Jade Dynasty- Felkin rayan pvp

pvp r11 skysong.
many mistakes there but well as a first pvp video i think it's ok.
as you can see i dont abuse ultima in 1 vs 1 duels/pvps.
i'd use it in case the opponent is way way stronger than me, or a rayan that uses it like legendofjd.

use my id to get cool items:
Come and play Jade Dynasty with me!
In Europe Shura-EN, my name is TehBad. My Inductor ID is 0320002X040804009004423Zdd21fb

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Длительность: 7:5
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Автор Cristi Alexandrescu ( назад)
0:50 missed BC II ... nice video btw

Автор Vimm KP ( назад)

Автор Vimm KP ( назад)

Автор The.Silver.Ninja ( назад)
Dagos all the way

Автор ClassicGameStation (190 лет назад)
hey are there any rayan weakness? because in my server rayans are pretty OP
withier crit and if they use thier ultima rite.

Автор Yahi001 ( назад)
Fuwa rayan -3

Автор Oprita Andrei ( назад)
why the hell don't u charge when you're under the effect of flash reel:|:|

Автор zeustruth ( назад)
Dagos ftw >.> first of all abusing the Ulitma? if you mean running out and
back in to cheat yes i agree, but if your saying (keep spamming the skill
over & over again) will sorry but THATS not abusing the skill, if one has
skills..iuse it...thats what their are for.

Автор zeustruth ( назад)
Dagos ftw >.>

Автор Wahed Ali ( назад)
2-2 we meet again , for final match , i just got death fet charm , "_"

Автор abbibbulo ( назад)
@roodxwahed money prove nothing xD

Автор Wahed Ali ( назад)
nice video , u was fight me with 25k in ur bag :D u must win lol XD

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