How to paint a Watercolour/watercolor Venetian sketch by Trevor Waugh

How to paint a Venetian watercolour by Trevor Waugh.An entertaining and informative short film showing the action of painting a watercolour using just brushwork and colour. A loose and instructive demonstration showing skill of hand and rendering done in an impressionistic style.A whole sketch condensed into three and a half minutes. A must view for the aspiring watercolourist wether student or professional. Accomplished artist Trevor Waugh has painted in Venice for over 2 decades now. the video is Accompanied by a unique sountrack written and performed by the artist.

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Длительность: 3:25
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Автор Victor Casanueva ( назад)
many artists have tried this sketch but only you captured Venetian spirit

Автор fineArt ( назад)
Very good

Автор Robert Carruthers ( назад)
Time to give up and go horse riding....

Автор Jayuff Fawver ( назад)
beautiful work awesome thank you......

Автор Ruben A Rivera (1638 лет назад)
Acrylic nude

Автор Fanny :D (ashgranty) ( назад)
hello. Please, can you say what color you use for this ?
I'm a big beginner ;)

Автор Anita Lataille ( назад)
Would love it if you would explain your process! love your style

Автор Jim Hagler (8 лет назад)
A very nice way to spend 3.5 minutes. Thank You!

Автор dimenion123 ( назад)
superb work, Trevor.

Автор sonyasmixedmedia ( назад)
I love this style of painting, but would love to hear you narrate what your
doing instead of music

Автор Gary Ray Hall ( назад)
Super painting and great music,you are seriously talented at both.

Автор Mike M. ( назад)
Perfect, but can u share: what brush is that and what number?

Автор locca1 ( назад)

Автор tacky ducky ( назад)
No sketch first!!? U kidding me man....... It was fucking awesome!!!!!!

Автор Romy2611 ( назад)
could you tell what brush that is and its number please??

Автор Whynot ( назад)
How can you paint without drawing first!? Wow!

Автор Carroll49 ( назад)
What's the background music.? The painting is excellent.

Автор aug035 ( назад)
Thank for share . Great

Автор souradipta sen ( назад)
i jst cant imagine how u did paint that widout even having a sketch of it

Автор Diego Brenes ( назад)
Nice painting, do you apply water to the paper before painting on it?

Автор EXTINCT19 ( назад)
Free and easy effortless. A magic artist.

Автор MrWackro (1998 лет назад)
i love it!

Автор christine leisi ( назад)

Автор georgewu5 ( назад)
There are more in life than doing painting just for the likeness,such as
using the whites in the papaer to suggest and shadows to pop out the
elements. I am a registered architect, and I like this watercolor painting
very much. I had emotional response from this painting. Perhaps most
artists forgot about the aspect of art,instead, wasting a lot of time to
draw the like-ness of the objects. This one reminds me of the Chinese
painting which unfortunately had no idea of perspective. George Wu, AIA

Автор Cagacazzi ( назад)
Well done ,not easy to draw directly, without pencil , in watercolour, I
like the roof of the buildings on the right leaving them in in white to
suggest light,well done

Автор mack ish ( назад)
that was brilliant thanks for the vid.

Автор Krishna Kaipa ( назад)
great painting

Автор Ajay ( назад)
Thank you for the video lesson. It has come out very well. I was surprised
that you even scored the music for the video :-). Both your skills are

Автор ietes ( назад)
Your style is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Автор Trevor Waugh ( назад)
@kuikai100 Thanks! Much appreciated! T

Автор Suwong Mano ( назад)
very good ...painting

Автор Trevor Waugh (1063 года назад)
@jatontherun Sorry bout the delayed reply... whoops ! just figuring out how
to use this stuff ! ....anyway yep it's dry paper Arches 300lb
not.....plenty of water plenty of paint ....T

Автор jatontherun ( назад)
You are painting on dry paper? 

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