Man gets shafted by City Hall's regulations and Zoning so he gets ultimate revenge with a Bullit Proof Armoured Catipiller BullDozer and the Cops can only wait and watch. Grandby Colorado Incident.
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Автор Jorge D Martinez Mayol ( назад)
The guy was actually involved in some civil case and went insane.
Eventually he killed himself by shooting himself in the head. The National
Guard was almost called in to shoot a missile into the vehicle but the guy
got stuck trashing a warehouse. When he was stuck the police attempted to
enter the vehicle but he had firing holes which prevent the police from
getting to close. The police stood by and try to communicate with him, but
he decided the fun was over and it was time to kill himself. No government
buildings were damaged only privately owned businesses and residential

Автор olluman123 ( назад)
So ,what did you do today ?
Well ,i ate breakfast
Watched some tv
Mapd out some buildings
Fired up my tank and bull dozed half the down
Aaaaand died
You know
Nothing special XD

Автор Drakilicious ( назад)
And, the guys a hero. Yea, it is a shame he missed the judge but I find it
impressive despite the massive damage (good job) he didn't kill anyone. I
don't think he was out to kill or murder innocent people. I think he was
out for true justice. Hopefully they'll think twice before screwing someone

Автор Drakilicious ( назад)
Take notes people. Commercial heavy equipment makes good tanks if you ever
need one.

Автор anticensor ( назад)
it only a tragedy he didn't kill the judge

Автор Joshua Roberts ( назад)
never forget 

Автор mike crewst ( назад)
Fucking yeah!

Автор Bait28 ( назад)
That's no cat. It is a Komatsu D355A

Автор Eric Dawson ( назад)
Retard. The guy suicided. The end of your video is false. Get your facts

Автор akbychoice ( назад)
People say, " only in the US". And in other countries they strap bombs on
their children and send them to blow up many people. The world is sick.

Автор Hunter Ziegelmann ( назад)
If this bulldozer is still in existence it should be put in a museum and
displayed as a "Vehicle of Rage" It looks like it was built out of rage and
it was built out of rage.

Автор heartfire451 ( назад)
Sounds like that town fucked him over good and paid the price.

Автор Nathan Pearce ( назад)

Автор mushroomhill ( назад)
Youre an idiot.

Автор wastelandism ( назад)
damn your a waste of life and he is the douche bag huh that's funny he
should have ran over you lmao

Автор Lucas Cast ( назад)
GTA IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор timagamer ( назад)
He is a Hero, anyway!

Автор Amy “GreenEyedGirl” Mooney ( назад)
I wish I could shake his hand!

Автор Amy “GreenEyedGirl” Mooney ( назад)
Yay!!!!!!! People 10'000 The Man 0

Автор chris william ( назад)
Down with society, get bulldozed fuckers!

Автор Sun Shine ( назад)
Only in America

Автор jmecrg ( назад)
this man had been victumized by the town that he had supported via tax
dollars for his whole life ..... hats off to you sir ... 

Автор jmecrg ( назад)
daddy says ...."its better to burn out than fade away " 

Автор TheDriftSetup. ( назад)
ha! awesome. revenge is a dish best served kick ass. 

Автор LegoRobot19 ( назад)
Poor city!

Автор Taytayhouser ( назад)
That guy haz anger issues

Автор trifulquita15 ( назад)
Well done, sometimes there is no way out. The People, the community, can
destroy your life easily. 

Автор RoyalArmsIntl ( назад)
@bushtyranny You are a fking sick individual, you should be locked up for
having compassion for Jared Loughner, I hope he is killed for what he did.
its assholes like you and Loughner, who wreck it for the rest of us,
because of you we get all the anti gun people and congress to ban guns.
Next time do us all a favor and kill your pathetic self. I am a pro gun
advocate who manufactures special weapons and muntions and believe they
should be used for Hunting / protection not assassination

Автор Big Zeke ( назад)
@azchris520 ....what about the Joker? :3

Автор The Momaw ( назад)
1.) Mr. Heemeyer wasn't killed by the police, he suicided when his dozer
was disabled and the police started trying to cut their way in. 2.) The
vehicle's armor was significant. It was not just steel plate, it was
multiple steel plates with concrete between them. No sniper rifle or
anti-material rifle would penetrate it. Several explosive devises were used
and unable to disable the vehicle. The national guard was on alert to bring
anti-tank weapons.

Автор TTTmiller ( назад)
LOL!! thats awesome

Автор AFSOCbum ( назад)
I honestly don't blame him, he got screwed over. He also had gun ports that
he was shooting out of so that dude walking next to him got lucky. 

Автор Eminem1Mw2 ( назад)
idc what people say thats fucking awesome

Автор Lostpaladdin ( назад)
when bullets fail... poor gas on it and light a match...

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
@Spiritplumber , How about a Mini Me version using a Bobcat skid loader to
mow down the Parking Meters? 

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
@Spiritplumber, How about a Mini Me version using a Bobcat skid loader to
mow down the Parking Meters?

Автор Robots Everywhere ( назад)
June 4, 2004: Science proves that you CAN fight city hall.

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
@TheMrBlinx well the music goes with the video, and my mind is pretty open
and extremely deep to understand just Why the guy went on rampage instead
of the immediate standard Christian Republican view of "He's Just a
Terrorist"! Thats why THEY can't even figure out why Bin ladin would attack
WTC. If Russia set up military bases in the US, wouldn't You be pissed? If
somebody shit on your decades old business with zoning, would you like
that? There is a reason why people fight back.

Автор rltroup33 ( назад)
@An0niempje no sniper "rifle" pierces an inch thick of solid steel, that's
like the side of a battleship

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
@azchris520 No man died with a Bigger Smile? how about Jared Loughner? Too
bad he didn't have Al Bundy's Shopping Cart O Death at the safeway with
hair trigger crossbow, spikes on front end and a quick release dump for the
extended clips. Now the concrete and sheet metal aisle of Home Depots will
be patroled for lone wolf terrorists building their own tanks or just
building a metal dog house.

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
@TheMrBlinx, The Music Ruined it? Damn, I shoulda Used HELTER SKELTER! or
some Rap song with Hoes in lyrics, like Back Hoes. Or that cool 80s song
from movie HEAVY METAL, take a ride ride ride ride ride, on Heavy Metal.
Its the Only Road you can go. Satisfy fy fy fy fy, with Heavy Metal! But
the Best would have been Let it Be.

Автор camppen ( назад)
@cgspeeddemon1 He may have guns, but he clearly has very limited
visibility. People are already casually walking beside it while he is
destroying everything. I wouldn't mind being the one to place it.

Автор cgspeeddemon1 ( назад)
@camppen he had guns inside he used to defend his tracks........you gonna
be the one to place that c4?

Автор cgspeeddemon1 ( назад)
@aaronwa92 they tried initally......then gave up and got the scraper you
see to try and block him in, he was in a D10......nothings gonna stop it
till he runs out of fuel or (as happened) it breaks down..........we should
all learn from him and maybe even follow his footsteps......NOBODY should
have the authority to remove you from your own land for ANY

Автор Ghetto Frosty ( назад)
wow, some good ol boy found a cure for eminent domain!

Автор aaronwa92 ( назад)
just curious did they open fire with small arms on it

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
@A1R5N1P3R , Now the concrete section of Home Depot will be Monitored by
the Feds. And the Corn Syrup aisle at Walmart, the Sugar Aisle and the
Potato Cannon Aisle. But I'd still like to make an RV look like a Giant
Boulder and just park it and live for free in National Parks.....

Автор camppen ( назад)
a little c4 on the track and it wouldve ended everything in a hurry

Автор rahbbayrahb420 ( назад)
he shot himself. no one could get in. best made civilian armour i've ever
seen. dan of rome.

Автор Muphlon ( назад)
@rsfeller do you know why this happened? he lost a law suite in a corrupt

Автор A1R5N1P3R ( назад)
Placing an order for a bull dozer, and 15 steel plates, plus a welding
torch, brb...

Автор m1grand70 ( назад)
wait, why exactly did he do this? 

Автор smilingscottsman ( назад)
@DMR40 This country was founded by anti-corruption Felons who committed
great acts of valor against a corrupt government in the name of Freedom,
Liberty, and Justice for ALL, not just those that could afford it.

Автор smilingscottsman ( назад)
@SP99 HOO-RAH!!!

Автор Andre Lopez ( назад)
A lot of crap written about this video here. That guy was no hero against
gov. He destroyed a lot of private poperty, threatened the lives of his
neighbours and try to solve his affairs by brute force is barbarian way of
life before civilization.

Автор pimpdalyrical ( назад)
Over reaching government should expect the people to push back! You want to
take from me what's my right to own, fine. Get the hell outta town cuz I'm
mowin it down!! And here I thought only guns caused violent behavior. Guess
we better ban bulldozers and welding equipment.

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
Yeah, there Goes the ROOSTER!

Автор misterwhitefolkz ( назад)
The government should fear the people,the people should not fear their
government. This guy is a modern day hero. This is the only way for the
little guy to get any justice. If you're gonna go out,go out with style.

Автор MechanoRealist ( назад)
He should have had a side loaded RPG mounted pointing forward + some 100
ammo for it. And a flamethrower in the back. And then a Nuke to finnish the
town of...

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
Maybe they'll start selling "Do It YourSelf " Tank Kits at Gun Shows for
the Serious Survivalists!

Автор spectrum055 ( назад)
He took his own life.....When he was destroying a store the right track got
stuck because it went through the floor to the basement.....The police were
thinking about getting a military strike to stop this beast...but instead
the most unpredictable thing happened to an unstoppable diesel ....It got
stuck...and before the police could cut their way into the machine he took
his life......But going through that I'd say better dead then alive on

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
@rsfeller, No issues, the tank builder just had way more Balls than you'd
ever have. 600 years ago the guy would have just caught the plague and go
up to the king and cough all over him.

Автор Josh Welborn ( назад)
no kiddin!

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
dale, they should have parked it at the capitol as a reminder. Maybe put a
crashed Piper there as well.

Автор dalekrueger ( назад)
@tubofbologna they dismanted it

Автор brumbie ( назад)
He killed hisself :(((((

Автор E.PLUMBUS UNUM ( назад)
That would have been excellent.

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
MrMeine, Well if they used Enron/Ken Ley's coronor from Aspen we will never
know the Truth, now will we?

Автор MrMeineNamen ( назад)
so did we really shoot him or did they arrest him?

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
cromwell, yeah, remember that? Dude driving a Tank down Freeway in Calif?
But you may not have heard about an A10 pilot in (1999?) who broke off from
fleet in Arizona and was out of radio contact. They "said" they found he
crashed in Rocky Mountains 100 miles west of Denver and "think" he just
blacked out. But did anybody realize Timothy McVeigh was currently on Trail
in Denver Federal Courthouse and the A 10 had 2 500lb bombs on board?
Lucy's got some splainin' to do.

Автор Andrew “Cromwell300” Ziegler ( назад)
to his credit he did more damage than the dude who stole a military tank

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
vetteburna, hahaha ah hahaha! Yes, there's an AP for that. Its the cell
phone companies that spy on you for Bush/Feds (thanks to Bush), yet it will
be the cell phones that will be the biggest attack fear in the future. How

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
redlynx, at least he didn't shoot the deputy. I don't see anybody "winning"
from this situation. Do you?

Автор Renan Barreto ( назад)
he should of made this thing remote controlled, so then when it ran out of
gas the cops would of been like " WTF??? "

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
But SuperJames, anybody who doesn't like what their government has done is
now a terrorist enemy of the state! And how ironic is it that Right WIng
Republicans so supported the Patriot Act only to find themsleves underfire
when they now oppose the Obama Regime. Can anybody say KHARMA?

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
JohnCoons, Oh 911 happened alright. But it was "LET" to happen. Amazing, I
just read all about a big asbestos lawsuit that fucked Haliburtons subs for
big bucks....right before 911 happened. They really needed a new money
maker "No Bid Contract" so Dick Cheney could Cash in his Stock. And what
does this home made tank have to do with 911? Well, now EVERYbody is
accused as being a TERRORIST! Even a dude I knew because he didn't answer
his doorbell! You see Laws are like Tasars, Gotta Use Them.

Автор Seth James ( назад)
What are all of you even talking about? This had nothing to do with
terrorists. It was some guy that was pissed off at city hall so he made a
tank out of a dozer and a bunch of steel. It has ABSOLUTLEY nothing to do
with rag heads and airplanes.

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
SuperJ, next time you see a guy in Home Depot getting 1' thick steel sheets
and alot of concrete, you just got ta wonder....

Автор Seth James ( назад)
Lol this happened in the next town over from where i lived in Colorado. The
guy was my uncles best friend. I swear. But ya thats so crazy.

Автор Kakashi Hakate (ZeRoLeFT) ( назад)
LOLz Fuck them LMFAO go out in a blaze of glory!!!!

Автор Wiktormotra ( назад)
Good point, I'm even eager to give you a +.

Автор TheNovaAxon ( назад)
Building 7 was downed also. But by what? Debree, collision, or maybe
'strongly weakened' by the burning jetfuel (which only burns at 550 degrees
F or 288 degr Celc) just like the towers... Yeah right!

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
Teiko, the dude thought he would just move the entire town instead. And he
did it!

Автор DeFf4LiFe ( назад)
have u noticed ur curent government and what they are doing lol

Автор Not_My_Name ( назад)
What the hell are you talking about? Al-Queda, which is supported by many
corrupt governments, including our own, has nothing to do with a man in
Colorado going ape shit and getting revenge on those who wronged him. 9-11
was merely the snake eating it's own tail. No I'm not a conspiracy nut, I
think loose change is a bunch of bullshit. However, if you think the
American government never supported Bin Laden, then sucks to be you, you
should have been around in the 80's.

Автор adam smith ( назад)
I bet you supported Al-Quida's attack on America on 9-11-01. I mean after
all they were just taking their grievances to the corrupt government who
cause them, so it's all good right?

Автор Not_My_Name ( назад)
You're a fucking moron. What good is a government ran by criminals?

Автор adam smith ( назад)
So if we have a complaint with the government we should forget the laws and
go with anarchy? That isn't being an American. That's being an Afghani, an
Iraqi, a North Korean, a Syrian, etc. You really want us to be more like

Автор adam smith ( назад)
So you wish every time one business that has more money comes to town some
guy would come along and destroy millions in town and private property?
You're a loser.

Автор adam smith ( назад)
That man's a pussy. So because he's upset about something he caused
millions of dollars of damages costing TAXPAYERS and innocent people to
lose their jobs. He should have just lit himself on fire instead of
screwing everyone else. He could have moved his shop. It's called business.

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
blueMac, Maybe if guy was still alive, he could turn that homemade tank in
for a new one in the "Cash for Clunkers" stimulas program. Get a new Bradly
tank. In 98' or 99', a A 10 Warthog pilot flying in Arizona drifted off
course from fleet and "Crashed" in rocky mountains just west of Denver. It
was carrying two 500 lb bombs. They wrote it off as suicide or him blacking
out. What was happening in Denver at that time? The Tim Mc Veigh Trial at
federal courthouse. Makes you wonder....

Автор BlueMacGyver ( назад)
You can crap on people, that's true, but some folks fight back and have
nothing to lose. That man's an American Hero. The rest of us cowards could
learn something from him.

Автор Acekiller1995 ( назад)
this country has been screwed by every leader in the last 80 years

Автор Acekiller1995 ( назад)
this man is a hero since he stood up to the people who screwed him for a
few extra dollors or a little power. these people would sell thier
grandmothers for $5 or to get reelected

Автор cappy6921 ( назад)
guess the cops weren't smart enuff to climb aboard earlier and shoot the

Автор Michael DiVincent ( назад)
Your the people that voted in these people,so stop complaining and fix YOUR

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
riv, Whoopiedo! The coroner said the guy died when he lost his decades old
business due to new zoning restrictions. Think about that.

Автор bushtyranny ( назад)
Yes Paquitita, Why ban slavery when they can make Everybody Slaves 3 days a
week working for the governments taxes. And it started with Teddy
Roosevelt. He was a clone of Bush Jr. What am I the Mob or the Government?
1. We'll Protect You...for a Fee. 2. We'll decide if and where you can run
a business. 3. We'll keep your house from Burning Down, unless you don't
pay up. 4. We'll threaten to take everything you have if you don't side
with Us. 5. If you deny us our $, our Posse gets you.

Автор stopglobalswarming ( назад)
Don't mess with a shearer, mate......

Автор 88pie88 ( назад)
he tolk the law on his own hand like a real american. theres no reason we
should be scared of the government. this guy gave his life for revenge and
that is a real human being. who cares if 4 million dollars is gone the
government can just take more from the american public and brown people.

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