2011 Phil Heath @ Kalamazoo

This professional bodybuilder keeps getting bigger and better and nicer every time you meet him. One hell of a guy. Look for him in the Olympia ring where he's sure to wreak some havoc.

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Автор TheShale187 (3 года)
@motherfunction85 really? i think its more his chest size and density that
has improved the most

Автор leonsam12 (3 года)
Wasint really a fan of this dude when he first started getting hype. But
damn he just gets better and better and better and better. Think he could
make ten olympias if he keeps that going

Автор Lester Morillo (3 года)
he's won mr olympia 2011 already haaa

Автор arez salehi (3 года)
@bssq2 thats a joke ronnie is a legend there is no way any one can beat his
record at least not now

Автор Adam Griffin (3 года)
Looks like Phil is finally matching Jay's mass. this is gonna be a good

Автор Luca636v (3 года)
the name of song pleaseeee

Автор buffguy4 (3 года)

Автор Ionut Gavris (3 года)

Автор TheShale187 (3 года)
@callagoza ...you forget about his competitors.

Автор PangusM (3 года)
@yakobenver I agree^^

Автор callagoza (3 года)
@TheShale187 What competitors?

Автор callagoza (3 года)
phil keeps getting better and better. hes doin to be the best bodybuilder
in the history of the sport

Автор gh4pwner (3 года)
@bssq2 dont be so bashful. kai greene, victor martinez, and other upcoming
bodybuilders have the same genetic potential as phil does

Автор boicu samson (3 года)
Phil Heath is Mr. Olympia 2011 I think he can beat Ronnie coleman and be 9
time's MR.O.

Автор PangusM (3 года)
<--------Mr. O 2011^^

Автор callagoza (3 года)
@TheShale187 okay but he got second last year jay is out of it phil is next
in line

Автор yakobenver (3 года)
Phil Heath mr olympia 2011 :-)

Автор boicu samson (3 года)
@gh4pwner victor martinez is one of the best boddybuilding but I really
think Phil will be the next MR. O. but let see what is gonna happen this
year at MR.O. 2011

Автор Ionut Badica (3 года)

Автор gordonjohn (3 года)
Where's bodybulding gone over the last 10-15 years? Mass has taken way too
much priority. The shape and detail the guys had in the 80's was awesome.
Ok these dudes get ripped big time but they look over inflated!

Автор Samuel Paik (3 года)
Back has improved sooo much!

Автор TheShale187 (3 года)
@callagoza kai, branch, jay, dex, wolfe, hide, etc...other guys in the Mr.O

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