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Автор นฤวรรณ สีขาว ( назад)

Автор Vxnxexsa_Vxlxnxix XD ( назад)
this Is fake this just a remix from all x men movie

Автор Seph Angelo ( назад)
Cyclops is such a shithead and what does Logan get for saving his ass?
Scott's bitchness and attitude problem. Cyclops is hardly a great
superhero, at all (he shoots lasers with his eyes, but that's pretty much
it). Just 'cause Logan can't get Jean Grey, doesn't mean he can't lots of
chicks, unlike a certain POS and sorry excuse of a superhero. He hasn't
changed one goddamn bit in the entire X-Men movie series, just the same

Автор karkar balu ( назад)

Автор Jezebel hewson kyriacos ( назад)
Esta es ultima película que me falta ver me gustaría tener 2 poderes el de
regeneración y el otro para controlar el clima 

Автор Martin Bouček ( назад)
What is this film? (I know, this is not Days of Future past)

Автор Reagan Lo ( назад)
When did Prof. X return?

Автор Phiêu Lãng ( назад)
ai biet phan nay la phan may ko

Автор othman bouyfr ( назад)
i like x-men 

Автор jay saelim ( назад)
This video was uploaded in 2010 and how did he know that movie in 2014
would be ''Days of the future past''

Автор gogorucool kun (gogoru-san) ( назад)
Wait i thought gene and professor x died in the last x men movie and i also
thought profs dead 

Автор Malcolm J Warren ( назад)
It comes out May 23 losers. lol Do ya research !

Автор godel haw ( назад)
your did!!

Автор Niko Grospic ( назад)

Автор poseidon mize ( назад)

Автор Luke Gamer ( назад)

Автор דנה חובב ( назад)
מיסטיק בסרט הרביעי

Автор Kaderin Boone ( назад)
There will be a new X-Men movie. It'll be "X-men: Days of Future Past"

Автор Allex Achim ( назад)

Автор Jailson Oliveira ( назад)

Автор rachelwes1985 ( назад)

Автор lordskyline ( назад)

Автор Holy Grill ( назад)
This is not xmen 4.. what a disappointment lmao

Автор nicholsonrules ( назад)
This is a really good job! I'm glad they're FINALLY doing films after
X-Men 3 for real.

Автор ej1236 ( назад)
1:02 la india maria es mutante... lo sabia

Автор SEZZO ( назад)
The son of the horse

Автор wolfie webster ( назад)
ok i thought the guy he met while in his barn hidden died in wolverine so
how the hell is he in the fourth film?

Автор magnus lommi ( назад)
it's fake
you can only see it if you have seen the x men movies !!
you toke parts of all 3 x men movies and put them together into one big
FAKE trailer. ... lame.
and you olso used delided sense.

Автор mastermind1728 ( назад)
Nice deleted scenes from x3..u should be sued...u fagmo

Автор Joshua Cox ( назад)
yup, unfortunately, total crap....

Автор Ren Bby ( назад)
these are just deleted scenes from x3

Автор melissa5770 ( назад)
This is probably completely fake but at lest they possibly tried to include

Автор adi kun ( назад)
that's not a four part x-men 

Автор Noah Matthews ( назад)

Автор christopherf346 ( назад)
Fake lol yup

Автор Lucas Giotti Betencourt ( назад)

Автор Amigo P ( назад)
Aren't these just deleted scenes from a vid that is tagged to this one ?

Автор Johnny ( назад)
SPOILER- At the end of "The Wolverine" it has a end credits scene leading
up to the next X-Men.

Автор Devin Atha ( назад)
When i was at these theatres in las vegas it had 2 pics hinting toward x
men 4 it showed charles xavier with a blue x on him and another persons
face on the x, the second was magneto with a red ex and a younger mans face
in the x

Автор The Broken Crayon ( назад)
They are if you watched the credits if wolverine you would see ( spoiler)
magneto and xavier

Автор Jake Scott ( назад)
I'd like to see the follow-up to 'the last stand' - Insetad I can see
volverine one after another. First class telling us what happened earlier.
At the end of 'the last stand' Magneto was able to move a chess piece. Why
don't they make the follow-up to the last stand. 

Автор michelle bulanhagui ( назад)
fake fuck this guy

Автор GhastCraftLP ( назад)
not fake see the end of the new wolwerin 

Автор Vladimir Todd ( назад)
Learn Russian.

Автор Atomic SodaPOP ( назад)
hah so freakin fake

Автор Exotic Cole ( назад)

Автор javier vera ( назад)
Esta es la 3ra parte, kakas...

Автор Catcher Saurizard ( назад)
That's Nic Cage lmao

Автор Roberto Giron ( назад)
theses are just scenes from the third one smh.

Автор Hackmast3r ( назад)
lol ¿

polecam niesamowite efekty specjalne

Автор muhammad satria ( назад)
its a fake 

Автор boredXsomethingXIDK ( назад)
Thank you captain obvious! What would this world do without you. 

Автор CrazyDoc ( назад)
learn russian

Автор Leonel Mendez ( назад)

Автор Leonel Mendez ( назад)
Piece of crap video its just a few parts of x men last stand like trying to
pass as a full trailer except that magneto does have powers nut jean died

Автор snOw Angelx ( назад)
Magneto didn't lose his power because in the last stand look closely at the
chess board, Magneto was able to move the metal. So Magneto didn't lose his
powers after all

Автор Morten Sahl Madsen ( назад)
you're a moron.... 

Actually if you watch the very end of last stand when Magnito is playing
one of the metal pieces moves very slightly. I agree this is fake though

Автор Joseph Connors ( назад)

Автор Elizabeth Madden ( назад)
I'm pretty sure this is fake because 1 Jean Grey died in the Last Stand and
2 Magnito lost his powers in the Last Stand

Автор Junas Romero ( назад)

Автор nanna hjortsberg ( назад)
It's 2013 and x-men 4 is coming in cinema next year (or this, can't
remember) and it is parts of x-men 3 and wolverine 1 (2 is coming this year
I think) so, yeah, it's fake ;)

Автор TwoHit_ ( назад)
haha fake...

Автор Ted Murphy ( назад)
FAKE dunno why i watched it 

Автор Anna Smith ( назад)
the music is dogey 

Автор Sergio Silva ( назад)

Автор bsc424 ( назад)

Автор bsc424 ( назад)
Do You Mean X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Автор Joel Kennedy ( назад)

Автор Contact2Vevo ( назад)
looks like can be an actual movie but he took all the xmens

Автор JakeGalloway ( назад)
the new x men is called xmen days of futures past

Автор Lakendra Augustus ( назад)
Xmen 4 is not even out or real

Автор Sky Dragon ( назад)
thers no x meen 4 

Автор RoGi3D ( назад)
racist ?

Автор Rokeeb Odusoga ( назад)

Автор Chennell Walker ( назад)
People dont have anything else to do 

Автор Mei Misaki ( назад)
Not everyone speaks English..

Автор idontknow ( назад)
sry its ironman 3in the cinemas

Автор idontknow ( назад)
i think 3 is in the cinemas and not 4

Автор Keita Edwardsadams ( назад)

Автор johnny roman ( назад)
So fake!!!

Автор Devious Dragon ( назад)
learn english xd 

Автор curtis skaper ( назад)
Looks like x men 3

Автор mahmoud moudmah ( назад)
j'attend avec impatience !!

Автор wdpk12 ( назад)
first class can't be fifth, this is of the past.

Автор Joakim Brovoll ( назад)
No, First class is the fifth.

Автор henrik mage ( назад)
Well some scenes are in no other x men! I dont know if it is 100% fake

Автор Depor CaLi ( назад)
fuck u

Автор BellaSunshine18 ( назад)
Mikor lesz??????

Автор Bi Qi ( назад)
Why would someone post a comment about eating right to kill your belly in
the middle of a fake movie trailer?

Автор obey chela ( назад)
Fake but good

Автор Drsmooth5000 ( назад)

Автор SK1LL4XED ( назад)
If you're going to post a fake movie trailer, at least post a GOOD fake
movie trailer...er..wait...no such thing. /post

Автор Fred LOGAN ( назад)
it wasnt a fake but a fuck.... dont waste your time.

Автор Muhammad Rahman ( назад)
Wtf! It's just bits from the other x men's :O

Автор rom alex ( назад)

Автор finbowm ( назад)
I could tell it was fan made because there has been no mention of an x-men
4 movie

Автор jofrank117 ( назад)
I mean 3

Автор jofrank117 ( назад)
This is x men 4

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