskell ( назад)
i loved heroes and fighter forbyears mate

Автор Dominic Sullivan ( назад)
I hate this! They totally ripped off superman! The hair, the glasses, the cape, the powers even the ripping open the shirt thing!

Автор The Doctor ( назад)
superhero's? Doctor Who??? now that is lame.

Автор Shoogamoogaman ( назад)
Please say they explain the identity of the glasses with a perception filter! I've been waiting for Superman to explain that away for years!

Автор Hit ( назад)
I know superhero isn't the first time in Doctor Who, but this is just one bad acting! Especially, when you hired back this guy from Dragon Ball Evolution, the most complete garbage movie in history!!

Автор David Turner ( назад)
Doctor Who fans are the worst. All you seem to do is whine and moan.

Автор MrSephka ( назад)
I bet the superhero is a cyberman in disguise and everything makes sense in the end.

Автор Calum ( назад)
Is it just me who doesn't understand all the hate for Steven?

Автор Emperor Marvin ( назад)
When Doctor Who comes back this year I hope it brings back those thought provoking episodes that actually leave you thinking.

Автор gusbaker4u ( назад)
I personally love the idea of a superhero in Doctor Who, it's never been done before...but this looks...super cheap, tee hee.

Автор Stocky Comdt ( назад)

Автор TheWhoTuber ( назад)
I don't know why people forget that Christmas specials are supposed to be more fun and lighthearted. The main plot in "The Husbands of River Song" was A Head in a Bag.

Автор Christina Dutka ( назад)

Автор Scott Davidson ( назад)
Looks like someone has been watching too much MCU

Автор Mothur Phucker ( назад)
I feel like Moffat is losing touch with what makes Doctor Who great in the first place. The only three time periods his doctors ever seem to visit are the Victorian age, present day, and the 50th century. All of his original characters eventually devolve into Mary Sues like River Song and Clara both did. His doctors's ethics are all over the place. One day the Doctor never would, another he willfully manipulates all of humanity to commit genocide of an entire sentient species. As his tenor as Who's show runner goes on, he keeps awkwardly trying to shoe horn in increasingly ridiculous elements to the show. First River Song goes from an intriguing mystery to a human/time-lady hybrid Mary Sue even though Donna Noble's arc from the same series that introduced River made it clear that human/time-lady hybrids aren't genetically stable enough to even live. Next he decided the previously asexual time-lords are now sexual. After that he completely redesigned the Silurians so they could now look fairly fit and be the only reptiles on earth with mammary glands. Then he changed the Master's sexuality so he could pair her up with the Doctor, completely ignoring the implication that Moffat thinks sexuality and gender are linked. Either all the previous incarnations of the Master were secretly attracted to males or the Master's sexual preference changed when he became a women which is fairly offensive to all gay people. All of Moffat's companions are all so smart they all learn how to pilot the Tardis, something they genetically shouldn't be able to do since Tardises are designed to only function under a Time-Lord's control.

Автор Ilse Vreeken ( назад)
I'll try to enjoy it if you don't KILL EVERYONE MOFFAT!!!

Автор TheJaviferrol ( назад)
So he´s doing what he likes, not what is good for the series

Автор MWR videos ( назад)
stop being nasty about him

Автор First Name Surname ( назад)
Wish people would consider the things he's done for this show that has made it brilliant, rather than jumping on the bandwagon. I've been a fan for a very long time and the show is not as good in my opinion as when it was the classic series, but it's far better than the RTD era for me

Автор Willem Den Bokkenrijder ( назад)
get out steven....

Автор sanna ( назад)
I am so excited for Doctor Who's return. I really think last season was amazing, hope the next one will be as good!

Автор XxDachshundxX Productions ( назад)
Go away Steven Moffat! No one wants to hear about your dreams and visions for the show! You've ruined Doctor Who! If you wanted people to like you, you should have listened to what fans wanted! And to the channel, stop making these videos about Moffat fantasizing over his creations! At least we only have one year left...

Автор Just some guy ( назад)
I hate Steve, I'm just pretending to hate him because that's the cool thing to do.

Автор Hudson112 ( назад)
You guys need to think about if Moffat knows how much hate he's getting. Not only will it make him unhappy but it will also put stress on him as showrunner. Seriously, Moffat is trying his best to make the show good. Can't you guys just be grateful?

Автор Cameron Kiesser ( назад)
Can we get a crossover with The Flash? Flashpoint Who

Автор Adam10Burt ( назад)
Loved Superheroes and Doctor Who. I am a Geek.

Автор ben taro ( назад)
STOP pushing moffat in our faces. We don't want the writer.

Автор Joel Connors ( назад)
wow that was a great video can't wait to see more of Steven saying how much he likes his latest episode.

Автор NickIsYams ( назад)
Get him outta here

Автор Ciaran Telfer ( назад)
Please Moffat just go your ruining doctor who please go, this is basically the arrow or the flash or dc legends

Автор Chilly Soda ( назад)
Still complaining, I see?

Автор Doctor Who Fanatic ( назад)
This look dreadful

Автор shootybaking ( назад)
But the Doctor is a superhero.

Автор Thilia Estel ( назад)
Am I the only one who actually enjoys Steven Moffats writing? I mean of course some episodes were better than others but I honestly enjoyed them all on some level. I think the stories are challenging and fun (and heartbreaking🙈), sometimes maybe just a little bit too confusing but it doesn't hurt if you have to think now and then.
So even I'm not sure about this superhero thing (cause until now Doctor Who has been a very logical show and superheroes are kinda not...) I'm very willing to wait and see - cause most of the time it's not the way it seems to be! So stay excited people and stop the unnecessary hate in advance

Автор Whovian 11 ( назад)
I Don't know what to think about the Superhero-idea ... but I think we should all give it a chance :D

Автор fangtom39 ( назад)
This is stupid! What happened to the good old days with David and Matt smith, someone just fire him or something because this show is not even good anymore

Автор Kitty Starr ( назад)
Doctor who is all about having an open mind, trying new things, pushing the envelope and having fun... as a Doctor Who fan I am vastly disappointed at the responses people are having for an episode they have not even seen yet. The amount of hatred I have seen pouring from the whovian fanbase lately makes me sad to be associated, honestly.

Автор Luke Molloy ( назад)
Jeez I'm not the biggest fan of his work in recent years but give the guy a break. He's been great for doctor who in parts and has wrote some good episodes. We've not even seen the episode yet!

Автор changethewords2 ( назад)
Please stop Moffat. NOW

Автор Szabi Molnár ( назад)
I love Moffat, and what he brought to the show. It really grew under him. It must be awesome to realize your childhood dream, and in the context of Doctor Who to boot!

Автор Warren Worthington ( назад)
Moffat IS Doctor Who. you nerds are scrubs.

Автор Viewtiful Mike Holmes ( назад)
Why we hate Moffat like show runer? I believe is because this serie is not a soap opera, is Doctor Who, that's one reason. Clara will go to hell and no return one of the worse companions since Moffat write that the Doctor had a strange obssesion in that girl.

Автор Nick the Geek ( назад)
I have a feeling that against all criticism this will end up been good :P

Автор Stansman63 ( назад)
Hopefully new episodes will revive interest in the show, at least in my area Dr Who merchandise has become a lot less common in the shops and the special DVD box sets of the last couple of seasons are in the bargain bin (something I never saw happen with the Tennant/Smith seasons)

Автор ShayFizz Productions ( назад)
yes but the doctor is the super hero

Автор Charlotte Barnes ( назад)
I'm sure the episode will be better than the preview.

Автор Sludge Pump Hi-Power Beats ( назад)
'since i was a child i've always loved superhero's' ohright so not sci fi then..... why are you even the show runner still!

Автор Da Pumaface ( назад)
They really are running it of ideas

Автор Addict With A Graff Bomb ( назад)
I don't think I'll be able to handle Moffat for one more year. Russel T. Davis is a saviour in my eyes

Автор NPCarlsson ( назад)
Whether you like him or hate him, you can't deny he has really creative ideas.
I may be one of few, but I'm really looking forward to this episode :)

Автор DinosaurKale ( назад)
Loved Hell Bent and love the idea a Superhero special. Don't know what everyone is being a grinch for. Thanks for all the good stories.

Автор Harry Gandle ( назад)
Moffat, having run out of ideas 5 years ago and with a whole series of the increasingly mediocre Sherlock to write, suddenly realised he had to come up with a brand new season of Doctor Who and a Christmas special!

Season 10 was easy, just make the new companion the centre of the show, make the stories timey wimey, add a couple of cookie cutter, sassy wise cracking villainess' add a few returning aliens, make the plot tedious and needlessly over complicated and then make the whole thing pointless with a disappointing finale.

But what to do about a xmas special? Oh yeah - Superheroes are popular lets make the doctor meet a superhero! After all If the plebs accepted father christmas, they will swallow this garbage too!

Автор Burhan Ikram ( назад)
This man single handily destroyed doctor who and all the work Russel T Davis put into reviving the show

Автор Deathrock9 ( назад)
The green screen effects seem to have been improved upon judging by the footage seen in this video.

Автор Lilo Zen ( назад)
people complaining about Moffat obviously haven't watched series 9, the most critically acclaimed series ever.

Автор FrogSkull7960 ( назад)
For anybody who actually doesn't think that Doctor Who is dead, or that Moffat is the personification of evil etc., I just want you to know that you're not alone, even if that's what it feels like online at the moment. I really enjoyed Series 9, and actually liked 'Husbands' and I don't think I'm the only one.

Автор ianthebrummie ( назад)
IMO Steven Moffat's tenure as Showrunner started with great promise but that early promise soon evaporated. He did however make two outstanding decisions during his era despite all of the rubbish - casting Matt Smith & Peter Capaldi.

Автор ComBlockWither ( назад)
Will Doctor Who renames into Superman Who ?

Автор Bob Lassiter ( назад)
The man should have been fired the second he created River Song.

Автор Cailan Cook ( назад)
Steven Moffat is great writer, some of his stories have been fantastic! E.g. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead + The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, but damn, he's a terrible Showrunner.

Автор ooooneeee ( назад)
ITT: Salty Moffat haters.

Автор Vallahex ( назад)
doctor who has always balanced adult and childish stories but come on Steven I cant even find the adult anything anymore it all feels dumbed down super hard

Автор Elliot Paige ( назад)
For those of you who love Moffat and his contribution to both Doctor Who & Sherlock Holmes legacy, I respect your opinion and envy your current contentment. I however hate Steven Moffat's work, never liked his vision of what Doctor Who or Sherlock Holmes is or should be and now I just want him gone.

Автор Shaun The Penguin ( назад)
I can't believe everyone is hating on an episode that hasn't even aired yet, this could be amazing! Give it a chance.

Автор Cynarky ( назад)
Everyone dissing this guy... he wrote Heaven Sent so shut up!!

Автор Necroglobule ( назад)
I just wish Steven had a love of good storytelling.

Автор TopBunkProductions ( назад)

dies illa

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Judicandus homo reus.

Lacrimosa dies Illa

Qua resurget ex favilla

Judicandus homo reus

Huic ergo parce, Deus:

Pie Jesu Domine,

Dona eis


Dona eis requiem


Автор Paul Gilroy ( назад)
it worries me who is replacing Moffat. maybe I'll be wrong.

Автор Logopolis Castrovalva ( назад)
You love super heroes?
Oh, great! I hate super heroes!

Автор John ( назад)
Hate the Xmas specials, and this one looks particularly awful.
If it were up to me I would scrap the Xmas episode, and go back to having 13 regular episodes a season. Or make the episode 12 finale a 90 min extended special.

Автор Jackie Hill's Resting Bitch Face ( назад)

Автор Mental Cow ( назад)
Oh boy, can't wait to see all the Moffat hating comments

Автор Sherlock Who ( назад)
Am I the only one who's looking forward to this episode? I'm interested to see how they're gonna introduce the idea of superheroes into the show, and by the looks of the short clips in this video; seems like this is basically The Doctor meets Superman, and I'm down with that. Not looking forward to Nardole though, but let's hope they'll prove me wrong.

Автор Bryan Braddock ( назад)
Please for the love of god, just go. Don't wait until next year, just go NOW.

Автор loving taylena ( назад)
I'm such Doctor Who trash

Автор läderlappen ( назад)
because i personally think in the Doctor Who Universe there cant be any superheroes...

Автор BenG HD ( назад)
I guess Steven is a huge sucker for superheroes

Автор tonk82 ( назад)
I dont know if the episode is going to be good or not. But moffat looks really tired lately, i can't see the passion he had speaking when he arrived as showrunner.

Автор Tived Nagol ( назад)
I was worried at first that Moffat would mock superheroes. In any case, this is the closest we'll get to the Doctor and Superman meeting up, which I always thought would be cool.

Автор Sean Grand ( назад)
Why is everyone hating Steven Moffat episodes? I think Hell Bent was good for my broken heart from Clara's death..

Автор TheSingingBUn ( назад)
who knew he was a fan

Автор Ya Boy Chazza ( назад)
People should watch this with an open mind, if you go in thinking it will be awful then you'll see it as awful. Stop whining and enjoy it for what it is

Автор vcom741 ( назад)
Seeing the comments and...
Since when do people hate Moffat exactly?

Автор JC Productions ( назад)
Why is it, every time I hear something about this episode, it makes me feel that this is going to be so bad? I never thought you could get any worse than The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe tripe from 5 years ago. We've had no Doctor Who on TV all year and THIS is what we are getting? A SUPERHERO?!!! Moffat and the BBC have totally lost the plot. I used to enjoy his writing. I need to keep telling myself, "Just one more year" before he leaves.

Автор Mr. Blobby ( назад)
The 80's Is Repeating Itself

Автор Lacomus ( назад)
Please have a massive plot twist and this isn't real..
Please have a massive plot twist and this isn't real..
Please have a massive plot twist and this isn't real..
Please have a massive plot twist and this isn't real..

Автор Wanderfox LP ( назад)
People of all ages and of the UK and Doctor who fans
Give it a chance and don't be pessimistic
"Oh doctor who is terrible now *Whine whine whine*
Put on your big boy pants and suck it up
This will only be terrible if you make it terrible in your perspective
no one liked the 6th doctor when he was the doctor
but people learned to like him
you will learn to like this doctor also!
so be grown up and enjoy and dont whine and complain on how awfull this will be.
enjoy it for what it is and do not nit pick!

Автор Anoushka Dhar ( назад)

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