Daudi Kabaka - Msichana sura Nzuri

Golden Nolstagic Melodies

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Длительность: 3:12
Комментарии: 23

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Автор Micco-Micco Micco ( назад)
how can the song made me think of the time when I was not yet born? this
group is fantastic oshili.

Автор John Gachuru ( назад)
i may be young but i love this song

Автор TheKhuche ( назад)
Daudi Kabaka! so much wisdom shared

Автор Jecinta Gregory ( назад)
I love zilizopendwa....the best songs of all times. Daudi Kabaka is a true
African legend!!

Автор Wilson Odiyo ( назад)
cant get better

Автор Jane Lex ( назад)
Daudi we never forget you!

Автор Odidi Owiti ( назад)
Chunga sana.Jitafutie mapema

Автор Mutua Kakinyi ( назад)
wat a song

Автор thadmans ( назад)
Such wisdom is only but a product of hard work and thinking of what is best
for our ladies! RIP Daudi.

Автор depor Tee ( назад)
tune mzuri sana

Автор TheMikeAmerica ( назад)
This whole video was shot in 1 take.

Автор Duncan Omusitia ( назад)
This guy needs National recognition for his good work in kenyan music

Автор 60kusyawa ( назад)
Translation: It is a song about a young beautiful girl who had so much
education but full of pride such that nobody wanted to marry her. Girls of
her age had all been married but she was still single. It a message to the
young people not to thing that they will remain young for the rest of their
lives, their biological clock is ticking!

Автор dawak28 ( назад)
daudi we miss you atlanta ga

Автор tom kat ( назад)
Salaala..I LOVE!!

Автор Turphena Ochieng ( назад)
kweli....u remain respected babu!

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