"Judge Judy" Most shocking ending ever

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Автор Ethan Ward ( назад)
The ending made me throw up inside

Автор exi tor ( назад)
$5k for a toilet? You could buy one with a built in bidet for that.

Автор FrigidMelodies ( назад)

Автор Editz Khun ( назад)
LOL it was funny! 

Автор Old Gregg ( назад)

Автор ig299 ( назад)
She broke a toilet seat there is a deferents between a toilet seat and a

Автор Harry Williams ( назад)

Автор Paul Murray ( назад)
What a shame they cut most of it. JD doesn't usually find judgment for the
maximum (which is 5k in small claims court) unless the defendant is a real

Автор connor jones ( назад)
The defendant looks like am meatball 

Автор aj daniels ( назад)
Omg lol 

Автор ninja plz ( назад)
I was waiting for her to just say "C'mon, do I really need to fill in the
blanks for you? She broke the toilet because she is a fucking fatass."

Автор James Garcia ( назад)
The next judge judy looks like a hardcase hope she can crack it

Автор Viki C ( назад)
No one has said it yet. It's because she's fat.

Автор Vick K ( назад)
Lol, thats a high level youtube comment.

Автор didgevibratesmybrain ( назад)
it wasn't a toilet seat it was the whole thing. That lady is morbidly obese
and it's a danger to things she could fall on.

Автор ShiskoProduction ( назад)
Ahh! The smell seeped through the screen and into my mouth gross!! Ah and
the screen is cracked. WTF?!

Автор Alex frazier ( назад)
What kind of asshole would sue his or her buddy for braking a toilet seat ?
Can't you work something out together ? You don't have a friend that knows
a plumber ? We're having a good time, drinking and talking, someone takes a
shit and brakes my toilet, OH MY GOD !!! I AM SUING YOU !!!

Автор mark evans ( назад)
Not going round her house.!!

Автор Jennifer Pruitt ( назад)
Could it have been cracked before this woman used it?

Автор Johnny Caretaker ( назад)
With friends like her, who needs enemies....It was an accident.

Автор Shadow 7645 ( назад)
5000 dollers cause u broke a toilet. WTF

Автор Terence Melton ( назад)
when its $5,000 dollars im sure you would also.

Автор 54thfloor ( назад)
Are you an attorney? No one made you watch this video. Or her show on

Автор bigzepplin ( назад)
Judge Judy, I wish someone would drag your boney ass off that fake bench
and step on you disgusting neck !~ I have never seen you give an
appropriate decision, or anything remotely judicial in it's concept, for
you it is all ratings and show. You really do suck! This is the first time
I have had to endure your idiocy for sometime now. But at least I get to
tell you just how messed up you are. I wish they would make you pay back
the money you have stolen from this supposedly entertainment.

Автор sammy11232003 . ( назад)
wow she was huge!and had her slitty eyes rolled back in her head . I am
bewildered by people who let themselves get fat she isn't just fat that is
obese gross!

Автор chaz mathews ( назад)
Going to court over a fucking toilet....

Автор MrStones64 ( назад)
Fat pig breaks a fuckin' toilet. Lose weight, cow.

Автор Chris Ellis ( назад)
have another burger or what !!

Автор yonderpath ( назад)
The judge taking up for the fat woman until the fat woman incriminates
herself. Perfect example of Judy's bias bullshit. Judy knew by looking at
the fat woman she broke that damn toilet!

Автор CharlyRomeo2009 ( назад)
How those people can wipe themselves effectively?

Автор Checkm8king2 ( назад)
Big person = big dump.......end of story

Автор Jon ( назад)
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahhh good times.

Автор QueenofTacky ( назад)
I can't believe people would go on this show with such an embarrassing
story. To save humiliating myself I would just pay if I were the defendant.

Автор Adam Garth ( назад)
Wow that was amazing. good one

Автор Travis Stiehl ( назад)
ROFL!!! Greatest comment ever!!!

Автор dANNNimal ( назад)
hahahah lol 1:18

Автор Me Gusta ( назад)
Indeed she is fat. But she can help it. She can stop eating every f**king
thing she sees. I used to be overweight. I fixed it by not eating
everything within my peripheral vision.

Автор Mr Zezack ( назад)
HAHAHAH wtf ???

Автор Aqua .Blueleaf ( назад)
oh my gosh... when the judge says "you are incorrect" LOOK AT HER FACE, ITS

Автор Tbonne15 ( назад)
Oh come on woman. Look at that woman. You really think she could help it? I
mean she is a big woman.

Автор Oats Carter ( назад)
Was the building evacuated before it collapsed?

Автор Cyblex100 ( назад)
because she broke the toilet she sued.... WHAT THE FUCUGIWSHGOHIG*HWS

Автор Aaron Taylor ( назад)

Автор MendezZamora ( назад)
You can't make your friend pay for your toilet!!! She's your friend, next
time when you borrow her car and you "accidentally" hit it, you won't have
to pay her either!!

Автор JoshLucas5 ( назад)
Was that Judge Judy at the very end?

Автор rambro46 ( назад)
It's a blessing she didn't get cut to ribbons by that worn out toilet. That
woulda messed up the way her jeans fit.

Автор Patrick Dougherty ( назад)
When does a toilet wear out

Автор samsonpker ( назад)
both are wrong, she just sat on it and it broke - the bitch is 400 pounds
shes a fat bitch pay it.

Автор MegaGamerfreak11 ( назад)
Haha I heard a little pop *BOOM*

Автор Dean Garcia ( назад)
that fat whores at the end can break wind on my sack any time hahaha

Автор axests ( назад)
also counts as property damage, plus she's sueing so it's not just paying
for replacement but also reprimending

Автор ConcreteRose85' ( назад)
damn that girl at the end ripped herself a brand new one .. im telln u

Автор Megara Prophet ( назад)
Clever! x)

Автор Weezie Bluweezy ( назад)
I was so not expecting that! lmao

Автор Varshava Kadnikov ( назад)
Reed vs Loth? Fuck that. Greed vs Sloth.

Автор Walter Stephens ( назад)
$5,000 for a Toilet? Does she live in the "White House? It wouldn't cost
$300-$400.00 To have a plumber bring one & install it for you!!!---One
could have the entire bathroom redesigned for THAT much!!!!

Автор macintyre1919 ( назад)
that plaintiff is fine

Автор Alex J Blower ( назад)
$5000 for a fucking toilet? What was it made of? GOLD?

Автор Adam Haj ( назад)
1:24 Thinking about the Big Mac she's gonna get right after.

Автор 3D Editor ( назад)
Guilty as charged. Her fat ass broke it. She must weigh at least 500 pounds!

Автор Diana Ramos ( назад)
That explains why the toilet broke lol jkjk but it did crack me up when
they said, " Blah blah blah is sueing her former friend for breaking her
toilet while she sat on it. "

Автор intotheoceanbloo ( назад)
That was unfortunately entertaining...

Автор Brian Gleeson ( назад)
Well that escalated quickly.

Автор Sunny Days ( назад)
Ernest makes the video

Автор spanish rampage ( назад)
i would have lived to see a reanactment of what happened right there in

Автор MITLOML ( назад)
Hahahah i get it, crappy toilet, hahaha.

Автор SuperDosel ( назад)
1:10 the toilet "wore out" when someone who weighed 500 pounds sat on it,
coincidence maybe?

Автор Will Sanders ( назад)
Barbara Sloth?

Автор danrichards23 ( назад)
im fat, but if i were breaking toilets i would at least go on atkins...

Автор cuttyr8 ( назад)
lololololol ernest lolololololl

Автор Hollow ( назад)
that fatass girl freaking killed the toilet with het weight lol

Автор LiquidPorcelain ( назад)
Mary Poppins really let herself go...

Автор Wehrmacht Bunny ( назад)
As soon as I would've heard, "She broke the toilet" I would've look at that
fat ass, then said, "Judgment for the plaintiff".

Автор SirGooglinMort Smith ( назад)
Ernest lol

Автор zTimmyGaming ( назад)
lmao wow

Автор mevedaahe123 ( назад)
who paid for the toilet again???

Автор xxbrokenwingsxxful ( назад)

Автор Lelondre Dondre ( назад)
Or, the fat ass cows could lose some weight because now America is known as
the fucking hippo country and hippos aren't even native to here.

Автор scottydu81 ( назад)
must have been a really nice toilet.

Автор Alex Bond ( назад)
That sigh at the end was VERY heavy! lol

Автор Simon Hansson ( назад)
Apparently, it also affects our toilets.

Автор rdevin31 ( назад)
you're damn right we are not tolerant of you FAT ASS COWS.. first off you
clog up our healthcare system, which we end up paying for through tax...
this country should have a fat tax just like cig's are tax'd.. You being
fat effects the rest of us, on planes, bus', movie theatres, the healthcare
system... It's pathetic and disgusting and you should be ashamed of
yourself for not doing something about it

Автор Aryana Dolinar ( назад)
I was thinkin that the whole time

Автор Cain-X ( назад)
Regardless of this episode, Judge Judy is the worse miserable person I know
... on TV shows like this. She reminds me of that bitter old lady teacher
in a middle school.

Автор KinaNafasi ( назад)

Автор Dell0304 ( назад)
sittin on' toilet

Автор Kim Bong-il ( назад)
5000 fucking dollars for a toilet, da fuq

Автор Gooblyful ( назад)
Well that's a shitty verdict. *badoom tish*

Автор Hanna's life ( назад)
ahh please going to court for that? :S

Автор MelancholyRose ( назад)
Go on and say what you wanted to, bitch. Say "she broke it because she's a
fat cow bitch." We all know that's what you wanted to say. The intolerance
of our kind is relentless. Also, grow up, please. You're not funny.

Автор TiagoTiagoT ( назад)
Assuming the crack went thru in a way that would interfere with the working
of the toilet even if it was glued back, is a new toilet really that

Автор uncle freddie ( назад)
lol... what the hell was that!

Автор Daryl Revok ( назад)
Fuck that fat bitch...make her pay for the toilet!!! Thats why I fucking
hate judge judy...she just gets all emotional and snippy without even
bothering to check the facts...fuck that cunt.

Автор Roflchan Lollord ( назад)
she can counter sue for getting hurt in her house XD

Автор Intramorph ( назад)
"House cleaner"??? Looks more like a BUFFET cleaner!

Автор Glitter ( назад)
hey fatty lay off the cookies!

Автор KatyRocksYo ( назад)

Автор Simmy C ( назад)
hahahahaha soooo funny

Автор ShotBlocker11 ( назад)
I'd break too if she sat on me

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