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Автор Editz Khun (1 год)
LOL it was funny! 

Автор Harry Williams (1 год)

Автор ninja plz (1 год)
I was waiting for her to just say "C'mon, do I really need to fill in the
blanks for you? She broke the toilet because she is a fucking fatass."

Автор exi tor (1 год)
$5k for a toilet? You could buy one with a built in bidet for that.

Автор Old Gregg (1 год)

Автор Ethan Ward (1 год)
The ending made me throw up inside

Автор Paul Murray (1 год)
What a shame they cut most of it. JD doesn't usually find judgment for the
maximum (which is 5k in small claims court) unless the defendant is a real

Автор FrigidMelodies (1 год)

Автор ig299 (1 год)
She broke a toilet seat there is a deferents between a toilet seat and a

Автор aj daniels (1 год)
Omg lol 

Автор connor jones (1 год)
The defendant looks like am meatball 

Автор Aqua .Blueleaf (1 год)
oh my gosh... when the judge says "you are incorrect" LOOK AT HER FACE, ITS

Автор Penfold8 (2 года)
2:04 Man that gal has got some projection in her butt trumpet!

Автор nathan campbell (2 года)
nobody makes super reinforced toilets

Автор Jennifer Pruitt (1 год)
Could it have been cracked before this woman used it?

Автор andrew quartly (2 года)
So funny I all most wet myself

Автор Travis Stiehl (1 год)
ROFL!!! Greatest comment ever!!!

Автор Hanna Pauna (2 года)
ahh please going to court for that? :S

Автор Alex Griffiths (2 года)
Her face at 1:24. Oh my god, it's so funny. "What the hell am I even doing

Автор Weezie Bluweezy (1 год)
I was so not expecting that! lmao

Автор furterj (2 года)
Now if only someone could get her to pay for half my airline ticket.

Автор Mike Hunt (1 год)
5000 fucking dollars for a toilet, da fuq

Автор Adam Garth (1 год)
Wow that was amazing. good one

Автор Spicymona (2 года)
Judge Judy is correct. You break it you buy. Nobody gets a sympathy vote
for breaking shit..

Автор eni e (2 года)
ahahahahhahahaha :D

Автор mevedaahe123 (1 год)
who paid for the toilet again???

Автор Multum In Parvo (2 года)
the point is there was no evidence

Автор timothyzc (2 года)
LMAOOOOO! "and on the next judge judy"

Автор scottydu81 (1 год)
must have been a really nice toilet.

Автор Terence Melton (1 год)
when its $5,000 dollars im sure you would also.

Автор Tbonne15 (1 год)
Oh come on woman. Look at that woman. You really think she could help it? I
mean she is a big woman.

Автор MITLOML (1 год)
Hahahah i get it, crappy toilet, hahaha.

Автор Jeff Jones (2 года)
''Why do you think she's responsible?'' Because she's responsible.'' Good

Автор spanish rampage (1 год)
i would have lived to see a reanactment of what happened right there in

Автор dop ilus (2 года)
No, Judge Judy was dead wrong. She told the plaintiff she was,
"...absolutely incorrect" for saying that.

Автор MontageWatcher88 (2 года)
Ernest saves Christmas!

Автор Damien Ball (2 года)
lol the editing

Автор James Burrus (2 года)
dude its so obvious she broke the toilet. just look at her.

Автор ShotBlocker11 (2 года)
I'd break too if she sat on me

Автор KatyRocksYo (2 года)

Автор Vick K (1 год)
Lol, thats a high level youtube comment.

Автор Intramorph (2 года)
"House cleaner"??? Looks more like a BUFFET cleaner!

Автор Diana Ramos (1 год)
That explains why the toilet broke lol jkjk but it did crack me up when
they said, " Blah blah blah is sueing her former friend for breaking her
toilet while she sat on it. "

Автор axests (1 год)
also counts as property damage, plus she's sueing so it's not just paying
for replacement but also reprimending

Автор Darrell Cordova (2 года)
I'm surprised that toilet didn't shatter......also, whatever mess came out
of that walrus, had to have plugged up the toilet. I'll bet the pressure
from that gas that she let out, caused the crack. That beast weighs a
couple ounces over a thousand....easily.

Автор Gooblyful (2 года)
Well that's a shitty verdict. *badoom tish*

Автор MendezZamora (1 год)
You can't make your friend pay for your toilet!!! She's your friend, next
time when you borrow her car and you "accidentally" hit it, you won't have
to pay her either!!

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