Mythbusters Background music.(Original!)

Mythbusters background music. The original version.

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Автор drugfckd ( назад)
if they play this at the end of the last ever episode im gonna lose my

Автор Lunk The Heero ( назад)
Either we're gonna fly, or we're gonna die.
-Jaymee Hoynamen, Seezun 3

Автор JurassicToys2000 ( назад)
"I reject your reality, and substitute my own!"

Автор Cimola ( назад)
Hey buddy! i'm really digging it! It sounds like you're using Chorium's
Overdrive Guitar, right? Is that by any chance a MIDI file? i'd really
really love to try and improve some of the sounds, if you just linked me to
a MIDI (or if you use FL Studio, perhaps an .flp?)

Автор Joe THRE375 ( назад)
The title clearly states "Mythbusters Background Music" not "Theme Song".
This exactly the tune which plays during the show in the background around
a good 80% of the time. Hope this clarifys.

Автор Aros ( назад)
This is going to kill you - Jamie

Автор FatCatVG ( назад)
In the episode were they ran in the rain, a soundtrack with a piano played.

Автор Tom Carrick ( назад)

Автор Andres Valencia ( назад)
Time to use some dynamite- Tory

Автор Truex007 ( назад)

Автор 777Abrams ( назад)
Time to start the Mayhem, Start the Mayhem! -Jamie

Автор Marcgraf Gregorio ( назад)
Don't Forget The "Is A Plane Crash Survivable" Drop with Buster!

Автор SPAMMOTARDXD ( назад)
I'm not kidding, you take the song out of a episode, you use audacity to
remove their talking, and you get this :/

Автор Nice cat ( назад)
Sorry!!! Shazam was wrong!

Автор NeedMoreHorsepower ( назад)
really good, but its more like just a long intro to the actual song

Автор Kieryn Phipps ( назад)
Good news! Was digging around on one of my old hard-drives and found the
original midi I created. I put it back up in it's original hosted location.
Can't post links, but it's at kieryn dot com slash mythbusters slash

Автор Jarrvis ( назад)
Can anyone please name the true original track?

Автор Jason Alx ( назад)
Wow... Amazing...

Автор 1freak1015 ( назад)
Not original, but still hella nice!

Автор saityavuz76 ( назад)
yea same thoghts here

Автор Adr Adradr ( назад)
Great track, dude!

Автор shockwave1986 ( назад)
This is not the mythbusters tune, not the original. Stop with the fake
claims. A true mythbuster fan would not pass this off as the original

Автор K3yBoardMani4c ( назад)
Did you make this version? If yes, could you tell me what synth
sounds/effects you used?

Автор ! ObamaTookMyCat ! ( назад)
you know, the alcatraz episode is on right now!

Автор ysheyt ( назад)
why... how? are you in my head?

Автор kvikaas ( назад)

Автор Kevin Yannutz ( назад)
love this. sounds a little like enya. one of the best shows too

Автор Bradley Whelan ( назад)
I just watched the Earl episode.

Автор hiddenbutdeadly ( назад)
i just watched the excavator episode and the final part and when they
succeeded THIS played and it SCREAMED you did something incredible!!

Автор TheAmerind ( назад)
Where can I get the MIDI, please

Автор Joe Jamison ( назад)
wow! thanks kiraly1990!

Автор A K ( назад)
Not to mention tiny marching soldiers, frozen chickens, boom lifts, stinky
pigs and a big mirror array.

Автор jwaffe ( назад)
Hmm... I should put this midi in FL Studio and hack with the instruments to
replicate the original sound as closely as possible, but I'm not sure how
much I'll be able to do because really, the only good harmonica I know is
one that somebody plays, and I can't play it.

Автор Noah Diamond ( назад)
Midi. I have the file. Still awesome. Can't dis it.

Автор draganter2015Reload ( назад)
Please remove the (Original!) tag, it's not original.

Автор ymxctrails ( назад)
not the original song

Автор DblC3 ( назад)
At least tell me if it's available on CD.

Автор juujuuuujj ( назад)
Are you sure the URL is correct? It says "An error occurred during

Автор crywolfe210 ( назад)
You mean like this one? watch?v=6MRIyf1Wz

Автор Zev the Reveler ( назад)
Oh my goodness. You can really find anything on YouTube. 8D

Автор Ivan Iaccarino ( назад)
Are you stupid? No, i'm Bob

Автор juujuuuujj ( назад)
Awesome track. There's one even better, a guitar strumming track played in
almost every episode (for example, the ending of "Fire vs Ice"), but it's
impossible to find.

Автор Drumboy168 ( назад)
@macktheknife888 Sure you are not thinking of assasins creed?

Автор Halolaststand ( назад)
Boo everyone who dislike.

Автор tupacthug4life ( назад)
Wow this is fan made? it had me fooled.. It sounds almost identical.

Автор macktheknife888 ( назад)
I heard on the news some time back that they shot a cannon ball through
someone's house. I also heard the the couple were having sex and at the
moment he was about to come the cannon ball came blasting through. I'm not
sure if this is true or a myth, but I know two guy's who would love to find

Автор Lilkingjr1 ( назад)
woah... that is exactly what iv been looking for! very nice job and thank
you for taking the time to recreate it :)

Автор Sin Hawkins ( назад)
@SasukeFreak i know! i have too! It's really close to the one on the

Автор Derek519425 ( назад)
This is the windows xp intro music, same music. just this is a little
remixed :D

Автор Gustavo Bronner ( назад)
@kiraly1990: dl link pls! BTW... if you're giving everybody that asks you
the dl link, why don't just edit the video description with it?

Автор TheMrCaviar ( назад)
The fact that my window is open at night and I have goosebumps are
completely unrelated.

Автор James I ( назад)
Download link please.. :)

Автор deepfriedchooza ( назад)
can anyone give me the download link please???

Автор danimation88 ( назад)
its like something from donkey kong country, i grew up with that music and
love this, when i first heard this on the "dropping the lifeboat from the
sky and landing it safely" scene from the Indiana Jones episode, it was so
chill and fit that triumphant moment so well

Автор Richard Escalante ( назад)
@jonas6584 niga i know what i say and i say you are stupid no say that way
or i will banish thy winny

Автор jonas6584 ( назад)
@chowder148 no i think you are stupid i know its a theme song but all theme
songs has a name. like he's a pirate and arrival to earth -.-

Автор Richard Escalante ( назад)

Автор Jagermeister Detox ( назад)
I fucking love this background music XD

Автор Tminus K ( назад)
This is the mythbusters "What the fuck just happened?" music.

Автор jordan harding ( назад)
who gives a fuck if its fan made because either way its fucking awesome and
its pretty dam close

Автор GrovyleScy ( назад)
100% Fan Made Because The Rythnm Ain't So Intense And Cool

Автор thegolfguy1234567 ( назад)
@wertygumbo1 Yep, sure do. The Alcatraz one was well edited to this song,
(well the original.) But yeah. The best show on Earth.

Автор Drumboy168 ( назад)

Автор BioLogicalNerd ( назад)
@MEXICO579AC I'm a fan, yeah! And whoever made this midi is badass :D

Автор Mark Markinston ( назад)
Brings back memories of Alcatraz, Earl the Cadillac, an Elevator, and a
cement truck. Thumbs if you know what I'm talking about.

Автор figgybottom ( назад)
its not the real thing but at least its something right?

Автор MEXICO579AC ( назад)
Are we all fans of MythBusters? :D

Автор Hank Phillips ( назад)
just type in on google video to mp3 and copy the video adress and paste it
into the box on any of the websites.

Автор Whitedragonking Ocola ( назад)
omg i love it, can i get the link so i can get this song?

Автор Gene Storton ( назад)
@OnTheWayByTruth4Life Try this on a 10 hole diatonic (key of C): 3 -3" -3
-3 -3" (-4, slur to -4') -3 -4' 3 -3" -3 -3 Of course those -3s can be
played with 4s.

Автор OnTheWayByTruth4Life ( назад)
any one know the tab to the harmonica part? i could greatly use it for a
spoof im making.

Автор OnTheWayByTruth4Life ( назад)
fake, i think the harmonica sounds way off

Автор Prime PC Gaming ( назад)
OMG, download link please, and where did you get it??

Автор 14Greekboy14 ( назад)

Автор Tony Mallberg ( назад)
Hey please send song to me to i want om my ipod

Автор SvOnGy ( назад)
Download link please! :)

Автор Blitzkrieg1981 ( назад)
reminds me of Donkey Kong Country. This is really blissful and not used so
much anymore in the latest eps

Автор davvedavve94 ( назад)
@112peanut its a cover. but its not rubbish!

Автор TheWheatOne ( назад)
How'd you get it unedited? Or is this a remix on your part?

Автор gardaland92 ( назад)
great song!

Автор gardaland92 ( назад)
bellissima musica

Автор Matthijs Klijn ( назад)
@willytrouble Yeah you got that right, someone once posted a link with a
self-made midi file on the discovery channel forum. I heard it too :p great
song, but there is still not a single REAL mp3 download of the raw
instrumental version available. Such a pity :(

Автор BF2CCre8or94 ( назад)
Am thinking of using this on my cell. :] Can anyone pass me a DL link
though? Would appreciate it .:o

Автор meringun ( назад)
awesome!!!!! hey, do you know where i can download this song?

Автор Kaleb Hanley ( назад)
Sounds futuristic and spacey, I like it

Автор 112peanut ( назад)
This is just a rubbish cover.

Автор gergi993 ( назад)

Автор potterharry2 ( назад)

Автор spartan36789 ( назад)
@spartan36789 im starting to think this isnt the real song at all.... im
thinking this is a simple remake some one did... its missing its beat...
and that harmonica doesnt sound right at all

Автор spartan36789 ( назад)
hey dude, can you hit me up with a download link? also have you noticed
theres a missing instrument in it though? theres no beat in it.

Автор Jonathan vaughan ( назад)
what an absolutely fantastic remake!!! well done!!!

Автор FrederikIL ( назад)
@willytrouble Yes, this is a MIDI version of it.

Автор RobotWazzy ( назад)
Since this hasn't been a released song, and you made a great remake, I
believe you should have the right to name it yourself.

Автор Alex Jacobson ( назад)
Wow I wish I could download this.

Автор RobotWazzy ( назад)
I listen to this over and over

Автор kiraly1990 ( назад)
I don't know.. but i send for you the download link

Автор jonas6584 ( назад)
what is this song called

Автор kiraly1990 ( назад)

Автор Habbopingvinen ( назад)
I came to delete the download link. So what is it?

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