10 Video Games You're Not Allowed To Play

top 10 video games that are banned around the world
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Since the ESRB was first put into action in 1994, games have undergone a massive evolution, growing into complex, layered narratives with deep stories that are looking to be taken more seriously. This has caused something of a rift in the content evaluation of games, with developers seeking to have their games examined through the liberal-minded prism of books and movies while ratings boards have shown reluctance to open the floodgates when it comes to a medium so predominantly enjoyed by young consumers. Take the case of 2014 Nintendo 3DS release “Bravely Default”, for example. The Japanese game received conditional censorship in Europe on the grounds that it alter the skimpy outfits of its main character and up her age from 15 to 18. Some, however, pointed out that such restrictions were not placed on Vladimir Nabokov’s classic “Lolita”, nor its two film adaptations.

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Автор Thekingofdark zz ( назад)
wtf is God of war at ?

dam!! i love gta because stealing cool cars and etc that you gonna survive
that game

Автор Donux ( назад)
ghost recon fps........... isnt it a 3rd person game

Автор danniella hamilton ( назад)
yes you bitch

Автор Definitely Not Clickbait ( назад)
Don't tell me what I can't do bitch

Автор Noe Ramirez ( назад)
gta 5

Автор paddyyingtong1 ( назад)
What about Postal? :)

Автор MOK X SAVAGE ( назад)
My parents don't care what I play

Автор havefungaming 62 ( назад)
am I the only one mad that they put gta first?

Автор Steven Park ( назад)
Did this lady just say "Kiudad" LOL

Автор Mohammad Rizqi ( назад)
did you have a boyfriend

Автор Homar Alexander ( назад)
Kiudad??? really? CIUDAD, Si-U-Dad

Автор LumberOrc ( назад)

Автор Psikoloji Bilimi ( назад)
ne demek nedir kimdir com
Andy Rubin.

Автор Jorge Ramirez ( назад)
lol i have año GTAs

Автор Chase Barron ( назад)

Автор Chase Barron ( назад)
People put Gta 5 for kids!!!!

Автор Comissar Politrukk ( назад)
Foreign words aren't your strong suit.

Автор Sebas 847 ( назад)
Vff b gh. Gv

Автор Thukee Dhanushka ( назад)
nuke yourselves murica

Автор Navy_9 Gaming ( назад)

Автор Mostafa Kia ( назад)
it didnt say about Battlefield 3...
it is banned in iran and if they caught you with the game you go jail for 2
years plus 80 wipes on the back...

Автор Matthew Momsen ( назад)
feminists are filled of shit

Автор Tony flamingo watching you ( назад)
you fuckin kiding me?gta v was not even out at 2008

Автор slayerboy2 ( назад)
Lol these games are nothing compared to "Bonetown"

Автор Super Tapowerox ( назад)
Why GTA 😭

Автор Yogesh Singh Martolia ( назад)
if its not allowed then why u showing us

Автор Merrill Smith ( назад)
@ TheRichest yes it did, at least the 2nd version did, MANHUNT! a real manz
game :-)

Автор PixelFoundry Gaming ( назад)
*Mario should be banned then for influencing their young targeted players
that eating red shrooms makes you grow big and strong and eating green
shrooms gives you more than one life.*

Автор billyhatcher643 ( назад)
im glad i dont live in Thailand

Автор Josh Rumsey ( назад)
So we can play them still...

Автор hans van dorsten ( назад)
get rekt amerika not baned over here

Автор Wingworn ( назад)
Today in my country, I can play GTA.
(I'm Thai)

Автор Super Dan Playz ( назад)
I played ghost recon before on xbox 360, it isn't event that bad

Автор Grubelimanater building tips ( назад)

Автор the mobile gamer ( назад)
i love fucking generals so much why would they banned it

Автор Ambersan22 ( назад)
this video is called "games you aren't allowed to play", but i think it
means "video games that were banned in certain countries"

Автор Aiden Stanley ( назад)
I been playing grand theft auto for 8 years

Автор MLG CASH MONEY ( назад)
i have
gta 5
host recon
the witcher
mass effect
medal of honor-fav on the list-
and dat is all....

Автор I am Alive ( назад)
viva juarez cabrones! bah, the ban failed, the game is out open freely, but
it's not really tbat popular and has no juarez relation other than the name

Автор Alexander Curase ( назад)
Ten Games you will download after this video. XXXDDD

Автор Kevin Castro Casanova ( назад)
"first person tactical shooter"

its clearly 3rd person lmaaao

Автор Sam william ( назад)
i cant stop playing gta 5 ;(

Автор Billy Erwin ( назад)
im VERY confused why conker isint on here.

Автор Lima Bean ( назад)
I should probably be studying for my finals... oh well

Автор Eco channel ( назад)

Автор Dante Rhodenburg ( назад)
who want play g gta

Автор Karan Singh ( назад)
I play GTA 5 so much I'm still 10

Автор uG Dezyn ( назад)
medal of honor banned because it has a taliban team. cool story when COD
came out and has opfor which is also a taliban linked team. good one to
which ever American actually thought of getting it banned. honestly people
are such wimps about games.

Автор I don't Know ( назад)
2:40 lmfao Harambe

Автор DanTheHamster ( назад)
Gèralt not gerált

Автор AnimatedSkillGamer ( назад)
5:19 Is that a freaking boat on a roof on the left side?

Автор shivam are ( назад)
R u Say amazing but u give me gameslink so I will try it sweetheart

Автор 232Bikeman ( назад)
You forgot Dying Light, which is forbidden in Germany, for example

Автор CastBound ( назад)
Lol i play any game i want... i do not care if its banned i just download

Автор Ganz The Skeleton ( назад)
Why dont you just leave those people alone -_-
u cant control life LOLLLL

Автор Carlos Torres ( назад)
anyone else got the poopourri ad? /(:\)/

Автор Tëmpest ( назад)
i played the witcher 2 assasin of kings right before i watched this
video... wtf

Автор Nick Nasheim ( назад)
Manhunt was so fun. Gave you the option to kill people with anything. I
don't recall ever seeing a Manhunt 2. Probably because of the push of
censorship during the 90s

Автор LoopyMCGoat ( назад)
This channel sucks...

Автор Daniel Garcia ( назад)
Mortal Kombat Series

Автор Junior VFX ( назад)

Автор Duncan Mcknight ( назад)
why the hell does kids play GTA games that shit is getting fuckin old now

Автор Carn Kelly ( назад)
this is bull shit

Автор Exploding Creeper ( назад)
even more strict was the ban of ALL video games in Greece till the late 80s
or 90s

Автор Orchiily Uchiha [My OC in Naruto] ( назад)
Rapeplay is the worst!

Автор Attack Helicopter ( назад)
...a pixelated boner

Автор Dallas Reed ( назад)
Fuck u bitch GTA awesome

Автор Soccer Soccer ( назад)
your channel need to banned.

Автор iiSyncc ( назад)
gta is worse than ALL of these combined

Автор LilAngeloxox 21 ( назад)
gta fan me: *watches first 20 seconds* unsubscribes*

Автор Pie Toad ( назад)

Автор lo-zuzter sta cruz ( назад)
i'm allowed to play gta because i'm just a kid and i have already gta vice
city too late

Автор alish manandhar ( назад)
GTA xdxd

Автор Oblivion Crisis ( назад)
the witcher 2 and i still got the reward option available to me

Автор Dragoncam13 ( назад)
how did the guy game get banned because you see tons of 17 year olds doing

Автор Meir Spector ( назад)
watcing to check what game i should get next

Автор Faith the Awesome ( назад)
Come on all of this is my favorite game come on guys

Автор WOLFIE-FOX “Alexander” ( назад)
i have gta

Автор Chef Nackel ( назад)
This is a porn ad 😂

Автор khamar montano ( назад)
is. call. of. duty

Автор Spy Jockey ( назад)
i am triggered after watching this

Автор love yourself ( назад)
I wasn't surprised when they showed the grand thief..... always knew that
that game was bad ;-;

Автор TrippDIII ( назад)
I have videos on it

Автор TrippDIII ( назад)
Wtf gta is awesome

Автор mardenhill ( назад)
"keedud juarez"?!?!?!
jesus christ ... again proof that unitedstatesian ignorance and stupidity
is without limits.

Автор Tamera Kerr ( назад)
Factory surprise nothing horrible pit landing substantial.

Автор Emmanuel Clare ( назад)
you can get influenced in any game.....

Автор Albert Carbajal-Rodriguez ( назад)
this lady really said "Key-dad Juarez..." smfh

Автор Kylofinn ( назад)
The dumbest list ever.

Автор Ted MacDonald (teddyballgame) ( назад)
The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Airport Massacre . They tried to ban in
this country .

Автор Eveningkiss ( назад)
i remember one from when i was a teen that had you going around sleeping
with women on diff planets. Your name? Brad stallion. Can't remember the
name of the game but was clearly XXX. Fun to play though.

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